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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = LinkTo perform a second action after the first action completely finishes its animation. the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = CancelTo bypass the remaining time or frames in an action by proceeding directly into another action. the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
BRC = Blue Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
YYXRC = Dash Input X Roman Cancel in Y direction i.e: 22PRC
XRC~Q = Cancel the X Roman Cancel into Q i.e: RRC~5K
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BR = Bridget
CH = Chipp Zanuff
FA = Faust
GI = Giovanna
GO = Goldlewis
HA = Happy Chaos
IN = I-No
JC = Jack-O'
KY = Ky Kiske
LE = Leo Whitefang
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
NA = Nagoriyuki
PO = Potemkin
RA = Ramlethal
SI = Sin Kiske
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
ZA = Zato-1

Combo Theory

Potemkin's basic combos are relatively simple with the intent of converting stray hits into a hard knockdown (e.g. 2D, Mega FistGGST Potemkin Mega Fist.pngGuard:
, CH 6P, Throw) and approaching via Hammer Fall BreakGGST Potemkin Hammer Fall.pngGuard:
to continue pressure with either a meaty c.S or GarudaGGST Potemkin Garuda Impact.pngGuard:
All (Guard Crush)
OkizemeFrom Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups..

The bulk of Potemkin's damage will come from Potemkin BusterGGST Potemkin Potemkin Buster Startup.pngGuard:
Ground Throw
, Garuda chip damage, as well as metered confirms to cash out on hit.

The following sections will identify core tenets of Potemkin's combo theory and provide sample combo snippets. Remember that these snippets are not an exhaustive list, and are purely intended to showcase basic continuations without optimizations, but they are used in optimal routes in some shape or form.

Midscreen RoutingGet the knockdown, run the game plan.

Potemkin's okizeme is crucial to setting up his strike/throw game. How this is achieved will vary depending on the combo routing:

Snippet Notes
[Grounded hit] > 2D > Hammer Fall Break Both safejump and Garuda oki are possible.
... (air) Mega Fist Standard air-ender for combos. Gives best oki (meaty Garuda) in short combos.
... (air) Garuda Best damage and corner carry, but weakest oki (only c.S) unless near corner.
[Grounded hit] > Garuda, Potemkin Buster Requires CH or meter to combo into Garuda.

These routes are accessible from other starters, dependent on distance (e.g. j.H, 2K link or meaty 5P, c.S link).

In the midscreen, 2K, 5K and c.S can be comboed into 2D to set up easy, but powerful okizeme for Potemkin by utilizing Hammer Fall Break to approach.

Potemkin's air ender of choice depends on what the player wants to achieve:

  • Utilizing Mega Fist as an ender will give you fantastic oki in short routes (e.g. c.S > 2H > Mega Fist) as it allows for a meaty Garuda. In longer/more scaled routes however, it will only give a meaty c.S.
  • Utilizing Garuda as an ender will always give a meaty c.S anywhere and/or Garuda okizeme when near corner, but gives great corner carry for stronger potential pressure.
  • The knockdown from Heat Knuckle is too short to get any okizeme from, even with a full-screen Hammer Fall Break. Despite Heat Knuckle breaking wall instantly, some Potemkin players will prefer to take the okizeme over a wallbreak and Positive Bonus.
    • It is possible when slightly closer than round-start distance to perform Heat Knuckle and not break the wall but still Hammer Fall Break in time to get a meaty c.S.

For more information on possible safejumps, view the baits and safejumps section.

kara Back Mega Fist Theory RoutingPotemkin has loops in every Guilty Gear.

The main meterless filler in Potemkin's most damaging combos is kBMF, which is a kara-cancelled Back Mega Fist (2146K~P). For information on the properties of kBMF, view the kara-cancelled moves section.

The following table provides common routes where kBMF sees usage meterlessly:

Snippet Notes
CH c.S > 2H > Hammer Fall Break, 5K > kBMF, 2S > Mega Fist Mid/heavyweight route into okizeme.
(air) c.S > kFMF, 5K > kBMF, 2S > Mega Fist Best as a Burst punish.
CH 6H > HFB, 5K > kBMF, ... Midscreen DP punish. Go into loops after picking up in corner.

kBMF routing is incredibly straightforward; it is dependent on the position of Potemkin and his opponent:

  • In midscreen, 5K > kBMF is used because of c.S sending opponents too far to loop another kBMF.
  • In corner, it depends on the starter, but c.S > kBMF loops are superior. However, certain combos will require 5K > kBMF loops due to gravity or proximity distance causing 5S to come out as f.S.
    • The issue of proximity distance can be resolved by performing a micro-walk to ensure c.S comes out, but if the issue is gravity then it is required to use 5K instead.

