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This page is for a prior version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!
This page covers content from P4AU 1.1, which is NOT the most recent revision of the game.
The version of the game released on modern consoles with rollback netcode is P4U2R.
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P4U Aigis Portrait.png

Health: 9,000

Combo Rate: 65%

Persona Cards: 4

Backdash Time: 20

Backdash Invincibility: 1-6 (Normal) / 1-7 (Orgia)

Rushdown, Zoning Capabilities, Mode Change


P-1 Climax Nickname: "The Heartless Armed Angel"
Persona: Athena
Backstory: Introduced in the original Persona 3 Aigis is an anti-shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo Group. She was a party member and social link in "The Journey" and the main character in "The Answer." Like Yu Narukami, she has the power of the Wild Card. In the Arena series, she comes equipped with a large variety of weapons and Orgia mode, her enhanced battle form, as well as her evolved persona Pallas Athena.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • High damage off almost any confirm.
  • Amazing jump normals.
  • Majority of combos lead to hard knockdown and okizeme.
  • Unparalled mix-up and pressure when in Orgia due to mobility options.
  • Requires only 25 meter for high-damage combos.
  • Has combos that are mostly burst safe.
  • Lower than average health.
  • Poor defensive options without meter or Burst.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Limited persona abilities, but very persona reliant.

Meter Management

Orgia gauge on the left, ammo count on the right
Orgia Mode
Orgia Mode transforms Aigis into a high-mobility character with incredible rushdown capabilities. In Orgia, Aigis gains access to new movement options, allowing her to quickly close in on opponents and begin applying pressure, mix-ups, and high-damage combos into knockdown. However, performing Orgia actions consumes a portion of the gauge, and the gauge slowly empties with time (including when Aigis is blocking and even idle). If the gauge empties, Aigis enters an overheated state and Orgia mode is temporarily disabled.
Aigis begins each round with 120 bullets. Once depleted, Aigis loses access to bullet-based attacks and the properties of numerous moves change. Aigis's bullet attacks cover quite a bit of range and are often used to keep opponents from advancing, so Aigis players must be able to manage her ammo count along with Orgia gauge, as well as recognise when either Orgia or ammo is low and adjust accordingly.

Normal Moves

5A (Normal)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 170 All 5 3 16 -6 Body
5AA 400 All 10 3 15 - Body
5AAA 500 H 9 2 22 - Head
5AAAA 50×8 All 17 In 2F intervals 45 Total - Projectile

5A is a quick fast jab, but has noticeable recovery on whiff and limited range. Can be jump cancelled on hit or block. Normally used for frame traps and jump pressure. Can be input as 4A to prevent Aigis from chaining into her 5AA accidentally. Can be low profiled by some characters.

5AA is Jump-cancellable on hit and block. Leaves Aigis airborne on hit and block and launches the opponent on hit only. Used in some Orgia combos to launch the opponent and continue into an air combo and as a starter for some Mode Change combos. It has some utility in pressure, particularly when baiting reversals and Bursts, since in Orgia, it can be cancelled with Orgia actions as well as jump-cancelled; however, since 5AA leaves Aigis airborne even when blocked, it cannot cancel into any ground attack, leaving Aigis's options on block restricted to a jump normal or an empty jump when not in Orgia, making her pressure much looser and more obvious. Beware telegraphed jump pressure off 5AA.

  • Attack whiffs on crouching opponents.

5AAA is an overhead strike. Seen in combos that contain Aigis's 5AAAA string. 5AAA's attack whiffs on crouching opponents, so it's not a reliable overhead in pressure. On standing block and hit, Aigis jumps and recovers quite far from the opponent, roughly one-third of the stage away. On crouching block, Aigis jumps directly above the opponent while whiffing the actual attack, recovering near the opponent rather than at a distance and leaving the the opponent free to retaliate. If not in corner, Aigis will cross over the opponent during 5AAA's whiff recovery (in corner against crouching opponents, Aigis will recover crossed up and in the corner if the opponent punishes with a forward-moving button, rolls to force a side switch, etc.). During the aerial recovery, Aigis is vulnerable to AUB attacks, so be cautious.

