Guilty Gear XX Reload

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Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload
GGXXReload Logo.png

Developer: Arc System Works

Sammy Corporation (Japan)

Release Dates:

Japan (Arcade): 2003
Japan (PlayStation 2): July 31, 2003
Japan (Xbox): April 29, 2004
Japan (Microsoft Windows): July 23, 2004
Japan (PlayStation Portable): September 29, 2005
North America (Xbox): September 14, 2004
Europe (PlayStation 2): December 10, 2004
Europe (Xbox): November 26, 2004
Europe (Microsoft Windows): March 10, 2006

Guilty Gear Series

Preceded By: Guilty Gear XX
Followed By:

Guilty Gear Isuka (spin-off)
Guilty Gear XX Slash (next iteration)

This is an update to Guilty Gear XX that adds Robo-Ky as a fully realised playable character, with new assets and moves completely separate to Ky Kiske. As with Guilty Gear XX, Kliff and Justice are added as unlockable characters in home releases of the game, though they are not considered tournament legal.


JohnnyBridgetMaySlayerSol BadguyKy KiskeRobo-KyAxl LowAnji MitoBaikenEddieDizzyZappaMillia RageChipp ZanuffI-NoTestamentFaustJam KuradoberiPotemkinVenomGGReload Roster.png

Character page completion

Click here or on the characters' names for the character page roadmap.
Anji Mito: partial Faust: partial Potemkin: partial
Axl Low: partial I-No: partial Robo-Ky: partial
Baiken: functional Jam Kuradoberi: partial Slayer: functional
Bridget: functional Johnny: functional Sol Badguy: complete
Chipp Zanuff: partial Ky Kiske: functional Testament: partial
Dizzy: partial May: partial Venom: partial
Eddie: partial Millia Rage: complete Zappa: partial

Online Play

Online play with rollback is available through Fightcade's NAOMI Flycast emulator.

Online play with fixed delay is available through the Steam version of the game with a simple patch.

Both versions are finicky. Flycast tends to drop lots of frames if the delay isn't set high enough, and the Steam version will desync if enough packets are dropped at the wrong time.


There are 2 arcade versions of this game. The first was criticized for its bugs, resulting in Arc System Works to create a second version. Players can tell the difference by looking at the logo: the first version has the word "♯Reload" in red, while the second version has it in blue.

The Korean release of the game includes a Korean dub as well as having a completely new soundtrack composed by Shin Hae Chul.


This is a list of links to common terms used in Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload.

Tier list

Tier lists are made to give a general idea of the character strength. They do not decide the strength of the character, and do not decide who can or will win a given match. Tier lists help act as a basic point to understand which characters have more matchups in which they are advantaged against another character piloted by another theoretically equally skilled player.

Note that the beginner tier list ranks characters among the tiers going from left (easiest) to right (hardest). Keep in mind that this list represents the characters' effectiveness at a beginner level and is not representative of the overall skill curve of each character! Some examples:

  • Jam is listed as one of the easiest characters to play, yet to become truly effective at high level she requires mastery of her gimmick.
  • Chipp is easy to pick up and has very basic BnB's but his learning curve is ridiculously steep due to his requirement of having very fast reactions to optimise every chance you get, which regardless nets very poor damage with the added irony of having the most punishing defense modifier in the game.
  • Baiken's gameplan is very simple and effective, especially at a low level where she can abuse her gimmicks against other beginners, but her difficult BnBs add an harsh spike to her learning curve.
  • May is a low tier character with an ineffective gameplan that is utterly trash until her difficult combos are mastered.
  • Picking Eddie up as a first character for a new player will require lots and lots and lots of practice before becoming even moderately proficient with the character, but if one is able to surpass the execution barrier they are rewarded with unparalled screen control, mixups, okizeme, damage and unblockables.
  • Conversely, getting used to Johnny's quirks such as his sluggish movement, Mist Finer Cancel technique, and Divine Blade FRC, rewards you with an explosive character and potential for high damage, but he is overall a less rewarding character when compared to Eddie, who is the undisputed strongest character in the game by far.
Keep in mind that this list is only a visual indicator for a beginner to glean over; character love can be an extremely strong motivator that will let you surpass all kinds of technical requirements so be sure to pick whomever you like the most, don't let this list decide for you!

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