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This page is for a prior version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!
This page covers content from P4AU 1.1, which is NOT the most recent revision of the game.
The version of the game released on modern consoles with rollback netcode is P4U2R.
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Ken Amada
P4U2 Ken Portrait.png

Health: 8,500

Combo Rate: 60%

Persona Cards: 2

Backdash Time: ??

Backdash Invincibility: 1-6

Movement Options: 1 Double Jump/Airdash, Dash type: Run

  • All Jumps have 3F prejump, can not input any commands for the first 2 airborne frames, and have blocking disabled for the first 5 airborne frames
  • All air backdashes are invincible 1-5F
Puppet Character


P-1 Climax Nickname: "The Pretentious Tenderfoot Duo"
Persona: Kala-Nemi (Ken) and Cerberus (Koromaru)
Arcana: Justice (Ken) and Strength (Koromaru)
Backstory: Ken Amada and Koromaru are both former Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) members. Originally introduced in Persona 3, both fought to end the Dark Hour and to rid the world of Shadows after experiencing loss firsthand, awakening their true potential. Three years later, Ken and Koromaru are revealed to be living together at the old dormority in Port Island while Ken attempts to fulfill his promise to Mitsuru to be a "normal" kid; however, the capture of the other Shadow Operatives and the seeming return of the Dark Hour put the pair right back into combat. Ken fights with a spear while Koromaru wields a kunai between his teeth. Fighting together, the two become a team capable of holding their own: Koromaru excels in close-quarters combat, with fast, short-reaching attacks that can interrupt opponents, while Ken uses his spear to launch his offence from a distance before pulling the opponent in for the kill.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Amazing reach on most normals with the ability to convert into damage on hit, with or without meter
  • Devastating pressure game that keeps opponents locked down
  • Able to punish opponents even at far range for high damage
  • Strong air-to-air and air combo options complemented by a huge jump arc
  • Able to combo consistently into high damage and okizeme off almost all starters, including throw and DP
  • Slow start-up and recovery on most of Ken's moves, meaning Koromaru must be able to cover Ken's recovery on whiff
  • Truly ambiguous mixups require Ken to take risks
  • Anti-air is slow and difficult to use on reaction
  • Reversal options are risky and can be punished heavily
  • Players must manage Koromaru's health at all times in order to succeed
  • Without Koromaru, Ken has limited meterless options for pressure
  • High skill curve relative to most other cast members due to Ken's playstyle and unique gatlings
  • Some opponents get unique cancel options due to hitting Koromaru giving on-block options

External References

Ken Normal Attacks


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 300 Any 8 3 - -3 Body
5AA 400 Any 11 3 - -10 Body
5AAA 700 Any 11 3 - +1/-17 Body

A relatively quick poke with decent range. 5A is Ken's only normal that is jump-cancelable on block and his second-fastest move. It does not gatling into 2A. Hits downed opponents, so can be used to pick up opponents after a knockdown for a followup air combo.

  • 5AAA performs 5C simultaneously. Frame advantage for 5AAA is dependent on whether or not Koromaru attacks as well. Without Koromaru, 5AAA is -17.

The first half of Ken's autocombo. Koromaru will automatically perform 5C during the third hit. Because all three hits will combo from any range with or without the Koromaru attack, holding back (4A) for the third hit is recommended, as it will allow you to do the autocombo without Koromaru acting, and thus leave him available to act later in the combo. Like all 5AAAs, Ken's builds 1/8th of the burst gauge and 13 meter on hit. If Koromaru is incapacitated or removed from play, the string is highly negative on block. While useful for combos when using the alternative input, as with any 5A chain, use carefully, particularly when fighting without Koromaru. 5AA is not a blockstring and many characters can completely disrespect it by mashing, DPing, or rolling.

Continuing the 5A string leads to Charge Thrust, Gigantic Impact, and Fire Breath; however, much like Mitsuru's autocombo in the original Arena, Ken's will drop if done at max range.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
600 (300) Any 12 - - -25 Chest

  • On whiff, hits twice; damage for this second strike is indicated by the parenthetical value.

A spear attack with tremendous horizontal range and a staple move for combos, blockstrings, and pressure. While it has relatively fast start-up for its range, its recovery is poor, so its use as a poke should be used but not abused, particularly if Koromaru is unavailable. On normal and counter hit, 5B can be gatlinged into Charge Thrust for a combo. Almost every character's sweep low profiles 5B and many 5As can clash with the move's hitbox when timed correctly.