If the opponent changes from standing to crouching guard between 5AA and 5AAA, 5AAA will hit their extended vertical hurtbox as a pseudo-fuzzyguard (i.e., the opponent will be shown as hit high despite visibly standing). However, there's no way to force the opponent to switch their guard like this and such a situation is unlikely to occur in a match, but it's worth noting.

5AAAA is Aigis fires her Gatling gun in the air. Consumes 8 bullets. Cannot be done on block. Unlike most 5AAAAs, Aigis's is not a regular special -- this move is exclusive to her autocombo. As with 5AAA, used in combos that contain Aigis's 5A string. Can be followed up both in and out of Orgia.

Completing the autocombo adds Radical Cannon B (air version) > Goddess Shield D (air version).

5A (Shadow)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 170 All 5 3 16 -6 Body
5AA 100×10 All 10 In 3F Intervals 46 Total -13 Projectile
5AA (No Ammo) 400 All 8 1 18 -4 Body
5AAA 800 All 28 5 10 - Head

Quick fast jab, but has noticeable recovery on whiff and limited range. Can be jump cancelled on hit or block. Normally used for frame traps and jump pressure. Can be input as 4A to prevent Aigis from chaining into her 5AA accidentally. Can be low profiled by some characters.

  • Consumes ten bullets if not cancelled early.

Aigis fires a stream of bullets that juggle the opponent. Jump-cancellable on hit only. Used in combos to launch opponents. After 5AA, Shadow Aigis can activate Orgia and convert into an air combo, or if already in Orgia, jump-cancel after the launch and convert into Megido. Shadow Aigis's 5AA does not take her airborne and is cancellable into a plethora of normals, giving it utility in pressure.

Aigis jumps up and then does a drop kick that grounds the opponent and causes hard knockdown. Can be followed up with the standard autocombo or jump-cancelled to continue the combo. Like all 5A chains, builds a large chunk of meter on hit, making it quite useful for Shadow Aigis.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
400 All 10 3 25 -13 Projectile

  • Chest attribute. Can be low-profiled by almost all sweeps and other moves with Chest invuln.

Rocket punch with a fair amount of range. Projectile attribute. Used in pressure to cancel into sweep/Boost and in combos. Can be low profiled by most characters. Much worse on block than in Arena. 5B's active frames can trade with and nullify other projectiles.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160 L 7 4 9 0 Foot

Crouching jab that can be cancelled into itself up to three times even on whiff. One of Aigis's few low hitting moves. Usually gatlinged after 5A to create frame trap pressure or as a quick low to throw off opponents expecting an overhead. Short start-up and recovery, but very little range.


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Ammo 120×8 All 7 In 2F Intervals 58 Total -27 Projectile
No Ammo 300 AUB 9 4 27 -18 Body

  • Consumes eight bullets.

Fires eight bullets in a half-circle arc. Unlike most 2Bs, this one is completely airblockable and has no head invuln. Very good for controlling a large amount of the stage, punishing an opponent for summoning a persona at range, and as a "keep away" tool, but it can also be rolled, leaving Aigis vulnerable to a punish combo. Jump cancellable on hit and special cancellable on block or hit.

When Aigis is out of ammo, she swings her hand as if she were performing 2B but does not fire any bullets. Aigis’s only air-unblockable move and has head attribute invuln as well. Jump cancellable on hit.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
100, 50×2 All 6 2, 2, 2 14 - Head

Aigis spins her hand like a drill for three hits. Only first hit is an overhead. Can cancel into itself. Quick start-up with a good number of active frames, as well as a strong forward hitbox, making it a very strong air-to-air attack. Shows up in combos as well as in mixup and pressure. Jump cancellable on hit or block.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 HA 9 8 10 - Head

