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Guilty Gear Isuka is the tenth installment of the Guilty Gear series. While the gameplay remained almost the same as in previous titles, the game introduced a four-player battle mode and three new characters.


A.B.A, Robo-Ky MK. II, Leopaldon and the Zako-Dan make their debut to the cast of Guilty Gear.
A.B.A fights with her giant key-axe, Paracelsus. While her initial movement is slow and lacks an air dash, her second stance gives her faster movement and powerful attacks, at the cost of her own health.
Robo-Ky MK. II is an expansion on the original Robo-Ky, now mimicking the entire cast's moves, not just Ky.
Leopaldon is the final boss of Isuka.
The Zako-Dan are a group of 3 minions, each a different playstyle. Considered to be the joke characters of the game.

The Steam release does not have Online play. Online play with rollback is available through Fightcade's NAOMI Flycast emulator, however, 3- and 4-player is not available on this version.