NOTE: On lightweights, the 2S link after kBMF (in the provided sample combos) will whiff, but it is possible to perform a kara-cancelled Heat Knuckle (known as kHK, 6236K~H). It is a tight link, and taking the okizeme from kBMF is usually better as this setup will allow for a meaty Garuda.

Just Frame kara Back Mega Fist RoutingFor combo addicts looking to optimize.

There exists a unique version of kBMF known as JFkBMF (Just Frame kara-cancelled Back Mega Fist). Here is a visual representation of what it looks like compared to a regular kBMF. A JFkBMF occurs when kBMF lands on the opponent on the same frame they hit the ground, but it will not OTG and instead bounces them slightly closer.

The following table provides JFkBMF adjustments to two common routes to ensure they work on lightweights:

Snippet Notes
CH c.S > 2H > Hammer Fall Break, 5K > JFkBMF, 2S > Mega Fist Adjusted CH c.S route allowing for oki on lightweights.
CH 5H > Hammer Fall, 66RRC~5K > JFkBMF, microwalk, 5K > kBMF ... Adjusted midscreen loop route for lightweights.

The implications for Potemkin's combo theory are:

  • Midscreen loops as well as 2S links after kBMF work on lightweights as long as the first kBMF is a JFkBMF.
  • JFkBMF is guaranteed to not wallsplat if the wall damage of a regular kBMF would incur the wallsplat. It is possible to perform a JFkBMF to effectively push the threshold and earn an extra hit's worth of damage.
    • In JFkBMF corner optimizations, the best route is usually 2H, WS HFB > Heat Knuckle as 5H, WS HFB > 6H is too heavily scaled.

NOTE: Sometimes a JFkBMF route is not always the absolute max damage. It depends on your starter and scaling (usage of RC/Giganter, etc.), but usually it is optimal.

Giganter Extension RoutingWhen you want to cash out on damage.

In terms of metered conversions, Potemkin's strongest asset comes from his routes utilizing Giganter and his ability to access those routes by kara-cancelling Hammer Fall Break into Giganter (denoted HFBkG, [4]6H~32146P+H).

It provides extremely stable conversions regardless of character-specifics such as weight or aerial hurtbox; the routes using Giganter are also the most damaging by a solid margin with the only consequence being a heavy tension gain penalty for 460F (7 2⁄3 seconds). With this in mind, it is ideal to use Giganter to lead into a wall break to offset the harsh penalty with positive bonus.

The filler routing after Giganter connects is straightforward:

Snippet Notes
... Giganter, 6H > Mega Fist ... Standard filler for Giganter confirms.
... Giganter, (2H > Mega Fist whiff)×2 ... Adjusted version to cover more distance. Requires high Giganter hit.
... Giganter, (6K whiff)×2, 5[D] ... Side-switch for Giganter. Requires high Giganter hit.
  • 6H > Hammer Fall is the best possible filler, and Giganter should be delayed to ensure 6H hits (e.g. c.S > 2H > dl. HFBkG ...).
  • 6H > Mega Fist should be used when 6H > Hammer Fall filler isn't close enough to the wall to get an ender that will result in wallsplat or requires more wall damage.
  • 6H > HFB and walking with the shield to the wall is used when wall damage is capped due to the walls not being close enough (i.e. not visible on screen).
  • (2H > Mega Fist whiff)×2 is used when even further from the wall. This trades off a notable amount of damage and generally isn't worth routing. Use a Roman Cancel route or save the meter instead.
  • (6K whiff)×2, 5[D] is a side-switch route but requires a high Giganter hit (e.g. 2H > Giganter) so its combo applications are limited.

The ender after the Giganter filler will always be dependent on distance to wall but the following table provides a non-exhaustive list of sample enders.

Snippet å Notes
... 2S > 2H > Garuda, (kFMF, WS 6H) Omit routing after Garuda if kFMF will not wallsplat. Ideal oki ender.
... 5K > kBMF, 2S > Hammer Fall, WS 6H Standard wallsplat ender if closer to wall.
... Giganter, 6H > Hammer Fall, 5K > kBMF, 5H, WS HFB > kHK Optimal routing. Some starters into Giganter require a little previous wall damage.

When to Use?

  • Giganter routes are the king of midscreen. Use these confirms when you want to take the opponent to the corner and break the wall to offset the tension penalty from using Giganter.
  • Giganter should only be used to tack on extra damage after wallsplat, as it can give hard knockdown for Potemkin to continue pressure after the wall break.
    • There are some corner optimizations to use a very tightly-spaced Giganter such that it won't break the wall early but inflicts tremendous damage; these routes will not give hard knockdown however.

Roman Cancel Extension RoutingWhen you're looking to conserve meter.

