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This page is for a prior version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!
This page covers content from P4AU 1.1, which is NOT the most recent revision of the game.
The version of the game released on modern consoles with rollback netcode is P4U2R.
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Naoto Shirogane
P4U Naoto Portrait.png

Health: 8,500

Combo Rate: 60%

Persona Cards: 4

Backdash Time: 23

Backdash Invincibility: 1-6

Movement Options: 1 Double Jump/Airdash, Dash type: Run

  • All Jumps have 3F prejump, can not input any commands for the first 2 airborne frames, and have blocking disabled for the first 5 airborne frames
  • All air backdashes are invincible 1-5F
Mixture between Zoning/Keepaway and Rushdown


P-1 Climax Nickname: "The 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective!"
Persona: Sukuna-Hikona
Arcana: The Wheel of Fortune

  • Born fifth in the Shirogane family of detectives, Naoto was always seeking the Truth even as a child. By the time they entered high school they had already solved several tough cases for the police, earning the moniker of Detective Prince. Driven to feel needed, they put themself on the line to solve the serial murder case, holding complete confidence Yu and company would come to the rescue. Following the arrest of the culprit, Naoto continues working as a detective, and is currently reading about the Dark Hour incident.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Pistol, traps and Persona are strong zoning and space control tools.
  • Fate Gauge mechanic gives situational combos that can deal instant death.
  • Can inflict several effective status ailments, particularly Silence and Fear simultaneously.
  • Decent pressure game when used in conjunction with traps and 5D~D.
  • Poor defense without at least 25 meter.
  • Low health.
  • Cool down on bullets can limit certain aspects of gameplan.

External References

Normal Attacks

5A (Normal)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 160 Any 6 3 12 -2 Body
5AA 390 Low 9 4 11 -2 Foot
5AAA 1000 Any 11 4 16 -3 Body

5A is your fastest grounded normal. Mainly used for quick punishes, confirms, and for pressuring the opponent. Often used to set up tick throws and to frame trap the opponent to prevent mashing or jumping. Can work as an anti-air at some angles, but definitely inferior to Naoto's other attacks in that respect. Gatlings into all other normals on hit or block. Jump-cancellable and special-cancellable on both hit and block.

5AA is a standing low. Amazing offensive tool for Naoto and one of the biggest buffs received from P4U to P4U2. Moves Naoto forward, hits low, and is -2 on block, allowing for tick throws or continued pressure if the opponent is not prepared. This move can be staggered to make Naoto's pressure extremely tight to prevent mashing/jumping as well, and serves a big role in preventing option selecting Naoto's offense. All your gattlings into other normals are available after this move on hit or block. Jump-cancellable and special-cancellable on hit or block.

5AAA is the last part of Naoto's autocombo series mainly used for situations where you want the meter/burst gain bonus that autocombo gives you. As such, this is not a terrible option to go for since Naoto has amazing uses for the meter gain. Generally, you won't see this used for pressure as your options are fairly limited once you chain into this, so please carefully hit confirm your strings and avoid using this attack in blockstrings. Special-cancelable on hit or block. -3 on block, leaving Naoto vulnerable to reversals. Builds 13 meter and 1/8th of the Burst gauge on hit.

5A (Shadow)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 160 Any 6 3 12 -2 Body
5AA 390 Any 8 2 14 -1 Body
5AAA 800 Any 14 3 9 + 43 landing -34 Body

5A: Same as regular Naoto's 5A.

5AA: Special/jump cancelable on hit or block. S.Naoto retains the old 5AA from P4U, and it has all the same properties as before. This move is -1 on block and can be used similarily to normal Naoto's 5AA in most respects such as for stagger pressure and hitconfirming. This move doesn't move forward, nor is it a low but this move is great for confirming ground to air hits which regular Naoto's 5AA string struggles with.


  • 2-26F: Can cancel into B Sniper Stance by hitting A again
  • 34~F: Can cancel into other A/SB Aim and other SP specials.

