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Battle Version: 1.06
Date Released: November 30, 2021

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Added  Happy Chaos

Bug Fixes Resulting in Balance Change

1.11 Major Bug Fixes


  • Servant BUFF
    • Attacking immediately after a servant landed from a toss or attack would sometimes not result in the servant being hit.
    • Servant trajectory after being hit by c.S or f.S was incorrect per the 1.10 update. Fixed angle is more favorable.


  • H Mr. Dolphin (Horizontal) NERF
    • Wall damage scaling was bugged per the Ver1.10 update. Increase to this value decreases May's wall damage somewhat.

 Ramlethal Valentine

  • Bajoneto (All) BUFF
    • Both Bajoneto Swords would sometimes not be able to be picked up after Ramlethal was thrown or clashed throws.