Jump Cancel Blue Roman Cancel

An alternative, but incredibly strong usage of meter is jump cancel Dash Blue Roman Cancel (notated jc66BRC). Due to 5K and c.S being jump cancelable buttons allows for Potemkin to run incredibly dangerous pressure while confirming into damage that can be a touch of death combo for certain characters (e.g. on Chipp).

The following table provides followups to a jc66BRC in a combo:

Snippet Notes
... c.S jc66BRC 2H > HFB ... Standard grounded same-side jc66BRC continuation.
... c.S jc66BRC kBMF ... Standard grounded crossup jc66BRC continuation.
... (air) c.S/5K jc66BRC kBMF ... Standard jc66BRC continuation for wall carry.

The value of jc66BRC comes from c.S stagger pressure. Staggering c.S is extremely strong as a block-string but due to pushback can only be done a few times. However, c.S > c.S, jc66BRC leads to monstrous pressure such as an un-mashable third c.S > Garuda setup, or high/low threats with 5D and 2D respectively.

Post jc66BRC routes are as follows:

  • jc66BRC 2H > HFB, kBMF, 2S > Mega Fist is a universal route.
  • jc66BRC c.S > kBMF, c.S ... allows Potemkin to crank wall damage quickly and incur a wall splat.
  • (air) c.S/5K jc66BRC kBMF×3 is a devastating BRC route for punishing a Burst or Backdash with c.S or 5K.
    • From round start distance it is possible to link 6H > Hammer Fall after the third kBMF and wall splat.
  • jc66BRC kBMF c.S > 2H > Mega Fist is a reliable sideswitch route which can even give a continuation in the corner.
    • This is useful for escaping the corner as a punish. (i.e. Back Mega Fist, c.S jc66BRC ...).

Fast Roman Cancel

The economical choice for meter usage are fast Roman Cancel (i.e. FRC, notated XRC~) routes to refund up to 26% meter while continuing a combo:

Snippet Notes
Potemkin Buster RRC~5[D] ... Standard FRC after Potemkin Buster.
Hammer Fall 66RRC~5K > kBMF ... Standard FRC continuation after Hammer Fall.

FRC routing follows as such:

  • Potemkin Buster RRC~5[D] provides a stable, universal follow up to Potemkin Buster, allowing for a combo into oki midscreen or wallbreak in corner.
  • Hammer Fall RRC~5K > kBMF is another stable follow up, with weight-specific options after the kBMF. In the corner however, c.S can be used instead for more damage during loops.
    • Confirms such as CH f.S/2S/5H > Hammer Fall are a great spot to FRC for meter conservation.

When to Use?

  • BRC strings are used as part of Potemkin's pressure structure, but it's generally not worth to confirm a hit into a BRC unless it was happening already.
  • FRC routes should only be used over Giganter if you want to save meter or can't break the wall.
  • Roman Cancel routes allow Potemkin to cash out on confirms without pre-emptively breaking the wall.
  • Fast Roman Cancels can even make some of Potemkin's confirms (such as Potemkin Buster FRC) meter positive routes.

Corner RoutingRemember those loops? Time to do them.

In the corner, any hit that leaves the opponent in a juggle-able state (e.g. CH 2H, Forward Mega Fist, Garuda) for at least a 5K, but ideally c.S, to not OTG can usually be converted into kBMF loops; in the case of Garuda, a raw kBMF will allow for routing into loops if the Garuda hits in later active frames (i.e. 2H > Garuda, or meaty Garuda clipping a backdash).

The following table provides standard corner routes:

Snippet Notes
... [c.S/5K > kBMF]×N, 5H/2H, WS HFB, 6H/Heat Knuckle N=# of loops. Usually 2, sometimes 3.
[3 hits] > kBMF, 6H > Hammer Fall, WS 6H 6H > Hammer Fall version for wall damage.
[2 hits] > (air) Mega Fist, 5K ... 5K pickup after corner Mega Fist.
[1 hit] > 2H > Garuda, kBMF ... Raw kBMF pickup after corner Garuda.

The wallsplat route should be chosen based on number of kBMF loops performed:

  • Two kBMF loops or less: then c.S > 6H, WS 6H is usually the most damaging route meterless.
  • Three kBMF loops: 2H, WS Heat Knuckle is the preferred ender due to proration.
    • If, due to gravity, Heat Knuckle cannot be used to break the wall, then adjustments must be made to the route by reducing the number of loops, or providing a JFkBMF, 2H link for a high enough wallsplat.

Choosing between 6H and Heat Knuckle to break the wall:

  • 6H provides the opponent with the minimal amount of resources (i.e. Burst and Tension), and is much more valuable when the combo has low scaling.
  • Heat Knuckle builds a moderate amount more of resources for the opponent, but provides a nice way to crush guts with its guaranteed damage, even in extremely scaled combos.

