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Ramlethal Valentine

General Strategies



Ramlethal is a character who thrives at mid range. Her f.S and j.S are both excellent normals. They are fairly fast, have an extremely long range and are difficult to deal with. Learning the range of those normals is very important as they are at the core of Ramlethal's neutral game. f.S > 5H and CH f.S > 5H > 236H > ... (Midscreen to corner combos) are some of Ramlethal's key combos and her most common starters.

However, those normals they have a fair bit of recovery on whiff and wise opponents will either to make them whiff before approaching or contest them with 6P

5H is also an excellent normal. It is slower but has a bit more range than f.S. It is usually used to deal with players who tries to stay out of f.S range.

Her only real issue in midrange is that comboing at max range is often not possible. While she has access to 236H, it should be used cautiously or only near the corner as throwing swords strongly nerfs Ramlethal's normals.

Close range

While Ramlethal isn't as strong at close range, she still has access to a few tools.

5P and 2P come out in 5f and 6f respectively but are hindered by a very short range. 5P can act as a pseudo anti-air (see combo section for combos). On a ground hit, she can combo into 623P, which leaves standing. On block, her P normals are all around -2 which makes them good for tick throws.

5K, 2K are decent at close range to preemptively deal with some normals. At close range, 5K combos into 2D and leads to high damage combos anywhere. However, 2D will whiff at anything other than point blank, so her only real confirm is 623P. Beware as 623P is -10 on block and thus punishable on block if too close.

Her P and K normals suffer from the universal lack of gatlings which make them unrewarding on hit. Additionally, Ramlethal's command normals, 6P and 6H aren't that practical in pressure/combos. 6P whiffs at 2P's max range and 6H only combos after a c.S


Ramlethal does not have any good fullscreen options outside of the corner. 632146H is both too expensive and too slow to be useful in neutral. Moreover, 236S/H should not be used in neutral as losing her swords heavily handicaps Ramlethal in neutral.

In those instances, her best option is usually to move and get back into her optimal range.


Ramlethal has several anti-airs: 6P, 2H, 5P, j.P and Air Throw. Each have their own distinct characteristics and optimal ranges, as well as their own conversions.

6P is Ramlethal's most consistent anti-air. It reliably combos into 214P for potentially high damage combos depending on the height, and more or less always guarantees a knockdown with the full rekka. on block, cancelling into rekka is also a good situation for ram.

2H is very rewarding, but not actually invincible in any way. It's the most likely to trade out of her anti-airs. In most cases, it is possible to link after it on trade, but it leads to much stronger combos if it doesn't.

5P is quick and hits high up, but is most likely to straight-up lose. In return, it usually links into 5K > 623P launch. Will most likely happen if someone tries to cross-up after a 6P, but it can work in a pinch.

j.P is also a strong anti-air/air to air, it's very fast, hits above ram, and always combos into j.214S for a hard knockdown. It can also be pretty difficult to outright punish since it's so fast and puts you in the air. If you're not sure what they'll do and they're above you, rising jP can be a safe option.

Air Throw is the gold standard "I don't actually have a good anti-air" anti-air. None the less it is still a very effective way of dealing with air approaches that can be meet in mid air.


j.S and j.H are both amazing jump-in. j.S benefits from having a very long horizontal hitbox.

On the other hand, j.H possesses an amazing vertical hitbox, an early/high j.H is very difficult to anti-air. On CH, j.H combos into 66 > c.S. j.H only real downside is that it doesn't combo into anything on an airhit.


Ramlethal is blessed with a frightening reversal super in Mortobato (236236S). It comes out in 9 frames, deals considerable damage and is very difficult to punish if blocked in the air.

Ramlethal also has a 5 frame 5P, meaning she can mash it to break tick throw attempts.

On block, Ramlethal doesn't have any built in meterless reversals like a DP, so you will find your self holding block more then other characters. 6P, Faultless Defense, and YRC are still effective tools to use. Moreover, as stated above, 236236S makes for a phenomenal answer to deal with gaps in pressure.



