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Arcade Layout

There are five layouts that you can select when you are at the arcades: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, and Type E.

  • Type A is the standard Guilty Gear layout.
  • Type B and Type C are mimicking the BlazBlue layouts.
  • Type D and Type E are mimicking the Persona 4 Arena layout.
GGXRD Controls.png

Projectiles and Super Freeze

Projectiles in XRD have a strange property: they can move and hit opponents during the super freeze! This allows for pseudo-unblockable attacks as well as setups to force the opponent to block slower attacks.

Let's look at a simple example with  Ky.
  1. Ky performs Charged Stun EdgeGGXRD Ky ChargedStunEdge.pngGuardAllStartup38RecoveryTotal 69Advantage+14 (236H)
  2. Charged Stun Edge travels toward opponent
  3. Ky performs Sacred EdgeGGXRD Ky SacredEdge.pngGuardAllStartup4+3RecoveryTotal 36Advantage+7 (236236P)
  4. Charged Stun Edge will move forward during Sacred Edge's super freeze and hit the opponent.
    • If the opponent was not blocking before the super freeze, then they will get hit!

Another example is  Venom: he can launch a set of balls, then perform Dark AngelGgxrd venom darkangel.pngGuardAllStartup7+18RecoveryTotal 43Advantage+102 (2363214S). This is much more difficult for the opponent to avoid than just performing Dark Angel in neutral!

Projectile and Strike Hitting on the Same Frame

When a projectile and a strike would hit on the same frame, the strike misses for that one frame. Strikes with multiple active frames will miss for that one frame, but any remaining active frames can still hit the opponent afterwards.

This means that for Zato's infamous unblockable setup with Drill SpecialGGXRD Zato DrillSpecial.pngGuardLow / Air, All×2Startup146Recovery(Summon Vanishes)Advantage-, you can actually block it if you switch from low block to high block on the exact frame the strike misses, easier said than done of course!

OTG Burst Glitch

Blue Bursting while knocked down will leave your character in OTG state during recovery! This means that even if an opponent is able to block your Burst, the opponent will not be able to perform a standard combo since you will be in OTG The act of hitting the opponent when they are knocked down. Short for "off the ground" or "on the ground." state and will take less damage and be able to tech out very quickly! At best the opponent will be able to air throw the recovery.

The disadvantage of this glitch is that it requires you to Blue Burst while knocked down, which is usually enough time for the opponent to recover and block the Burst and guarantee that the opponent will retain offensive momentum.

There is a way past this shortcoming: If you Blue Burst while getting ground bounced (for example, from Sol's Bandit Bringer), it behaves just like bursting while knocked down! If you know your opponent's combos and want to burst out of the combo, execute your burst exactly when you ground bounce and you can minimize any punishment from the opponent baiting your burst!

Training Mode Shortcuts

Direction + Reset
Left + Reset to reset both characters to the left corner (P1 in the corner)
Right + Reset to reset both characters to the right corner (P2 in the corner)
Play+Record = Reset
Pressing both Play and Record at the same time is the same as pressing the Reset button


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