Generally speaking, 6H is preferable most of the time for the sake of building less resources. The damage loss is negligible (~1-3 damage).

If choosing to optimize corner combos for wall health:

  • 3 hits into kBMF > 6H (> Hammer Fall) is near optimal; usually sacrificing only 3-5 damage on average against 100% wall health. However it skyrockets in value when wall health is reduced as wall stick will usually occur on 6H, so a Hammer Fall Break into 6H is possible. Very strong as a RISC crush combo.
    • If using Blue Roman Cancel then 4 hits into kBMF, 6H (> Hammer Fall) will work when the slowdown is used for the 4th hit as well (e.g. CH 2H > HFB, microwalk 5K > kBMF, 66BRC > c.S > kBMF, 6H > Hammer Fall, WS 6H) as a midscreen-to-wall confirm.
    • An example combo to showcase this contrast is CH 2H > HFB, kBMF, c.S > kBMF, 6H > Hammer Fall, WS 6H. This combo does 319 damage relative to the optimal version's 321, however with some wall damage it outperforms by 12 points. A comparison video of the two combos can be seen here.

Ending the Corner Combo TheoryTo OTG, or not to OTG? That is the question.

Using an Overdrive after a Wall Stick

Giganter Kai

Using Giganter as a wall-splat ender is fine, but unlike other characters Potemkin has a difficult time getting okizeme off the hard knockdown from it post-stage transition.

If opting to use Giganter after wallstick:

  • 6H > Garuda is the optimal filler, but is subject to height.
    • If the opponent is too high for Garuda to land, use Hammer Fall instead.
  • 6H > Flick is an alternative, easier to time route that isn't reliant on height.

In order to get an okizeme followup, Potemkin must perform a kara-cancelled meaty Garuda (known as kGaruda, 2146K~H), but it is susceptible to being reversal backdashed. Potemkin is safe on whiff in this setup, however a reversal backdash followed by a Dash Blue Roman Cancel (66BRC) leaves Potemkin open to being punished.

Heavenly Potemkin Buster

With a high enough wall-splat, Potemkin can use Heavenly Potemkin Buster to reset the opponent off the wall along with a decent amount of damage. After the animation has ended, Potemkin can Hammer Fall Break up to the opponent to ensure a meaty c.S lands. The opponent is incredibly close to the corner at this point; they are more-or-less forced to block and then participate in the strike/throw mix which Potemkin loves to run as being hit by c.S will usually spell a death sentence. This ender can be used if the Potemkin player is uncomfortable returning to neutral versus their opponent (e.g. Goldlewis) at the cost of giving up Positive Bonus.

To OTG or Not?

There is growing contention that Potemkin should opt for OTG pressure resets in the corner rather than breaking the wall. The idea is that Potemkin is at his strongest when the opponent is unable to escape Garuda oki easily via intentionally backdashing to eat the hit and dealing with a follow-up meaty c.S via fuzzy defense. Potemkin also hates returning to neutral post-wallbreak despite having positive bonus as (in Season 2) he no longer has a way to force his way in easily and score a blocked Garuda for his strike/throw mix.

There are three general ways that Potemkin sets up his OTG reset:

  • An OTG 5K/6K/c.S > micro-delayed Garuda which leads to double Garuda oki while catching reversal backdash, but is reaction-punishable with a reversal overdrive versus savvy players who are eyeing the startup of Garuda.
  • Another OTG option is j.D; it offers both auto-spaced non-clashing Garuda oki even versus Leo's H Eisensturm as well as a safejump j.S via OTG j.D jump cancel. However, it is more difficult to set up an OTG j.D and usually requires a kBMF beforehand.
  • A OTG kBMF which leaves Potemkin plus enough to micro-walk into a meaty c.S and allows Potemkin to hard-bait reversal overdrives.
    • Micro-walk into a meaty 5P allows Potemkin to block any reversal that is 8 frames or slower (i.e. safejab 5P). When used as a meaty, 5P sets up terrifying frame kill Potemkin Buster attempts as well as frametrap mixups.
    • Potemkin can attempt to go for a micro-delayed Potemkin Buster attempt (take into account the 5f throw invulnerability on wakeup) which has the potential to end the round. The benefit of this reset is that it herds the opponent into relying on fuzzy jumping out of followup pressure which can be blown up with a delayed c.S aimed at the opponent’s prejump frames.
Final Thoughts

Beginner Potemkin players should not worry about kBMF confirms or loops at all.

kBMFs are a valuable tool for intermediate and advanced Potemkin players who have the execution to perform these loops; Potemkin as a character already outputs very high damage with basic confirms into solid setplay with the strike/throw mix from c.S and Garuda okizeme.

kBMFs are not necessary to perform well as Potemkin at high levels of play, but are capable of turning a basic punish into a devastating one.