Sharp drop kick. Overhead. Used in pressure by boosting and hitting B quickly, as well as to control height in combos and as a safe-jump. It has a bit of hitbox behind Aigis, allowing for tricky cross-ups, particularly with airturn. Jump-cancellable.

j.B > j.B no longer whiffs on crouching opponents.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
200×3 All 9 In 5 frames intervals 27 Total + 6 after landing - Projectile

Command move. Drops three grenades that scatter downwards. Good combo ender and combo tool. Can be used to set-up good oki or just to control space at any time. Frequently appears in optimal mode change combos. The grenades have a vacuum effect and pull the opponent slightly closer to Aigis.

All Out Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 H 28 5 37 -23 Body

Hits overhead and follows up into two options: the C ender launches the opponent high into the air on hit, while D gives hard knockdown, or a wallbounce near the corner on Fatal Counter. Can be used in the middle of combos because of its "launching bounce" property, then followed up with a super. If OMC'd, it will leave Aigis airborne. Aigis's AoA has one of the most obvious animations and is fairly slow but it gains guardpoint early and takes Aigis airborne, so it can be used to go over specific attacks.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 L 12 5 16 -6 Foot

Aigis sweeps her leg low on the ground, knocking the opponent down. Travels surprisingly far and low-profiles many attacks if spaced well, including attacks that are not Chest attribute. Great mix up tool when in Orgia, with the sweep > j.B sequence being particularly notable. Aigis's best combo starter. Now has chest invuln and will low-profile moves with the Chest attribute such as Mitsuru's 5A and Narukami's 5B. Unsafe on block, but can be One More! Cancelled, cancelled with Orgia actions or other specials, or hop-cancelled to extend pressure and for mixup.

Persona Attacks

5C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
900 All 15 2 32 -15 Body

Athena does a wide sweeping slash with her spear. Has deceptively large range. Blows the opponent back on hit. Mostly used for its high blockstun and hitstun to safely activate or deactivate, but it can also be used in some combo routes for optimal damage. Often gatlinged to 2C in Mode Change combos to set up a quick, meterless Megido knockdown.

2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
800 All 19 3 27 -11 Body

  • Fatal Counters.
  • Launches on hit.

Athena appears and strikes upward with her spear. Launches the opponent on hit but whiffs on crouching opponents. As a reactive anti-air, it's quite slow, as well as being airblockable. Cannot be jump-cancelled on hit or block, although it can be special-cancelled into Mode Change or with Orgia actions. Primarily used in Mode Change combos, as the launch allows time to activate Orgia and connect Megido. There is a noticeable deadzone on this move: the attack hitbox is restricted to the spear, so the move will whiff on crouching opponents and even standing opponents if only the shield portion of the attack overlaps with their sprite. Beware using 2C outside of combos, as its lengthy whiff recovery leaves Aigis open to a huge punish.

222C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1100 All 32 3 15 +2 Body

Athena lunges forwards and slices. Similar to 5C but with more range and longer start-up. Was 2C in Arena. Used in specific Fatal routes for optimal damage.

5D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Guard - - - 29-70 Guard 33 Total - -
Attack 400 H 40 18 - - Body

Counter attack. Athena appears with a blue aura on her shield, and if an attack connects, she will rush across the screen with full invuln until recovery. If Athena gets hit again after the charge, she will disappear and Aigis will lose a Persona card. Good to prevent the opponent from mindlessly zoning if the shield can be set safely, to control space, and for checking an opponent's awareness. If the counter-attack is triggered, the opponent can easily evade or block the actual attack, though Aigis is free to rush in behind Athena.

While the catch frames are active, Athena travels forward along the ground, and Aigis is free to follow behind her or to displace Athena by separating from her. Once the catch frames have ended, Athena lingers on screen for quite a bit. If certain persona normals and supers are used while Athena remains on stage after the catch frames, those moves will begin from Athena's position, not Aigis's, including another 5D -- Athena will move forward from her current position, further separating herself from Aigis.

