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Elphelt is a character who needs contributors to write a summary about her.
Elphelt Valentine is a character with versatile tools for many situations and effective okizeme.
Pros Cons
  • Top Tier Versatility: Previous versions of this page had a whopping eleven Pros dedicated to one simple fact: Elphelt is great at everything. She can zone, pressure, play neutral, and mix, on top of having great buttons and solid defensive options.
  • Pineberry: Aka grenadeGGXRD-R Elphelt PineberryThrow.pngGuard:
    Total: 33
    -3 [+7]
    . Easily one of the best moves in Guilty Gear history. Excellent as an okizeme tool and can be YRC'd in neutral for control of the screen. Also infamous for beating out many other projectiles due to the large explosion it causes. Pineberry gives Elphelt access to unblockable setups.
  • Great Normals: Most of Elphelt's buttons have one or more of these traits: fast, disjointed, long range, or good cancel options. Buttons such as c.S also give Elphelt abnormally fast and rewarding options to anti-air opponents.
  • Extremely Rewarding Combos: High damage, great meter gain and superb corner carry let Elphelt take any hit she gets and maximize the return. She also gains hard knockdown at the end of most of her combos, which leads into her great pressure game.
  • Superb Neutral: In many scramble situations, the risk-reward of a trade or AbareAn attack during the opponent's pressure, intended to interrupt it. is skewed in Elphelt's favor. Her huge buttons synergize well with Miss ConfilleGGXRD-R Elphelt MissConfire.pngGuard:
  • Grenade Explosion can Save Her: If Elphelt gets clipped with an attack while she is cooking her grenade, then the explosion can bail her out of a combo that would have been much more dangerous without the explosion.
Grenade Explosion Can Hurt Her: If Elphelt gets clipped with an attack while she is cooking her grenade, then the explosion can open her up to bigger punishes than the opponent would normally get without resources.
Note: ※Pine Berry's self explosion can be both a blessing and a minor issue. In a lot of situations Elphelt is able to safely apply her grenade without much risk. In other situations, the grenade can help her out. Sometimes the explosion lets the opponent get a special or discounted punish.

Need help getting started? Go to this page for information targeted at new players. It covers easy combos, key moves, and what to do after you knock the opponent down.

StartupThe time before an attack is active including the first active frame. For example, an attack with 10F startup means the attack will do nothing for 9 frames, then hit the opponent on the 10th frame. frames
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Toggle Chart On
ActiveThe active frames of an attack refers to the amount of time an attack can hit the opponent. Frames
InactiveFrames in the middle of multi-hit attacks which cannot hit the opponent, but are after the move has become active at least once. Frames
RecoveryThe recovery of an attack refers to the amount of time an attacker must wait before he may perform another action, even blocking. Frames
Special RecoveryThe recovery of an attack refers to the amount of time an attacker must wait before he may perform another action.Recovery frames which happen under abnormal conditions, such as after landing. Frames

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
9 Mid 5 3 5 +2

Standard jab.

It's quite fast, but whiffs against crouching characters except Potemkin and Bedman. The active frames end as soon as the rose is dropped. 5P is usually outclassed by her 5K in neutral despite being 2 frames faster and is not very useful in blockstrings.

Has occasional applications at round start to stop moves where the hurtbox comes out first since it is slightly disjointed. It can also be used as a pretty niche anti-air due to Elphelt lacking a conventional 6P, but has no upper body invuln. Decent for confirming air combos at certain angles and sees some minor use as a move to fake her 6P overhead in okizeme situations.

  • Jump cancellable

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 -8/+3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
14 Low 7 4 5 +1

Standing low. Jump and special cancelable. Pretty good proration for a low.

Great for footsies when used to counter poke sweeps while being incredibly difficult to poke back at due to the complete lack of a hurtbox on Elphelt's leg. The small pushback, plus frames, and the decent amount of active frames makes it a great pressure starter and go-to meaty low.

Gatling Options: c.S, f.S, 2S, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Initial: 90% -8/+3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24 Mid 5 5 18 -6

An extremely versatile move and Elphelt's go-to anti air and incredibly fast for a close slash. Jump and special cancelable.

Lack of proration and strong gatlings make this an excellent combo starter. Useful in pressure due to its wide number of cancel options and being able to delay a gatling until near the end of its recovery animation. While useful on offense, it can also lead to high reward defensively when calling out poorly timed meaties or low airdash mixups on Elphelt's wakeup.

Creates a strong OS in 6H+S which allows you to either throw on the first frame or hit at the 5th frame with c.S. This OS is also useful against crossups, as c.S's wide hitbox can hit on either side.

  • Can hit most opponents at the top of their jump but has no upper-body invulnerability.

