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General Strategy





Casting Staff

Asuska's many powerful staves are essential to his gameplay. However, due to the long cast time, it is important to know how to cast staff safely during pressure.

Corner Pressure

Jump Cancel Metron Screamer

Asuka has acces to an ambiguous high/low/throw three way mixup after landing c.S > jc, Metron Screamer in the corner. In this case the input needs to be 9236X, not 2369X. 2369X causes Asuka to super jump. Making him too high for the following mixup.

High: c.S > jc, Metron Screamer > j.K > jc, j.K > j.D

Low: c.S > jc, Metron Screamer > j.K > 2K > 2D

Throw: c.S > jc, Metron Screamer > 6D

Because Metron Screamer puts the oponent in guard crush state, Throw is able to beat 5F or less abare.

2D Pressure

Asuka's 2D is unique in that it is a projectile. Because projectiles do not have hit stop, this gives Asuka's special cancels better frame data. Slower chants that have a mash-able gap become gap-less or frame traps. Here are some examples that are extremely powerful in the corner:

  • c.S > 2D > Delayed Howling Metron
  • c.S > 2D > Delayed Tardus Metron


Key Knockdown Moves

For Asuka, scoring a knock down means valuable time to manage resources. Luckily, for many of Asuka's knockdowns, he can still perform a safe jump afterwards.

6H - This is Asuka's best knockdown move and gives ample time to manage resources. Asuka can perform a safe jump by cancelling into Chant/Recover Mana/Bookmark then followed by IAD j.D.

2D - Gives slightly less time for resource management than 6H. At close range, Asuka can perform a safe jump by cancelling into Chant/Recover Mana/Bookmark, OTG c.S followed by IAD j.D. At long ranges, omit c.S and go straight in to IAD j.D.

6D - Asuka needs to choose between recovering resources or safe jump. Asuka can perform a safe jump by whiffing 5P followed by IAD j.D.

Resource Management

Mana vs. Spells - Which one takes priority