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Battle Version: 3.04
Date Released: March 26, 2024

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New Character:  A.B.A
GGST A.B.A 5P.png

Returning from later installments of the XX series, A.B.A is a homunculus created in Frasco. She wields a sentient, key-shaped battle axe called Paracelsus, treating him as her husband and acting extremely possessive towards him, much to his distress.

A.B.A is defined by her two distinct modes. In her normal state, A.B.A moves extremely slowly and is often forced into the opponent's rhythm. By activating moves such as Changing and Swaying or Bonding and Dissolving, however, A.B.A enters Jealous Rage. In this state, her speed and damage become extremely explosive, but this mode's duration is dictated by her Jealousy Gauge.

Character Balancing

1.35 Character Changes

Millia Rage

ArtemisGGST Millia Rage 214H.pngGuardAllStartup24Recovery15Advantage-2 NEW MOVE

GGST Millia Rage 214H.png

214H or 4H during Mirazh

Artemis allows Millia to attack while leaping up at an angle behind her.

She can evade low-hitting attacks or even pass through to the opposite side of the opponent.