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The story sections on this page contain significant spoilers! Do not open them if you do not want to have the story spoiled!


David Bunch

KF4 NPC David Bunch.png

David operates the shop in below the ruined village near the start of the game.

He owns and operates a small underground shop. Oddly, he can be found cleaning his signboard.

  • A man who operates a shop near a dark graveyard. From where is he getting goods?
  • A customer? How odd...
  • I'll pay handsomely for a Rock of Life.
  • They are hard to come by...
  • The mine is on the other side of the cliff, but people rarely venture there.
  • There was a small house built there for the miners.
  • I wonder if its still exists...
  • Nowadays, there are few customers.
  • This place was once so busy...
  • Welcome back.
  • Have you been to the other side of the cliffs yet?
  • I boarded up the passage to an old cemetery.
  • Stay clear of that area it is not safe.
  • How do I get goods in?
  • Well, there are lots of places to get goods...
  • Would you like to buy something?
  • I just sold my last map to some old man.
  • He went through the back.
  • I told him of the dangers, but he ignored me...
  • Damn him!
  • Now I have to clean up his mess.
  • Have you found any interesting items?
  • I've always dreamed of owning my own shop...
  • I wonder if it will ever be busy again...

After selling him the Idol of Sorrow:

  • He still cleans his signboard, even though he was killed. Who is he?
  • What's wrong?
  • Looks like you saw a ghost or something...
Item Cost
Caretakers Map KF4 Equipment Caretakers Map.png 2500g
Herb KF4 Equipment Herb.png 30g
Antidote KF4 Equipment Antidote.png 90g
Mushroom KF4 Equipment Mushroom.png 300g
Short Sword KF4 Equipment Short Sword.png 180g
Morning Star KF4 Equipment Morning Star.png 440g
Leather Shield KF4 Equipment Leather Shield.png 790g
Iron Helmet KF4 Equipment Iron Helmet.png 450g
Leather Vest KF4 Equipment Leather Vest.png 220g
Iron Boots KF4 Equipment Iron Boots.png 500g

Chad Breshears

KF4 NPC Chad Breshears.png

Chad is a thief who is first encountered on the 2nd floor of the Palace of Oath.
If the player gives him a Rock of Life, he will grant the player a Crystal Vial.
After a Rock of Life has been traded, Chad will relocate to a series of new locations, and sell various wares.

  • You want to go to the Ancient City, eh? Well, you're out of luck.
  • A monster's nest is blocking the passage ahead of us. If only I could use magic like the Forest Folk, then I would burn it away...
  • Did you know? The Forest Folk were skilled at imbuing tools that stored the power of nature.
  • People say the spring outside was once filled with Healing Water, perhaps this water was used in the imbuing process.
  • I have a special vial. I heard it was used to hold the Healing Water. If you want it, we can work out a deal.
  • The Rock of Life that was once excavated and is hard to find nowadays. If you want the vial... I'll exchange it for a Rock of Life.

2nd Meeting:

  • Have you obtained a Rock of Life yet?
  • I'll trade you the vial for a Rock of Life.
  • I can't believe people still come here. Listen, wanna make a trade?
  • I have a vial that is needed to store the Healing Water. I'll give it to you, if you bring me a Rock of Life.

After the player gives him a Rock of Life:

  • So, this is what a Rock of Life looks like... Okay, let's trade.
  • This use to be the Holy City of the Forest Folk. I bet you came here in search of the untold treasures hidden within...
  • There were many tools fabricated long ago, just waiting to be discovered.
  • I'll find a treasure one of these days...
  • ....

After relocating to the Center Tower:

  • So, we meet again. I found something interesting. Wanna buy it?
  • This place is even more of a shambles than the rumors indicated. It's not going to be easy getting down there.
  • This passage leads to the tower. We need to find a different route down.
  • It would be easier if we could find the map that Zastari supposedly left behind.
  • Do you know who Zastari is? He was a master thief who perfected the art of lock-picking.
  • He then disappeared into the Ancient City in search of treasure. He never returned...
  • I came here to succeed where Zastari failed.
  • Many of the monster nests have been destroyed since I saw you last. Was this you're doing?
  • I'll sell you something, if you need it.
  • ....