Overall, this is a super important move for S.Naoto for a variety of reasons. For starters, this is the same follow up as P4U Naoto's autocombo, which is important because this particular 5AAA allows for S.Naoto to go for a safe jump/mix up afterwards. But the most important thing about this attack is the METER BUILD. Thanks to the mechanics behind Shadow characters, autocombos give absurd amounts of meter which is absolutely critical for S.Naoto. Use this to your heart's content with S.Naoto to rack up meter quickly and retain your offensive momentum. Avoid this attack like the plague on block as its absolutely unsafe and extremely punishable so hit confirm carefully.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
400 Any 9 4 16 -5 Chest

  • Dash cancelable on hit or block. On block, the dash cancel is -7 on block.
  • Chest Attribute. Loses to most sweeps and low profile specials (Chest invul)

Important midrange poking tool for Naoto and is perhaps one of Naoto's best and most consistently used grounded combo starters. It has decent range, largely due to Naoto moving forward during this attack, and combos quite nicely into most things. It is used in pressure to move in closer to the opponent and to create frame traps by delaying cancels into 2B or 5C for example. If you condition your opponent enough, you can even dash up and grab your opponent after 5B on block as a result of this. Should you push yourself far out during pressure and want to go back in, 5B can be dash canceled on hit or block, but this option is somewhat unsafe so be sure to condition your opponent to not expect this first before using. Biggest problem with this attack is that it now has Chest property, which means attacks that have Chest invulnerability such as sweeps, Narukami's Swift strike, etc. can cleanly beat this attack if anticipated properly. Regardless of this fact, don't be afraid to use this attack actively, but mind your spacing and how your opponent reacts with dealing with this move.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160 Low 7 3 11 -3 Leg

One of Naoto's most commonly used low attacks. This attack serves as a means of mix up, tick throw set up, and is used for pressure mainly as a way to prevent the use of option selects against Naoto. This attack does not have much range as say Chie 2A, but usually has enough range to cleanly allow for Naoto to chain 2A three times before pushing out of the opponent's face. Not a very good combo starter, so don't expect to do full fledged combos or get big damage off this. Regardless, this is an important attack to use so don't neglect it.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
400 Air Unblockable 8 3 21 -9 Body

This attack was significantly buffed from P4U to P4U2. It is now significantly faster and its head invulnerable frames were moved in such a way that using 2B as a reactionary attack against airborne attacks is much more reliable for Naoto. This move serves a purpose in pressure for frame trapping and catching people trying to jump out of your offense, but must be used carefully because it lacks horizontal range. As a combo starter, this move leads to pretty good damage, especially if you counter hit an airborne opponent.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160 High 6 4 12 - Head

Overhead. Chains into itself on hit/block/whiff. One of Naoto's most important and useful attacks in the air. This attack is incredibly fast and has a pretty large hitbox so its very useful for air to air situations vs many characters. Air to ground, this move chains into all Naoto's other air specials, including itself, so what this means is that you can do several overheads vs a grounded opponents to mix them up. Its also commonly used in combos as well, especially IAD combos. Overall, this move is super important to Naoto's game and should be an attack one becomes very comfortable with using often.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
240 High 7 4 12 - Head

This attack is one of Naoto's best air to air normals as the kick has a long range and is very fast. This attack chains into all of Naoto's other air normals, and is a staple normal used for air combos. This attack is also important for Naoto's mixups much like j.A, as it's quick and inflicts more blockstun than j.A does when it is necessary.

All Out Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 High 26 1 38 -20 Body

Naoto's AOA is still one of the faster AOAs in the game at 26f start up. It can be used to mix the opponent up if their reactions are slow, but the main use for this move is to call out B+Ds. Ideally, you'll want to use the armor frames of this attack to go through the opponent's DP and then hit them in their recovery. On block, this move is unsafe so I'd suggest using this move only when you have a good read or have 50 meter to make it safe. On hit, you can confirm into a fairly hard hitting air combo or a very damaging corner combo route that can break 4k meterless.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
420 Low 10 3 18 -6 Leg

  • Chest invulnerable from frames 4-12.

