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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link To perform a second action after the first action completely finishes its animation. the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel To bypass the remaining time or frames in an action by proceeding directly into another action. the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jumping/Aerial
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
IAS = Instant Air Special
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
MC = Mortal Counter
JI = Jump Install
RC = Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
IK = Instant Kill
214X = Savvy Ninpo: Request for Approval (scroll set)
22P = Savvy Ninpo: Data Logging (Counter)
46P = Resshou
AN =  Answer
AX =  Axl Low
BA =  Baiken
BE =  Bedman
CH =  Chipp Zanuff
DI =  Dizzy
EL =  Elphelt
FA =  Faust
IN =  I-No
JA =  Jam
JC =  Jack-O'
JO =  Johnny
KU =  Kum Haehyun
KY =  Ky Kiske
LE =  Leo
MA =  May
MI =  Millia
PO =  Potemkin
RA =  Ramlethal
RV =  Raven
SI =  Sin Kiske
SL =  Slayer
SO =  Sol Badguy
VE =  Venom
ZA =  Zato-1

Combo List

  • All damage values are damage dealt to Sol unless the combo cannot work on him, in which case the character with the closest defense modifier is used.
  • Entries listed in (arkKhaki) are either optional or situational.
  • Damage values listed for combos with optional combo parts assume the highest damage variation unless otherwise stated.

Standard Combos

Ground Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on Difficulty Notes Video Example
2K > c.S(1) > f.S > 2D > (214X) any 51 all Easy Knockdown into scroll set.
2K > 2S > 5H > 46P or 236H or (214X) any 51-70 all Easy Poke into either pressure or setup. Provided by Cuack
2P/2K > 6P > f.S > 2D any all Easy 6P acts as a confirm into 6K if they are standing otherwise go for knockdown.
f.S > 5H > 421H/S > dash 6K > 214P > j.KH > 9sD -> sH/K any all Medium Confirm into 6K when card is under the opponent. Careful against lightweights the height makes it more strict. Provided by Cuack
c.S(3) > 2H > sjIAD jP > jS(1) > jH > c.S(1) > 2D any Tall Characters Hard Basic sjIAD combo from point blank. Provided by Coack
c.S(3) > (2H > sjIAD jP > jP > jK > jH)x3 > 2D any 155 ~25 Tall Characters Very Hard sjIAD loop, corner carries from fullscreen. Works on crouching thanks to 2H forcing stand. Link
2K > 2S > 5H > 22P Cling > s6D~sK whiff > 6K > 214P > jKH > 9sD -> sHK any 112 all Hard Use this when K Scrolls are active. Can’t connect unless it’s near and using 22P cling instead of jump. Provided by Coack
f.S > 5H > 46P > RRC > dash 2H > 6K > 214P > j.KH Cling > 9sD -> whiff sK ▷ sj.KH cling > 9s9D -> H/K any all Medium You need to RC the 46P the moment it hits the opponent. This is the basic idea behind answers RRC usage

6K Confirms
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on Difficulty Notes Video Example
c.S(1) > 2H > 6K > 214P > j.KH > cling 9sD -> H/K any all Medium Simplest 6K confirm. Make sure to hold 8 during the j.KH so as to not cling to early. sK is your best knockdown so use it when sH can't connect.
2K > c.S(1) > 2H > 6K > 214P > j.KH cling > 6sD > cling 9sD -> sH/K any all Medium 2K is a low so allows for a high low mixup in certain situations Provided by Joey Reads
c.S(1) > 2H > 6K > 214P > j.KH cling > 9sD > whiff sK ▷ 9sj.KH cling > 9sD -> H/K any all Medium Whiff sK route. Most damage but you lose the extra scroll for oki
2K > c.S(2) > 6K > 214P > j.KD cling > 9sD -> sH cling > 3sD midscreen all but JO, PO Hard A strong setup into a safejump or mixup depending on how it lands. Provided by Beni

Throw Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on Difficulty Notes
Throw > RRC > c.S(1) > 6K > 214P any all
Air Throw > RRC > 214P > c.S > 2H > j.H > s6D > s8D~K any all You need to delay the RC to get the bounce for the combo

Anti Air Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on Difficulty Notes Video Examples
5K > j.KS > dj.KSH any all Easy Answer's "Ladder" combo. If you can't connect into a 6K this is what you get. Doesn't lead into knockdown without ending with 632146S
6P > 6K > 214P > j.KH cling > 9SD -> SK any all Medium Your main way to link into 6K from an Anti Air. Remember only works at certain heights so sometimes you should take a ladder combo instead.
6P > 5H > jc.KS > dj.KSH any all Easy For when 6K wont connect you should go for 5H into ladder.

2D Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on Difficulty Notes
2D> RRC > 6K > 214P > j.KH > cling 9SD > H/K any all medium It's usually better to set up scrolls off of a knockdown but if you really need the damage this exists

5D Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on Difficulty Notes
5D8 > j.D > j.D > j.KS(3) > Jump > j.KS(3) > j.D any 110 ~19 all
5D6 > 5H > 5H > 5H > 214P > cS(3) > 2D > 214K corner 103
5D6 > 5H > 5H > 5H > 214S > 6H > 6sD > whiff sK > 5H > sj.KH > 9sD > sK corner 149 ~26 All mids and lights except FA, ZA, AN, JO, LE

Combo Theory

Grounded Combo Starters

Standing Opponents
Your basic goal as Answer is to always try to go into a 6K launcher. On standing all you have to do is gatling into 6K from c.S, 2H, or 6P. After this you can choose what 6K route you'd like to take. Take care to note the height and weight of the opponent. In general, it is Harder for Answer to combo lightweights due to his 6K launching them higher into the air. Heavy weights on the other hand can be easier and usually instead of a j.KH link into sD you will tend to go for 5H jcH as it does more damage. Without scrolls your combo routes are limited and should be prioritizing a knockdown or setup through 214P or 236S/H.
Crouching Opponents
Since the 6K will whiff on crouching opponents, the next best thing is to land a knock down and set up scrolls with 2D > 214K.
sK Starter
Hitting the opponent with a low sK can route into c.S > 6K or for taller characters 2H > iad j.P. This is primarily accomplished through K scroll oki.

Video Examples

Answer Basic Combo Demonstrations

6K 6P Scroll BNBs

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