Combo List

These combos are concrete implementations of the combo theory above. It is a non-exhaustive list, but tries to cover most scenarios.

  • Currently, every damage value here has only been dealt to Ky.

P Starters

5P Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
5P > 5P > ... Close 64 (3 hits) All [1] Very Easy Basic 5f punish, number of punches will vary with range. ??
5P > 5P > ... Close 64 (3 hits) All [1] Very Easy Basic 5f punish, number of punches will vary with range. ??
5P, c.S > 2D Close 80 All [2] Easy 5P must hit meaty to link to c.S. Universal confirm; use when unsure if 2H will connect. If opting to keep them grounded (i.e. for a wallslump reset) then replace 2D with 2S > 5H for 110 damage and 17 tension gain at the cost of no okizeme. ??
5P, c.S > 2H > 236P Close 109 All [3] Medium 5P must hit meaty to link to c.S. Consistent on big bodies, but requires a deep 5P hit on smaller characters. Video ??
5P, c.S jc66BRC, c.S > 2146K~P, c.S > 2H > 236P (WS, 6H) Midscreen 163 (208) All [3] Medium 5P must hit meaty to link to c.S. jc66BRC must be done quickly to stay grounded rather than have j.S come out. Linking c.S after kBMF can be tight, but is perfectly doable. Video ??
5P, c.S jc66BRC, 2H > [4]6H->P, 2146K~P, 6H > [4]6H, WS 6H Corner 220 All [4] Hard 5P must hit meaty to link to c.S. jc66BRC must be done quickly to stay grounded rather than have j.S come out. Max damage confirm with 50 meter off 5P in corner. Video ??
AA 5P > 5P > 623H Close anti-air 103 All [2] Easy Quick anti-air combo that blasts the opponent away. ??
AA 5P, c.S > 2S > 236P Close anti-air 105 All [2] Easy Basic anti-air confirm into okizeme. Generally preferred over the AA 5P > 623H combo unless 623H will break the wall. ??
AA 5P, [2S] or [2H] > 236P Close anti-air 86/92 All [3] Medium Alternative to above combo. Use if not in range for c.S to connect. 2S link whiffs on a lower AA 5P where 2H would succeed, and 2H link whiffs on a further AA 5P where 2S would succeed. This route is used if intending to PRC after the 236P for an extended combo. ??
AA 5P, c.S jc66BRC, 2146K~P, dl. 6K, 5K > 2146K~P, 5K > dl. 2146K~P, 2H, WS ([4]6H->P), [623H] or [6H] Close anti-air 232/227 All [5] Very Hard Metered anti-air route that gives wallbreak from round start. jc66BRC must be done quickly to stay grounded rather than have j.S come out. HFB not necessary at end but gives more meter. Last kBMF is a JFkBMF. If using 6H ender then replace 2H with 5H for 228 damage. Video ??
2P Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
2P > 2P > ... Close 55 (3 hits) All [1] Very Easy Slower punish / poke that is less likely to whiff on low-profile opponents. ??
6P Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
6P > 623H Close 129 All [1] Very Easy Basic confirm off your dedicated anti-air button. ??
CH 6P > 236P Close 85 All [1] Very Easy Basic CH confirm off your dedicated anti-air button into oki. It's possible to OS the proper followup of 623H for normal 6P and this combo by inputting 6P > 236H~236P using counterhit hitstop OS. ??

K Starters

2K/5K Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
[5K] or [2K] > 2D (> [4]6H[->P]) Close 60/54 (83/77) All [2] Easy [4] should be held during before start of combo. Can OTG with Hammer Fall or use Hammer Fall Break ([4]6H->P) for okizeme. ??
[5K] or [2K] > 2D > 66PRC, 5K > 2146K~P, 2S > 236P Midscreen 143/138 All [3] Medium Basic metered conversion from 5K/2K starter. ??
6K Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
6K > [4]6H > 66PRC, [c.S > 2146K~P]×2, 5H, WS ([4]6H~P), [623H] or [6H] Corner 292/291 All [3] Medium kBMF loop route from 6K frametrap in corner (i.e. c.S > 6K catching jump) ??
CH 6K, c.S > 2H > 236P Close 158 All [2] Easy Basic confirm for CH 6K. ??
CH 6K > 214H, 632146K~P Close 214 All [3] Medium Must be a Kara Buster to reach, and will not reach from a far-spaced CH 6K. In the situation that kPB will whiff, use 2D for 137 damage + oki or 2S > 5H for 169 damage. ??