Gatling Options: 6P, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 -6/+14


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 Mid 9 5 16 -4

Excellent poke in terms of range, damage and speed. Jump and special cancellable.

Unlike most characters, Elphelt can get a knockdown at nearly max range against standing opponents by cancelling into 5H and at about 2/3s of the range if they're crouching or on counter hit by cancelling into 2H. Can also be cancelled into IADAn air dash performed from a standing position as quickly and as low to the ground as possible from a jump. Done by inputting 956 or 754 or using a dash macro. combos if you have fast reactions on counter hit.

Despite its qualities, it can be low-profiled by certain moves and Elphelt's foot extends the lower portion of the hurtbox forward, making this move vulnerable to sweeps, so don't be too predictable with it.

Gatling Options: 2S, 5H, 2H, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 -6/+14


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5H (1) 20 Mid 11 1 28 -12
5H (2-4) 18×4 Mid 9 1 26 -10
5H (5) 18 Mid 9 1 33 -17

A great, fully disjointed normal that reaches half-screen and stuffs a LOT of things in neutral. Cancels into itself up to 5 times.

Excellent neutral and counterpoking tool. Extremely fast for the range it covers and the 5 hits alone do 76 damage (against Sol). With an RC, Elphelt can corner carry, get big damage, and still have a knockdown which is quite easy considering the time gained from 5 hits for hit confirming. A huge pain for big, slow characters to move around due to long range and long active time. It can easily be low profiled by some moves and on block, the opponent can crouch block to make later hits whiff. However, despite its excellent properties and hitbox, the move is coded to whiff on all crouching characters, even Potemkin. This also goes for crouching normals with hurtboxes that extend upwards, meaning it will lose against nearly any 2H.

Keep in mind however that despite triggering Pineberry explosion on contact and looking like a projectile, it is considered to be a normal attack and does not nullify other projectiles.

Despite its weaknesses, the YRC window frame is lenient and seems to go up to the end of the active frames. This makes it possible in some situations to punish the opponent for attempting to low profile it and counter with their own 2H. It's also possible to use YRC OS with it5H>214K~RC thanks to the lenient YRC window. If 5H whiffs, you will get a YRC. If it gets blocked or it hits, you will do 214K instead. Unless you're quite close, 5H>214K on block is generally plus, and 5H CH >214K combo even at max range, giving you a knockdown

  • Special cancelable only for the first 5H
  • 5th hit blows away and knocks down on ground hit (Blows away but doesn't knock down on air hit)

Gatling Options: 5H (2-5)

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
5H (1) 3 -6/+14
5H (2-4) 3 -6/+6
5H (5) 3 -6/+6

5H (1):

  • Followup hits can be inputted on frames 22, 31, 40, 49
  • Can not hit crouching opponents

5H (2-4): 5H (5):


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
22 High 24 6 16 -8 26, 33-35 Foot
27-23 Lower Body

While 5D can be more freely cancelled into than her other standing overhead in 6P, it is still reactable and is really only used as a cheap "gotcha" move. Unsafe on block and leads to mediocre reward on midscreen hit, but good reward on corner hit. Mostly useless against anyone who is paying attention. Can sometimes be useful for confirming stray corner hits into shotgun loops on the ground, but nearly everything Elphelt does for a combo ender in normal stance will blow away or knock down, making 5D situational at best.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 80% 10 20


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24 High 23 4 22 -12 1-7F Upper Body
8-24F Above Knees

Very long range overhead with lots of scaling and lots of pushback.

An unconventional 6P. While it still has upper body invuln, it's rather slow at 23f, so it is not advisable to use as an anti air or counterpoke.

Instead, Elphelt's 6P is generally used as a mixup option due to the fact that it's an overhead. It can combo meterlessly on normal hit, allowing for conversions off grenade detonations and extremely high damage in the corner. Midscreen and without tension, Elphelt's only cancel options are 236H and 214K for minimal damage but a potentially decent knockdown. Scales heavily when RRC'd, so spending meter on a midscreen combo will give decent corner carry but low damage.

  • Special cancelable
  • Knocks down on air hit, ground bounces on air counter hit
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 75% 10 7
  • Staggers opponent on hit. Max duration 35F, Frame Adv: -8 to +10


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 Mid 15 10 30 -21 18-24 Foot

Huge normal that covers a wide area above and in front of Elphelt with quite a lot of active frames.

A highly rewarding counterhit option that is used as a risky frametrap or to catch a jumpout attempt in pressure. Can also be used as a neutral poke or preemptive anti air. As a level 5 attack, canceling it into 236H makes it plus on block while canceling it into 236P leaves you slightly minus. Also sees use in combo routes to cancel into 236H.

