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Guilty Gear X
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Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan)

Release Dates:

Arcade: June 2000
Japan (Dreamcast): December 14th, 2000
North America (PS2): September 30th, 2001
Japan (PS2 - GGX Plus): November 29th, 2001
Europe (PS2): March 1st, 2002
Arcade (GGX Ver.1.5): February 21, 2003

Guilty Gear Series

Preceded By: Guilty Gear
Followed By: Guilty Gear XX

The second main installment of the Guilty Gear series and the first to be released on arcades, Guilty Gear X [By Your Side "G.Gear"] continues its predecessor's timeline with overhauled gameplay mechanics. The series mainstay mechanic, Roman Cancel, is introduced in this game.

Guilty Gear X introduces Faust in place of Dr. Baldhead, removes Kliff Undersn and Justice from the playable cast and makes Baiken a base playable character. Johnny, Venom, Anji Mito and Jam Kuradoberi make their debuts as playable characters and Dizzy makes her debut as the game's boss. Testament and Dizzy are playable through changing the game settings in Test Mode, or by being unlocked in home releases.

An updated port for PS2 called Guilty Gear X Plus was released in Japan in 2001, adding Gallery Mode, an enhanced Story Mode and reintroducing Kliff Undersn and Justice as unlockable characters. Robo-Ky is also introduced in this game as Ky Kiske's unlockable GG Mode version.

A new version of the game called Guilty Gear X Ver.1.5 was released for arcades in 2003, adding Testament and Dizzy as base playable characters, adding new moves taken directly from Guilty Gear XX, and general balance changes.

Online Play

Online play with rollback is available through Fightcade's NAOMI Flycast emulator for both the original version and Ver.1.5.

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