This is one of Naoto's best pokes and normals to use in ground vs ground situations as it has amazing range and also hits the opponent low. From max range, this attack is really annoying for most characters to contest especially since most long range normals in P4U2 are often of Chest attribute. Since this attack as chest invulnerability, many attacks such as Narukami 5B, Mitsuru 5A, etc. lose to this attack if spaced/timed correctly. This move serves its purpose in combos, often leading into Venom Zapper/Blight for poison damage or to get a knockdown.

Persona Attacks

5C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
640 All 13 7 26 -13 Chest

  • Dash cancelable on hit or block. On block, dash cancel is -2.
  • Chest attribute. Can be hit by sweeps and specials with chest invulnerability.

Naoto's 5C is a very important move in all areas of Naoto's game play. This move is the most reliable and damaging combo starter asides from 2[C], and is absolutely vital mid combo for optimal damage. In pressure, Naoto has many cancel options to work with after this move is blocked such as dash, jump, and special canceling. As a poke, this attack is one of Naoto's farthest reaching attacks with a hitbox on either side of Naoto, which helps immensely in awkward ground to air situations. This attack is very dangerous to whiff and loses to moves with chest invulnerability, so use this normal carefully.

2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
400 All 14 8 23 -14 Body

  • Takes away 1 fate counter.

This is the largest horizontal Persona attack in Naoto's arsenal. This attack is mainly used as a long distance poke that can be used to whiff punish attacks with long recovery. This attack leaves the persona lingering on screen for some time, allowing you to do 5C, 2C, or 2[C] from the position where it lingers from. This attack is very important for combos as it's typically what you'll use to either link into gunshots midscreen or B fangs in the corner. Generally avoid using this move in pressure as the only two available cancel options on block are super, OMC, or AOA.

2[C] Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300, 150×2 All 18 4, 4, 4 49 Total +8 Body

  • Takes 2 fate away from the Fate counter.
  • Fatal Counter Starter

This move is Naoto's best grounded combo starter and it fatals the opponent on counter hit. Commonly leads to C Zapper poison loops that inflict massive damage on the opponent. This move is also actively used mid combo, mainly for IAD confirms or OMB situations. This move is also pretty good for restarting Naoto's pressure because it is the only plus on block normal that leaves Naoto at a heavy advantage. which allows the player to effectively dash back in and resume offense if respected. This move should not be used too predictably as it has significant start up and is very unsafe on whiff, so opponents will actively look to roll vs this attack and punish Naoto afterwards.

5D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5D - - - - 50 Total - -
5DD 480, 240×2 All 7* 2(9)6(11)3 - - Body

  • Attack starts up 7f after pressing D.
  • Earliest activation is (50+)30f after 5D.

Naoto's Persona travels across the screen for a set amount of frames partially invisible. After a set amount of frames, hitting 5D again will allow the Persona to attack with a triple slash attack. 5D sends the Persona at the opponent at a much higher speed than the 4D version, allowing for a fast fullscreen assault. An interesting distinction between the two attacks is that 5D does not autocorrect its facing, while 4D does. This is important to keep in mind when utilizing this attack in neutral situations as you may find yourself helpless for using 5D and having it whiff.

j.C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
520 High 12 7 13 - Head

Naoto summons Sukuna-Hikona mid air, who comes down with a diagonal sword slash. This attack is easily Naoto's best air normal and arguable the best normal in Naoto's entire arsenal. This move was buffed from P4U and is now an overhead attack so it has its place in mix ups and catching people downbacking mindlessly. Important to set up Naoto's f-shiki/fuzzy j.A mix up.

j.D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
660 All 15 12 14 + 8 landing - Head, Projectile

