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General Overview

Johnny is a character with a strong focus on controlling neutral with his Mist Finer specials. Given the "Zoner" designation by the game, Johnny's ideal playstyle is to train the opponent down with his long pokes. Once he's established himself, Johnny can move into a more reactive style of play by using Mist Finer to punch opponent approaches back. If opponents choose to respect Mist Finer, Johnny can then approach and begin his own excellent pressure.

The biggest problem with Johnny's gameplan is his need for precision and strong decision making. Johnny has few moves that pull double-duty for anything, and a large number of his moves are highly committal. For example, P Mist Finer covers a very specific angle despite the speed and range, allowing opponents to sneak under if it they make a read. While you can easily succeed if you're good at making the right call, Johnny can certainly overbet on his options if you play too deliberately.


For the sake of abbreviation, the Mist Finer series (214X) will now be coded the following ways:

  • P Mist Finer: PMF
  • K Mist Finer: KMF
  • S Mist Finer: SMF



Hit f.S and 5h, use 2S to stop grounded approaches post these hitboxes and show them off


6P is a good anti air, PMF is excellent on reaction akin to a DP but with no invulnerability. 6K and 5H can catch people attempting to IAD back out


c.S starts pressure, 2K is a low and 6K moves forward. Mist finer dash can result in long-range pressure. Mist finer dash into anti-approach PMF is strong. j.P, j.S and j.H control airspace.

Fullscreen Zoning

Heavy conditioning Keep opponents afraid of Mist Finer and use Deal up wherever you can sneak it in. P Deal for approaches, K Deal for your own approach. j.236H~H with 50 meter is extremely threatening.

Resource Use

Johnny loves Wild Assault and can easily convert off of it. 50 meter as usual is super good for confirms. 236236S absolutely wrecks zoners and anyone attempting to poke Johnny down.


Deal Up

Deal up is Johnny’s goal in pressure as it is a strong guard crush. plus frames and mixup conditioner supreme He can get it off of grabs (P Deal), combos (usually K deal) or in the corner (throw > deal, combo ender > deal)

Okizeme and Pressure

Without card, use c.S and 5K to strike throw people.

  • 2K > 2D > SMF works and leads to card, throw gets either a safejump with 44 > IAD j.H or a card.
  • With MF cancelling, 5H can work as a okizeme tool, as can 6H.
  • Ensenga ends pressure safely and throw baits for full combo
  • Goal is generally to set a card somehow and at worst, Deal > RC can work to get one out.

With a card, your goal is to set up a 50/50.

  • Johnny’s easiest one is card > c.S >2147S/214S for a high/low which converts with Deal.
  • Opponents who are scared of card may be vulnerable to MF dash > throw or even card > stepdash > throw.
  • Alternatively, card can be used to pressure reset by cashing it out.
  • Card can scare people into forgetting about 2S, which can result in 2S > 5H > KMF.
  • Card basically makes all spacing traps real and lead to full combos, such as ensenga > 214S.
  • Wild assault allows Johnny to convert at max range if necessary.

Mist Cancel

Johnny's moves have lots of recovery, which can make some pressure normals like 5H unappealing to use. However, cancelling into Mist Finer stance and then leaving it immediately can reduce the recovery of each move by a considerable amount. Here's how to do it:

  1. Do a move that is special cancelable.
  2. Special cancel in to a Mist Finer.
  3. Hold button to stay in Mist Stance.
  4. While holding button, press H to Stance Cancel.
   Example: 5H>214[P/K/S]~H

The button you choose to use for Mist Cancelling can be , K, or S, but you should ideally choose the version you hold based on hitconfirm situations. For example, mist cancelling ground strings with K is very important, since it is the only mist finer that will combo on hit from many of Johnny's long pokes. Near the corner, using P in order to go into a delayed Mist Finer High after blocking is also very viable.

Mist Cancel Frame Advantage Chart

Shows the frame advantage for each attack level assuming fastest possible mist cancel. The fastest recovery of Mist Finer Cancel is 7+15=22.

  • Hits are assumed to hit at the first active frame.
Attack Level Normals On-Block MFC On-Block
Level 2 f.S -11 -9
Level 4 2H, 5H, 6H -14, -15, -19 -4

Notable Knockdowns

2K > 2D


KMF tumble


Resource Use

Wild Assault converts everything. 236H~H is a pressure reset with 50 meter. Card > PRC is expensive, but it helps stabilize corner pressure. opponents jumping out? j.S > RC or j.S > j.KMF > RC > c.S > combo


Abare and Reversal

Legally mandated 2P 5f mash ... that's kinda it. Reversal super in 623146H, good hitbox and speed. Johnny defense isn’t particularly special, but can work fine.

Defensive Buttons

6P is really good. 2S halts all ground approaches and can convert if they don't get the message.

Resource Use

236236S snipes all zoning attempts. RC off of any mist finer to convert and push a corner situation. Deflect Shield is really good on Johnny as it allows him to space opponent pressure and then 5H them for a counterhit into big damage. FD is as always king


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