On whiff only, 5B becomes a two-hit move: after the animation for 5B, a second strike is performed; this second attack hits higher than the first, at roughly the level of Ken's head. Consequently, 5B can be whiffed to bait jump-ins, as the second strike will often hit opponents out of poorly angled jumps and air-dashes. Characters with high mobility and opponents aware of 5B's anti-air utility can easily punish this tactic and catch Ken during 5B's lrecovery. Additionally, while either hit of 5B can strike airborne opponents, 5B cannot be jump canceled even on hit, making it rather difficult to follow up.

Note: 5B is not airtight when chained from an instant blocked A move. Beware of IB reversals.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
209 Low 6 4 - +1 Foot

A low-hitting poke with surprisingly good range. Ken's fastest normal at 6f. However, it cannot be cancelled into itself, nor can it be gatlinged into 5A. From 2A, Ken can cancel into 2B, 5B, and 2AB. A staple move for blockstrings and low chains. Despite being fast relative to Ken's other normals, 2A's start-up is slighty slower than other characters with 5f pokes, and it can easily be baited and beaten if used to attempt poking out of an opponent's pressure. Often used to start pressure and after an empty jump to punish an opponent for not blocking low.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300, 500 Low, AUB 10, 18 - - -19 -

  • Start-up values are listed for each hit of 2B.
  • Head invuln during the second, air-unblockable hit, but it's currently unknown when invuln frames begin and end.

Ken's anti-air attack, though seldom used for that purpose due to 2B being a two-hit move. The first hit is a low strike that can be blocked on the ground or in the air, while the second hit is air-unblockable. The lengthy start-up and difficulty of timing Ken's head invuln frames to an opponent's jump makes this move a risky response to jump-ins done at close range. The move's primary purpose is for blockstrings (unlike 5B, 2B is always airtight when chained from an A move) and combos, as it will pick up downed opponents for an air combo.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
240×3 (480) High 7 - - - -

A fast jumping attack that hits up to three times. Each hit is an overhead. Cancel options are the same regardless of which of the strikes hits the opponent, allowing for easy conversions into a combo, knockdown, and damage. Due to its speed, active frames, and large forward hitbox, j.A is often the better response to jump-ins than 2B and is fast enough to punish attacks that can't be anti-aired with 2B. On hit, it can be can cancelled into itself to maintain favorable spacing in the air. After a knockdown, j.A is a common starter as delaying the attack slightly creates j.A(1) and j.A(2), giving Ken a fast one or two hit overhead into pressure. If whiffed, the move has lengthy recovery.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
600 High 15 - - - -

A wide-ranging jumping attack with an amazing hitbox, similar to Labrys's j.B. While slower than j.A, j.B allows Ken to cross-up opponents due to the move's range. Can be cancelled into from j.A, and j.B can be cancelled into j.2B for a knockdown and relaunch, making j.B integral to air combos. In pressure, a deep j.B can be used in conjunction with Koromaru's moves, but j.B cannot be used as an instant overhead. A fantastic jump normal with a plethora of uses and one of Ken's best combo starters, but beware of anti-airs as this move also extends Ken's hurtbox quite a bit.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 High 13 - - - -

Command move. Ken uses his spear to spike the opponent, leaving them grounded on hit. Opponents knocked down by j.2B can be relaunched into another air combo. A very useful tool for converting air confirms. While two frames faster than j.B, j.2B is also one of Ken's weakest starters in terms of combo proration, so combos beginning with j.2B may need to truncated somewhat.

All Out Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 High 32 - - - -

  • Fatal Recovery.

Universal overhead. While it covers a huge horizontal distance, the animation is highly telegraphed and the move has lengthy start-up. On hit, Ken's AoA leads into great damage, but use it cautiously, particularly since the move is easy to react to and leaves Ken in Fatal Recovery. Unlike most other AoAs, Ken's gains guardpoint early, allowing him to bait mashing. However, this also means that the guardpoint ends before the move actually becomes active, so opponents can poke or DP him on reaction. Because the attack leaves Ken airborne, AoA > OMC allows Ken to go for mix-up by adding an extra high after the OMC. Very slow for an overhead, but in exchange Ken can input a Koromaru move during the startup of the AOA to cover the recovery and make it safe.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
900 Low 18 - - -8 -

  • Frame advantage is listed for the sweep without hop-canceling the recovery.