Landing a counter hit with 6H is one of Elphelt's most rewarding starters; it leads to high damage and any setup you would want nearly anywhere on the screen. While it's a great haymaker option, it's high recovery and short YRC window makes it very dangerous on whiff, so throw it out in neutral only if you're certain it will hit or be blocked.

  • Special cancelable.
  • Knocks down on normal hit, Ground bounce on Counter hit
  • Draws her hurtbox back slightly during startup, which can make some moves whiff at round start distance
  • While the animation may suggest Elphelt is airborne, it is not the case and she is vulnerable to throws.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Initial: 80% 20 6


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
8 Mid 4 2 7 +1

Standard crouching jab.

Elphelt's fastest normal outside of stances. Strong tool for stagger pressure, mashing out of fake pressure situations, and wakeup AbareAn attack during the opponent's pressure, intended to interrupt it..

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Initial: 80% -8/+3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12 Low 5 5 6 -1

Crouching low.

2K has the worst proration of any of Elphelt's moves. Lower damage and worse hitbox than 5K, but it is quite fast, making it useful for high/low mixups. Gatlings into 5K which allows you to have 3 lows in a blockstring (2K>5K>2D for example) to catch opponents attempting to fuzzy jump.

Gatling Options: 6P, 5K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Initial: 70% -8/+3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
26 Mid 8 6 18 -10 17-28 Above Knees

Fast mid-range move that hits all the way to the floor.

In neutral, it is mostly used as an alternative to f.S to catch opponents that are attempting to low profile. On block, 2S naturally frame traps into a low 2D or advancing 2H, but the gap isn't as small as f.S > 2H.

When scoring a normal hit, it can be awkward to convert into a combo due to its limited gatling options; 2S > 5H only hits on standing opponents, and 2S > 2D has limited range. On counter-hit however, the stagger property allows you to do 2S>5Hx5 at any range and 2S>2H true combos at just short of max range. The combo to 2H on counter hit makes it very rewarding when used defensively.

During active and recovery, Elphelt's hurtbox shrinks vertically, allowing her to make a lot of moves whiff. Because 2S doesn't low profile until later frames, however, it's not very reliable as an anti-air or low profile option to slide under the opponent's moves.

  • Staggers on CH

Gatling Options: 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 90% -7/+10


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
22×2 Mid 18 3 (3) 3 18 -4 5-17 Above Knees

A two hit normal that slides Elphelt forward. Used as a low profile attack to close distance on the opponent and as a frametrap gatling option. Is also staple component of her bread and butter 50 tension combos.

A very useful pressure normal thanks to its evasive properties and attack level of 3, allowing f.S>2H cancelled into 236H to be a frame trap sequence that is plus on block and leaves Elphelt in prime position to pressure the opponent in Shotgun stance via more frame traps or her command grab. The sliding distance is increased if you do a microdash before inputting 2H, making it a good way to low profile certain moves and get in on the opponent.

When used defensively, Its low-profile and advancing properties can allow it to also be used as a way to escape pressure and steal a turn back, but be cautious in using it that way as it is on the slower side at 18 frames, and Elphelt is considered crouching the entire duration of the move.

On counter hit, pops opponents off the ground close enough to be followed by c.S.

  • First hit on CH is untechable, but the second one will make it air techable.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 Initial: 90% -6/+20


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 Low 8 6 18 -10 1-5 Above Knees

Elphelt's sweep. Fast for its range and is used for ground footsies due to its large disjointed hitbox.

Knocks down on both normal and counter hit, but can be comboed into 214K for more damage and corner carry. The fact that it's jump cancelable makes it great for blockstring mixups and safe for pressure. This move is also an excellent starter for cancelling into 236H and detonating grenade in okizeme situations.

Certain characters get popped up so high by 2D that at close range they can be picked up into an air combo by some of Elphelt's air normals, allowing for high damage and a highly advantageous knockdown.

  • Jump cancellable
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10 High / Air 6 6 9

Downward angled air jab and Elphelt's fastest air normal.

While it can be used as an air-to-air if the speed is needed, its range is worse than most j.Ps and it can be stuffed very easily. Its downward hitbox make it more suited for air strings or 50/50s like j.S>j.P/land 5K.

  • Jump cancellable

Gatling Options: j.P, j.K, j.S, j.H, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 -8/+3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
18 High / Air 8 6 15

Air attack that reaches downward, which is always nice to have.