Ramlethal's midscreen pressure is essentially a less safe version of her corner pressure. Without meter, all she can do is tick throw with her P/K buttons. Once she gets into the midrange, she can threaten the opponent with her excellent S buttons. f.S and j.S cover large portions of the screen horizontally, and f.S can also be confirmed into 5H (or even delayed for a frametrap on block). Close and Midscreen is where she is the scariest, as she doesn't have a great fullscreen presence.

If you can't open up your opponent up close, push them out with Ram's excellent normals and go back to neutral. Generally, it will be in your favor as not many characters can contest her midrange.

Common Midscreen Strings
  • 5K or 2K > 2D : Basic low mix-up after 5K or 2K. Beware that 2D is punishable on block
  • 5K or 2K > 2D > 214P(1~3) or 214P~dash cancel : Potential frame traps after 2D. Please note that all of those enders leave Ramlethal punishable. It is only advisable with at least 50 meter to potentially RC after every 214P to deter punish. 2D > 214P has a 4f gap.
  • 5K or 2K > 6H : Used as a frame trap at far range 5K, however, please note that there is a 7-frame gap between 5K and 6H.
  • (c.S) > f.S > 5H: Gapless blockstring, creates a fair bit of distance between both characters. The f.S and 5H can be delayed to frame trap. Please note that the 5H is -12 on block.
  • (c.S) > 2S > 5H: Variation of the route above with 2S as a low. Gapless as well.

Ramlethal doesn't have a great way to force her opponents to respect 5K anywhere other than point blank and most of its cancel options carry some element of risk.


Ramlethal's corner pressure is a lot scarier simply due to Bajoneto. The sword's delayed explosion doesn't go away unless Ramlethal is hit or blocks before the explosion can trade. Fear of the explosion lets Ramlethal run up and pressure again, but the fear must be established. Every explosion is an RPS point between dashblocking, a pre-emptive f.S or 5H, or running all the way in for another turn. Keep in mind that you cannot pick up a sword until after it has exploded, which prevents Ram from infinitely looping her pressure.

Common Corner Strings
  • c.S > 236H: Ram's best option for corner pressure. she can follow up with 2K to catch someone trying to jump. and if they start to respect that she can run up throw.
  • 2S > 236H: This helps catch people who may be stand blocking on wakeup while still being able to go into your basic pressure. If you think you have the hit you can go do 2S > 5H to combo
  • c.S > f.S > 5H > 236H: Knowledge check blockstring. Most opponents who have labbed against Ramlethal will know they can jump or dash out to stop her, but Ram can run a train on people who respect it.
  • c.S > 236H > fPRC66 > throw or backdash: This is an advanced setup that forces a strike throw 50/50. If they do not tech the throw they will get hit and you get a combo. More details and video on this can be found here: Video example

Any normals can be omitted as you see fit in order to change the spacing you're left at, but none can really be added due to gatling limitations. Being closer to the opponent means you can threaten a completely safe 2K/5D/Throw mixup before the sword explodes to cover any whiff and potentially net a combo. Being closer does also increase the chance your opponent will try to reversal or burst out, so make sure to vary your options.

After 236H(Explosion)
  1. microdash f.S/5K: Important to establish respect and deal with some moves (May's [4]6S)
  2. dash c.S/2K: Basic gatling pressure reset.
  3. dash Throw: Punishes opponents too willing to block)

Opponents who are experienced fighting Ramlethal will be able to recognize spacings where there is a gap between the sword throw and the explosion. From there, their options are to jump, dash, or attempt to hit Ramlethal out of a pressure reset. Air-to-air j.P will catch people jumping out of the corner and leave Ramlethal very plus. Stopping people from dashing or pressing buttons is where f.S and other big, active buttons is useful. f.S will also check opponents who stay put, but won't give much pressure without H sword equipped. 236S can be used to stop jumps, but this is very risky (especially without H sword).

Those setups are also weak to FD before 236H and aren't as effective if done from a distance. The 236H will take a bit more time reaching the opponent. This widens the frame gap and gives the opponent more leeway and options to get out of the corner.

236H > 66.PRC

236H > 66.PRC is an advanced form of Ramlethal's corner pressure. Contrary to the meterless 236H corner pressure, it cannot be jumped or mashed out of. It also lead to various low/high mix-ups: Video sample

This isn't an exhaustive list, routes will be added/removed as more optimal options are found.