After relocating to the Treasury:

  • I discovered a hoard of treasure chests nearby. Let me show you what I found.
  • I opened some of them, but I didn't find anything that seemed like the treasure Zastari was after. What was it that he was seeking?
  • I'm getting frustrated.
  • Do you need anything?

the Ancient City: Central Tower

Item Cost
Herb KF4 Equipment Herb.png 30g
Herbal Liquid KF4 Equipment Herbal Liquid.png 100g
Antidote KF4 Equipment Antidote.png 90g
Forest Root KF4 Equipment Forest Root.png 380g
Mushroom KF4 Equipment Mushroom.png 450g
Knight Sword KF4 Equipment Knight Sword.png 2800g
Water Carver KF4 Equipment Water Carver.png 3000g
Hammer of Woe KF4 Equipment Hammer of Woe.png 3600g

the Treasury

Item Cost
Herb KF4 Equipment Herb.png 30g
Herbal Liquid KF4 Equipment Herbal Liquid.png 100g
Antidote KF4 Equipment Antidote.png 90g
Forest Root KF4 Equipment Forest Root.png 380g
Mushroom KF4 Equipment Mushroom.png 450g
Bolt KF4 Equipment Bolt.png 50g
Broad Sword KF4 Equipment Broad Sword.png 8200g
Heavy Tower Shield KF4 Equipment Heavy Tower Shield.png 3500g
Crystal Shield KF4 Equipment Crystal Shield.png 22000g
Great Helm KF4 Equipment Great Helm.png 2500g
Crystal Armor KF4 Equipment Crystal Armor.png 25000g
Crystal Arms KF4 Equipment Crystal Arms.png 21000g
Crystal Greaves KF4 Equipment Crystal Greaves.png 19000g
Feather Bracelet KF4 Equipment Feather Bracelet.png 12500g

Ramirez Martin

KF4 NPC Ramirez Martin.png

Ramirez is a surviving soldier found within the Ancient City West, Level 3.

Supply soldier who was with the expedition. He was attacked by his comrades, possessed by monsters.

  • Thank you for saving me. Please take this.... Is there anything else you need?
  • Some barrels have traps. I would suggest staying clear of them.
  • My friend killed one of those Rock Guardians. The bow I gave you was his old one.
  • This is the Ancient City, but we're unable to enter with the drawbridge raised.
  • When the team traveled beyond the gate, they were attacked by undead soldiers. They spoke later about the skills they possessed.
  • A bow is useless without arrows...

2nd Meeting:

  • I have some military supplies for sale...
  • Where did Septiego and his team go? I hope they're safe...
  • The Rock Guardians always return to the same place...
  • I'll hide here for a while. If you see my friends, please tell them I'm here, will ye?
  • What is it?
  • I think a Rock Guardian protects the gate.
  • I wonder what that tall building is... What lies beyond it?
  • Do you need anything?
  • Tell me if you need anything...
  • Need something?
Item Cost
Herb KF4 Equipment Herb.png 30g
Herbal Liquid KF4 Equipment Herbal Liquid.png 100g
Antidote KF4 Equipment Antidote.png 90g
Forest Root KF4 Equipment Forest Root.png 380g
Mushroom KF4 Equipment Mushroom.png 400g
Arrow KF4 Equipment Arrow.png 20g
Bastard Sword KF4 Equipment Bastard Sword.png 3200g
Battle Hammer KF4 Equipment Battle Hammer.png 3300g
Hand Ax KF4 Equipment Hand Ax.png 750g
Long Sword KF4 Equipment Long Sword.png 1750g
Morning Star KF4 Equipment Morning Star.png 490g
Rapier KF4 Equipment Rapier.png 650

JaMarc Neeley

KF4 NPC JaMarc Neeley.png

JaMarc is a lost peddler found near the Giant Beetle in the Ancient City West, Level 2.

He claims to be a traveling merchant. He says he is lost, but something is odd. Who is he?

  • I'm a traveling merchant. Is there anything you need?
  • Did you see the hallway over there? It was like a sea of fire...
  • I was walking and, before I knew it, I suddenly became lost.
  • This cavern seems to have been created by monsters. It resembles a big nest...
  • I wonder how I got here...
  • Take a look at my goods, anything of interest?
  • ....