Sukuna-Hikona hits directly in front of Naoto's position in the air. This is one of Naoto's best air to air attacks and is an excellent combo starter. This move is very versatile as it has multiple uses particularly in spacing out the opponent and stopping the opponent from just running at you if done low enough to the ground. Overall, very important move to use in neutral when applicable.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Throw 0, 0, 700 Throw 5 3 27 - Throw
Follow Up with C/D 960 All 16 28 14 - Body

Naoto grabs the opponent and performs a karate chop which crumples them. You can then hit either the C or D button to perform a follow up attack with Naoto's Persona. This follow up attack is special cancelable, so midscreen Naoto players should often opt to follow this up with gunshots or a Trap set if bullets are unavailable. In the corner, Naoto's reward off throw is quite high, so structuring your offense around this attack is important. Also worth noting is that the throw is Naoto's fastest grounded meterless attack, so sometimes it is necessary to attempt throw punishes.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 1800 Throw 4 3 19 - Throw

Naoto snatches the opponent out of the air and slams them down to the ground for relatively good damage. Naoto can follow this attack up with an OMC j.C OTG pick up into a short but damaging combo. This move is generally a good attack for air to air situations.

Shield of Justice Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Shield - - - 1-24 (shield) 62 Total - -
Counter Shot 600 All 10 4 57 Total -33 Projectile
Counter Shot EX 600 All 10 - 49 Total -25 Projectile
Safety - - - - 27 Total - -

Naoto's Furious Action is a counter style attack that has several follow ups. This is one of Naoto's key defensive tools to escape bad situations on defense. The follow up you use out of this attack is super important, so select wisely.

"Burst" shot follow up to Naoto's DP. This is the usual choice of follow up if you just want to use a fast attack to get the opponent off of you. This attack takes 3 fate away from the fate counter.

Naoto's EX Counter shot is a horizontal projectile follow up that launches the opponent away on hit. This attack is great for getting the opponent off of you and creating distance. The biggest problem with this follow up is that the opponent can low profile it with attacks such as certain 2As, specials, and Sweeps.

Safety follow up lets Naoto backdash cancel the catch frames on the DP. Useful for avoiding safe jumps and other particular attacks. The problem with this follow up is that you can be caught out of the backdash and it will be a Fatal Starter for the opponent.

Guard Cancel Attack

6A+B while blocking

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

Naoto's guard cancel attack has the same animation as S.Naoto's 5AA attack. This attack is fairly quick, but because of the armor this move can be slowed down and DP'd on reaction. The other issue with this attack is that many characters can 2A, Sweep, or low profile this move with certain specials.

Skill Attacks

Double Fangs

236A/B (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A ground 250, 500 Any, High 10 2(12)2 7* -5 if Aim is canceled Head
B ground 400, 1200 Any, High 18 3(17)2 12* -3 if Aim is canceled Head
SB ground 500, 1500 Any, High 16 5(13)2 12* -3 if Aim is canceled Head
A air 400, 200 Any, High 9 3(12)2 14 after landing -1* Head
B air 600, 300 Any, High 13 3(17)2 13 after landing -2* Head
SB air 800, 400 Any, High 9 5(13)2 13 after landing 0* Head

  • All grounded versions of Fangs go into Snipe Stance.

A Fangs: This move is a fast overhead hurdle jump attack that puts Naoto into Snipe stance and allows for all Snipe stance follow ups. This move is mainly used as combo filler, but serves a purpose in mix ups to catch people downbacking too much.

B fangs: Mainly serves as combo filler. Apparently has frame 1 low invulnerability which makes it good for calling out 2A stagger pressure and lets you beat out sweeps (can do B fangs in between the hits of Minazuki's sweep for example).

SB Fangs: Pretty much the same properties as B fangs except slightly faster start up and more hit stun. This attack really helps rack up damage and gives insane corner carry.

