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Changes listed are from the official PDF published by Arc System Works for the location tests in Japan as well as from player observations. Beware that the changes from the location tests are not guaranteed to be in the final release of 1.10. Arc System Works has not released a final change list for 1.10.


General Changes

  • Added Sin, Elphelt and Leo
  • Input buffer for button presses, forward dash etc. increased
  • Blitz Shielding projectiles when opponent is nearby will Reject them
  • Startup of Purple Roman Cancel reduced
  • Burst YRC OS removed: Will get Red Roman Cancel during opponent's Blue Burst startup
  • Changed the behavior of neutral ukemi at low altitude (???)

Sol Badguy

  • j.D: CH untechable time increased
  • Gunflame: YRC window shortened
  • Kudakero (Break): Dive kick hurtbox expanded
    • Dive kick pushes back farther on block
    • Initial Prorate added (85%)
  • Riot Stomp: Damage Increased (10-30 > 30-50)
    • Initial Prorate added (75%)
  • Grand Viper: Number of mashing inputs decreased
  • Fafnir: Attack Level decreased (4 > 3)
    • Frame advantage decreased (+4 > +2)
    • CH slide time decreased

Ky Kiske

  • 6H: 2nd hit's active frames increased (1>2) and recovery decreased (3>2).
    • RISC raised (10>20)
  • 5H: Staggers opponent on counter hit
  • 2H: Initial Prorate added (90%)
  • Ground Throw: RISC lowered (6,8>6,6)
  • All Stun Edges: YRC window increased
  • Ground Stun Edge: Initial Prorate added (90%)
  • All Air Stun Edges: Initial Prorate added (90%), Attack Level decreased (4 > 3)
  • Air S Stun Edge (Durandal Call): Staggers opponent on counter hit.
    • Damage increased (33>43).
  • Stun Dipper: Initial Prorate added (90%)
  • Split Ciel: Attack Level increased (2 > 3), less pushback on air hit.
  • Greed Sever: Less pushback on block
  • Sacred Edge: Startup decreased (5+3 > 4+3).
    • Can be Roman Canceled and still have the projectile appear.
    • Can no longer be reflected (Drunkard Shade, F.D.B., etc.)
  • Ground Ride The Lightning: Hits opponents further away on OTG hit


  • 5K: Gatling to 2K added
  • c.S: Knockback on hit/block decreased
  • 5H: Stagger time on counter-hit increased (29f > 39f)
    • Cancel window increased
  • 2H: Cancel window increased
  • 2D: Hitbox and hurtbox extended forward
  • 6K: Damage increased (26 > 35)
  • j.H: Counter-hit float height reduced
    • Untech time increased
  • Mr. Dolphin Horizontal (S): Movement speed and distance traveled increased
  • Mr. Dolphin Horizontal (H): Corner wallstick time increased (40f > 42f)
    • Counter-hit wallstick time decreased (80f > 60f)
  • Overhead Kiss: Command changed to 623+K
    • Whiff recovery increased (42 > 44)
  • Applause for the Victim: Input priority of each button changed
    • If button is released immediately after input, hoop stays in place and activates when pressed again.
    • Startup decreased (13f > 10f)
    • Can Hop on Dolphin before attack startup
  • Hop on Dolphin: Damage increased (40 > 50)
    • Easier to cancel into air dash on hit
    • Damage made uniform (50 for all buttons)
    • Blowback on S version air hit made uniform (originally different from P/K/H)
  • Don't Miss It!: Input priority increased
  • Ball Jump: 5f hitstop added
  • Ultimate Whiner: Startup changed (7+2 to 8+1)

Millia Rage

  • 6K: Attack Level decreased (4 > 2)
  • Dead Angle Attack: Animation changed, now knocks back horizontally on hit
  • Digitalis: Untech time on counter-hit increased
    • Recovery increased (23 > 26)
    • Initial Prorate reduced (80% > 75%)
  • Winger: Opponent now wall sticks rather than getting wall-bounced on hit
    • Forced proration on hit removed
    • Initial Prorate added (90%)
    • Last hit reduces R.I.S.C. Level by 15.


  • Shadow Puddle: Can now be destroyed by opponent's attacks
  • Shaddow Puddle Shadow Summon: When summoning Eddie from Puddle, a small amount of Eddie gauge is consumed
  • Dead Mans Hand: Command changed to 214+D
    • Proration application timing changed, actual damage increased
    • Damage slightly increased when a large amount of Eddie gauge remains
    • Untech time increased
  • Break the Law: YRC window decreased
  • Great White: Knockback on hit reduced
    • Forced Proration added (80%)
  • Eddie Gauge takes longer to refill when Eddie is destroyed
    • Gauge no longer fills during certain cinematics like Overdrives


  • 5P: Attack Level increased (0 > 1)
  • Hammer Fall: Hitbox expanded forward
  • Trishula: Projectile will appear when YRC'd
    • Opponent floats lower on hit
    • Untech time on hit reduced
    • Untech time on counter-hit increased
  • Homing Dash added

Chipp Zanuff

  • 2S: Staggers on counter-hit
  • Tsuyoshishiki Meisei: New visual effect when "invisible"
  • Tsuyoshishiki Ten'i (H): Recover reduced (26 > 20)
    • Appears slightly higher
  • Shinkirou: Knocks back on counter-hit
  • Zansei Rouga: Final hit damage increased (110 > 150)
    • Opponent's movement on hit changed (???)


  • f.S: Hurtbox before and after startup expanded forward
    • Damage reduced (38 > 34)
  • j.2K: Can be performed at lower heights
  • Hack n' Slash: Can be ground blocked or air FD'd from second hit onwards
  • Pogo Backward: Untech time increased
    • Opponent float changed (???)
    • Damage reduced (40 > 24)
  • Grounded hitstun hurtbox expanded during some animations

Axl Low

  • 5P: Hitbox expanded
  • Sickle Flash: Untech time increased
    • Knocks down on hit
    • Projectile will appear when YRC'd
    • Initial Prorate added
    • Follow-up input window increased
  • Artemis Hunter: Input priority is now higher than Sickle Flash
    • Hitstop increased
  • Heaven Can Wait: Both versions can now be YRC'd
  • Sparrowhawk Stance (High): Hitbox expanded
  • Sparrowhawk Stance (Mid): Hitbox expanded downward
    • Hurtbox extends before startup, remains after attack ends
  • Sparrowhawk Stance (Low): Hitbox and hurtbox lowered
    • Hurtbox extends before startup
    • Initial Prorate added


  • Ball Set: Holding a different button during startup sets the corresponding ball
    • Ball Set P position lowered slightly
  • QV: Decreased knockback on hit
    • Attack Level increases when charged
  • Dark Angel: Deals 6 more hits
  • Bishop Runout: Can be hit earlier
    • Duration reduced
  • Hitting a ball with Stinger Aim or Carcass Raid increases its Attack Level

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