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This is the documentation page for Module:Tier List

Module:Tier_List is used to generate tier lists directly within the wiki using HTML, and the existing character labels.


A tier list requires that arguments be present in order.

  1. The abbreviation for the game (IE: GGACR, GBVS, DBFZ, etc)
  2. All of the tiers, ordered from top to bottom

Within a given tier, you must define the label for that tier (the letter that appears inside of the colored square) followed by a semicolon character (';').

Short Names in Labels

The tier list will attempt to find the appropriate icon and link for a given character. If you choose not to use the full name of a character, you must set up a necessary redirect from the short name to the full name. This applies to both the icon file and the character page itself.

For example: We want to show "Sol" on our tier list instead of "Sol Badguy". We must create 2 redirects.

  • Redirect from [[File:GGACR_Sol_Icon.png]] to [[File:GGACR_Sol_Badguy_Icon.png]]
  • Redirect from [[GGACR/Sol]] to [[GGACR/Sol_Badguy]]


{{#invoke:Tier List|drawTierList