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Battle Version: 2.04
Date Released: March 1, 2023

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1.25 Non-Gameplay Changes

Player Match

  • Added an All option under Room Search settings.
    • Applicable options: Room Type, Rematch Settings, Room Policy, Attacks on Avatar
    • Selecting All will display search results without any restrictions for the option in question.
  • The Search ID can now be set manually.
    • You will be able to set a custom Search ID by changing the Room ID setting to Manual when creating a room.
  • The Search ID has been changed to a 6 digit number.

Combo Recipe

  • When playing a Combo Recipe without downloading it first, the recipe can now be saved from the Pause Menu while attempting a combo.

Network Mode

  • Fixed an error in Ranked Tower and Open Park where after a player in Standby in Training Mode is removed from the lobby due to inactivity, other players could sometimes not access the Duel Station they were using.
  • After attempting to enter a full lobby in Ranked Tower or Open Park, the player is now returned to the Floor Select screen rather than the Title Screen.