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Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
GGXrd Logo.png

Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan)
Aksys Games (North America)

Release Dates:

Japan (Arcade): February 20, 2014
Japan (PS3/PS4): December 4, 2014
North America (PS3/PS4): December 16, 2014
Europe (PS3/PS4 - Digital Only): June 3, 2015
Windows (Steam): December 10, 2015

Guilty Gear Series

Preceded By: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
Followed By: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

This game takes place after the events of Guilty Gear 2 -OVERTURE- and uses a completely new engine with 3D models designed to move and behave like 2D sprites, using the power of Unreal Engine 3!


GGXRD Axl Icon.png GGXRD Bedman Icon.png GGXRD Chipp Icon.png GGXRD Elphelt Icon.png GGXRD Faust Icon.png GGXRD I-No Icon.png

GGXRD Ky Icon.png GGXRD Leo Icon.png GGXRD May Icon.png GGXRD Millia Icon.png GGXRD Potemkin Icon.png

GGXRD Ramlethal Icon.png GGXRD Sin Icon.png GGXRD Slayer Icon.png GGXRD Sol Icon.png GGXRD Venom Icon.png GGXRD Zato-1 Icon.png

New Characters
Bedman: A boy who sleeps in a mechanized bed with limbs. After performing specials, he can call an after-image to repeat that same attack to assault the opponent with two characters at once. Bedman also has a unique 8-way air dash and a ground dash that automatically guards incoming attacks and teleports him right next to the opponent.
Ramlethal Valentine: The main antagonist of the game. She wields two large sheathed swords that she can deploy on the battlefield to attack the opponent, working in tandem to apply pressure or perform combos. Pressing Punch and Kick in certain combinations will execute strings of attacks, similar to a character in a 3D fighting game.
Sin Kiske (unlockable/DLC): The son of Ky and Dizzy. He fights with a flag and can cancel special attacks into each other as long as his "Calorie Gauge" is not empty. He needs to stop and eat while fighting to refill the gauge.
Elphelt Valentine (DLC): A woman wearing a wedding dress with a white/pink motif who uses a rifle and shotgun to attack at both long and close range. She must manually aim and reload her weapons while fighting.
Leo Whitefang (DLC): One of the allied kings of the United Kingdoms of Illyria, Ky's friend and rival. He dual wields large, cross-shaped swords and can enter a stance where he faces away from his opponent.

System Overview

Overall, the game's main inspiration is Guilty Gear XX and #Reload instead of the later games in the series. See the Controls section for more details and pictures.

Roman Cancels Expanded
  • Can now Roman Cancel most attacks on whiff. Your character will have a red X over them when Roman Cancel is disabled. See the Roman Cancel section for more details.
Dust Attack Has Two Followups
  • Dust Attack now has two followups: Homing Jump and Homing Dash. Homing Jump works similarly to the GGXX series, while Homing Dash allows for new corner combos, as the opponent wall sticks in the corner and will continue to wall stick even after subsequent attacks.
Guard Balance Replaced With R.I.S.C. Level
  • Works mostly the same as the Guard Balance Gauge, but only displays Guard Balance levels above 0.
New Clash System

A clash occurs when simultaneous attacks strike one another. Clashes result in one of two scenarios:

  • Normal Clash: Standard clash like previous games where either player can cancel the clashed attack into a new attack.
  • Danger Time: Occasionally, a clash will automatically trigger Danger Time. While Danger Time is active, damage is increased by 20%, and connecting with any Roman Cancelable strike on hit will result in a Mortal Counter. Landing a Mortal Counter results in potentially massive damage, making it crucial to take advantage of this opportunity.
Blitz Shield
  • Press GGH.png and any other button except Dust while at neutral to create a shield that automatically repels enemy attacks. Can also be performed in the air and while crouching (2 + GGH.png + other button). Requires 25% Tension.
  • Blitz Shield repels strikes and projectiles, but loses to throws and Overdrives.
  • If you successfully repel a strike, the opponent will be forced into a stunned state where they will be vulnerable to counterattack!
  • The opponent can still perform their own Blitz Shield while stunned! Beware!
Returning Mechanics
  • Psych Bursts, Instant Block, Faultless Defense, Dead Angle Attacks, Stun, and Throws work the same as previous games.
Removed Mechanics
  • Force Roman Cancels, Slashbacks, Throw Breaks, and Force Breaks removed.
Button Layout
  • There are 5 selectable button layouts available. See Controls for pictures.

Video Databases

Version 1.10

The console exclusive characters as well as rebalance the entire cast was added to the arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- in March 2015. The Version 1.10 rebalance patch was released to the console versions on May 8, 2015. See Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- 1.10 patch notes for more details.

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