Universal low. Like many of Ken's moves, has quite a bit of horizontal range in exchange for having slow start-up. Generally will not combo from other normals unless Koromaru is used to cover the gap. Low-profiles decently, allowing it to bait certain reversals in blockstrings if timed properly.

Koromaru Normal Attacks


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
560 Any 19 [50] - - +23 -

  • On-screen 5C is used as a fast long range Koromaru attack at neutral, for beginning or closing gaps in pressure, and comboing into 2A+B from ground hits.
  • Off-screen 5C is used to call Koromaru back to hit distant or airborne opponents, for beginning or closing gaps in pressure, and extending combos when Koromaru is off-screen.

On-screen 5C has a wide variety of applications. It is a strong neutral tool in most matchups due to its speed, range, lengthy active frames, and large hitbox. On counter hit, 5C can easily be converted into follow-up combos. In pressure, 5C is often used to quickly cover gaps, but Koromaru will go into recovery for a short time on hit and block. In combos, it is useful for comboing into 2A+B from B normals that were not counter or crouch hits to lead into high damage combo routes. Off-screen 5C has similar applications but is much slower so that must be taken into account in pressure and combos. The off-screen attack also has Koromaru jump in from above, so it can be used to catch airborne opponents.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
560 Any 21 - - +23 -

  • Used frequently for attacking at any range at neutral, anti-airing, closing gaps in and extending pressure, and launching opponents during combos.
  • Performing 2C will make Koromaru run towards the opponent. He performs the attack itself once he reaches 2C's maximum attack range.

2C is Koromaru's strongest attack, no contest. Unlike other normals and specials, Koromaru has no recovery on block, so 2C's utility is buffed by the fact that Koromaru is free to act again after the attack.

At neutral, it is useful for sending Koromaru running under and then punishing higher-hitting attacks, as well as giving Ken a chance to close distance, start pressure, or begin a combo if 2C hits. On counter-hit, 2C has extra untechable time, making conversions easier. If blocked, the opponent can punish 2C with an air hit into combos, but if Ken is nearby Koromaru can be covered. 2C also has applications as an anti-air due to its speed and large vertical hitbox. In pressure, 2C can be used to cover gaps while also allowing further pressure from Ken. In combos, it is used to launch opponents for a variety of follow-up options.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
- - - - - - -

  • Used to send Koromaru off-screen in order to prevent him from being knocked out and to safely recall Koromaru.
  • Also used to heal Koromaru safely: his health gradually recovers while off-screen.
  • Can be performed while Ken is in blockstun, but not while Koromaru is in recovery. Koromaru is invulnerable for the entire duration.
  • 5D input can be held to make Koromaru leave or return the instant he is able.

5D is useful for safely sending out Koromaru and calling him back. This is the only Koromaru move which can be done while Ken is on blockstun, so if Ken is under heavy pressure it can be used as long as Koromaru is not being hit or in recovery. It is commonly used to send Koromaru off-screen during super flashes so he won't take damage. When Koromaru is low on health and healing him with Mediarama is not an option, 5D can be used to send him out to heal safely.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 1000 - 5 3 - - Throw

Ken grabs the opponent and tosses them behind him, causing a side-swap. Can convert into high damage anywhere on screen by using Koromaru or with a following dashing 5B. Ken's ground throws have unique properties due to when the system registers the side-swap and subsequently reverses inputs, which are detailed in the Strategy section.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 1200 - 4 3 - - Throw

Follows the same rules as Ken's ground throw. Can be followed up without Koromaru unless throwing an opponent into the corner. On counter-hit, it will combo into any throw combo. As before, j.CD and j.4CD differ and determine whether or not a side-swap occurs.

Vile Assault


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700, 350 All 15 - - - Body

Universal DP. Ken strikes the opponent with an upward thrust of his spear that carries him off-screen for a brief time, then reappears a set distance from his takeoff point and performs a second strike. If the first hit whiffs or is blocked, then Ken will not perform the second hit. Extremely rewarding on counter-hit, as Ken can follow up with a sweep or dashing 2B for a full combo, but also extremely risky as the extremely long recovery and lengthy counter-hit state mean that Ken will generally suffer a massive punish for whiffing his DP. On block, Ken can still cancel into supers once he reaches the ground, so Thunder Reign or SB Fire Breath can be used to bait opponents who do not properly hit Ken on the way down.

Guard Cancel Attack

6A+B while blocking

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

  • Used to escape pressure for 50 SP by inputting 6AB while blocking.
  • Causes knockdown on counter hit.