2D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Guard - - - 17-65 Guard 36 Total - -
Attack 400, 200×N HA 30 35 - - Body

Counter attack. Athena appears with a blue aura on her shield, and if an attack connects, she raises up and then dives down, hitting the opponent multiple times. If Athena is hit again after the dive begins, she disappears and Aigis loses a Persona card. Unlike 5D, Athena will always appear at Aigis's position even if already out. Has fewer catch frames than 5D, but the counter-attack start up is the fastest of Athena’s counter moves. Can pick up a combo on hit.

j.C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
400, 800 All 8 4, (8), 6 10 - Head

Summons Athena to attack twice, first hitting with her shield, then her spear. Special and super-cancellable. j.C is one of the best normals in the game due to its speed, size, utility, and cancel options. However, the move can be low-profiled and the hitbox for both attacks will not connect if done too low to the ground. Aside from its use in nearly every combo, j.C is Aigis's primary way of contesting the spacing game, both in and out of Orgia, as well as creating deadly cross-ups with airdashes, Orgia movement, and airturn. Understanding how to properly space j.C is crucial to playing Aigis well -- if you beeline at opponents with Boost or an airdash into j.C, you will be punished and lose a card, but when spaced well, j.C can be difficult (even impossible) for some opponents to challenge, allowing for high-damage whiff-punishes and combo conversions.

j.2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
900 All 17 2 36 - Body

Aigis performs 5C in the air. Has the same cancel options as j.C but significantly more start-up. Very slow compared to Aigis's other air normals, so its utility in baiting anti-airs is limited. Aigis's air momentum stalls when performing j.2C. Used in combos to optimise damage and positioning.

j.D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Guard - - - 40-114 Guard 24 Total - -
Attack 400 All 42 - - - Body

Identical to 5D but in the air. Can help control airspace and halt an opponent's zoning. Has the slowest start-up for both the catch and counter frames, but also has the most counter frames of Athena's counter-attacks.

j.2D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Guard - - - 19-75 Guard 24 Total - -
Attack 400, 200×N HA 30 - - - Body

Identical to 2D but in the air. Can help control airspace and halt an opponent's zoning. As with 2D, the counter-attack start up is the fastest of Athena’s counter moves.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 0, 2565 Throw 5 3 25 - Throw

Aigis attaches an explosive to the enemy and then blows them away, allowing the opponent to tech a fair distance from Aigis. No longer Fatals on counterhit. Can be followed up in Orgia by canceling into Megido or by OMCing when not in Orgia. Note that Aigis's ground throw has a special property where it ignores the throw tech system in place for Ultimax and can only be teched after the ! appears over an opponent's head; otherwise, an opponent will be counterhit for grabbing too early. A glitch also exists where Aigis can cancel into Megido immediately after throw without expending Orgia meter.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 0, 1100 Throw 4 3 19 - Throw

Aigis grabs the opponent, whacks them, and then pulls an RPG from her back and blasts them away. Wall bounces. Can be followed up. Obeys the normal throw tech system, unlike Aigis’s ground grab.

Escape Change

B+D (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Ground 900 All 10 4 64 -51 Projectile
Air 900 All 8 4 15 After Landing - Projectile

Aigis blasts the enemy away, then hovers backwards, gaining some distance. Switches between Orgia and normal mode. Can be done even when overheated, but will not switch modes. Super-cancellable on hit and block, and when switching into Orgia, can be Boost-cancelled on hit to chase the opponent. Easily baited/beaten since the hitbox is rather small and projectile type with no vertical hitbox. If cancelled early enough, Aigis will not switch in or out of Orgia Mode. Used at the end of some Orgia combos to link supers or to quickly switch modes at the expense of oki.

Guard Cancel Attack

6A+B while blocking

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0 All ? ? ? ? ?

Shares the same animation as Aigis's 5B. Has unthrowable autoguard for the duration. Like all Guard Cancel Assaults, it's fairly slow and can be beaten by opponents. One option of escaping pressure at the expense of 50 meter. Can be One More! Cancelled or One More! Bursted to avoid the lengthy recovery but no combo beginning from a Guard Cancel can kill.

