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The content in this page is unused in the North American release, but present in the game files.

Unused Logos

KF4 Japanese Logo.png

This logo file is unused in the NTSC release of the game, but was used for the Japanese release of the game, and the corresponding box art.

Unused Equipment


KF4 Equipment 心話の指輪.png

ID: i7004
This unused item occupies the 4th ID in the Rings list. It does not have any associated flavor text, but it does have an icon.

Unused Weapon Models

Unused Moonlight Sword 3D Model

KF4 Unused Model Example.png

3D models exist for almost all of the weapons in the game. These models are unused within the game itself, but some would go on to be re-used in Shadow Tower.

NA Release NPC Names

While not explicitly cut content, the names of various NPCs are references to community pillars of the past.
Before the release of the game as King's Field: The Ancient City in North America, there were a number of fans of the series using what is now called a Yahoo.com "Group". Discussing possible plotlines, characterizations, and aspects of gameplay in the upcoming release, they caught the attention of an ASCII Entertainment employee (left unnamed for reasons of privacy). The group, known on the site as The Verdite Inn, collaborated on a community driven storyline based in the world of the first two North American releases. Out of respect for the group's opinions, imaginations, and support for the games, the names or usernames of the contributing members were used as the names of certain NPCs.

These were sometimes associated with a role they had explored in The Verdite Inn site, such as the NPC "Lee Maynor". In the game, he is either found wounded near a giant spider, wishing to die, or already dead and possessed, and is, in fact, the only NPC in the game that can be killed with no negative effect. At The Verdite Inn, Lee Maynor (who allegedly suffered from arachnophobia) portrayed himself as the undead "Lord Darkman the Vampire". One of the first shopkeeper NPCs in the game, "David Bunch" is named after the only one of the Yahoo group admins to be made aware of the naming before the game's release. He kept the plans to honor the club secret until the day of the release, when a member found his character in-game and asked about it on the forum. His dialogue reflects some of his quotes from the website.

Many others, including Jamarc Neely, Duhrin Pathwarden, and Arx Angelos, are known to be derived from names of the users of the site. Ramirez Martin, also an NPC, is the webmaster of the now defunct kings-field.com.