Ken's Guard Cancel Assault is based on his 5AA animation, giving it a large hitbox. No frame data is available for Guard Cancels but testing suggests Ken's to be -20 to -22 frames on block. Like all GCAs, Ken's has autoguard through the duration of the move, blasts the opponent away on hit, does no damage, and does not allow any combo beginning from the GCA to kill.

Ken Skill Attacks

Charge Thrust


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 400, 200 Any 17 - - -17 -
B 500, 250 Any 25 - - +1 -
SB 500, 250 Any 19 - - +7 -

  • On air hit, all versions cause groundslide.
  • B version Fatal Counters.
  • Two hit attack, with follow-up option (see below).

Ken sends out his spear on a chain, hitting the opponent and then pulling them in. Charge Thrust has lengthy start-up and an obvious animation, allowing the opponent to jump the move on reaction if thrown out carelessly. There is no dead zone. Charge Thrust trades with multi-hit projectiles.

  • A version travels roughly a half-screen and is quite fast. Combos from 5B on normal hit. Unsafe on block unless spaced well and with Koromaru covering the recovery.
  • B version is a Fatal Counter move, travels almost full screen but is notably slower than the A version. Does not combo off a 5B starter without a counter-hit. Plus on block by default, and can be made to be extremely advantageous by timing Koromaru for a follow-up hit (extending blockstun) right as Ken recovers.
  • SB version travels the range of the B version almost as quickly as the A version. Significant hitstun, allowing for high-damage combos, and highly advantageous on block.

All versions leave the opponent standing on ground hit and cause ground slide toward Ken on air hit. All versions of Charge Thrust can be cancelled into any version of the follow-up attack (see below). However, Charge Thrust is incredibly unsafe on whiff, meaning Koromaru must be able to cover the recovery frames in case of failure.

Gigantic Impact Persona Required

A/B after Charge Thrust

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A - Any - - - -10 -
B - Any - - - +5 -
SB - Any - - - +3 -

Kala-nemi comes out for a big slam attack. Good all-purpose move for following up combos, giving oki, dealing damage, etc. Due to the large pushback, all versions are fairly safe on block, with the B and SB versions actually being advantageous, but doing it too often without Koromaru covering the recovery will result in a free Persona Break for the opponent as Kala-nemi stays out quite a while. Additionally, no version of this move is airtight from Charge Thrust, so opponents can easily roll through the startup (however, you can bait rolls with a Koromaru attack such as 2C).

  • A version is fastest and knocks the opponent straight to the ground. Fastest version with the least damage, best for oki and stable followups as the positioning is always the same.
  • B version is slower (doesn't combo from ground 236A) but is much more advantageous on block and deals more damage. Ground bounces on hit, which can actually be disadvantageous as it makes Koromaru followups slightly more difficult and may allow the opponent to air tech at the end of longer comos.
  • SB version has the superior speed, recovery, and damage of both the A and B versions and also Shocks the opponent briefly on hit. Good for preventing the opponent from punishing you while you use Mediarama.

Mediarama Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A - - - - - - -
B - - - - - - -
SB - - - - - - -

  • A version heals Ken for 150 health, Koro for a quarter of his health.
  • B version heals Ken 300 health, Koro for roughly half his health.
  • SB version heals as strongly as B and as fast as A.

Heals Ken and Koromaru a set amount. Fast start-up, long recovery. If hit during recovery, Ken will lose a persona card. Likely baitable if the opponent is watching Koromaru's meter, as with Aigis's Orgia mode changes. Good to throw out while opponent is in blockstun for Koromaru's Zan/Zetsu, or after shocking the opponent with an SB Gigantic Impact/Thunder Reign.

Your only means of healing Koromaru while he's active on the field. Can be used to bring Koromaru back quickly if he is knocked out.

Can be cast numerous times mid-combo. Great for mitigating health loss over the course of the match if you can keep casting it safely, at the cost of sacrificing damage/pressure.

Koromaru Skill Attacks

Zan - Hakurou Battouga

236C/D air OK

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 500, 50×n [700] Any 24 - - +28 -
D 500, 50×n [800] Any 36 - - +26 -
SB 500, 100×n [1100] - 22 - - +35 -

Koromaru spins multiple times along the ground and ends with a sweep that knocks down. If the move is blocked, Koromaru will immediately end the spin with the sweep and then go into a long recovery animation; on hit, Koromaru will continue spinning and juggling the opponent for the full duration of the move. Good for combos, but has limited uses in mixup due to relatively short blockstun and long downtime on block.