Occasionally useful for F-ShikiSometimes known as "Fuzzy Overhead". When you are in blockstun, you can switch high/low blocking, but your blocking animation and hurtbox does not change until you leave blockstun or block another attack. F-Shikis take advantage of this and use overheads that would miss on crouching characters, but not on standing characters.s, but is mostly used as air combo filler.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.S, j.H, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
1 -7/+6


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 High / Air 7 5 16

Hits above, in front, below, and even behind her!

By far Elphelt's best air normal. High speed, great gatling options, jump cancellable, good combo filler, and lots of active frames. Can be easily hitconfirmed in air-to-air situations by buffering j.P.

This is also Elphelt's fastest reliable instant airdash overhead option when using j.D YRC for fuzzies, coming out at a speed comparable to Millia's 6K when done as fast as possible.

  • Jump cancellable

Gatling Options: j.P, j.S, j.H, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 -7/+10


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
34 High / Air 10 6 18

More range than j.S but less versatile.

Mostly used for air combo filler leading into j.D.. Initial hitbox is respectably vertical, so its useful in situations where you want to quickly knock an airborne opponent to the ground and take advantage of its 20f of untechable time on normal hit.

Gatling Options: j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 -7/+10


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
38 High / Air 11 3 29 + 5 after landing

Completely disjointed air space control move with good active frames.

Staple air combo ender move that grants very high frame advantage for Pineberry okizeme. When used from a rising jump, the recovery is so long you won't be able to do anything until you land so it's better to use it while falling unless you have 25 meter to YRC the recovery. However, you can do high jump>rising j.D and be able to airdash before you land either to get in or run away.

j.D can be YRC'd and still have the hitbox come out. While it looks similar to 5H, it can still hit crouching opponents. If j.D YRC is blocked standing, Elphelt can do fuzzies with instant airdash jump normals. It doesn't work if they block it crouching, but Elphelt can mix up her oki options and use an actual overhead to hit the opponent in those cases, making nearly any knockdown a very dangerous situation.

  • Untechable for 30F on normal hit.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7
  • On YRC, the attack can be blocked Mid

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0,60 Throw: 75250 1 +49

Elphelt's throw. Important for her Strike/throw mixup game when backed by Pineberry. Has long recovery so you can usually only get oki in the corner.

Like all throws, can be option selected with a button - Elphelt's generally best throw OS option is c.Sif you press 6S+HS, you'll do c.S in case your throw doesn't reach.

In the corner, you can RC throw and go straight into Shotgun loops, or if you have 100 tension and the opponent is in hellfire, do throw>RC>IK mode>236236H for an unburstable instant kill combo.

Some very basic okizeme setups with grenade will enable you to get a meterless combo off of throw by chucking the opponent into the grenade explosion, granting Elphelt a very powerful strike/throw game.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Forced: 65% NA 6, 0
  • Stun: 30

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0,60 Air Throw: 192500 1

Elphelt's air throw causes the opponent to be knocked down right next to her, so okizeme is possible. Can be RC'ed for an air combo.

Dunking the opponent into a grenade explosion properly will grant a meterless combo. Option selects well with j.S.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Forced: 65% NA 6, 0
  • Stun: 30

Dead Angle Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
25 All 9 4 18 -8 1-12 All
13-24 Throw

Same htibox as 6P; has fast startup and good reach; hard to punish because the DA pushes you away from the opponent.

Elphelt's most reliable defensive option with tension.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 50% 10 7

Blitz Attack

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Blitz Attack 50 Mid (15-48)+13 3 20 -2 1~Button release: Blitz
Blitz Attack (Max Charge) 50 Mid 50+13 3 20 +5 1~50: Blitz

Run of the mill Blitz. Use to call out loose blockstrings for a flashy reversal. Sometimes used to drain burst after a command grab. Very cute.

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Blitz 1 Initial: 55%
[Blitz] 4


  • Hitstop 30F
  • Slighty refills own Burst and slightly drains opponent's Burst on hit
  • Blows opponent away and wall sticks opponent on hit (untechable for 40F/ 80F on CH)
  • Crumples opponent on ground CH (79F)


  • Hitstop 30F
  • Slighty refills own Burst and slightly drains opponent's Burst on hit
  • Slightly blows opponent away on air hit (untechable for 50F/ 100F on CH)
  • Crumples opponent on ground hit

Special Moves


236P (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Pineberry 19
Overhand Throw 0 All 10 Total: 33 -3 [+7]
Underhand Throw 0 All 10 Total: 33 -3 [+7]
Air Overhand Throw 0 All 13 Total: 36
Pineberry Explosion (Throw) 40 All 1 11
Pineberry Explosion (Shoot) 50 All 1 11
Pineberry Explosion (Self) Self 10 All 1 1

Pineberry is a grenade that automatically detonates 3 seconds after it is input and can be thrown with 2P or 4P.

