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Battle Version: 2.01
Date Released: July 1, 2022

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Bug Fixes Resulting in Balance Change

1.19 Major Bug Fixes


  • AfroGGST Faust Afro.pngGuardNoneStartup110 To LandRecoveryAdvantage- BUFF
    • Fixed a bug where the afro would fail to explode under certain conditions.
  • BananaGGST Faust Banana Peel.pngGuardNone, AllStartup51 to LandRecoveryAdvantage- Peel REWORKED
    • Fixed a bug where the banana peel would fail to hit under certain conditions.
    • Fixed a bug where the character would sometimes be blown back in an unintended manner after the banana peel hits.


  • Dash NERF
    • Fixed a bug that made it possible for her to block or backdash directly after her dash begins.


  • Mr. Dolphin (Vertical) (All Versions) ([2]8SGGST May Mr. Dolphin Vertical.pngGuardAll→HighStartup6Recovery7 (21 OH)Advantage0 (Airborne) & [2]8HGGST May Mr. Dolphin Vertical.pngGuardAll→HighStartup11Recovery8 (19 OH)Advantage+6 (Airborne)) REWORKED
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes occur when the opponent's Overdrive super flash activated while the player was holding down the button.

 Ramlethal Valentine

  • Calvados (632146H)GGST Ramlethal Valentine Calvados.pngGuardAll (Guard Crush)Startup11+13Recovery17Advantage+16 NERF
    • Fixed a bug where the damage setting for the final hit would sometimes be applied multiple times.


  • Eddie BUFF
    • Fixed a bug where Eddie would sometimes disappear regardless of the remaining Eddie Gauge.