  • All air Fangs do not force Naoto into Snipe Stance upon landing.

air A Fangs: Generally just your standard air combo ender. Doesn't give you a great position after it makes contact but it does bring you down to the ground relatively quickly and moves the opponent forward quite a bit. Main use for air A fangs is in S.Naoto combos for massive corner carry and combo extension.

air B Fangs: Serves pretty much the same purpose as air A fangs except with more corner carry because of the huge amount of forward movement this has in comparison to air A fangs.

air SB Fangs:: A faster version of B fangs, but with much more hitstun which allows for more to be done after this attack connects. It is possible to land and rejump into another air combo if done correctly after this move connects on the opponent for increased damage. Thanks to the increase in hitstun, you can also connect things like Hamaon and Mudoon after this attack connects when Naoto lands.



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A - - 14 80 13 - -
B - - 35 80 13 - -
SB - - 26 80 13 - -

  • Stance follow up after any grounded version of Double Fang.
  • Can exit any Aim stance by inputting 214A or tapping/holding D. Preferably by holding D in most situations. Can partially cancel the recovery of any Aim stance into B/SB aim stance repeatedly.

A Aim Stance: Naoto takes out the gun and holds the revolver out with both hands, and cannot block or use conventional movement such as walking, running, jumping, etc. Naoto has set follow ups (discussed below) that may be used to act out of this stance. This stance is important to Naoto's entire gameplan as Aim stance gives Naoto access to a variety of projectile angles and lets the special cancel the recovery of certain normals for pressure and DP/Super baits.

B Aim Stance: Naoto performs a briefly invulnerable backflip that results in the usual Aim stance with the same properties as A Aim Stance. The notable thing about this stance is the signficant backwards flip that has a very brief window of full invulnerability. Theoretically, it seems that this flip has roughly the same invulnerability as Naoto's backdash, but this is not confirmed and needs further testing. To give a nice perspective on this move's invul, it is possible with proper timing to perform this move and have it go through Aigis's 236236C Shield super cleanly.

SB Aim Stance:

  • Fatal Counter State

Naoto performs a forward moving military roll that has a significant amount of invulnerability in which Naoto can act the same as out of other stances. This move is NOT a reversal, as the invulnerability does not kick in until roughly frame 4 which means this move will lose to attacks done on the first 3 frames of this move's start up. If you are hit during the start up or recovery of this attack, you will be Fatal Countered so beware of overusing this attack.


During Shooting Stance- A/B/C/D

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 200/1250/1250 Mid 4/4/6 - - -16/-7-/-7 Projectile
B 200/1250/1250 Low if close, Mid 4/4/4 - - -16/-11-/-11 Projectile
C 200/1250/1250 Mid 4/4/4 - - -16/-7-/-3 Projectile
6D 600/600 Mid 7/4 2/? Total 45/40 -23/-22 Projectile
D or 214A - - - - 13 Total - -

  • Standard clip size is 5 shots. Naoto reloads the gun clip once all 5 shots have been used.
  • 6D and 6CD in Aim stance do not consume bullets and can be performed even without any remaining shots.
  • AB, BC, and AC shots do consume bullets.
  • Fifth shot of the clip is always a powered bullet shot different from the first 4 shots.

A: Horizontal shot that travels the full length of the screen. Very useful for zoning and punishing things from a distance. Can be low profiled by several attacks and can be clashed by other projectiles.

B: Ricochet shot that bounces off the ground then upwards at an angle. Your opponent must block low if they are within a certain distance from Naoto. Otherwise, the bullets are blockable in any way that is desired. The angle of this attack makes it quite useful vs airborne opponents to prevent their approach or anticipate any aerial attacks. Commonly used as a combo ender as it gives a hard knockdown in most situations.

C: Shots aimed above Naoto's head at an angle. Great for hitting opponents who are in the air from fullscreen and who are attempting approaches from the air. Used as a combo ender as it gives a hard knockdown from most heights as well.

D: Cancels Aim Stance. 214A gives a similar effect.