2nd Meeting:

  • Greetings, is there anything you need?
  • Hmm? Do I have something on my face?
  • I heard the people that once lived in this area were known as the Engineers.
  • The Engineers knew this city inside and out. Traces of them are everywhere.
  • Now, what shall I do?
  • I don't want to get lost again...
  • I tried to go back, but I only found myself returning here.
  • If something can be done about those monsters to the north, we could go back that way.
  • I hope I don't get lost...
  • I feels as if I am going around in circles...
Item Cost
Herb KF4 Equipment Herb.png 30g
Herbal Liquid KF4 Equipment Herbal Liquid.png 350g
Antidote KF4 Equipment Antidote.png 90g
Forest Root KF4 Equipment Forest Root.png 380g
Dried Amphibia KF4 Equipment Dried Amphibia.png 460g
Mushroom KF4 Equipment Mushroom.png 450g
Dragon Flower KF4 Equipment Dragon Flower.png 3000g
Crystal Vial KF4 Equipment Crystal Vial.png 3000g
Power Seed KF4 Equipment Power Seed.png 2800g
Widda Needle KF4 Equipment Widda Needle.png 2800g
Earth Stone KF4 Equipment Earth Stone.png 3000g
Yellow Wand KF4 Equipment Yellow Wand.png 2400g
Bolt KF4 Equipment Bolt.png 30g
Crescent Ax KF4 Equipment Crescent Ax.png 5900g
Crossbow KF4 Equipment Crossbow.png 3700g

Oagh Burleigh

KF4 NPC Oagh Burleigh.png

Oagh is a trader captured by the Widdas in the Egg Mines. The player must bring him a Strange Egg before he will trade with them.

A guard who is forced into work by the Widdas. He wants a rare egg.

  • I guard. Widda always boss me around.
  • Widda ugly and scary. They get mad, I become Widda. That's why I no open.
  • You want open? Bring me Widda egg. I open for you.
  • Widda always look for eggs. Nests over there.
  • Widda egg good. I eat, I don't become Widda. Then they can get mad...
  • When you bring egg, put it there. No tell Widda secret...
  • Secret to Widda...
  • You bring me Widda egg, I open for you.
  • When you bring egg, put it there. No tell Widda secret...

After the player gives him a Strange Egg:

  • Put there.
  • Thank you. Open already. You go now.
  • I collect lots of things. I trade you interesting things!
  • These Arrows are magic. Only I have it.
  • Everything I have is valuable. You won't lose.
  • Human...
  • I wonder when I should leave...
  • Did you find good stuff?
  • Widda make many things. I wonder what they are...
  • Everything I have valuable. You won't lose.
  • I don't like Akryal. He boss me and Widda around.
  • Eggs are stored up ahead. Ahead of that is the City of Forest Folk. Ahead of that, scary ruins.

After the Widda Queen has been slain:

  • You back...
  • The Widda have been nice.

I wonder if something happened…

  • I decided to stay here...
  • You find good stuff?
  • How are you?
  • Oh, human. You give me this? You nice and kind. You go now.

When given an invalid item:

  • Oh, human...I can't open this. Widda get mad.
Item Cost
Wise Man's Fruit KF4 Equipment Wise Mans Fruit.png 4 Claws
Fool's Fruit KF4 Equipment Fools Fruit.png 4 Scales
Widda's Arrow KF4 Equipment Widdas Arrow.png 1 Bone

Harmurah Forgefist

KF4 NPC Harmurah Forgefist.png

Harmurah is a dwarven smith who can be found frozen within the Forge. After the Froge has been thawed, Harmurah will relocate to the Earth Folk's Village.
Once there, Harmurah will allow the player to repair and forge their equipment.

The last of the Earth Folk. He was frozen by his leader, but time started flowing again.

  • I wish it was just a dream...
  • I'll be returning to my quarters now. Please stop by later.

After returning to the Earth Folk's home:

  • It was all so real...
  • Thank you for awakening me. I know you wish to continue… Take this, it should be of some use.
  • This key was supposedly used in the Holy City. My friend asked me to hold on to it, but there's no need now.
  • I'm something of a blacksmith. I'd be glad to help you out.
  • If you have any Earth Stones, I can use them to forge your weapons, thus making them stronger.
  • If you have equipment that is damaged, bring it to me. I'd be more then happy to make repairs.
  • The sound of the hammer helps me forget...

2nd Dialogue:

  • We, the Earth Folk, have been destroyed by our own leader. It's depressing when you think about it...
  • One of the Forest Folk lived among us and became a great friend.
  • Even our people's graves were robbed. There are no words strong enough to express my sorrow...
  • How are your weapons? If they become damaged, bring them to me.
  • All I want to do is to swing my hammer...