  • ... > 5H > 236H > 66.PRC > 2K > (Sword hit) > 5K > (Explosion) > 66c.S >: Gapless blockstring into low. The sword is picked up after the c.S.
  • ... > 5H > 236H > 66.PRC > IAD > (Sword hit) > j.H (Explosion) > 66c.S > ...: Gapless blockstring into overhead. The sword is picked up after the c.S.
  • ... > 5H > 236H > 66.PRC > 9jc > (Sword hit) > Delay j.K > (Explosion) > IAD j.K > ...: Gapless double overhead. The sword is picked up after the second j.K.
  • ... > 5H > 236H > 66.PRC > 9jc > (Sword hit) > Delay j.K > (Explosion) > 2K > ...: Gapless high into low mixup. Beware that since the explosion happen before 2K combos and pressure options are limited afterwards.
  • ... > 5H > 236H > 66.PRC > 9jc > (Sword hit) > Land 2K > (Explosion) > ...: Empty low setup. There is a gap before the 2K which can be DP'ed. Combos into c.S > 2H.

Likewise, those setups are weak to FD and aren't as strong from a far 5H.



  • ... > Long dash > Meaty 2K/c.S: Meaty setup. 2K and c.S are preferred as c.S is highly rewarding on Counterhit and point blank 2K hits low and gatlings into 2D.
  • ... > 66 > Throw: Throw into Throw reset.
  • ... > 668 > j.H: This is a manual safejump with a short microdash. Very useful against characters with meterless DPs like Leo, Ky, Chipp and Sol.

Off a midscreen throw, Ramlethal can either manually time a dash jump safejump or run up and meaty with a button. If the opponent has been conditioned to block, it is possible to go for another throw.

  • ...> OTG c.S > jump > j.S : basic safejump, it has to be manually timed, but the timing is fairly easy to get.
  • ...> OTG c.S/5H > delay 236H : meaty 236H setup. once again, while manually timed, the timing is fairly intuitive with a bit of practice (always remember training mode is your best friend). if done right, the opponent will be jailed into the explosion. Change which normal you use as an OTG to change your spacing as you throw the sword (for example, 5H will leave you further, letting you avoid some reversals).
  • ... > 236H > Delay 2K or c.S: Safe-jump set-up. Meaty 2K will blockstring into the explosion, giving a relatively safe meaty low that is easily hit-confirmable.
  • ... > 236H > 5K > j.66.BRC~j.K > 9jc j.K or Land 2K: BRC setup into j.K / 2K 50/50 mix-up. Difficult.

Ramlethal's options really open up in the corner, as she can either set up 236H or a j.S safejump. The safejump is pretty self-explanatory, but 236H is far more open-ended. Throw > 236H sets the sword to explode after a short delay (because the first hit whiffs). She can also use 5K instead with 50 meter to set up a fuzzy guard mixup by jump cancelling into 66.BRC j.K. she also has the option to use meaty 236H to jail them into the explosion.


  • ... > Delay > IAD (sideswitch) > j.S: Safejump setup. Can block Ramlethal's 236236S and will make Sol's 623S/H whiff.
  • ... > Long dash > Meaty 2K/c.S: Meaty setup. 2K and c.S are preferred as c.S is highly rewarding on Counterhit and point blank 2K hits low and gatlings into 2D.

Standing 623P

Ground hit Dauro is a common string ender for Ramlethal even if it doesn't knock down. Even though Ramlethal is +1, she's left just far enough away that Throws and 5P will whiff without a microwalk or microdash. She's in range for K buttons to reach, but a gatling into 2D will also whiff. Her best option is usually to throw out a K button and assume it'll be blocked (at least until the opponent is conditioned to block).

2K > 2D > Dauro

This is notable as the 2K starter does not give Ramlethal a juggle. The situation after Dauro is similar to a midscreen throw, except she doesn't have enough advantage to go for a safejump.


  • ... > 669 > j.H: Another manual safejump, but with a noticeably long dash. Very useful against characters with meterless DPs like Leo, Ky, Chipp and Sol, or in the Ramlethal mirror.