6D: Naoto's Persona appears and performs a blast shot similar to the DP's follow up. Not the greatest move, but it does have the benefit of adding extra damage to a combo and removing 1 fate counter when necessary. Does not give you a knockdown which actually puts Naoto in a fairly crappy situation as the opponent can air tech forward and attempt to start their offense.

Hair-Trigger Megido Persona Required

214C/D (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 1000 Any - - Total 27 - Projectile
D 1200 Any - - Total 35 - Projectile
SB 1000, 1200 Any - - Total 32 - Projectile

  • Cannot be destroyed by any attacks while invisible. Targets must be visible on screen to be destroyed by attacks.
  • All Traps disappear if Naoto is hit or forced to tech a throw. They do not go away on block.

C Megido: Naoto places a red trap that hovers in the air. This and D megido are crucial moves for controlling space and establishing hazards meant for the opponent to navigate through. This particular trap is incredibly useful for covering annoying angles that opponents like to take in the air to approach Naoto. How well you do with Naoto is very much dependent on how creative you are with general trap placement to protect yourself or force your opponent into awkward situations. j.214C Recovery: 33f.

D Megido: Naoto places a green trap that falls directly to the ground. This trap cannot be destroyed by Head property attacks (i.e air attacks) which makes it very useful to deny your opponent the chance to approach through the air to start their offense. This trap also covers a wide area on the ground that prevents the opponent from charging straight at Naoto. This version of Megido has noticeably more recovery than C Megido, so be careful about setting this trap more so than C Megido as you are very vulnerable. j.214D Recovery: 41f.

SB Megido: Naoto places both trap at the same time while setting and recovering at a much faster rate than regular counterparts. Naoto can form a technique similar to Yosuke's glide by airdashing and quickly canceling into SB megido to achieve a simiar type of fastfall. See Trap Canceling (below in the combo section) for information on this important combo technique involving this move. j.214CD Recovery: 19f.

Blight Persona Required

236C/D (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 200, 100×5 Any 15 3×4, 2 17 -5 if blocked standing Body
D 200, 100×8 Any 20 -3×3, 6(8)3×4, 2 12 0 if blocked standing Body
SB 200, 100×8 Any 16 3×3, 6(8)3×4, 2 27 Total +37 if blocked standing Body

  • Static difference changes whether the opponent is Standing or Crouching. Vs Crouching opponents, you are at a larger disadvantage.

C Blight: Very useful attack that serves as Naoto's most reliable anti air attack. This move has a large amount of head invulnerability, which is why it is so reliable. The problem with this attack is that it has significant start up and is quite dangerous to whiff if your opponent baits you out. On hit, you get to poison your opponent, racking up nice damage. On CH, you get the poison damage plus a nice combo if you confirm properly.

D Blight: Similar to C Blight, except attacks straight forward. This move should almost exclusively be used for combo purposes, especially for S.Naoto as this attack can be looped several times for massive poison damage.

SB Blight: A fairly useful attack in pressure and in combos. When used in pressure, Naoto can act almost immediately after Sukuna-Hikona is summoned, giving you a significant amount of frame advantage to act off of. You'll see this move used mostly for combos from both Naoto and S.Naoto.

SP Skill Attacks

Anti-S SP Pistol

236236A/B (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
SP Pistol α 220×12 Any 14+2 - 114 Total -14 Projectile
SP Pistol β 1200 Any 30+10 - 77 Total -18 Projectile
SP Pistol SB 220×12, 1200 Any 14+2 - 153 Total - Projectile

  • Inflicts Silence on the opponent. Opponent cannot use Persona-based attacks or their Burst during this time.

SP Pistol α is very useful as its status effect is one of the best in the game. This move tacks on a decent amount of damage at the end of combos, but unfortunately does not give a hard knockdown in pretty much all situations. In the corner, you can OMB at any point during this attack and perform a short follow up combo after this super connects for added burst safe damage, especially useful to safely kill the opponent.

  • Removes 6 fate regardless of the point in a combo in which it is used.