After meeting Arx Angelos:

  • Our leader went to the forbidden cavern the day the molten rock stopped flowing. He returned later, possessed by the dark.
  • Arx Angelos forged the finest set of armor ever crafted for the Lord, in his quest for the ultimate armor. I wonder if he was ever satisfyied...
  • Once the sound of hammers rang, the smell of sweat filled the air and this place was warmed by the furnace. We were happy, but now...
  • I don't have the urge to forge anything new, but I can repair weapons if needed.
  • Do you have any damaged weapons?
  • Stop by more often, if you can.

Neutral NPCs

Cecile Yeala

KF4 NPC Cecile Yeala.png

Cecile is the crestfallen soldier between the starting point and the Ruined Village.
He is likely the first NPC a player encounters in King's Field 4. Next to him is the Wooden Club.

A soldier who stayed behind by faking a disease. He regrets lying as he thinks about his comrades.

  • I'm from Heladin. My fellow soldiers went to the ruins.
  • We were sent here to help rid our country of the curse.
  • You don't look very well equipped. Here, take this.
  • In this land are the underground ruins called the Ancient City. The expedition team was sent there.
  • I became ill while we were camped out here.
  • Hmm, Who are you? Doesn't matter, you can't be of much importance since you're here.
  • This land is swarming with monsters. Be careful...
  • I heard that our country is now cursed because of the King's favorite idol. He's so foolish for a king.
  • The captain of this expedition is Septiego. He's known as the Sword Master. He'll figure something out.
  • My fellow soldiers have gone ahead, but they haven't come back yet. I wonder when they'll return...
  • If you see my friends, say hello to them for me.
  • I wonder how many days have passed, since my friends went underground...
  • I have seen many monsters nearby. Be careful...
  • It's lonely being all by myself...
  • I hope everyone is safe...
  • I faked my sickness because I was scared, now I regret it...
  • I just want everybody to return safely...
  • I'm such a coward...

Duhrin Pathwarden

KF4 NPC Duhrin Pathwarden.png

Duhrin is the weary, old man found across the bridge from the Miner's Graveyard.
He wishes to reconnect with his wife on the other side. He later relocates to the dilapidated church in front of the graveyard.

An old man who takes care of the miner's graves. His wife is...

  • ....
  • I had no idea things were like this.
  • Is there any other way?
  • My wife is waiting for me on the other side of the cliff.
  • ....
  • I want to return to my family, but I can't make it past these monsters.
  • Could you do something about the monsters for me?
  • ....

After dying in the Miner's Graveyard mausoleum:

  • ....
  • ....

Lynn Genne

KF4 NPC Lynn Genne.png

Lynne is young girl found in the Miner's Village.
She informs the player that her mother, Sharyl Genne, is in need of a Rock of Life.

She came here to save her mother from a disease. Her father is looking for a Rock of Life.

  • There is nothing to do here...
  • It's so boring... This stupid dog doesn't want to play with me.
  • My mother is sick, I came here to take care of her. If only I had a Rock of Life...
  • I found a pretty rock in a house over there, but it wasn't the right one.
  • My father told me that the Rock of Life can cure any type of disease.
  • I hope that he comes back soon...
  • I'm so bored...

After retrieving a Rock of Life from the Poison Mines:

  • Is that a Rock of Life?
  • Oh, please give it to my mother.
  • Will you help my mother?
  • Thank you for helping my mother. Please, take this gift.
  • My mother should be feeling better soon.
  • Have you seen my father?
  • I wonder what he is doing... I hope he comes back soon.
  • This is my father's grave, but he's not here.
  • My mother is feeling better now.
  • I want to go home...
  • ....
  • I want to go home...

Sharyl Genne

KF4 NPC Sharyl Genne.png

Sharyl is a sickly mother found in the Miner's Village.

A woman lying in bed. She looks sick.

  • Have you come here searching for a Rock of Life? The mine can be found on the other side of the ruins.
  • If you're planning on going to the mine, it would be wise to take along some of the antidotes found in this valley.
  • The old mineshaft has been sealed. Be careful not to get lost in there.
  • My husband hasn't come back yet. I hope he is safe...
  • My illness makes it difficult to move about.
  • If I could move, I would go search for my husband.
  • All I can do is pray for his safe return.

After being given a Rock of Life:

  • This is a Rock of Life... Why would you give it to a stranger like me?
  • ....
  • Please, let me rest...
  • Is my daughter alright? I think she is quite lonely...
  • ....
  • Thank you for your kindness. I'm doing much better now.
  • I will be returning home soon.
  • Please leave me alone...
  • Where did my daughter go...?