It is one of Elphelt's most important specials and the core of her okizeme game. Pineberry is so useful that it should be tossed nearly every time you get a knockdown, as the toss will always hit the opponent on the first frame after they get up. Not only is it great for okizeme, but it also is an important part of her unblockable setups (more details below).

In neutral, it becomes one of her best tools for space control and is extremely strong when tossed with a YRC in most matchups. The toss will clash with any projectile it will meet but the explosion will still happen, allowing her to toss the grenade into close-range projectile attempts and have the explosion counter hit the opponent, granting Elphelt a combo in most instances. Neither the toss nor the explosion prorate, allowing both to lead to solid damage.

Finally, j236P stops momentum which can bait anti airs, be useful in combos, or enable safejumps. Air toss will also alter Elphelt's aerial momentum when done during an airdash, causing her to rocket towards the ground while letting go of it and allowing for continued pressure.

  • You can either do a lower throw (2P) or a upper throw (4P, air possible).
  • When the grenade is thrown, it has a hitbox until it touches the ground but deals 0 damage on hit.
  • If the grenade is not thrown within 3 seconds, it will detonate on Elphelt. However, she can block the explosion. If hit while holding the grenade, it will self-destruct and launch Elphelt, granting the opponent a combo or an advantageous scramble situation.
  • All Elphelt gun normals (5H, jD, SG.H, Sniper shot) can activate the explosion early by hitting the grenade during travel which also increases the explosion's damage.
  • Throwing the grenade when the timer is at or under 1 second makes it a level 3 move, allowing Toss > Explosion to combo if the timer is under ~0.5s, or allowing Elphelt to poke the opponent between the toss and explosion if it is above ~0.5s.
  • Grenade stays on screen if Elphelt is blocking, but disappears if she is hit.
  • Grenade can be attacked and sent away by opponents, but will remain onscreen to explode when the timer runs out.
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Pineberry 4P 0 [3] 2 8 [6]
Pineberry 2P 0 [3] 2 8 [6]
Pineberry j.4P 0 [3] 2 8 [6]
Pineberry Explosion 2 10 7
Shoot Pineberry 2 10 7
Pineberry Self Explosion 2 Initial: 80% NA 7

236P: Pineberry 4P:

  • [ ] Values are when Pineberry is thrown with under 1 second left on timer

Pineberry 2P:

  • [ ] Values are when Pineberry is thrown with under 1 second left on timer

Pineberry j.4P:

  • [ ] Values are when Pineberry is thrown with under 1 second left on timer

Pineberry Explosion: Shoot Pineberry:

  • Shoot the Pineberry with 5H, j.D, Miss Travallier, Miss Confire, or Genoise
  • Opponent can detonate the Pineberry with their own projectiles

Pineberry Self Explosion:

  • Opponent gains Tension listed

Bridal Express

214K (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214K 45 All 14 12 12 -7 7-29 Foot
j.214K 40 All 26 Until Landing 7 after landing +6
Ground version

Moves forward. Blows the opponent away and knocks down. Useful for corner carry.

In blockstrings, it can be a frightening way to reset pressure if used as far as possible and can frame trap at spacings where it is also plus on block. Spaced correctly, it is an effective way for Elphelt to deal with opponents who use FD early in her pressure. It is not foolproof however, because it's dangerous on whiff and a savvy opponent opponent will try to FD the last few normals of your blockstring, resulting in you landing in front of them without connecting, ready to be punished. The opponent could also opt to instant block it which nearly always allows for a throw punish.

  • While it is be punishable when done point blank, it's plus if it's blocked in the move's later active frames and/or at the tip of the hitbox.

Air version

Moves downwards towards the ground diagonally.

Its startup is slow but also hard to punish if the opponent isn't ready; since it stops air momentum for a bit before actually descending, it can be used to bait anti air moves accordingly. Hitting the opponent as low as possible will grant decent plus frames, but this is usually not practical. Try to be unpredictable with the air version, as it can be easily beaten by airthrows, DPs, or 6Ps if the opponent is ready for it.

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
214K 3 Initial: 90% 14 6
j.214K 2 Initial: 90% 10 7

214K: j.214K:

  • Frame Advantage Listed is from Tiger Knee-ing this attack

Roll > Miss Travailler


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Total 28 1-4F Upper Body
5-11F Low Profile
12-13F Above Knees

Elphelt does her shotgun stance's roll from neutral and enters shotgun stance at the end of the roll's recovery.

Useful for mixups when used in tandem with grenade pressure, as the explosion will either leave you plus on block or knock the opponent into the air where they can easily be combo'd with SG.S.

