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1) Character Portrait

The portrait of the current character in play. Player 1 is on the left, while Player 2 is on the right. In online matches, your PSN/Steam ID is located beneath this portrait.

2) Life Gauge

This gauge displays your remaining life. If your life drops below 30% of the Life Gauge, your remaining life will turn orange. If the gauge is depleted, the round or match will end.

3) Burst Gauge

This gauge is required for Wild Assaults, Deflect Shields, and Psych Bursts. Burst can be regained over time and by getting hit. You start the match with the gauge full. See here for more info.

4) Tension Gauge

This gauge is required for Faultless Defense, Roman Cancels, and Overdrives. Tension is gained by hitting an opponent, blocking or getting hit by an attack, by walking, running, jumping, or air dashing towards the opponent, and other methods. See here for more info.

5) R.I.S.C. Level

This gauge increases each time you block your opponent's attacks and decreases when you are hit. Damage scaling in combos does not start until the R.I.S.C. Level is empty, leading to much higher damage when it is decently filled. Once the gauge reaches 100% it will turn red and display a warning sign, and any incoming attack will automatically be a Counter Hit if it connects. See here for more info.

6) Timer

Each round has a set time limit. If the timer reaches zero, then the character with the most life calculated by percentage is the winner of the round.

7) Round Counter

Each round you win will be tallied up here. If a player wins a round, the opposing player's heart will turn gray. These can be interpreted as lives. Once all of a player's hearts are gray, the other player wins the game.

8) Unique Gauges

Unique character-specific gauges will appear here.


Full Eddie Gauge
White Eddie Gauge
Red Eddie Gauge


Blood Gauge


Security Level Gauge


Servant Gauge


Concentration Gauge


Stamina Gauge


Mana Gauge


Jealousy Gauge

Negative Penalty

GGST Danger.png GGST Negative.png

If a player acts passively for an extended period of time, they will be afflicted with the Negative Penalty state. When a player is close to being put into this state, the system message "DANGER" will appear to warn them, and their Tension Gauge will slowly drain. If they continue to act passively, the system message "NEGATIVE" will appear, and their Tension and Burst Gauge will be completely emptied.

Positive Bonus

GGST Positive.png

After causing an Area Shift, landing a Gold Burst or maxing out Tension Balance, the aggressor will be rewarded with the Positive Bonus state. When this happens, their Tension and Burst Gauge will increase on their own for a short duration and they will be rewarded with extra Tension for performing further aggressive actions, such as attacking and moving towards their opponent. The message indicating this power-up appears in the corner of the screen next to the character portrait of the person receiving the buff.

Combo Counter

GGST Invalid Combo.png

Indicates the number of hits dealt in the current combo. The size of the text becomes larger as the counter increases. The numbers become much larger for a moment before fading once the combo ends. Invalid combos are indicated by the number on the combo counter darkening and the red lines turning purple.

System Text

Various other text will appear on the screen, relating to other interactions that may occur.

  • "Punish" appearing indicates that the player hit their opponent during the recovery of a move thus punishing them for using said move.
  • "REVERSAL" appearing indicates that the player input a special move or Overdrive as soon as they recovered.
  • "Counter" appearing usually indicates that the player hit their opponent before the recovery of a move, landing them a Counter Hit. Certain moves are also counted as being in Counter Hit state during their recovery, such as whiffed throws, non-attacking specials such as projectiles, and DP Dragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion.s.
  • "COUNTER!" appearing indicates that, similar to the previous text, the player landed a Counter Hit. This text specifically appears when a Counter Hit is scored using a grounded H normal, 2D and certain specials.


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