Marcus Zan

KF4 NPC Marcus Zan.png

Marcus is a burly miner who can be found in the Poison Mines—searching for a Rock of Life.

A miner who is absorbed in swinging his pickaxe. He looks for the Rock of Life to pay off his debts.

  • Are you searching for a Rock of Life? It'll be hard without a pickaxe.
  • I heard a loud noise a little while ago. I wonder if part of the mine caved in...
  • There was light here before I arrived. I guess there are other people around.
  • I'm busy right now. Don't talk to me unless you have something important to say.
  • I wanted to pay off my debts quickly, but I don't think this is worth it...
  • I have better things to do than talk.
  • I'm busy right now...
  • I'm telling you, I'm busy.
  • It's not wise to travel beyond the point that's boarded up. You'll surely die.
  • I hear that the Ancient City is buried underground, maybe I'll discover something if I keep digging.

After opening the sealed path in the Poison Mines:

  • It's getting hard to breathe...
  • It's not easy finding treasure...

After this, Marcus will be dead upon returning to the room.

Lee Maynor

KF4 NPC Lee Maynor.png

Lee is an injured expedition soldier found in the path leading to the Ancient City.

An injured soldier who fled from the expedition. His friend seemed possessed by a monster.

  • That... monster... so big. I was almost killed, if you don't believe me, see for yourself.
  • It's in the door just ahead. Be careful.
  • I just barely made it here... I can't move anymore...
  • My friend has died. I'm sure he is now a monster himself.
  • He was a good person...
  • I've abandoned my friends. I failed my country, I can no longer return...
  • I'm tired and hurt I just want to die...

After this point, Lee will be dead the next time the player returns.

Mista Fopa

KF4 NPC Mista Fopa.png

Mista is an aged Forest Folk found outside of the mass grave which guards the Icon of Healing.

A strange old man from the underground graveyard. Inexplicably, he knows much about the Forest Folk.

  • Don't drink that nasty looking water. If you do, you will be poisoned.
  • I came here to visit the graves, but... have you seen a key around here?
  • The dead are restless. If you plan to venture further, proceed with care.
  • Be careful...

After opening the door with a Release Rock:

  • Oh, but of course... The door inside was also locked, this is it...
  • When you become old, you begin to forget things.
  • What?
  • The Icon in the back was made by one of the Forest Folk named Oricalum.
  • Oricalum created the Healing Spring for unfortunate human children, hoping to relieve them of their pains.
  • When the tragedy fell upon this land, the hurt human children fought over the Healing Water.
  • Oricalum was not pleased that his creation caused fighting, so he stopped the flow of healing water.
  • It's an old story.
  • Hmm? What was I talking about?
  • ....

After relocating to the Altar of Healing:

  • The Ancient City is ahead. It's the place the Forest Folk called the Holy Land, however only ruins remain.
  • If you become lost in the city, just head toward the forest. The Forest Priest will help guide you.
  • Be careful of the Guardians that protect the city.
  • Who am I? You don't need to know...
  • Be careful...
  • Don't allow the darkness to consume you...
  • If you have a Guide Stone, it would be wise to place one here.
  • This allows the unseen paths to connect. The power still remains to this day.
  • The Forest knows all.
  • What was I talking about...
  • Will there ever be a day when the human and forest children can return to this land?
  • I'll be waiting here...
  • May light once again shine upon the children and their laughter be heard.

Shane Floyd

KF4 NPC Shayne Floyd.png

Shane is man found in the Commons of the Ancient City.
He explains to the player who the city was designed, and where the different peoples lived.

A renowned researcher who studies the Forest Folk. He stays in the Ancient City by himself.

  • People still come all the way out here? This is the Ancient City. The Holy place of the Forest Folk.
  • Did you see the tower on your way here? That's the center of the city. Bridges were built from the center to the north, south, east and west, providing passage.
  • It seems that the different areas where people lived were determined by the skills they practiced. The western area was home for the engineers.
  • This place, the southern area of Level 3, was for the Forest Folk. The craftsmen worked and resided in the eastern area.
  • I have been conducting research of the Forest Folk. Many years have passed since I moved here and began my studies.
  • There are hordes of undead that wander endlessly, feasting among the living. Some say they are cursed Forest Folk.
  • Beware of the undead...
  • The Engineers were the ones that designed the city's system. Their leader was referred to as the Wise Sage.
  • The craftsmen fashioned tools infused with the strength of nature.
  • I know very little about the priests. They did, however, hold great secrets.
  • The city still has its mysteries. I plan to stay here for a few more years.
  • This place is in ruins now, but it was once a magnificent city.
  • What caused the Forest Folk to perish is still unknown. It's speculated that there was a great war, or possibly a plague.
  • It is said that the Forest Folk fled underground but even that is an uncertainty...
  • I am going to solve these mysteries. I won't leave here until I do.
  • Good luck.