  • Moves Elphelt forward and crosses up at close range.
  • Lacks the invulnerability of the shotgun stance version, making it mostly useful for mixups or avoiding projectiles in certain matchups.
  • Can also be used to exit rifle stance, in case a projectile is coming your way
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-

Stance Moves

Miss Confille


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Miss Confire
Fire 35 Mid 3 3 Total 47 -14
Fire (Powered Up) 45 Unblockable 3 3 Total 47
Reload 39 [27]
Cancel 27

Miss Confille is a long-range focused stance that prevents Elphelt from moving, jumping, or blocking while it is active. Instead, directional inputs will control a reticle that appears on the screen.

Elphelt can fire the rifle at the reticle's location by pressing any attack button (P, K, S or HS) other than D. When the target stays in place for 0.4 seconds (24 frames), it is upgraded to a level 2 shot; the target increases in size and the next rifle shot becomes unblockable.

Rifle is primarily used for unblockable setups in tandem with Pineberry as okizeme, but also has some utility in anti-zoning, harassing low mobility characters from a distance, or contesting long-range setups (such as I-No's note or May's beach balls). It is not advisable to try and zone with it however, as the majority of opponents can move faster than the speed of the reticle, the level 1 shot give very little reward on hit, entering the stance is slow, and leaving it has significant recovery.

  • Miss Confille can be cancelled by pressing D, or by using 236K to enter shotgun stance.
  • All Rifle shots are air unblockable (need FD to block it).
  • Even if you RC while in rifle stance, she stays in the stance - however, it moves the target right on top of the opponent. Firing a shot and then RCing will either YRC on whiff or RRC on block.
  • You can also YRC to make it easier to aim by slowing the opponent down.
  • Level 2 shot has 70% initial proration.

Miss Confille - Reload (46S)

After shooting once, The rifle needs to be reloaded by inputting 46S in order to be able to shoot again. If you take too long to reload, Elphelt will leave the rifle stance automatically.

By pressing 6 and S at the same time, you get a "Perfect Reload". The window for the Perfect Reload is 2 frames between 6 and S, and cannot be done immediately after shooting, but rather after waiting a little bit. By successfully performing a Perfect Reload, Elphelt swings and reloads her rifle MUCH FASTER than normal, letting you shoot again sooner than usual.

  • Normal reload has 23f of recovery while a perfect reload is 11f.
  • The perfect reload also lacks an animation smear, to further identify when it is performed properly.
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Confire P/K/S/H 3 2 6
Confire P/K/S/H (Charged) 4 Initial: 65% NA 6
Confire Fire > 46S
Confire D


  • Can Cancel and move reticule on 13F
  • Can Fire on 28F
  • Hold reticule in place for 35F to become Powered Up

Confire P/K/S/H:

  • 20F onwards can cancel into Reload
  • Fastest Neutral &gt
  • Fire is 30F

Confire P/K/S/H (Charged):

  • 20F onwards can cancel into Reload
  • Fastest Neutral &gt
  • Fire (Powered Up) is 62F

Confire Fire > 46S:

  • [ ] values are for Perfect Reload
  • Press 6 and S within 2F of each other to execute a Perfect Reload

Confire D:

Miss Travailler


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Miss Travailler 14
Reload 17 -1 [+6]

Miss Travailler is a close range focused Shotgun stance used in both neutral and offense, notably allowing high damage combos and scary pressure in the corner.

The stance prevents Elphelt from jumping, throwing, or entering IK mode. She can still block, crouch, and dash, however. In Shotgun stance, all of Elphelt's normals change. Her specials remain the same, except for 236H which leaves Shotgun stance.

  • Getting hit in Shotgun stance forces Elphelt to leave it.
  • RCing during shotgun stance will keep Elphelt in it unless done after SG.H

Power-Up mode

When Elphelt is not moving or performing any action in Shotgun stance, she enters a power-up mode that will enhance SG.H's damage, range and properties (visualized as a red aura).

  • Moving or crouching after entering power-up mode will immediately cancel it and you will have to stay idle again to get it back.
  • Every normal in shotgun stance except SG.H will maintain the power-up.
  • Performing SG.H during power-up mode will do the enhanced version called Powered SG.H and will cancel power-up mode.
  • Pressing up and then moving to up-back is a powerful option select that will allow Elphelt to stand in place while charging and block any mid or high attack that makes contact.

Miss Travailler Reload (46H)

Like rifle stance, Elphelt must reload between shots.

Reload can only be used right after SG.H and allows Elphelt to remain in shotgun stance to repeatedly shoot the opponent. Understanding the rhythm for Shotgun reloads is key for mastering shotgun loops.