S Starters

c.S/f.S Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
(c.S >) f.S > 5H Any 87/(124) All [1] Very Easy When 2H won't reach
Your go-to midscreen poke confirm.
Video ??
c.S > (2S >) 2H > 623H Very Close 173/185 All [2] Easy Meterless conversion when close enough for 2H
Insert 2S when very close.
Video ??
c.S > 2H > 236P, c.S > 2H > 236P, [6H]or[623H] Very Close, Corner 258/257 All ~ For large characters hold 6 during 236P > c.S [2] Easy Easy meterless wall combo.
Heat Knuckles gives More tension than 6H. Any move post wallbreak guarantees 50 tension.
Video ??
c.S > 2S > 2H > 236P, 5K > 6H > [4]6H->P > 6H Very Close, Corner 265 All [2] Easy Easy meterless wall combo. Video ??
c.S > 2H > 236P, K > 6K > 63214S, (2D), WS, 6H Close, Corner 241/(255) All [2] Easy alternate route for basic wall break combo when the c.S would turn into f.S. [Video]2D needed when the character does not wall splat on 63214S Video ??
c.S > (2S >) 2H > 236236S Very Close 257/263 All [2] Easy Burn 50 meter for increased damage and better Oki
2S can be inserted when very close.
Video ??
c.S/2S > 5H > 66RRC~214H > 632146K~P Midscreen/Any 258 All [3] Medium Pickup combo for when 2H would whiff. Video ??
c.S > (2S) > 2H > 623H > 66RRC~236P (Whiff), c.S > 2H > 236P, WS, 6H Back to Corner 236 (242) [4] Hard If you fail to 66RRC~236P, you can 236K~P for the necessary distance.
2S if you are very close.
Alternative Entry (Close Anti-Air); [5P]x2 > 623H > ...
Video ??
c.S > 2H > 632146H > 236236S > [4H]6H > 6K > 214H > 2D > WS, 6H Midscreen/Start 372 All [3] Medium Great meterdump after landing a c.S midscreen. Video ??
CH c.S > 2H > [4]6H->P, 5K > 2146K~P, 2S > 236P Close 211 All [3] Medium Universal (okizeme) confirm for CH c.S. Requires a JFkBMF to get 2S > 236P vs lightweights. Replace 2S > 236P with kHK (6236K~H) for more damage and/or wallbreak. <replace soon> ??
CH c.S > 5D, 5K > 2146K~P, 2S > 236P Close 214 SO, KY, AX, CH, HA, PO, FA, ZT, LE, AN, GO, NA [4] Medium Optimal (okizeme) confirm for CH c.S vs mid/heavyweights. The 5D, 5K link is tight but doable. Replace 2S > 236P with kHK (6236K~H) for more damage and/or wallbreak. <replace soon> ??
2S Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
CH 2S > [4]6H Any 94 All [1] Very Easy Easy CH combo that closes a significant amount of space. Video ??
CH 2S > [4]6H -> P, 632146P Midscreen/Any 186 All [3] Medium The timing on the HFB will vary depending on screen position. Extend with RRC > 2H > 623H for more damage/wallbreak in the corner. Video ??

