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Slayer Interactions 1.0

Forward dash

+ Throw is best option + cS is good - other buttons may work, but may face wrong direction


5P + Bedman 5P is better, but is likely to clash anyways + fS, 5H beats it

cS Specifically: cS->fS->cS->fS

+ FD first hit. He can't get cS ever again. You can then 2P it

+ IBing one of them allows you to blitz the follow-up

6P + 2K is likely the best bet

+ He's negative on block.

+ On IB, he's punishable via 2P

? 2K can hit him deep enough, but high risk

? 2P only beats the very early start-up. Otherwise it gets low profiled

? 2S/2D/TaskB reaches low enough, but it's slow enough to trade/lose

- jS will NEVER work.

- 6H loses.

- jD sucks. Don't answer with that.


+ 5P is the most reliable way to beat this attack

+ 2D can hit it far enough if spaced well without being hit.

? fS is prone to trade

? Most air normals will trade

- 2P, 2K won't hit the limb.

- 2S gets outranged (lmfao)


+ 2P will outfootsie his 2P

+ 2S, 2D reaches far enough and avoids the jabs

? 2K has mixed results. Can hit him at max distance, but otherwise not recommended.

? fS can get hit but reaches far enough to hit him

- 5P will not be able to reach Slayer.


+ Jump avoids it

+ 5K avoids it

After 2H

+ fS from afar

+ cS, 2P up close


+ Only way to really beat it is to hit him prior with something far reaching

- Otherwise, 5H will fuck everything you throw at it


+ only really reliable option from afar is 5P

? Can angle a jK to avoid the foot and hit him, but the confirm is likely awkward

- Once the foot is out, it's hard to beat

- At around max 6H range, do not try 2K or 2S


+ 5K avoids it

+ 2K, 5H, fS can outrange it without fear of trading

? 2P can outrange but it's risky

? 2D is slow and will likely lose but if it's already out, it will hit 2D clean.

- 2S, Task B, will always trade


+ IB allows air throwing at the right angle

+ on air-to-air normal block, Bedman will fall and Slayer will still remain at jump height. 6P will beat his follow-ups

? He has to j2K again to avoid Bedman 6P, but it doesn't lead to anything.


- Slayer will beat most Bedman normals from below with this (including jP). He doesn't extend hurtbox far.


+ jS will beat it up far

- Outranges jP, jK


P Mappa

+ 5P wins

? 2P can win, but likely to trade

K Mappa

+ 5P wins from afar. Generally used to deter the attack. Reacting is hard given all else to look for.

? 2P can win, but sometimes may trade

After K mappa

+ 2P will all mash

? 5P sometimes beats Slayer 2P

After Bloodsucking Universe

? If you get thrown, Slayer may attempt some things:

- Another command throw will lose to 2P if you mash well enough. He can BDC it however the reward is low. Don't be scared of this.

- K Mappa requires you to mash out well, but mash in such way to FD in time (hold down one button+back for FD and mash with the other 2 or 3).

- K Dandy requires you to mash out and play a more dangerous RPS. Block.

Under Pressure

+ if you IB it, you have the advantage. Do cS or 2P. IBing leads to:

+ if he follows up with It's Late, you win. 2P or cS interrupts.

+ if he does P dandy, he can get hit by cS still. P dandy is not invuln enough

+ if he does K dandy, you can recover and do another cS. 2nd cS beats everything if done soon enough.

+ if he does BDC Mappa, he will get hit by 2nd cS

- He can BDC bite, but you can also jump after your cS whiffs.

It's Late

+ If you IB'd Under Pressure, 2P, 5P, or cS will win.

? If you didn't IB, everything but blitz will lose. Don't bother fighting it. Risk reward is shit.

Helter Skelter

+ 5K seems to actually dodge it assuming Bedman doesn't cross up wrong way

? If Slayer does 2D and he opts for Dandy Step oki, watch when he Dandy Steps

? if he does Dandy pretty early after the 2D, Helter Skelter is the only viable option if he opts to follow up on Dandy

? Late Dandy Step makes Helter Skelter far from a meaty, but opens up Under Pressure, Pilebunker, and Crosswise Heal.

After Helter Skelter

+ Blitz is a viable option as Slayer is always likely to fall with jH

+ If you IB Helter Skelter, you can air throw any of his attacks. This is NOT easy to do.

- Don't 6P here. You will lose unless he tries air dashing.

Crosswise Heel

+ Punishable on ground block. He will only likely use it as a desperate anti-air.

+ If airborne, Wait a little after the 2nd hit dissipates then swoop with jS. Be very careful of the large hitbox on the 2nd hit.

+ You may still be able to punish if you FD 2nd hit, but you need to be close to 2P.

? Surprisingly difficult to punish if you're in the air. You can run into it's large hitbox with blitz.

Footloose Journey

+ 6P is the only reliable option to beat it out

+ Air normals above him can win (like jP or jK)

+ Footlose journey has massive landing recovery. cS punish on normal block.

? 5P can work, but is prone to trades or outright losing

- Footlose journey has a massive and unpredictable hitbox. Try not to contest it.


+ Throw him if he's up close. He usually is if he's doing Undertow from 2D. Don't throw pilebunker wallsplat -> Undertow.

+ Undertow is blitz-able

? Backdash avoids undertow, but Slayer may PRC and punish the backdash.


Dead on Time

+ Wait for him to land. Otherwise your punish will suck.

? You can 5P for potential clash/win, but why?

- If you're close and you're not already holding back, you're going to get hit.

Eternal Wings

+ Must be FD'd if you're airborne

? It has deceptively fast landing recovery (7f). Hit him as he's about to land.

Up and Close Dandy

+ cS punish if grounded.

+ If you FD this in the air, you have to 2P or throw punish. cS is usually not fast enough.


? It's not an overhead.


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