Skill Attacks

Mode Change


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A Activate - - - - 28 Total - -
B Activate - - - - 21 Total - -
SB Activate - - - - 15 Total - -
A Deactivate - - - - 28 Total - -
B Deactivate - - - - 21 Total - -
SB Deactivate - - - - 23 Total - -
  • When deactivating, 22B forces overheat if the Orgia gauge is at half at lower. Orgia overheat time is halved when manually triggered via 22B.

Aigis stalls briefly and changes modes. When activating Orgia, 22B is faster than 22A and lifts Aigis high in the air, allowing you to begin pressure with falling normals or to use the height to extend combos, making 22B integral to Mode Change combos into Orgia. SB activate is quite fast and also lifts Aigis into the air, allowing for a near-instant overhead with a falling j.B; however, it does not lift Aigis as high as the B version, though its speed makes it safest to use at neutral.

When deactivating Orgia, the B version will automatically force overheat if the Orgia gauge is at half or lower, while A and SB end Orgia without penalty.

During Mode Change, Aigis herself is a hurtbox. If activating at neutral, be mindful of projectiles as well as the opponent -- if you are interrupted while attempting to change modes, Aigis will not complete activating or deactivating.

7th Gen Gatling Blast


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 400, 90×10 All 16 2F intervals 55 Total -12 Body, Projectile, Chest
B 400, 90×20 All 21 - 80 Total -12 Body, Projectile
SB 400, 90×20 All 16 - 73 Total -12 Body, Projectile

Aigis draws her Gatling gun and shoots forward. The A version shoots a set number of bullets, while the firing time for the B and SB versions can be extended by holding B or AB until ammo is depleted. There is a lot of start up and recovery on this move, so it’s best used for catching the opponent for their last bit of health or as a full-screen punish. The A version consumes 10 bullets, and the B and SB version both consume 20 bullets minimum. If out of ammo, Aigis will still summon her gun, but no shots will be fired; the gun itself has a hitbox, however.

7th Gen Vulcan Cannon


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 100×9 All 19 To Landing After Landing - Projectile
B 100×14 All 25 To Landing After Landing - Projectile
SB 170×14 All 21 To Landing After Landing - Projectile

Aigis pushes herself back to take aim, settles into position in air, then fires a stream of bullets diagonally downward. The A version consumes 9 bullets and hits closer to Aigis while the B version consumes 14 bullets and shoots a significant distance away from Aigis. The SB version also consumes 14 bullets, spread out into two paths of 7 bullets each: one path with the half-screen angle of the A version and another path with the full-screen angle of the B version. When using the A version, there's limited pushback, while the B and SP versions move Aigis further back, allowing for some cross-up gimmicks. As with other specials, there's significant start-up and recovery on this move, making it only situationally useful.

7th Gen Radical Cannon

214A/B (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A Bomb 300, Explosion 900 All 35 Till Explosion + 30 After Explosion 59 Total - Projectile
B Bomb 300, Explosion 900 All 35 Till Explosion + 30 After Explosion 59 Total - Projectile
SB [Bomb 300, Explosion 650]x2 All 31 Till Explosion + 30 After Explosion 55 Total - Projectile

  • Fatal Counters.
  • Button can be held to delay the explosion.
  • In Orgia, the move is Boost, Air Boost, and Hover cancellable.
  • Parenthetical values are for the air versions.
  • Ground versions: Aigis is not considered crouching during the move.

Aigis pulls a cannon from her back and fires an anti-air bombardment. No bullets are consumed. Pressing (or releasing if the button was held) the button corresponding to the version used detonates the mortar prematurely. If the button is only tapped, then the mortar will automatically travel full range before exploding. Radical Cannon is typically used in combos, but it can be also be used to leave a lasting projectile onscreen as well; the new air versions can be performed after a jump, double jump, or superjump, preventing most anti-air attempts and making the threat of the explosive quite strong. The ground version of Radical Cannon A is primarily used in double Megido combos, as well as for oki, while the air versions of Radical Cannon are what comprise Aigis's high-damage mortar loops.