Belric Pytar

KF4 NPC Belric Pytar.png

Belric is the weary knight found in the commons.
He informs the player about Zastari's Map.

A relentless knight that has the soul of a warrior and the appearance of an old man.

  • You don't seem like a monster...
  • I'm not sure how I got here...
  • The place you can see through that window is most likely the south side of the city.
  • I came to this place, the Ancient City, once I ended my services as a palace knight in my homeland. I was in constant battle... I couldn't embrace the quiet life.
  • It's been nothing but battles day after day since I came here. My blood boils...
  • I think a map is going to be necessary. I heard that the infamous thief Zastari left a map of the city here, but I haven't found it.
  • Now, where shall I head to next?

After acquiring Zastari's Map:

  • Oh, it's you...
  • I wandered into a strange place just a while back. I heard voices the moment I entered the room.
  • It was very sudden, so I couldn't understand what they were saying... It's somewhere around here, I think...
  • No matter how many of them I kill, the monsters just keep returning.
  • I know of no other way to live other than to swing my sword in battle. Even in my sleep I dream of fighting, I live for nothing more...
  • Monsters... why do they exist at all? They seek nothing more then to kill...
  • Perhaps, I'm one of them.
  • Now, where shall I head to next...

Aeaine Vigil

KF4 NPC Aeaine Vigil.png

Aeaine is the priestess outside of the gates to the King's Mausoleum.
She provides the player with useful information at several key checkpoints in the story.

The last priest of the Forest Folk. She has long since been destined to stay there.

  • It's been a while since I've seen a human. This is the Holy Forest, home of the Forest Folk.
  • So, you were lost? Understandable since the city can be confusing at times...
  • When our King walked within the city, he used magic called the Power of Passage. Now with the city in ruins and areas sealed, perhaps you will need this magic.
  • I could have led you to the King's Room if you had come when the Forest Golem used to move...
  • He has no food now. The monsters roam in the Heart of the Forest and since then I have been unable to get some food for him.
  • Since I can not perform my duties, the only thing for me to do is watch over him as he withers away...
  • I'm sorry that I can't help you...

After acquiring the Forest Dew:

  • That's Forest Dew. Perhaps this is enough energy for him to move.
  • He should have enough energy to move after you feed him...
  • The King's Throne lies just ahead. That is where the Servants of the Forest forever sleep. The Hall of Five Wands and the Power of Passage are there as well.
  • Long ago, a priest sealed the Hall of Five Wands. I heard that the key lies forgotten in my father's coffin.
  • If you have acquired a Wand of Guidance, leave a Guide Stone at any marker. By using the matching Wand on a Symbol of Passage you will return to that marker.
  • The Guide Stones were used by the King and are now scattered throughout the city. There should still be some left in markers.
  • May light always shine upon you...

After acquiring a Wand of Guidance:

  • Are you planning to go underground? You could descended from the south side of the city, but I don't know if it is possible now.
  • The path to the city is sealed in many places. If you hit a dead end, perhaps you should use a Wand of Guidance?
  • It's very convenient to leave a Guide Stone in a place you frequent.
  • Walk with the light...
  • I was born a priest while many of my people were fleeing this land.
  • The Golem and I are the only ones left to watch over the Forest.
  • The others have already passed away. I know my time will come soon...
  • That is my destiny.

After discovering the Dark Folk:

  • The Dark Folk... They were once sealed within the deepest area of the city.
  • The epic battle against the Dark Folk was a long one. The signs of the battle remain in various areas of the city.
  • Listen to the voices of my people...
  • Don't forget that the voiceless can also speak...
  • The Holy Forest which protects us, is said to have been born from the essence of light many, many years ago.
  • There was once a King who sought to lead his people using this divine light.
  • He built a shrine for the gathering of light, but the symbol the people once worshiped gradually changed to a symbol of fear.
  • The shrine was ultimately sealed off and so was the king.
  • Was the Ancient King wrong...

