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1) Character Portrait

The portrait of the current character in play. Player 1 (1P) side has a red background behind the portrait, and Player 2 (2P) side has a blue background behind the portrait.

2) Life Gauge

This gauge displays your remaining life. If your life drops below approximately 20% of the Life Gauge and you return to neutral, or if your life drops below approximately 10% of the Life Gauge, your remaining life will start to flash. In this state, your Overdrives gain a significant boost in damage, denoted by the message "HELL FIRE!!". However, if the game is on match point, your opponent can combo into their Instant Kill.

3) Burst Gauge

This gauge is consumed by Psych Bursts and Burst Overdrives, but is regained over time or whenever your opponent hits your character. You start the match with the gauge full. After using a Psych Burst, the flame icon next to the text "BURST" will turn blue and gradually fill up. An X appears over your character when you attempt to burst when the gauge is unusable. When you have over 50% tension and your Burst Gauge is full, the burst icon will turn blue to indicate that your Burst Overdrive is available.

4) Tension Gauge

This gauge is required for Overdrives, Dead Angle Attacks, Roman Cancels and Blitz Shields. It increases as you move towards the opponent, perform an offensive action or are taunted by the opponent, and fills to max if you hit the opponent with a gold Burst.

5) R.I.S.C. Level

This increases each time you block your opponent's attacks and decreases when you are hit. Damage scaling in combos doesn't start until the RISC Gauge is empty, leading to much higher damage. Once the gauge reaches above 50% it will turn a brighter shade of pink, and any incoming attack will automatically be a Counter Hit if it connects.

6) Negative Penalty

GGXRD Danger Icon.png GGXRD Negative Penalty.png

If you keep acting passively, the message "NEGATIVE PENALTY" will appear above the Tension Gauge. When this happens, your Tension Gauge will be reduced to zero and your Tension Gain rate will be decreased for a short period of time. Take caution when the message warning "DANGER" appears as you are getting close to being put into Negative Penalty.

7) Timer

Each round has a set time limit. If the timer reaches zero, then the character with the most life calculated by percentage is the winner of the round.

8) Round Counter

Each round you win will be tallied up here. Usually matches are decided by best of 3 rounds, but this can be adjusted in the game's settings.

Combo Counter

GGXRD ComboCounter.png

The combo counter. Notice that during an invalid combo the combo counter turns black and the which hit was invalid is shown at the bottom right (notice the small 3).


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