Skill Attacks (Orgia Mode)

Orgia Boost

during Orgia Mode

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Forward (hold 6 or 66) - - - - Cancelable from 8F - -

  • When grounded and at neutral, 66 (dash) initiates Boost and takes Aigis airborne.
  • Cancelling moves with Boost can be performed with [6] or 66.
  • Boosting costs Orgia gauge; Boost-cancelling and Boosting at a neutral state have different values.
  • Boost is cancellable from the eighth frame.

Boost replaces Aigis's normal airdash when in Orgia mode, giving her insane mobility and speed, as well as higher and floatier jumps with considerable momentum. On the ground, inputting 66 when in a neutral state will replace Aigis's non-Orgia ground dash with her Boost airdash, while in the air, Boosting can be performed after a jump or double jump to quickly close in on opponents. Many moves can be cancelled by Boosting, radically changing Aigis's mix-up and pressure. Being able to Boost-cancel and to control Aigis's Boost movement is crucial to playing her well.

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Backdash (hold 4 or 44) - - - - Cancelable from 12F - -

  • Available on wake-up.
  • 1 frame longer than all other backdashes.
  • Cancellable from frame 12 onward.
  • Moves can be cancelled with Orgia backdash.

Unlike regular backdashes (including Aigis's non-Orgia backdash), Orgia backdash is not disabled on wake-up. Fully invuln for 7 frames. Aigis flies diagonally backward and upward, leaving her airborne. Can be cancelled into Boost, another backdash, or other moves; however, as with Boosting and Boost-cancelling, backdashing consumes Orgia gauge. Very useful for escaping pressure and reversals as well as baiting opponents into whiffing moves.

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Hover (j.2A+C) - - - - Cancelable between 14-103F - -

  • Now performed with 2AC while airborne, not [8].
  • Moves can be cancelled with Hover.
  • Cancellable between frames 14 and 103.
  • No invuln.

Hovering stalls Aigis at her current height, preventing her from descending. As with all other Orgia actions, Hovering consumes Orgia gauge. Hover-cancelling is another important technique, as it's used in various combos, mortar loops, and for safe-jump set-ups. Aigis is not invuln while Hovering, however, and Hover cannot be cancelled immediately. Beware doing this too low to the ground and too close to opponents, as Aigis will be vulnerable to air-unblockable moves.

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Air Boost (j.A+B) - - - - 28f Total - -

  • Command airdash. Travels a preset distance.
  • Strike invuln only.
  • Various actions are cancellable with Air Boost.
  • Air Boost cannot be cancelled into normals or skills.

Performs a command airdash with strike invuln. Air Boost is sometimes referred to as an "air roll" due to its similarity to ground rolls (Evasive Actions). The move has a fair amount of recovery; it also lacks projectile invuln, unlike Aigis's ground Evasive Action. Costs Orgia gauge. Used for positioning in combos and to cancel the recovery of certain attacks, particularly the air versions of Radical Cannon. If timed appropriately, the invuln frames can armor through Bursts and some attacks; however, the inability to cancel Air Boost into attacks makes it less useful for mix-up and pressure than Aigis's other Orgia actions. Must be inputted while airborne or Aigis will perform her All Out Attack.

Megido Fire Persona Required

236C/D in Orgia Mode (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All 15 33 7 + 9 After Landing -7 Body
C Air 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All 17 21 Up to 15 After Landing - Head
D 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All 12 30 6 + 9 After Landing -6 Body
D Air 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All 12 30 12 After Landing - Head
SB 200×2, 100×13, 1600 All 13 30 5 + 4 After Landing +1 To +4 Body
SB Air 200×2, 100×13, 1600 All 14 30 9 After Landing +3 on block. Head

  • Megido C (air and ground) are Fatal Recovery.
  • On block, can be super-cancelled into Goddess Shield before Aigis lands.
  • While spinning through the air, 4f after startup until 1f after the followup, can input the same command to change trajectory once.
  • Causes hard knockdown.

