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Player Stats

The player has four stats which are independent from—but can be influenced by—their equipment and statuses. The four stats are as follows:

  • HP - The player's total health points
  • MP - The player's total magic points
  • Physical - The player's physical damage factor
  • Magical - The player's magical damage factor

Leveling Up

The player levels up by accumulating enough EXP by defeating enemies—the amount of which can be found in the Creature Table.
When the player levels up, their four player stats increase.

Equipment Stats

Both offensive and defensive stats use the same nine types. Three physical types—Slash, Hit, and Stab—as well as six elemental types—Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Light, and Dark.

Physical Stats
Slash Hit Stab
Elemental Stats
Fire Earth Wind Water Light Dark

Weapon Stats

The stats of a weapon influence the amount and type of damage the player will inflict—split into Slash, Hit, Stab, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Light, and Dark.
The weapon stats are used factored together with the player's Physical stat to determine the damage the player inflicts per melee attack.

Weapon Leveling

As a weapon gets successfully used, its level increases. Weapons can level up 2 times—from a base Level of 1, to a max Level of 3.
Weapons have a hidden Weapon EXP value which causes them to level up. The mechanics of Weapon EXP are as follows:

  • Weapons always start at Level 1
  • Weapons gain 1 Weapon EXP when they inflict a non-glancing blowAn attack performed with too little stamina.A Glacing Blow can be recognized by the way the weapon "clinks" off of the target.
  • Weapons level up to Level 2 at 180 Weapon EXP
  • Weapons level up to Level 3 at 480 Weapon EXP

When a weapon's level increases, the weapon receives a pre-determined increase in offensive stats. Weapon Level 3 also unlocks Sword Magic for weapons with Type A Sword Magic.

On the Weapon Stats Page, the level for weapons can be selected by clicking the corresponding button at the top-left of the table.

Weapon Forging

Weapons can be forged through the services of Harmurah Forgefist.
Forging a weapon allows the player to select one of the three physical weapon stats to increase—Slash, Hit, or Stab. Forging a weapon costs one Earth Stone.

Weapon forging takes real-world time, similar to repairing. When the weapon forging time elapses, the player can Retrieve the weapon from the menu of the same name via Harmurah.

Armor & Accessory Stats

Armor and accessories have set stat values, and are unaffected by the weapon leveling system.
Armor and accessory stats follow the same typing structure as weapons, but apply to the player's resistance rather than their offense. When a player suffers damage, the amount of damage they would receive is reduced by an amount determined by their defensive stats.

Every attack in the game inflicts damage of a specific type or types. When that attack hits the player, the damage of those types are compared against the player's defensive stats of the same types. The player then suffers damage based on the resulting calculation.

 The player is hit by attack with Stab and Fire damage types.
 The player is wearing armor which provides defense against Stab damage, but none of their armor protects against Fire damage.
 As a result, the player suffers the full amount of Fire damage, but the Stab damage they receive is reduced by some amount.

Magic Stats

Magics use the same offensive stat type structure as weapons do.
The greater the magic's stat is in a given element, the greater the damage of that type the player will deal when attacking with said magic. These stats are subject to change as the magic levels up.

Offensive Magic Leveling

Offensive magic follows the same leveling rules as weapons.

  • Magic always starts at Level 1
  • Magic gains 1 Magic EXP when it inflicts damage
  • Magic level up to Level 2 at 50 Magic EXP
  • Magic levels up to Level 3 at 150 Magic EXP

When a magic's level increases, the magic receives a new effects, damage, and sometimes visuals

Utility Magic Leveling

Utility magic follows similar rules to offensive magic, but the condition to gain Magic EXP varies.
To put it simply, utility magics gain Magic EXP whenever they "do their job". Earth Heal gains Magic EXP whenever it is used to successfully heal the player. Purity gains Magic EXP whenever it is used to successfully cleanse the Poison status. The logic follows for all forms of utility magic.

  • Earth Heal and Remedy level gain the standard 1 Magic EXP per successful use
  • All other utility magics gain 3 Magic EXP per successful use

Level Grinding

In order to grind levels, the player must find an area where hostile creatures respawn infinitely, and in a convenient location.

Critter Grinding

Critter grinding is one of the earliest ways to conveniently grind. The player can quickly return from the critters' den to the magic fountain in order to refill their MP, and by extension their HP by using earth Heal.

Fadin Grinding

Fadin grinding is potentially the fastest and most convenient way to grind.