SP Pistol β is almost exclusively used as combo filler. This attack removes a whopping 6 fate from the opponent's fate counter and inflicts Fear on the opponent. This attack has a significant amount of untech time on hit, which will either allow you to get a pretty nice oki situation or even follow up this super with a short combo afterwards for extra damage.

  • Inflicts Silence and Fear for a certain period of time.
  • Takes away 6 fate from the fate counter.

The SB Version is hands down one of, if not the best super in the game. This dual status effect inflicted on the opponent effectively seals the opponent's burst and Persona attacks on top of removing the opponent's ability to tech throws. This means that your opponent's defensive options are incredibly limited and gives you a Fatal counter starter if you hit your opponent during the time they are afflicted. This move also gives you a hard knockdown that gives strong oki as well as adding insult to injury by removing 6 fate counters. AND if that wasn't enough, you can combo off this attack with more supers or a dashing 5B or Sweep if the proration isn't too high. This move is crazy good.

Hamaon Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 0×16/K.O. Any 5+13 75 29 Total +73 Projectile
SB 0×16/K.O. Any 5+13 75 29 Total +73 Projectile

  • Instant kills the opponent if the fate counter is at 0 and the skull is red.

Hamaon: This super is relatively useful and has multiple uses for Naoto. For starters, this super will instantly kill an opponent without any fate remaining regardless of their health value. This attack also is very useful to force the opponent into a large amount of block stun that puts you at a very large advantage that you can use to mix the opponent up. When you take into account the two main aspects of the super, you can combine these two ideas to force the opponent to block a mix up with the potential to instantly lead to death if they guess wrong, which is one of the biggest and dirtiest aspects of Naoto as a character.

SB Hamaon: This version of Hamaon functions almost exactly the same except this move will track to wherever the opponent is and covers a slightly larger portion of the screen.

Mudoon Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0/K.O. Air Unblockable* 5+20 40 55 Total - Projectile

  • Instantly kills the opponent if their fate counter is at 0 and the skull is red next to it.

This attack isn't used as often as Hamaon because it's similar, but less efficient. This move's saving graces include that fact that this move will connect in certain situations where Hamaon will not and this move happens to be air unblockable. This means that you can catch your opponent in the air and potential instant kill them if they are unable to avoid the large hitbox of this move and if they have no fate remaining.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
activation - - 4+ - 241 Total - -
SB activation - - 4+ - 385 Total - -
A Shot 800 Any 1* - - - Projectile
B Shot 100 Any 1* - - - Projectile

  • Max of 3 follow up shots to Raid. SB Raid allows for a maximum of 5 shots.

A shots: A shots are the more damaging shot follow ups to Raid. You can perform up to 3 shots (5 if during SB raid) before ending with the finisher.

B shots: B shots are the less damaging variant but have the added bonus of removing 1 fate per gun shot. Same difference in the number of possible gunshots depending on non SB or SB raid.

Critical Shot

C or D after Raid

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
3000 (3600) Any 9+3* 2 60 -43 Body

  • Can select which direction Naoto faces when kicking by either hitting C or D. C keeps original facing while D turns Naoto around.
  • On CH, SB Critical Finish is a Fatal Counter starter. Regular Critical Finish is not.

This finisher to Raid is an extremely fast kick that does big damage as a combo ender or even as a starter. It is possible to cancel part of Raid's start up activation directly into Critical Finish to give you an extremely fast reversal super if so desired. This move can be followed up with an OMB or more supers if so desired.

Instant Kill

Judge of Hell Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
K.O. Unblockable 61+141 - 534 Total - Projectile

Virtually useless attack against human opponents. The targets on screen are unblockable, but they are extremely easy to avoid as there are tons of blind spots as well as the targets having very little movement at all. You can control where you initially set your Persona by either holding 4/6 or by not holding any direction. This affects where some targets appear, but that is the limit of your control over this super. Overall, probably don't use this unless you are playing Score Attack or you really want to troll hard.


To edit frame data, edit values in P4AU/Naoto Shirogane/Data.