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Battle Version: 2.05
Date Released: April 6, 2023

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Universal Mechanic Changes

1.26 Universal Changes

Roman Cancel

  • Roman Cancel will now activate on either hit or whiff of the attack, regardless of the input method.
    • It is no longer possible to input Roman Cancel in such a way that it will only activate when the attack whiffs.


  • The slowdown effect now ends when a clash occurs between two character's attacks.

Input Priority

  • Air backdash now has higher priority than air dash.
    • Air backdash will now be executed rather than an air dash when quickly releasing 4 after inputting 4 + dash button.

Wall Stick

  • Fixed an error where the character's position would sometimes change when triggering Wall Stick in the corner under certain conditions.

Bug Fixes Resulting in Balance Change

1.26 Major Bug Fixes

 Anji Mito

  • Kachoufuugetsu Kai (632146S)GGST Anji Mito 632146S.pngGuardStartup1Recovery10Advantage- BUFF
    • The super flash now activates as soon as the counter is successful.
      • The time before the super flash has been reduced as it was possible with some moves to act in between the counter succeeding and the super flash.


  • Scarecrow (S Version) (214S)GGST Faust 214X.pngGuardHighStartup50 [69]Recovery36Advantage-40* [-35]* NERF
    • Fixed an error where Faust's position relative to the opponent after the move would sometimes vary between the left and right side of the screen under certain conditions. Faust's positioning now remains the same regardless of the direction faced.


  • Dash BUFF
    • Can now be overwritten with Faultless Defense when input during a super flash.

 Happy Chaos

  • Fire (H)GGST Happy Chaos H.pngGuardAllStartup1RecoveryAdvantage+23 REWORKED
    • Now always makes contact with the opponent when they are taking damage or in blockstun.
    • Fixed an error where Fire could be used directly after At the Ready (H) under certain conditions.
      • It is no longer possible to use Fire directly after the freeze on activation of Roman Cancel, etc.
  • Super Focus (214214P)GGST Happy Chaos Super Focus.pngGuard-Startup5RecoveryTotal 11Advantage- BUFF
    • Can now perform At the Ready (H) directly after this move when activated with zero Concentration.


  • Air Dash, Air Backdash BUFF
    • The input buffer window timing and activation conditions are now consistent with other characters.

 Leo Whitefang

  • Dash BUFF
    • Can now be overwritten with Faultless Defense when input during a super flash.


  • Slide Head (236S)GGST Potemkin Slide Head.pngGuardLowStartup29Recovery24Advantage0 BUFF
    • Can now K.O. the opponent when it triggers Wall Break.

 Ramlethal Valentine

  • Bayoneto (All Versions) (236SGGST Ramlethal Valentine Bajoneto S.pngGuardAllStartup20RecoveryTotal 37Advantage+9 & 236HGGST Ramlethal Valentine Bajoneto H.pngGuardAllStartup20RecoveryTotal 43Advantage+3) REWORKED
    • Fixed an error where the sword would sometimes move to an unintended position under certain circumstances.

 Sin Kiske

  • Hawk Baker Follow-up (623S~S)GGST Sin Kiske 623SS.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery33Advantage-19 NERF
    • The startup of Hawk Baker's follow-up can no longer be Roman Canceled.
      • It remains possible to follow-up with Gazelle Step as well as Roman Cancel when the opponent is taking damage or blocking.


  • Amorphous (632146H)GGST Zato-1 Amorphous.pngGuardAllStartup8+8RecoveryTotal 43Advantage+12 BUFF
    • The hitbox will now always activate in front of the stage corner.