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  • Hey this is where fancy setplays and mixups will be placed for I-No. This page is still in the works.

Safe Jumps

Note that unless stated otherwise these are all manually timed SafejumpsA Safe Jump is a meaty jump-in that is commonly used to beat reversal attacks like Sol's Volcanic Viper. Safe Jumps take advantage of the fact that you can cancel the recovery of a jumping attack by landing and immediately blocking afterwards..

Midscreen Safe Jumps


66 j.D(whiff) > 66 j.S
auto-timed safejump that works anywhere on screen. For Season 2 this DOES NOT work anymore off 236H.

j.P(whiff) > IAD

j.P(whiff) > IAD > j.S
Quite a hard auto-timed safejump. works anywhere on screen.


66 j.H/j.P(whiff) > 66 j.S
One of I-No's most consistent safe jumps once you learn the timing.


66 airthow(whiff) > 66 j.S
Auto-timed safejump off 2K 2D can be used off other knockdowns but will need to be delayed slightly.

66 j.H(OTG)

66 j.H(OTG) > j.S
Auto-timed safejump off 2K 2D. Can be sort of difficult trying to hit the OTG j.H.

9 j.P

9 j.P > 66 j.S
A auto-timed safejump off 236H and comes with worse pressure as you hit them higher on block.

66 j.H

66 j.H/j.P(whiff) > 66 j.S
A very similar to the 2K > 2D variant but with a longer dash before j.H.


DCJ j.P > 66 j.H
A much harder varient of the 9 j.P that is also a auto-timed safejump, but can also be used to for cross-up j.K.

66 Land

66 land > 66 j.S
Sometimes you just need to eyeball it.

Corner Safe Jumps

  • Works off a throw or a 236H.

c.S (OTG)

c.S (OTG) > dc > j.H
Auto-timed safejump in the corner. It can also be used off a throw too.

j.S (OTG)

66 j.S (OTG) > IAD > j.S
Auto-timed safejump in the corner. You can do a j.H instead of the j.S after the IAD to go for a grab or a 2K.

j.S (OTG) > j.P(whiff)

j.S (OTG) > 66 j.P(whiff) > 2K
Another Corner-only auto-timed safe jump using 2K to meaty. Replace the 66 j.P with 6[6] j.S for a safejump.

236S (OTG)

236S (OTG) > j.S
Text Here

j.S (OTG) AD

236S (OTG) > AD > j.S
Text Here

(whiff) + (whiff)

5P (whiff) > 5K (whiff) > j.S
Text Here

  • ... > j.236H > j.S > (whiff) j.236S > j.S

Mix-ups involving meter

Dash Cancel c.S BRC:

Doing a DC > (Delay) 66BRC~j.S/j.H after a c.S allow for a crazy mixup.

Megalomania Setups

Do you want to scare your opponet is with a command grab jump scare during your blockstrings or oki? Here a list of common Megalo setups:

  • 236H > 66PRC~Megalo - One of the most basic and commonly seen uses of the Megalomania Setups. Can be used from almost anywhere on screen and can be done from almost any block string.
  • 2K > 6P > 236S > 66PRC~Megalo - Mostly used in a block string to break open a opponent's defense, but it can be used as sneaky reset.
  • j.K > 2K > 2D > 214P > (Delay) 66PRC~Megalo
  • 2K > 2D > (delay) 66PRC~Megalo
  • 66 j.S (OTG) > j.D > Megalo - Auto timed Megalo on a knockdown opponent in the corner.
  • 5D 66PRC~Megalo
  • Throw
    • (Whiff) 5P > 214P > Megalo - A very odd auto timed Megalo setup on a opponent after they blocks the note.

Wallslump Setups

  • After a wallslumpA State similar to wall sticking, but only occurs when you wallstick an opponent without launching them. Wallslumping removes an opponent's ability to tech and grants additional mixups in the corner without having to break the wall. or a combo that leaves one hit left on the wall, it usually takes around 3 hits to setup wallslump. Here's a couple combos that can be used to setup a wallslump.

3 Hit Wallslump Combos

4 Hit Wallslump Combo

  • Depending on the combo you do or the opponent either bursting or DP after a wallslump. Then you will require a 4 hit combo to setup another wallslump. Here's a couple combo which can be used.

Wallslump High
X Damage

j.S > c.S > 2H > 236S
A more riskier, but rewarding wallslump combo because if the opponent block the j.S then the opponent most likely will block the rest of the string.