Aigis lights herself on fire and hurls herself at the opponent. On hit, Athena strikes the opponent multiple times with a fire spiral then spikes the opponent straight down; the follow-up is not performed on block. During the second part of the attack, Aigis lands and recovers while Athena continues the assault. Aigis's high damage output comes from this move, making it a staple in combos, and since the opponent is left in hard knockdown, Aigis is able to safely continue her offence afterward.

On the ground, the C version sends Aigis flying forward a short distance, while D and SB versions fly diagonally up and back down in an arc. In the air, the C version follows Aigis's current trajectory or causes to Aigis float in the air if she happens to be floating; the move follows her momentum. The D and SB air versions move upwards diagonally before falling down.

Aigis cannot use Persona abilities while Megido is active, nor can Megido be performed if Athena is already committed (for example, if a D Persona move is active, Aigis cannot perform Megido until the catch frames have ended).

Pandora Missile Launcher

214C/D in Orgia Mode (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 300×5 All 21 - 67 Total - Projectile
D 300×5 All 21 - 67 Total - Projectile
SB 150×15 All 25 - 127 Total - Projectile

A missile container extends from Aigis's back and she fires a missile barrage forward. All versions cost a significant amount of Orgia gauge. The C version sends the missiles out directly ahead of Aigis, while the D version sends them upwards as a bit of an anti-air attack, or downwards as an anti-ground attack if used in the air. The SB version fires three times as many missiles as the C and D versions with greater speed. Pandora has quite a bit of start up, but also a considerable amount of projectile invuln. It can be used to keep the opponent out or lock them down full screen; at close range, this move is much risker, as throws and strikes will easily beat it during start-up. All versions Fatal Counter and can be followed up on hit. The missile container itself has a hitbox that extends behind Aigis.

SP Skill Attacks

Goddess Shield Persona Required

236236C/D (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C ground 2000 All 4+9 Until Contact or Corner 46 -31 Body
D ground 2500 All 4+17 Until Contact or Corner 46 -32 Body
SB ground 2100×2 All 4+17 Until contact or corner 47 -32 Body
C air 2000 All 4+9 24 14 After Landing - Body
D air 2500 All 4+17 24 14 After Landing - Body
SB air 400, 225×N All 4+9 24 14 After Landing - Body

  • All ground versions are Fatal Recovery.
  • Aigis is considered crouching during recovery.

Summons Athena to perform a great dash forward. Goddess Shield SB performs the dash twice. Good combo ender, particularly when the extra damage will kill. This super can be used to punish certain moves and, with the meter to One More! Cancel on block, to close in on opponents. On hit, Goddess Shield can cancel into Heavenly Spear by buffering the 214214 input while Aigis charges forward and pressing the C or D button right as the shield connects; Goddess Shield SB can only be linked to Heavenly Spear on the second hit. All versions are active until Aigis makes contact with an opponent or reaches the corner, so on whiff, Aigis will land in the corner unless using Goddess Shield SB.

Unlike the ground series, these are not Fatal Recovery; they also cannot link to Heavenly Spear. Goddess Shield SB rams the opponent several times rather than passing twice as in the ground version. Can be added to most air confirms to convert into a quick kill combo.

Multi Mounted Machine Gun Orion


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 0, 1000, 168×32] Grab 10+6~ ? 9 after landing - Grab
B 0, 1000, 168×32 Grab 10+3~5 ? 9 After Landing - Grab
SB 0, 1000, 168×32 Grab 10+6 ? 9 after landing - Grab

  • A and SB versions are Fatal Recovery.
  • If activated next to the opponent, the post-flash start-up is 2f for A version, 0f for SB.
  • No cancel options available.