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Travailler Fire > 46H


  • Stand still for 13F to power up shot
  • 14F onwards Can cancel into Reload

Travailler Fire > 46H:

  • [ ] Values are for Powered Up Shot &gt
  • Reload

Miss Travailler Fire


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Fire Close: 30
Far: 20
All 3 1 Total 31 -2
Fire (Powered Up) Close: 55
Far: 35
All 1 1 Total 29 +5
Reload 17 -1 [+6]

A very large close-range and highly disjointed attack out of Shotgun stance.

The most important Shotgun stance normal and has 2 versions; normal SG.H and powered SG.H. Both versions have the same pushback on block, hit, and whiff, which isn't affected by faultless defense. They are also considered to be projectiles, and will cancel any projectile that hits once (except overdrives). Reload (46H) has to be done right afterwards if you want to remain in shotgun stance. If reload is not performed after firing, Elphelt will exit the stance.

Normal SG.H

3f normal. Extremely fast for its range. When done close, will give you a hard knockdown, but air hits near the edges of the hitbox will allow the opponent to tech out.

Generally a combo filler that is used either at the end of SG.P strings for a knockdown or looped on air hit for more damage. Useful for combos involving grenade detonation in okizeme or neutral situations.

You can loop [SG.H>46H]xN during corner pressure, but each shot is -5 on instant block, giving the opponent an opportunity to escape or challenge the attack. However, the hitbox is so disjointed that mashing out of it becomes a big risk. Past a certain distance however, you won't get a knockdown and will need a RC to combo afterwards. The main reason why you would still keep looping it is because of the chip damage, the ridiculous tension gain and the fact that the pushback isn't affected by faultless defense. If the opponent intends to block and wait for you to end up too far to loop it, you can do SG.S or run up to reset pressure for more loops.

Powered SG.H

Only one word is necessary to describe this move: Ridiculous. Ridiculous speed, damage, hitstun and hitbox. Once Elphelt has the charge, SG.H comes out in one frame after pressing H.

Midscreen, you won't really get much out of it aside from a knockdown. In the corner however, if done close enough, you will get a 35f wallsplat on normal hit and a 71f long one on counter hit, allowing Elphelt to loop powered SG.H into itself for huge damage. Landing a charged shot on the edges of the hitbox is also used in some "sourspot" unblockable setups.

Powered SG.H can be particularly strong during pressure, as well as easy and low risk way to finish off an opponent with low health.

  • On deep counter hit, Blows the opponent away and causes them to tumble when they land.
  • Deals huge guts-ignoring chip damage
  • Removes 20% tension if the opponent FDs it
  • As mentioned in the Stance's description, a strong OS with Powered SG.H is to hold up and then move to upback to block mids and highs while charging.
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Travailler H 2 Close: Initial: 90%
Far: None
2 7
Travailler H (Charged) 4 Close: 2
Far: 2
Close: 9
Far: 6
Travailler Fire > 46H

Travailler H: Travailler H (Charged):

  • 12F onwards Can cancel into Reload

Travailler Fire > 46H:

  • [ ] Values are for Powered Up Shot &gt
  • Reload

Miss Travailler Thrust


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
18 Mid 3 3 6 +1

Arguably the best 3F normal in the game. SG.P has a great hitbox and damage for its range while still being +1 on block with little pushback making it an excellent move for stagger pressure. It also cancels into itself gaplessly which is great for hitconfirming.

SG.D can be used after SG.P if you notice that the opponent respects it too much for some corner carry midscreen and high damage in the corner.

Despite what its speed would suggest, SG.P doesn't prorate.

Gatling Options: SG.P, SG.K, SG.H

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 3 8

Miss Travailler Roll


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24 1-10 All

Elphelt rolls forward while maintaining shotgun stance.

This move is a major reason why the opponent has to be very careful when attempting to deal with Elphelt's shotgun stance in neutral situations, as she will be able to roll through and then whiff punish many slower moves with an SG.H CH. In matchups against characters that have projectiles, it can be used on reaction to close distance safely. Other situations may require a hard read, which makes its use cases vary greatly depending on the matchup.

During pressure, Elphelt can cross-up the opponent with it and make quite a lot of reversals whiff thanks to its invul frames. Just like the 236K version, using it in tandem with grenade can lead to powerful combos off a crossup mixup. It will however lose quite badly against 2P mashing so you will have to make sure that your opponent respects your pressure before using it as a mixup tool.

  • Despite being a roll, this move has full invulnerability frames instead of low profile.
  • Affected by dash momentum so it is generally best used with a microdash for greater distance.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
  • Can pass through opponent 1-10F

Miss Travailler Launch


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 Mid 11 7 7 +0 7-10 Upper Body

Miss Travailler Launch is a forward moving upward strike that is useful for closing distance on the opponent during Shotgun stance pressure while maintaining power-up charge, being a frametrap tool, and situational anti air.

