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This page is Jack-O's Resources page. This page is to be used to indiscriminately store just about any pieces of gameplay information that anyone may have that exists about this character, to make for a catalog of preserved content that can (and probably should) be fully realized and transcribed onto main character pages after review.

For simplicity's sake; anything you would want pinned in your character channel or character Discord can go here, such as:

  • Character Discord pins
  • Links or transcriptions of external personal documents and / or Dustloop User Docs
  • Tech videos, especially from Twitter hashtags
  • One-off or niche combo routes
  • Set-ups (for pressure, mix-ups, okizeme, or setplay)
  • Video analyses of matches and sets

If more opinionated works are posted, such as match-up charts, it is highly recommended that you include accreditation to the creator and any other important specifics (such as ordering or et cetera), so that readers can evaluate the sourcing. To readers, also note that this means you should consume at your own discretion. Not all strategy or reasoning may be fully explained, tested, or viable, so either be sure to ask the creators any questions (if possible), or do your own research in training mode.

Community Links
Character Discord

Twitter Hashtag

Match Replays


You can embed links to external documents or User Docs here.

Countdown Strategy

While Countdown is not known for being particularly efficient, there are a lot of ways to make use of it to set up mixups, okizeme, and combos.

Bomb Squad Training Manual Playlist


You can embed videos of content here, preferably on generally permanent platforms such as YouTube, or via a direct embed.

Plain Text

You can write your own content here, or post transcriptions of content from potentially impermanent sources here.

Players To Watch

This section is not an endorsement of players as a people. This is a tool to help find videos to learn matchups, combos, and general play techniques. For guidelines and best practices, visit the Template Doc
Color Name Region Sample Footage Things to Watch For
GGST Jack-O color 9.png CarrotOfWisdom Turkey Turkey.png Replays
Online set vs. Pinhead (Axl)
Online set vs. MZA (I-No)
Online Set vs. Ashimriat (Sol)
Very active style, particularly by zoning with servants and counterpoking aggressively.
GGST Jack-O color 6.png Juno US, East Coast USA.png Replays
Online set vs. Fame96 (Sin)
Online set vs. TempestNYC (May)
Online set vs. Magatsu (Happy Chaos)
Defensive and comfortable playing passive at a distance, but with an aggressive style on offense. Makes general use of air movement to control neutral, escape pressure, and enforce offense.
GGST Jack-O color 7.png Eddventure US, West Coast USA.png Replays
Online set vs. Fame96 (Nagoriyuki)
Online set vs. Trash (Anji)
Series E vs. NitroNY (Jack-O')
Has a versatile strategy heavily using the unconventional strengths of Jack-O's mid-range neutral to hold space, while adopting a high-risk high-reward approach to offense.
GGST Jack-O color 1.png Kazunoko Japan Japan.png Replays
Online set vs. Takashi (Sol)
Online set vs. karadborg (Chipp)
Online set vs. TY (Giovanna)
Actively strikes servants to control close-to-mid range and build stagger pressure through fast attacks. Generally keeps combos short and avoid wallbreaks.
GGST Jack-O color 3.png NitroNY US, East Coast USA.png Replays
Online set vs. Mikesaftig (Sol)
Online set vs. Walter (Millia)
Series E vs. Eddventure (Jack-O')
A cautious and patient player; with consistent, low-risk strategies by utilising backward jumps and fast pokes. Particularly strong use of Servant Shoot for establishing servants and zoning.



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