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General Tactics

Ky generally prefers midrange
  • At neutral, Ky generally wants to stay at about mid-range where his f.S, 5H, Stun Edge, and 2S can safely play a lopsided footsie game where the opponent needs to take a substantial risk (going airborne, counter poke) to counter Ky.
  • The optimal range differs depending on the matchup so Ky players will need to experiment and find what ranges work best for them. Some characters have strong counter to some of Ky's specific tools. For example Leo's [4]6S is a great counter to Stun Edge since it's two hits meaning Ky's Stun Edge will lose and you will be forced to block or get hit. Sol's 2D is a great tool that goes under Ky's Stun Edge, f.S and 5H. Watch matches and play various opponent to see what options to look out for and adjust your gameplan accordingly. Sometimes new tools will be required to answer the opponent's options (Air Stun Edge, 6H, 5K, etc).
  • Convert any hit into knockdown and go for 6H okizeme when possible. If possible combo into 2D > Split Ciel > Charged Stun Edge for even better okizeme options.
  • If the opponent goes airborne, use Ky's superior anti-airs (6P, 2H, j.P, j.K) to stop the opponent's advance.
Push the opponent to the corner
  • Once the opponent is in the corner, Ky's harassment tools become even more threatening since the opponent will not be able to backdash most of Ky's pokes. Ky can also convert most corner hits into good damage with Vapor Thrust loops. Most even end with Split Ciel knockdown, allowing for okizeme afterwards!
  • S Air Stun Edge give decent frame advantage when done close to the ground. The downside is that the opponent needs to be close for it to hit, so it's mostly used in the corner. Depending on timing/crouching opponent/counter hit, Ky can combo from Air Stun Edge, for even more damage.
Far range
  • Certain matchups Ky actually does not want to be at midrange (Axl) unless he has some frame advantage to stop the opponent's attacks. Usually this means backing up full screen, then harassing the opponent with Stun Edges (both normal and Durandal Call versions).
  • Use Split Ciel or low-to-the-ground j.D to set a Grinder that you can shoot ground Stun Edges through.
  • Go to the air and use H Air Stun Edge for further harassment.
  • Ground Stun Edge YRC is a strong tool to force the opponent to stop and avoid/block. Giving you time to run in and start offense.



Charged Stun Edge
  • By itself, CSE is not very strong, but with a YRC, it becomes very effective, allowing a safe way to jump-in while the opponent is busy blocking the CSE.
  • Learn how to time a meaty 6H to beat most reversal options. Beware that this will still lose to Blitz Shield. Do a "fake" meaty 6H by doing 6H so early it whiffs entirely to counter options like Blitz.
  • Once the opponent blocks 6H,
Split Ciel > Charged Stun Edge

Tips and Tricks

Fast Durandal Call Charged Stun Edge
236H YRC > 66236D
From full screen do CSE, YRC, then quickly do 66236D. This allows you to cover lots of space very quickly and is very useful versus zoners.
"Unblockable" Sacred Edge
Perform a regular Stun Edge, YRC, then Sacred Edge immediately.
If the opponent was not blocking before the super flash, then they will get hit by the regular Stun Edge during the super flash. Hopefully the Sacred Edge connects afterwards too! This doesn't do much damage, but it's a nice way to catch opponents flinching when they are low on life.
The Ain Special
Coined by commentators after the Ky player of the same name, it's performed by knocking the opponent down with 2D, and then placing a j.D over their body and airdash YRCing as they stand up. Once Ky has landed from his airdash, immdietally input 3HS. If the opponent didn't block successfully, you'll get a launch combo for high damage. If the opponent did block, you can safely disengage with Stun Edge, or Split Ciel.

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