After obtaining the Lawful Blade:

  • How did you get that? That sword once belonged to the King of the Forest...
  • The only thing that can harness the light in the Forest is that sword... That is proof of a kingly being.
  • It has lost much of its rightful shine. The Forest must be damaged to a point where it can't produce enough light for the sword to reflect it...
  • If you can restore light to the sword, it will aid you in your quest.
  • May light shine upon you and the sword...

Arx Angelos

KF4 NPC Arx Angelos.png

Arx is the formless voice that occupies the engineer's workshop.

Voice of the shapeless owner of the craftsman's workshop. He passes on knowledge of the ancients.

  • Welcome to my workshop. I'd like to welcome you in a more elaborate fashion, but please forgive my impoliteness at this time.
  • Now that I've finally completed my finest work, I must hurry and deliver it to the battlefront. The arrogant act of the cursed Dark Folk shall now come to an end.
  • The only thing that concerns me is the whereabouts of our King. If you happen to see him, please tell him about me. I will come for you when I get back.

John Park

KF4 NPC John Park.png

John is an injured expedition cavalrymen—part of Master Septiego's squad—who was captured by the Widdas.

A survivor of the expedition. He's depressed because he wasn't able to save Septiego.

  • Who are we? We're just soldiers who have lost a war...
  • Did you see the statues of a snake near here? That's the Queen's Palace.
  • The snake statues make it hard to enter, yet the monsters can enter without any problems....
  • Our troops have been destroyed. We were attacked by unbelievably powerful monsters.
  • You shouldn't go near the Palace.
  • Perhaps you need some kind of proof to enter. I noticed that all the monsters wear the same items...
  • What's going to happen to us now?
  • Septiego kept them occupied, while we were able to escape.
  • I fear that Septiego has been taken to that palace...
  • Is there no way to save him?
  • I only curse at my lack of power...

Joshua Griffin

KF4 NPC Joshua Griffin.png

Joshua is an injured expedition cavalrymen—part of Master Septiego's squad—who was captured by the Widdas.

A scouting knight from the expedition. He escaped tragedy because he was patrolling ahead.

  • ....
  • I was away from my team to scout. When I came back, this is what I saw.
  • I have no one to report to. You may have this.
  • There is a fort up ahead. I saw some scribbles that showed the path one should take to get inside the Queen's Palace.
  • Unfortunately, I don't remember what was written...
  • I found that thing I gave you on my way to the fort. I have no need for it.
  • Even if I did understand what was written, it'll probably offer no help to save the Sword Maser.
  • I also was attacked by the snake soldiers... They're powerful, but I still can't believe Septiego was captured...
  • I'm not happy that I survived...
  • I no longer fight death...

Lyle Kagada

KF4 NPC Lyle Kagada.png

Lyle is an injured expedition soldier who was captured by the Widdas. He only wants to eat, and does not wish to rescue Master Septiego.
Lyle will trade the player a Crystal Vial in exchange for a Strange Egg.

An expeditionary knight who was about to become a Widda. He mourns his lost comrades.

  • The Sword Master was captured and we have no food. It is all I can do to keep myself busy by searching for something to eat.
  • The others wish to try and save Septiego. I won't go because I wanna eat.
  • Man, I'm hungry...
  • I didn't know this place was so huge.
  • We survived, but...
  • Will you leave me alone?

2nd Visit:

  • Hmm...
  • What do you want?
  • You can't come in. I'm eating...
  • You can't come in right now.
  • Not yet...

After the player gives him a Strange Egg:

  • Food? I'll take it! You can have this.
  • You're a kind person.
  • But you still can't come in.
  • ...
  • ...
  • Master Septiego is gone...

If the player fails to give him a Strange Egg:

  • Perhaps this is the curse of the Idol?
  • This is the end...
  • ....

Kyle Campbell

KF4 NPC Kyle Campbell.png

Kyle is an expedition cavalrymen—part of Master Septiego's squad—who lost his weapon during the assault.

A knight, part of the main expeditionary force. He fought along side of the Sword Master Septiego.

  • It seems like forever since I've seen someone... I'm a member of the Heladin Expedition.
  • We were attacked by snake-headed soldiers back there. If Septiego weren't with us, surely we would all have died.
  • We have come here to return the Idol and thus save our country. It is an honor to be able to fight alongside of Master Septiego, but...
  • Septiego allowed himself to be captured in order to save the others. He was probably taken to the palace up ahead.
  • I want to help Master Septiego, but I lost my sword...
  • Master Septiego was given a sword from the King when he left our country. Supposedly, it was a sword used to dispel the darkness...
  • Where's my sword?
  • Perhaps this is the Idol's curse. Master Septiego supposedly had it, but I don't know what happened to it.
  • There is a legend that the Ancient City was ruined because of the Idol.
  • If only I had more power...
  • There were many soldiers who became weak and could not continue. I wonder if those soldiers are all safe...
  • I still can't find my sword...