Aigis's new super, an air grab that hits both jumping and standing opponents, but whiffs on crouchers. After the superflash, Aigis flies forward, then initiates the throw. If successful, the opponent will be captured while Aigis summons four Gatling guns and fires at will. Despite the animation, the super consumes no bullets. This is Aigis's only super available while persona-broken. All versions have the same pre-flash start-up, while the post-flash start-up for the grab itself is decreased the closer Aigis is to the opponent. All versions deal the same amount of damage and seem to travel the same set distance. Aigis cannot be controlled during the super.

On hit, Orion does a fair bit of damage, albeit at the cost of meter. Situationally useful as a punish if you have meter to burn and need to remove an opponent's last chunk of health. It's also possible to cancel into Orion after Escape Change, though risky. Regardless, there's no way to follow up on the grab with a combo, even with a One More! Cancel or Burst, so Orion's utility is restricted considerably when considering the damage dealt for the resources spent.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks

Heavenly Spear Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 2800 All 4+3 - 51 Total +4 Projectile
D 400, 200×9 All 4+11 - 54 Total -7 Projectile
SB 2800 All 4+? - 48 Total +4 Projectile

  • All versions of Heavenly Spear are Fatal Recovery.
  • Heavenly Spear C and SB Fatal Counter.
  • Projectile attribute, so opponents can roll the attack at the flash for a punish combo.

Athena appears and throws her spear upwards. The SB version is one of the fastest moves in the game with approximately 5 frame startup. The C and SB versions launch the opponent high into air on hit, and the D version will perform multiple hits allowing for follow-up. The C version can also be connected from the D version for added damage, and the C version can also connect into itself for even more damage on Fatal Counter. Be careful, however, as there is a slight deadzone in front of Aigis where the move may whiff if the opponent is too close, and the opponent can also shove themselves towards Aigis to push away from the spear, making the deadzone bigger; the attack can also be rolled at the flash. Both the C and SB versions are safe on block. Great combo tool in Orgia and a very strong reversal when the opponent has committed to an attack on your wake-up.

Extreme Orgia Mode


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
- - - - 7 total - -
  • Only available if Aigis is persona-broken, out of bullets, overheated, and for 150 SP. Shadow Aigis cannot activate this super.
  • After startup, persona cards, bullets, and Orgia gauge will recover. Attack power of all attacks will be raised by 1.2 afterwards.
  • Allows for four boosts in the air.
  • D normals perform counterattack immediately.
  • After Extreme Orgia Mode ends, Aigis will return to Orgia overheat.

Aigis's "secret" super, an amplified version of Orgia mode. Once the conditions are met and the super is activated, Aigis will stall briefly to prepare to unleash Extreme Orgia Mode and bullets, cards, and Orgia will be restored. For the duration of Orgia EXO, the Orgia gauge will be blue; additionally, Aigis's animations will be silhouetted to designate the install. While Orgia EXO allows for deadly mix-ups and combos, the conditions required for use aren't particularly match-practical, and since you'll likely have to force at least one of them, savvy opponents will refrain from allowing you to enter persona break, manually overheating, etc. If you are brave and cunning enough to enter Orgia EXO, however, Aigis's increased mobility and attack power will more than make up for the effort.

Instant Kill

Heritage Liberator Palladion Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
K.O. All 1 + 50 - 29 After Landing - Projectile

Once active, Aigis fires a variation of 7th Gen Vulcan Cannon, consuming 12 bullets. On hit, Athena impales the opponent before Aigis finishes them off, then drops to the ground overheated. Like all IKs, Aigis's is slow with a large number of invuln frames. The attack be blocked or rolled, and it will whiff completely at certain spacings, particularly if the opponent is too close. When out of ammo, Aigis will not use Vulcan Cannon during the IK. Must be inputted in midair while Aigis is at a consistent height. Situationally useful as a punish to very specific moves but otherwise useless.

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To edit frame data, edit values in P4AU/Aigis/Data.