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Media Wiki Editing Guides

How to edit

It's very easy to edit the contents of a wiki:

  1. Click the "[edit]" button next to an article, or at the top of the page
  2. Make changes to the text.
  3. Click the "Save changes" button.

Simple as that!

Formatting Tools

For those of us who have never worked on a wiki before (including myself), the following sections can be used to see what available tools you have at your disposal. Click 'Edit' and view the source so you know what the code is to use these effects.


Headings are created by surrounding your text with equals (=) signs. The heading level is determined by the number of consecutive signs.

Table of Contents

Table of contents are automatically generated when you have enough headings on the page. The sections are divided by the size of the heading used.

If you don't want a ToC, add the following to the top of the page:


If you want to add a ToC somewhere in the middle of a page, add the following at the desired location:


If you want a ToC but don't want to show all the sections used in it: {{TOC limit|3}}

This is primarily used in character pages. Each move is its own section for the sake of convenince.

Hiding Text

hidable section (for example hiding a long list of combos or videos):

Example source

<div class="mw-collapsible"> hidable text </div>

Example in action

hidable text

that takes



click [Collapse] to hide text

to have it start collapsed, add "mw-collapsed" to the class

Example source

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"> hidable text </div>

Example in action

hidable text

takes up





click [Expand] to show hidden text

Hiding Tables

add "mw-collapsable" to the table's class to make it collapsible. To make the table start collapsed add "mw-collapsable mw-collapsed" to the table's class.

Sorting Tables

add "sortable" to the table's class to make it sortable.


  • you can have a list of items
  • by adding a * at the start of a line
    • You can also have
    • nested lists
      • by adding more *s in the front

  1. or you can have a numbered list
  2. by adding a # at the start of a line
    1. and do nested numbered lists
    2. the same way

Column Lists

  • Useful for frame data with lots of notes
  • Default is to have two columns
  • Can change number of columns by using the col variable

  • test1
  • test2
  • test3
  • test4
  • test5

Common Inputs

This is not an exhaustive list. If you can think of it, it probably already exists

[ 2 ] 8
[ 4 ] 6


To use a template, just look at the source and place the correct values in the template call. Example shown below.

Attack Data

each game uses the same basic template. here's a few examples from different games

Persona Attack
same image with imageSize variable
Damage SP Gain Level Attribute Guard Cancel P1 P2 SMP Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Invuln Hitbox
712 294 ??? 17 8 25 -14 -

description text

  • point 1
  • point 2

you can leave fields blank if desired. you can set the size of the image using the imageSize variable

Version Damage Tension GB+ GB- Level Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff
normal 712 1.44 8 12 1 HLF cCRS 17 8 25 -14
moroha 712 1.44 8 12 1 HLF cCRS 17 8 25 -14
goku moroha 712 1.44 8 12 1 HLF cCRS 17 8 25 -14

description text. Images aren't required to have captions!

  • test
  • test1
  • test2
  • test3

JinYukikaze 1.png
caption goes here.
JinYukikaze 2.png
you can have up to 5 images in this area (hopefully that's enough!)
Version Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
catch -- -- -- -- 1 14 21 -- Click!

you can have descriptions after each row, but it's not required. leave out the description field if you don't want it

Version Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
attack 100, 3700 0 100 100, 80 57 15 78 -- Click!

more description text tables need a bit of special formatting: need to replace | with {{!}} . click "view source" for example

Header text Header text Header text
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example

Navigation Bars

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extende
Click [*] for character's frame data
System Explanations

HUDControlsFrame DataSystem Data

Movement /CancelingOffenseThrowsDefenseGuard PrimerDamage/ ComboHeat Gauge UsageMisc

replace BBCSE with the appropriate game acronym (GGACR, BBCP, P4Arena, etc.)

Adding Images

this is an example thumbnail with some other options
this is an example thumbnail with some options

To upload an image to the server, click on the "Upload File" option located in the Toolbox on the left sidebar and follow the instructions there. If you have multiple images you want to upload, select "Upload multiple files" from the sidebar. The multiple upload link only appears in the sidebar when viewing the front page of the wiki.

To add an image to a page, [[File:ImageName.png]]

There are many image options, such as thumbnails, captions, max size, etc. and they are listed

this is an example image with some options

Breaking Text Past Thumbnail

useful for stopping text before a section

If you want to break text so that there's space until the end of a thumbnail, simply add <br clear=all/> at the place where you want the space.
this text will show below the image

Embed Video

This is an embedded video thumb!

see [1] for instructions on embedding videos from other sources (no nico listed, tho i suppose someone can try just to see if it works or not)