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General Tactics

The foundation of Dizzy's offense and defense revolves around the usage of her projectile summons. After scoring a knockdown, Dizzy can utilize her summons for offensive rushdown to setup high/low mixups, crossups, and tick-throw setups, which can often lead back into a knockdown and allow for Dizzy to keep the momentum in her favor. On defense, Dizzy can utilize her summons, often in multiple combinations, for zoning purposes to control the screen and limit her opponent's movement range or to even cover her approach for rushdown. Dizzy also has a double airdash for high mobility options in either rushdown or runaway scenarios. Making good use your of your crazy air mobility, anti airs,(2S,4S,6P) and long reaching normals (2P,6P,2K,5K,f.s,5HS,j.S,and j.H) to keep distance, summon when you have the chance or use 2D/236S to convert stray hits to a knock down. When knock down, go for summon and projectile oki to kickstart your pressure.If none of your projectile or summon is on screen, play more cautiously as Dizzy doesn't like getting into scramble situations.


Dizzy’s mobility is among the best in the game. Her dash sports the third best initial dash velocity (only beaten by Chipp and Millia), which makes her very fast on short distances making her very effective at tick throwing. In return, however, it has the worst acceleration speed, which makes it worse the further Dizzy dashes when compared to other dashes. Dizzy’s dash is unique because it is able to dodge most lows when the full dash animation has been reached, which can be useful in neutral and during pressure. Dizzy is thus able to dash over mini-Faust and most lows as long as she doesn’t stop dashing.

Dizzy also has two air dashes, which makes her third best air mobility right behind Millia and Chipp. Dizzy’s air dashes have the particularity of getting extra range if she uses normals during the glide, which is particularly useful to be more unpredictable in neutral. Her air backdash works on the opposite principle: using a normal during it will make her fall faster to the ground, shortening her air backdash length. It is worth mentioning that doing Bubble during air dash or air backdash will stop the momentum immediately, which is mostly be useful for baiting anti-airs and repositioning.

Comapred to the some of the cast, Dizzy normals are seemingly average. On the other hand, once she has summons out, she is at a distinct advantage. Thus, the mind games in the neutral game will mostly be about Dizzy getting her summons out. To help her from being rushed down completely, she has ice spike and sometimes 4S, 6P, and f.S against ground/IAD rushdown and 2S and airthrow against jump-ins. Usually, the fear of being smacked by an ice spike (especially if you have tension to YRC, which makes it completely safe, and sometimes even allows you to punish their attempt to punish or begin pressure) is what will keep the opponent hesitating from rushing you down, and will allow you at times to trick them with a dry summon. Against certain opponents, even the odd unexpected rushdown can work out if they are only expecting the Dizzy player to play keepaway.


Generally your goal as Dizzy is to use your mobility, long reaching normals and summons to keep the opponent at bay while creating opportunities to go in. For more on Dizzy offense I recommend reading Sword guide to understand Dizzy pressure game and general offense. Dizzy Rev2 Guide Google doc


Dizzy does have a low defense modifier which results in her receiving more damage than usual, no viable reversal moves except for her 632146P Overdrive, and a huge hitbox which makes it easier for her to get hit and get comboed. If Dizzy is pressured in the corner by an opponent, you are likely to remain there blocking for quite some time, unless you try to take a risk to escape by FD jump or counterattack with 2P, 6P, 2S, Ice Spike Yrc, or situational 2D. Utilize DAA, Super jump IAD, throws, blitz, or burst, when applicable. Also, for Dizzy to be able to use her projectile summon attacks, she needs to be well outside her opponent's effective attack range, which usually means she needs to be anywhere from beyond midscreen to fullscreen in order to summon most anything safely if her opponent isn't already knocked down.

To play Dizzy effectively, you need to capitalize on her strengths in order to cover and make up for her weaknesses.

Tips and Tricks

After TKing bubble you can air dash within a smallish/ok window. You can angle bubble down by holding down direction after the inputs.

Dizzy airdash is unique in the fact if she presses a button she can travel farther distances than she can when doing a normal airdash. Good movement option to keep in mind when moving around in neutral, pressure, or escaping the corner. This also applies to her back airdash but in reverse.

If the opponent is juggle in the air by bubble or spikes run up 4S deals great damage or 6H for better oki.

Commonly good summon sequences for beginners: K-bubble > 236P/421S, K-bubble > tk H fish, D fish > dash 421S, D fish > 421H, D fish > Bubble, P/K/H/S fish > dash 421S, P-bubble[2] > 421S,

Dizzy has low invul when she dashes making her avoid lows normals and moves like slide head and mini faust.

If you YRC 421H you can hold the spears. There's two ways to release the spears depending on if you continue holding HS (better if you want to release HS to release the spears) or release it at the same time as YRC (better if you want to hit HS to release the spears).

When timing your reversal overdrives input the super as soon you see Dizzy's wings fully stand up and for blitz timing its as soon she stands back up. Her face up and down aren't too far apart so once you get one side down the other side also applied.

Mirror super can be thrown out, use with caution.

Fighting Dizzy

The general idea is get on her face and never step out. She has trouble dealing with close range pressure due to fastest mid poke is 6f, unreliable reversal, etc.

If she inevitably started to summon and throwing things all around, be careful and try to hit fish with safe, long range normal or fast poke. Delay jump a bit to avoid spear track. If she set a bubble but didn't pop it in your face immediately, get away from it, most of the time super jump will be a good option.

Nage match up advice vs Dizzy:



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