Great combo filler due to its movement, hitbox, and juggle properties. Excellent frametrap option due to its slow startup, especially in catching jump out attempts against opponents expecting SG.D, which will lead to high reward due to long untechable frames on air hit. Also Notably strong for confirming grenade explosions into air combos or shotgun loops, as the move will autocorrect its travel direction.

Like many forward lunging moves, it can be grabbed before it becomes active if done too close on block, and while it is normally +0, instant block will leave you -3. When you're expecting the opponent to punish with a grab attempt, SG.K can be used as a risky means to avoid it and get a punish of your own depending on the opponent's character.

  • Staggers on hit.
  • If the opponent isn't mashing out of stagger, SG.S will grey combo into itself indefinitely on the ground.
  • Can microdashed for more range.

Gatling Options: SG.K

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 80% 10 7

Miss Travailler Demolish


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0, 47, 16 Throw 120000 15 3 35 +57 [+46] 1-17 Throw

Slow command grab that is special cancelable.

A frightening mixup tool in Shotgun stance which complements her powerful stagger pressure and okizeme. Its throw invuln on startup will allow Elphelt to beat reversal throw attempts while she is close to the opponent during pressure.

Generally, your only meterless combo midscreen on success is SG.D>214K which leads to poor damage but great corner carry. With tension, you can cancel into 236S and RC the startup to re-enter normal stance and perform an air combo.

In the corner however, it leads straight into shotgun loops and unblockable setups, and allows for some of the highest damage output from a command grab starter in the game thanks to the fact that it only has 70% initial proration. It should also be noted that the shotgun loops following SG.D generally allow Elphelt to rack up an enormous amount of Tension, which adds a lot of threat of her Shotgun stance pressure.

Frame advantage listed is when throw is successful. [ ] value is when opponent is in the corner.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Forced: 60% NA 6, 0×2
  • [ ] Values are when opponent is in corner
  • Total animation on whiff is 52F
  • Stun: 23, 8


Judge Better Half

236236K or 236236D

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236236K 20, 140 [20×6] Mid, All*5 3+1 3(3)3,3,3,3,3 43 + 6 After landing -39 1-9 All
10~ Airborne
236236D 25, 175 [22×6] Mid, All*5 3+1 3(3)3,3,3,3,3 43 + 6 After landing -39 1-9 All
10~ Airborne

Elphelt's only invulnerable reversal.

The first hit triggers a cinematic, knocks down, and deals high damage. If the first hit whiffs, Elphelt becomes airborne on the 10th frame, performing a rising attack at an angle similar to Volcanic Viper, and the move will not knock down. Has very little horizontal reach and is highly disadvantageous on whiff or block. If used at the end of a long combo, whiffing the first hit but landing the rest can sometimes cause situations where Elphelt can be punished on hit.

While occasionally useful on defense, Elphelt would usually be better off using her meter for Faultless Defense or Dead Angle attacks.

  • Counterhit state during recovery
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
236236K 4 [4,0×5] 20 [20,3×5] 6 [6, 8×5]
236236D 4 [4,0×5] -6[-6,-8]/+20[+20,+3×5]


  • [ ] Vales are when first hit is blocked or misses


  • [ ] Vales are when first hit is blocked or misses



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
55, 17×5 All 9+3 Until Hit(3)15 Total:39 +27

Multihit projectile super that travels fullscreen at high speed.

Deals good damage and is plus on block. Useful for confirming into off 5H at maximum range in certain matchups, as the rocket's velocity is higher than Bridal Express. If a pineberry grenade is out, it will continue to move during superflash, enabling setups where if the opponent is doing something that isn't blocking, the grenade will hit them during the flash and automatically confirm the rocket.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7

Instant Kill

Magnum Wedding

During IK Mode: 236236H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
K.O. All 9+13
4 21 -8 9-36 All
[5-28 All]

If the opponent is in Hellfire state, it's only possible to combo into it in the corner.

The most used Hellfire IK combos are generally throw>RC>IK mode>IK for 100 tension and an unburstable IK combo and anything into Powered SG.H>RC>IK mode>IK which is particularly easy to do.

In situations where Elphelt can combo into 2H after an air sequence ending with a j.D, she can usually use grenade to confirm into gold IK as long as she builds 50 meter by the end.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 14 6
  • [ ] Indicates when match point for you, opponent in Hell Fire state, and you have 50% Tension
  • IK Mode Activation: 80F [5F+5F]


Elphelt Valentine
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