H Starters

5H Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
CH 5H > [4]6H Far 113 All [1] Very Easy Basic CH combo that converts a huge range poke into close range pressure. Can [4]6H>P instead. ??
CH 5H > [4]6H > 66RRC, 2S > 2H > 236P, (236P) Far 204/222 All [3] Medium Extension. The first 236P must be cancelled into after a short delay. Can omit the final Mega Fist and leave the opponent with a hard knockdown. Video ??
CH 5H > [4]6H > 66RRC~5K > 2146K~P, microwalk 5K > 2146K~P All 235 All [4] Hard First kBMF must be a JFkBMF in corner to get microwalk 5K to connect on lightweights (difficulty upgraded to [5] Very Hard). At round start distance, it is possible to connect 2S > 236P, WS 6H afterwards for 302 damage and wallbreak. ??
CH 5H > [4]6H 66PRC~5K > 2146K~P, 2H > [63214S] All (MA) 252 GI, IN, JC, MA, MI, RA, BA [4] Hard Optimal confirm for lightweights. Removes the need for a JFkBMF and gives similar oki to a Megafist knockdown (use kara Hammer Fall Brake into meaty c.S, CHs 4f reversal mash). NOTE: video shows 66RRC~ which is required on close CH. Mid-range use 66PRC~ like this. video ??
CH 5H > 236P Mid-range 118 All [2] Easy Basic CH combo that leaves opponent standing and close. ??
CH 5H > 236P > 66PRC, c.S > 214H, 632146K~P Mid-range 253 All [3] Medium The 66PRC must be performed on the ground. Can be further extended with 66RRC, 2H > 623H which will wall break from mid-stage for 295 damage. ??
CH 5H > 236P > 66PRC, 2S > 2H > 236P, (236P) Mid-range 225 All [4] Hard Easier extension to mid-range CH 5H. carries just as far but has less maximum damage potential when extended. The 66PRC must be performed just before touching the ground. Can omit the final Mega Fist and leave the opponent with a hard knockdown. ??
2H Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
2H > [236P] or [623H] Close ??/155 All [1] Very Easy When anti-airing, if opponent is too high then followups can whiff, delay slightly to ensure they connect. ??
2H > 236P, 5K > 214P6K~P, 6236K~H Close 228 All [4] Hard Used as a specific meterless punish to certain moves (e.g. I-No's Ultimate FortissimoGGST I-No Ultimate Fortissimo-2.pngGuard:
All (Guard Crush)
) when left close enough. Against lightweights, 236P must be slightly delayed to ensure the 5K pickup otherwise it will OTG, and a JFkBMF is required for 6236K~H to connect.
video ??
2H > 236P, c.S > 2H > 236P, WS 623H Corner 267 All [2] Easy Basic universal corner combo for 2H starter. Mainly used for meter generation (623H ender) as 6H generates less meter. The caveat is that the opponent gains slightly more meter and a solid amount more Burst, so weigh the pros and cons. video ??
CH 2H, 2S > 2H > 236P, (236P) Close 202 All [3] Medium Only works on grounded CH up close. the first 236P must be cancelled into after a short delay. Can omit the final Mega Fist and leave the opponent with a hard knockdown. ??
CH 2H, 2H > 236236S Close 272 All [2] Easy Super simple meter conversion for massive damage. Does more damage than adding a 2S filler. Whiffs at tip range. ??
CH 2H > [4]6H->P, c.S > 236K~P, 5K > 2146K~P, (6236K~H) All 201 (238) GI, IN, JC, MA, MI, RA, BA (SO, KY, AX, CH, HA, PO, FA, ZT, LE, AN, GO, NA) [4] Hard Universal confirm off CH 2H. On hit at tip range of CH 2H, a deep [4]6H->P is required to ensure the 5K pickup. Against non-lightweights, it is possible to link 6236K~H for a more damaging ender at the cost of oki. Video ??
CH 2H > [4]6H->P, 2146K~P, microwalk 5K > 2146K~P, 6236K~H Close 243 All [4] Hard Microwalk 5K will whiff at tip range CH 2H. Reliable route on mid/heavies. Against lightweights, both kBMFs must be JFkBMFs to connect kHK at the end (difficulty upgraded to [5] Very Hard, video). Video ??
CH 2H > [4]6H->P, 2146K~P, microwalk 5K > 2146K~P, 2S > 236P Close 242 SO, KY, AX, CH, HA, PO, FA, ZT, LE, AN, GO, NA [5] Very Hard Microwalk 5K will whiff at tip range CH 2H. Double JFkBMF route against heavy weights to get oki after CH 2H. Video ??
CH 2H > [4]6H->P, [c.S > 2146K~P]×2, c.S > 6H, WS 6H, Corner 310 All [4] Hard Disgusting damage in the corner and meterless Video ??
CH 2H > [4]6H->P, 2146K~P, [c.S > 2146K~P]×2, 5H, WS 623H Corner 321 All [5] Very Hard The link for 2146K~P after [4]6H->P is tight but consistent. Video ??
6H Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
CH 6H, [4]6H->P, 2146K~P, [ c.S > 2146K~P ]x2, 5H > [4]6H->P, 623H Near Corner 348 All [5] Very Hard Extended meterless confirm for a CH 6H. Very strict timing to get 5H splat otherwise last 2146K~P will splat and be less damage than the above combo. Also needs max height c.S hits otherwise 623H will whiff (6H ender is fine too, it's 3 damage less.) Video ??
CH 6H, [4]6H->P, 2146K~P, c.S > 2146K~P, c.S > 6H, [4]6H->P, 6H Near Corner 340 All [4] Hard Meterless confirm for a CH 6H. ??