After acquiring the Lawful Blade:

  • Hey, that's the Septiego's sword... Why do you have it?
  • You don't seem like a thief...
  • Master Septiego really loved that sword. Take good care of it.
  • ....
  • Please leave me alone...


KF4 NPC Akryal.png

Akryal is an adherent to the Widda Queen. She speaks her dark desires through him.

Dark Minister that serves the Widda Queen. He awaits the awakening of the Dark One.

  • This is the palace of our Queen. The living is not allowed to walk amongst us. Leave now...
  • We serve our Queen, and we await the awakening of the Dark One.
  • Our Queen has locked herself in her quarters. She pushes all her troubles onto me. The knight I dispatched is just one example.
  • The Queen captures the living and transforms them into Widdas. Servants of the darkness...
  • The knight we captured was well trained. Out of respect he really doesn't deserve to become a Widda.
  • Leave now...
  • This is no place for the living...

After defeating the Widda Queen:
Dark minister who is awaiting the awakening. His will is unchanged from the Queen's death.

  • The Queen! Was that her death cry I heard?
  • The Queen was a powerful being.
  • I'm relieved, for I no longer have to obey her commands...
  • Even with the Queen's death, I remain unchanged. I simply wait for the awakening of the Dark One...
  • This is the Palace of the Queen. It is not a place for the living. Leave now...
  • ....

Serrak Rezmach

KF4 NPC Serrak Rezmach.png

Serrak was a Forest Folk who pursued the creation of life to help fight the Dark Folk.

A man of the Forest Folk sealed in stone. You sense his voice in your mind.

  • One of the Forest Folk who pursued the creation of life. He created many things, including Geneans.
  • A Forest Folk who turned himself to stone as a lesson. Peaceful sleep has replaced his sorrow.
  • It's been a while since someone has spoken to me.
  • Once I'd learned the fate of our Forest children, I couldn't just let it happen. ...I wanted to save them.
  • I created many things for our people. I sought the ancient knowledge and what it led me to was the art of creating life.
  • The knowledge of the Ancient Folk, the Dark People, aided my research, and the Geneans were born.
  • The ruins of the Dark Folk residing in the deepest area of the city was indeed a treasury of knowledge. At the same time it was a sealed cage of darkness.
  • The King forbade anyone to approach it, but someone broke the seal and darkness flowed out from within...
  • The battle against the Dark Folk was unavoidable, and still it wages on.
  • It is now pointless to wallow in the demise of our people...
  • During the battle against the Dark Folk, the Geneans were created for the protection of our city. They went insane however.
  • It's probably the result of upsetting the Rule of Nature. I turned myself to stone as punishment.
  • The secret of reviving the Geneans lies in the water. The foul water is the source of falseness and lies.
  • What I sought was the path to destruction...
  • I am Serrak Rezmach. I have ceased to live.
  • ....

Will of the Dark Folk

KF4 NPC Will of the Dark Folk.png

The Dark Folk left their lasting will on the land.

Old ruins on the outskirts of the Ancient City. A strangely chilling voice comes from an altar.

  • In the beginning there was chaos. We saw the darkness within, and gladly embraced it. We worshipped and existed within the darkness. Darkness was our peace...
  • After much time passed, the darkness left our hands and willed itself to consume all. We closed the altar and returned to the beginning.
  • Unbalanced power can only bring forth destruction. Do not go near the sealed darkness. Make our demise your lesson.

King of the Forest Folk

KF4 NPC King of the Forest Folk.png

The Forest king passed long ago, but his voice still echoes through the darkness.

A sad voice comes from out of the shadows.

  • When I saw the darkness within my dearest one, all hope turned to despair. Please help the fragile forest children who have been consumed by the darkness.

After acquiring the Moonlight Sword:

  • When the light becomes stronger, the Dark does as well. Perhaps relying on magic alone isn't the best way to fight the darkness.
  • We seek the light that dispels and the blade that can slay. Seek the Blade of the Forest.
  • In order to completely remove the Dark Folk, you will need the light of the Forest to enchant the blade. Only then must you face the Dark One.