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This page is for a prior version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax!
This page covers content from P4AU 1.1, which is NOT the most recent revision of the game.
The version of the game released on modern consoles with rollback netcode is P4U2R.
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Tohru Adachi
P4U2 Adachi Portrait.png

Health: 9,500

Combo Rate: 60%

Persona Cards: 4

Backdash Time: ??

Backdash Invincibility: 1-6

Movement Options: 1 Double Jump/Airdash, Dash type: Run

  • All Jumps have 3F prejump, can not input any commands for the first 2 airborne frames, and have blocking disabled for the first 5 airborne frames
  • All air backdashes are invincible 1-5F
Rushdown, Trickster



P-1 Climax Nickname: "The Egocentric Police Dick"
Persona: Magatsu Izanagi
Arcana: Jester

  • A former cop who has deep ties to the murders that occurred in Inaba. He appears before the protagonists as they move through Yasogami High School, which has become a misshapen tower. He's as aloof as ever, and seems to be familiar with the red-haired boy who claims to be behind all of this....


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Able to inflict various status ailments, creating deadly combinations.
  • Extremely strong in Awakening.
  • Good air normals, particularly j.C.
  • Both his Heat Riser and Magatsu Mandala supers apply unique buffs.
  • Out of his 11 Persona attacks, only two are burstable.
  • Persona displacement allows Adachi to control a good amount of the screen, which forces opponents to always stay on their toes.
  • Magatsu Mandala gives him amazing comeback potential, including unblockable resets.
  • Has a command grab.
  • Extremely Persona-reliant, leaving him at severe disadvantage in Persona break.
  • Persona break removes Heat Riser and Magatsu Mandala buffs.
  • Very reliant on meter, as SB skills are often needed to continue combos and make pressure safe.
  • Relatively limited defensive options without meter.
  • His DP transforms 10% of his health into blue health, effectively risking 950 health per use.

Buffs and Ailments

  • Two of Adachi's supers, Heat Riser and Magatsu Mandala, apply a unique buff to Adachi for the remainder of the round. Both buffs can be used at the same time, but still need to be regained each round by using the super again. If Adachi is Persona broken after a buff has been applied, the buff will be removed.
Heat Riser Buff is on the left, Magatsu Mandala Buff is on the right.
  • Heat Riser Buff: Adachi receives a 10% damage boost to all of his attacks, along with a 10% defense boost. When active, a red icon of Adachi's face appears above Adachi's meter.
  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: When active, a purple icon of Magatsu Izanagi appears above Adachi's meter. After Magatsu Mandala, Magatsu Izanagi's attacks gain new properties and inflict ailments:
  • Poison: 5C, j.C, Atom Smasher.
  • Shock: 5D, 2D, j.2D, Megidola.
  • Rage: Heat Riser.
  • Panic: Magatsu Mandala.
  • Silence: 2C, j.2C.
  • Aditionally, Ghastly Wail will always do extra damage, as if the opponent was feared.
  • Along with Naoto and Shadow Naoto, Adachi is one of the few characters capable of killing off a Guard Cancel Assault, under the right conditions. If Adachi has previously set the Magatsu Mandala buff, he can combo from a Guard Cancel Assault with a One More! Burst into Heat Riser > 5D for an unblockable Rage reset.
  • It is also possible to set an unblockable IK setup thanks to the ailments he gets from Magatsu Mandala. If you can do a combo that shocks, silences and Rages (such as Megidola>Heat Riser>2C), the IK becomes completely unblockable. However, a smart opponent can just short hop over it.
This setup requires 200 meter (50 to get Mandala, 50 to Heat Riser, and 100 for the IK), which prevents it from being "truly practical".
  • Lastly, you'll be reading a lot of "displacing" Adachi's persona, Magatsu Izanagi. By "displacing", we mean the fact that Magatsu Izanagi can do a lot of moves from the position he's in, not Adachi's. This is frequent after a 2D or a 2C, as you can attack the opponent from fullscreen to catch him off guard.

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 200 any 6 - - -6 -
5AA 500 any 10 - - -6 -
5AAA 900 low 15 - - -4 -

5A has a fairly good vertical hitbox, which helps with air confirms. Significantly negative on block, so it's best chained into 2A to remain safe. One of his two jump cancelable moves on block.

5AA moves forward during the attack.