D Starters

5D Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
5[D]8, j.H > jc > j.H > j.S > j.H > jc > j.H > j.H (Finishing Blow) Anywhere 243 All [1] Very Easy Universal Dust route. Video ??
5[D]8, j.H > jc > j.H, dl. j.H, dl. j.H jc j.H (Finishing Blow) Anywhere 246 All except CH, MI [3] Medium Does not work on Chipp or Millia, but the universal route shreds their HP anyways. Video ??
2D Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
(CH) 2D > [4]6H Any 89 [1]Very easy Non-CH requires [4] to be held prior to 2D. Can HFB to sacrifice damage and land closer to run oki. Alternatively, you can end with 623H if you're close enough for more damage and more corner carry at the cost of potential oki. ??
CH 2D > [4]6H > 66RRC~c.S > 2146K~P, 623H Any 205 [4] Hard Metered extension. This gives you corner from round start distance ??
CH 2D > [4]6H > 66RRC~c.S > 2S > delay 2H > delay 236P, 623H Corner 243 [3] Medium Fast RC isn't necessary, but the damage drops to 219 if the RC shockwave lands. Delay the RC to get 66PRC, which gives 239 damage instead if you don't want to do fast RC but still want the slowdown ??
CH 2D > 236P, 2S > delay 2H > delay 236P, 623H Corner 238 [3] Medium You can end with 632146H for 249 damage and oki instead. ??
CH 2D > 236P, 5K > 2146K~P, 5K > 6H, [4]6H->P, 623H Corner 259 [4] Hard You can spend 50 meter to end with 632146H instead of 623H for 270 damage and oki instead ??
CH 2D > 236P, 5K > 2146K~P, 5K > 2146K~P, 2H > 623H Corner 266 [4] Hard Harder version of previous combo for slightly more damage. You can again end it with 632146H for 271 damage and oki, or you can 5H instead of 2H, but that requires stable kara back megafist loops ??
CH 2D > [4]6H > 66RRC~c.S > 2146K~P, c.S > 2146k~P, 5K > 6H > [4]6H, 623H Corner 281 [4] Hard Alternate 50 meter route for more damage at the cost of oki. ??

Special Starters

Special Starters
Combo Position Damage Works on Difficulty Notes Recipe Video Ver
PC PS4/5
632146K~P > 66RRC, 2S > 236P, (236P) Close 215 All [1] Very Easy Basic damage conversion off Potemkin Buster with no walls. Can omit the final Mega Fist and leave the opponent with a hard knockdown. ??
632146K~P > FRRC, [5D] > 2S > 2H > 236P, (236P) Close 226 All [2] Easy Fully charge the 5D after the (F)RRC. Basic damage conversion off Potemkin Buster with no walls. Can omit the final Mega Fist and leave the opponent with a hard knockdown. Video ??
632146K~P > 66RRC, c.S > 2H > 623H Any/Corner 213/248 All [1] Very Easy Potemkin Buster into Heat Knuckle guaranteed wall break in corner. Mostly should be done in corner for extra damage. When midscreen, you have enough time between the RRC and c.S to continue to cross under and by doing so, you may bait a burst. ??
632146K~P > FRRC, [5D] > 2S > 2H > 623H Any/Corner 231/262 All [2] Easy Fully charge the 5D after the (F)RRC. Potemkin Buster into Heat Knuckle guaranteed wall break in corner. Corner version Video ??
632146K~P > 66RRC, dl.2146K~P, c.S > 2S > 2H > 214H WS, 6236K~H Corner 263 All [4] Hard Potemkin Buster RC extension in the corner with a full health wall. The extra range on kara heat knuckle is needed to make it not whiff. Kara heat knuckle can be swapped out for 6H for a much easier ending while only sacrificing ~6 damage. Kara backwards mega fist can be swapped out with [5]D for another damage/execution trade off. ??
632146K~P PRC, dl.2146K~P, 5K > 2146K~P, 5K > JF 2146K~P, 2H, WS ([4]6H->P), 623H Corner 284 All [5] Very Hard Optimal RC confirm off corner Potemkin Buster. Last kBMF must be a JFkBMF in order to bypass the wallsplat damage threshold, otherwise you will wallsplat early. Video ??
CH 2146K~P, c.S > 2H > 236P, (236P) Close 201 All [2] Easy Conversion off CH Kara backwards Mega Fist. Only works up close. Can omit the final Mega Fist and leave the opponent with a hard knockdown. ??
CH 2146K~P, 2S > 5H Mid-Range 154 All [2] Easy Alt route for tip range ??
236P > 66PRC, c.S > 214H, 632146K~P Mid-range 196 All [3] Medium Conversion off non-CH forward Mega Fist. The 66PRC must be performed on the ground, and becomes trickier to time from farther away. Kara PB is not necessary at closer ranges. Can be performed after CH c.S, f.S, 2S, and 5H. ??
214P, c.S jc66BRC, 2146K~P, 2H > 236P, 5K > 2D, WS ([4]6H->P), 623H Back in corner 255 All [4] Hard Side-switch into wallbreak route off normal hit BMF. Works for CH BMF too. HFB not necessary at end but builds more meter. Video ??

External Links/Videos

Frankentank's Practical Potemkin Combos Easy to intermediate combos for new players, updated for Season 2.

DSbro's Optimal Combos Series As of battle patch 2.00. Additional optimal combos are on the same channel.

DSbro's kBMF loop concept video Shows some extremely niche combos and is generally not max damage but semi-optimized.