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Battle Version: 1.08
Date Released: February 4, 2022

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Bug Fixes Resulting in Balance Change

1.14 Major Bug Fixes


  • Hiiragi REWORKED
    • Fixed a bug where if Baiken simultaneously parried both a projectile and attack from the opponent while under the effect of slowdown from a Roman Cancel, the opponent's character became frozen.

 Happy Chaos

  • Fire, Steady Aim BUFF
    • Fixed a bug where the conditions for buffs to the attack properties were changed.
    • (Undocumented) Fire during Steady Aim now launches higher.


 Ky Kiske

  • Sacred Edge BUFF
    • Fixed a bug where if a grounded hit triggered Wall Break, the opponent was not knocked down and could perform a recovery.


  • Break The Law BUFF
    • Fixed a bug where a Psych Burst could hit Zato even while he was hidden in the ground.