  • C version has fast startup and fewer hits.
  • D version has longer startup but hits more times.
  • SB version is fast and has the same number of hits as the D version, and Koromaru will perform all hits and will not go into recovery animation even on block. Opponent must hit Koromaru to interrupt the move (cannot be interrupted by hitting Ken).

Zetsu - Hakurou Battouga

214C/D air OK

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 300, 30×n [480] Any 43 - - - -
D 300, 30×n [480] Any 51 - - - -
SB 500, 50×n [1100] Any 43 - - +62 -

Koromaru jumps forward and starts spinning rapidly in midair for a large number of hits. Excellent pressure tool as Koromaru will not suffer from a recovery animation unless enough hits are blocked (grounded opponents will not be hit enough times to trigger recovery), but startup is very long and obvious. Your best tool for blockstrings and oki when you can make space to set it up, but opponents can easily jump or roll out on reaction if you leave too much of a gap.

  • D version has a longer trajectory than C version and starts up slightly slower. Mostly identical otherwise.
  • SB version has a lower arc, allowing the move to more effectively hit opponents on the ground. Like 236C+D, opponent must hit Koro directly to interrupt this move.

SP Skill Attacks

Thunder Reign Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 2000 Any 7 - - - Projectile
B 2600 Any - - - - Projectile
SB 2600 Any 7 - - - Projectile

  • Used as an invulnerable reversal and combo ender.
  • A version is fast and lower damage. B version is slower with extended invulnerability and more damage. SB version is the speed of A with the damage of B, and causes Shock on hit.
  • All versions are Fatal Recovery.
  • Only the final hit can be cancelled with One More Cancel and One More Burst.

Thunder Reign is a high risk reversal option for 50SP. The A version is fast, but the opponent can roll/reversal after flash, preventing a One More Cancel or One More Burst on block. It is useful as combo ender when SP is avialable, typically when the combo will kill or remove a significant portion of Awakening health.

Fire Breath Persona Required

236236C/D air OK

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 1800 All - - - - Projectile
D 1500 (3250) All - - - - Projectile
SB 1500 (3250) All - - - - Projectile

  • C version deals flat damage at all distances.
  • D Version damage increases according to distance from Koromaru. The closer the opponent, the higher the damage.
  • SB version deals D version damage scaling. Ken recovers much quicker, letting him continue a combo if he's close enough when Fire Breath hits. Can follow up with an air combo or DP into Thunder Reign or Ultimate Cross.

Ken points to the opponent while Koromaru summons Cerberus to engulf the screen in flames. At Koro's max distance, Fire Breath takes up roughly 90% of the screen, whiffs if the opponent is hugging the corner. On hit, knocks the opponent back and airborne.

A combo ender if you're having problems connecting ground moves with Koro after air combos or are too far to follow up Charge Thrust. Also a decent punish tool if opponents whiff projectiles or jump-ins. Mostly used for combo extensions with the SB version.

There are no invulnerability frames in any version. Being hit cancels Fire Breath, making this a very poor reversal option.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks

Super Gattai! Ultimate Cross


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 3000 (2200) All 4+3 - - - Body
B 3450 (2400) All - - - - Body
SB 3450 (2400) All 4+3 - - - Body

  • Used as an invulnerable reversal, anti-air, and high damage combo ender.
  • A version is fast and lower damage. B version is slower with extended invulnerability and higher damage. SB version is the speed of A with the damage of B.
  • Can be performed without Koromaru available but will do less damage, as shown in parentheses.
  • Can be One More! Cancelled and One More Bursted on block only. Ken will be airborne upon cancelling.

Ultimate Cross is a strong reversal option. It is fast, has huge range, and does good damage. However, if the opponent is ready it can be rolled then punished after the flash to prevent cancelling it on block for safety. At max range or from air, it is difficult to punish on block since Ken recovers relatively fast.

Instant Kill

Baptism of Light and Darkness Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
- - - - - - -

Ken whistles to call for Koromaru, who then sprints to the opponent while creating a streak of fire. If the fire hits the opponent, the instant kill completes for over 57,000 damage. A very fast IK but completely blockable. Koromaru must be on screen in order to use Ken's IK. Like Fire Breath, this move starts from Koromaru's position and not Ken's, so the closer Koromaru is to an opponent, the less time they'll have to react to the IK's animation. Can be used to punish certain supers due to its speed and range.


To edit frame data, edit values in P4AU/Ken Amada/Data.