Ramlethal's frame advantage is variable enough from j.214S that the best option is a meaty button or throw. However, microdashjump safejumps are possible from multiple heights.

Fighting Ramlethal

What do I do about her sword normals?

  • 236S/236H

236H is low sword toss which ties into her H normals. 236S is her high sword toss which ties into her S normals. Without either sword ramlethal is significantly weaker in neutral. YRC or Burst while defending after a sword throw can force the ramlethal player to be without tools for a long period of time.

  • f.S > dl 5H

This is an interesting situation. If the Ramlethal player does dl gatling into 5H you can 6P it if they leave too big of a gap. If they jail then you will always block. However there is a tight frame where they can frame trap to leave a small gap where it will punish 6P mashing. In those instances you also have DP/reversal super if the ram player gets too close. you really should try and dash block the move because the closer you are to ram the more likely you can punish the extended hurtbox on her normals

  • f.S and 5H

Ramlethal's sword normals (at least midscreen) don't lead to much damage without meter. As well every option she does afterwards has a risk due to f.S being -10 on block, 5H is -12 on block, Daruo is -10 on block, and sword throw is a risky unless it will combo. Due to this, when defending vs Ramlethal's swords you have more options than it seems.

If the Ramlethal player is always going into f.S > 5H without ever delaying the gatling or going into a special. The entire roster can punish the 5H with blue roman cancel drift forward after blocking. Some characters can also punish without having to spend meter and even if you do not blue roman cancel you can easily take your turn back.

Most Ramlethal players will delay f.S > 5H because of this to try and catch the opponent moving or trying to punish. This however gives more options to the defender. If ram does f.S > dl 5H you can use 6P to stuff the 5H. Once these options have been forced the ramlethal player then has to sometimes end their blockstring in f.S only or take a risk with a special.

Most of characters' 6P cleanly wins against Ram's f.S. However Ram's f.S is too fast to react to, so this gets relegated to a read/prediction option.

  • She keeps doing Calvados (the beam super) in neutral. What can I do about it?

Calvados has a lot of startup so most cases you'll at least be able to block it. As for punishing it, you can jump after the flash and punish her with an aerial move if close enough. Some characters can use an extra air special move to stay airborne longer and get a better punish, so make sure to check what your character can do. This move is +16 on block due to Guard Crush and thus cannot be punished if blocked.

Corner pressure

  • knowledge check

c.S > f.S > 5H > 236H or c.S > 5H > 236H
As a defender you can jump out of this or dash after blocking 236H every single time. 236H is +3 on block and due to pushback Ramlethal players cannot do anything to really scare you besides making a read to try and j.P you back to the ground. You can also FD this string and push ramlethal extremely far away. Because of this dashing forward and blocking can often be the best solution to see what the Ramlethal player is going to do. If your character does not have a dash you can jump and you only have to worry if Ram tries to j.P you. Even if she does she cannot pickup the sword as you both land without leaving a big gap.

  • c.S > 236H or meaty 236H

This is what good Ramlethal players will be doing which will make things a lot more difficult for you. The reason this string is so good is because after the sword throw she is +3. She can then do 2K which will catch prejump frames and if the 2K is blocked the sword explodes after leaving Ramlethal at +10. After this the Ramlethal player can dash in and continue pressure. This is very scary pressure to deal with but when defending you have several options. Stand block FD is a very good option if you know they will not go for 2S > 236H. The reason being is stand block has more pushback than crouch blocking which will push Ramlethal fairly far away unless they did a deep dash which then allows you to jump after the 236H is blocked. You can 6P the sword throw but it is not advised because if the Ramlethal player delays the sword throw the moves will trade in Ramlethal's favor. The other option while defending is to FD any followups after 236H. The pushback will make it difficult if not impossible for her to continue her pressure. The last option you have is YRC, Burst, and reversal super(do not DP). These are good but require a resource. If you do this make sure to do this option after sword throw to ensure she goes a long time without H sword and it is fairly easy to react to. Most of the DPs do not have enough invulnerability to keep you safe from sword throw so it is not advised.

Extra Counterplay Resources

Ramlethal Counterplay document


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