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Answer's Okizeme is where the character truly shines.

Answer's Oki can be divided between: scroll-less Oki, midscreen scroll Oki, and corner scroll Oki. Without scrolls, Answer Oki options are limited but still can pose some treat. Once you gain scrolls though, the real meat of the character can be used. Be careful against blitz. Due to most of Answer's Oki hitting mid, you have to hard call out blitz options.

This list will not be exhaustive. Answer allows for a lot of free form decision making mid-match, so don't be afraid to experiment with different options not seen below.

Example Routes

Without Scrolls

From Mega Dan's Ultimate Answer Guide and Hiimahobo's Oki Guide

Normally when you get a knockdown you set down scrolls every time. Which scroll you decide to use is up to you but most setups will be using K scroll due to having two of them on the ground. If you don’t set down scrolls after every knockdown it should be considered a mistake though is sometimes unavoidable. Oki without scrolls does exist it is just far weaker than with them and generally is just a meaty button.

Meaty 6H

6H will forever be one of your best Oki options with or without scrolls. Though it is only a mid, due to the amazing CH damage possible from it and it being airborn frame 3, it will force your opponent to hold pressure rather than mash out a button. It is weak to blitz, reversals, and at times backdash.
  • Mixup options: N/A (Mid)
  • Strengths: CH damage with a 4 scroll combo if you're feeling the CH coming. Throw invulnerable frame 3
  • Weaknessess: It's just a mid so remember that blitz, reversal, IB, and backdash can all stop it.
  • Required Setup: None

Meaty 2K

2K will be your stop blitzing and/or jumping button. Though the proration is quite aggressive (Initial: 70%), it is your main safe low tool. It's quite active at 6F so it can occasionally beat out fuzzy jumps and other delayed options.
  • Mixup options: N/A (Low)
  • Strengths: Forces your opponent to block low leading in to higher reward later E.g. getting a command grab.
  • Weaknessess: Heavy proration and without good ability to confirm into scroll sometimes you just have to take a simple knockdown again
  • Required Setup: None

Meaty Card YRC

This is definitely your best Oki without scrolls. The meter usage could be better used for meaty card YRC when you have scrolls. This Oki is definitely your best way to force plus frames. Also getting a card below the opponent allows for pressure options with clone summon and 6K confirms from crouching as a result. Be careful with the YRC usage as Answer. He struggles to keep meter so use this option sparingly
  • Mixup options: Low, Throw
  • Strengths: Forces slowdown and extreme + frames. On hit can be confirmed very easily into 6K
  • Weaknessess: Uses meter which Answer needs desperately. Just forces + frames so you're still relying on answer sub par scrolless Oki
  • Required Setup: 25% Meter

With Scrolls

This is where Answer truly shines as a character. Though he can still be blitzed or hit by a reversal, the plethora of options you gain from scrolls can never be underestimated. Also Answer can gain a strong left right mixup on top of a high low. Though not as scary as Venom it's still something to be respected.

2D Scroll K

This is your Bread and Butter when it comes to Answer Oki. A lot of possibilities stem from here.

6H is your highest damaging meaty into cling. Instead of being only 0 on block the cling cancels the recovery of 6H (and other moves) so it allows for + frames and frametraps from scroll. Allowing for things like 6H cling sH and 6H cling sD. Also remember it's + frames so options like 3sD into 623K becomes a real treat. This is only a mid though and loses pretty hard to blitz. This is a recurring theme with Answer.

Also, remember that you can cling onto scroll early and do 6sD into sK, allowing for an ambiguous and unreactable left/right mixup that can be seen here. On some characters with fast wakeups or large bodies (i.e. Potemkin), you should SJIAD to cling to the scroll as fast as possible to allow for the mixup. This is generally preferred anyway since it will give the most meaty mixup.

2K is your way to force them to not blitz on wakeup. 2K leads into normal blockstrings including 5H 22P cling or jump cancel cling. Though the heavy proration might make you sad from time to time, remember that this option is to allow other options the breathing room it needs to really work.

Meaty 6sD is a great meaty as well. If timed correctly, it is a safejump, because you dash through them as they are starting up their reversal. It allows for a high mixup with sH , or you can maintain pressure with a sK. This combined with other scrolls can give Answer a lot of mobility during his strings. In the corner, this can possibly crossup with a setup seen here

  • Mixup options: Low, Throw, High, Left/Right
  • Strengths: The crazy amounts of options leads into uncertainty so you can really run a train if they are scared
  • Weaknessess: As with all of Answer most of his options are a High or Mid so high blitz can absolutely ruin you if you're not paying attention
  • Required Setup: Close scroll to cling onto (214K is your most common way to do it)

sK Knockdown

sK knockdown has better advantage than 2D knockdown. With this you can start to get absolutely wild with your setups. Also if you cut off a normal 6K combo early leaving one scroll in the air you now have 3 scrolls to work with after you do 214K. Using the high scroll in this case can allow for safejump setups also DP safe setups and mixups with that alone. Most ideal combos end in a scroll knockdown, and setups vary based on many factors like combo, screen positioning, available scrolls, etc.

Safejump/Reversal attack safe options

Answer can very often get safejump setups that lead into his full pressure when he has scroll sets, and has a few ways of doing them that all have utility. Here are some of the most useful examples:

1. 2D > K set > forward jump jH : safejumps everyone except for Sol. Easy and reliable, it will lead into your basic pressure options consistently. It's primarily a midscreen oki as you generally have better options in the corner. Example

2. 6H meaty > cling safe"jump": this is the first of a few examples of how Answer can use the strike invulnerability granted by scroll cling to avoid reversal attacks. Basically, hit the 6H meaty and then as soon as possible, release the input to cling to the scroll. If they DP, it will whiff. This oki is nice because it's not obvious as a safejump, can bait and punish throw mashers, and is hard to react to whether Answer uses 6H or 2K, meaning there is less chance of being blitzed on reaction. Some DP's, like Sol's can only be safejumped in this way in the corner. Example

3. sD meaty > pass through: The DP whiffs behind you as you travel through them. simple and straightforward, it gives many setups a higher degree of ambiguity in regards to decision-making that your opponent should take. A good example of this is in the midscreen 3 scroll oki. It also requires minimal setup or time, and is thus one of the most readily available safejumps.Example with low scrolls

4. sD meaty cling : same concept as with the 6H meaty, generally easier to time. It also requires a less advantageous knockdown generally speaking. Has the added benefit of allowing blitz-baiting mindgames. It can be done with any sD directional. Example with corner S scroll oki

Scroll safejump examples

Basic oki guide



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