5AAA is a low attack. If the opponent is too high after 5AA, 5AAA will not connect.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
160 any 6 - - -2 -

Upwards gun swing. Small damage. Can combo into itself up to three times. Unlike most 2As, Adachi's is not a low attack. -2 on block, giving it utility in stagger pressure. Used in certain Magatsu Mandala routes to pick up an opponent after Mandala.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
500, 150, 150 any 7 - - -8 -

Quick hand swipe. Two additional hits are performed automatically if the move is not cancelled after the first hit, which makes 5B especially bad on whiff. Any of the three hits are forward dash-cancellable on hit or block. While very punishable on whiff, the attack's range is good and often underestimated.

  • Dash Cancel is -5 on block for the first hit, -7 for the additional hits.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 AUB 13 - - -23 -

An upward kick. Adachi moves forward during the attack. Like most 2Bs, Adachi's is an anti-air attack that's both air unblockable and has a period of Head invuln.
On counter-hit, the opponent is launched upward, allowing for very damaging follow-up combos.
However, 2B shouldn't be used randomly due to its lengthy recovery and Adachi's forward movement; if poorly spaced, Adachi's 2B will whiff. Very negative on block, but it's jump-cancellable on both hit and block, so jump-cancel to remain safe.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
200 high 7 - - - -

Fast gun jab, but limited range. Can combo into itself up to three times. Overhead.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
500 high 8 - - - -

Long range kick. Only one frame slower start-up than j.A and has much better horizontal range than j.A, making j.B a good tool for air-to-air battles. Overhead.

All Out Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 - 35 - - -19 -

A jumping strike. Adachi runs foward during the start-up. Covers good range, but it has significant start-up, so it's best used sparingly, as with most All Out Attacks. On block, Adachi will recover in front of the opponent, vulnerable to a punish combo.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
800 low 19 - - -3 -

Sweep. Adachi runs forward during start-up. Due to the long startup, it can only be used in Fatal Counter combos or after a crouch confirm. Has a period of Chest invuln, allowing it to low-profile Chest attribute attacks.

Persona Moves

5C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
900, 0, 300, 838 - 16 - - -9 -

  • Three-part attack: Magatsu Izanagi performs a stab, followed by a grab, then throws the opponent to the ground and stomps them.
  • If the opponent is airborne, Izanagi will only do the first hit and send the opponent flying away.

A multi-hitting attack that can be special-canceled after the first hit. During the grab portion of the attack, Adachi can still move and attack while Izanagi is active, but he can not use any persona attacks until the move is completed (Fourth hit, Izanagi's stomp).

Covers good range but significantly negative on block. A strong poke and combo tool, particularly when cancelled after the first hit, but beware of whiffs, as both the start-up and recovery for the move leave both Adachi and his persona vulnerable.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Poison.

2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
800, 0, 1042 - 19 - - - -

Two-part attack that can be cancelled after the first hit. Magatsu-Izanagi performs an upward dive for the first hit, able to grab airborne opponents. Air Unblockable. Very similar to Kanji's "Gotcha!" but with a smaller hitbox.

On hit, the opponent will be grabbed, then slammed onto the ground by Magatsu Izanagi if the attack is not cancelled. While the start-up is significant, 2C is still a strong preemptive anti-air, and it is useful for displacing Magatsu Izanagi for some long-range gimmicks.

The first hit can be cancelled with Persona normals, specials and supers. Adachi's recovery ends before the final slam if not cancelled, allowing you to confirm 2C into any move or a super.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Silence.

5D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
104, 52×23 (1300) - 60 - - +80 -

Multi-hit full screen projectile, similar to Elizabeth's Maziodyne special and Yu's Ziodyne super. While the attack has a full second of start-up, Adachi can move once the attack is out, allowing for cross-ups and tricky mixups. 5D is extremely plus on block, but due to the attack's slow start-up, opponents can easily run up and hit Adachi for a counter-hit and break a Persona card, so it's best used wisely.

On hit, gives 21 meter to the opponent, and on block, it's one of the easiest attacks to Instant Block, so beware giving opponents (particularly Shadow-Type characters) free meter.

This move is typically used during Adachi's unblockable set-ups after the opponent has been inflicted with Rage and cannot block. Keep in mind that it takes a while to start-up, so don't autopilot.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Shock.

2D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1980 - 41 - - - -

Diving sword plunge, similar to the second hit of Narukami's Cross Slash super. It will appear wherever the opponent was when you pressed the button.

Adachi can move as soon as Magatsu Izanagi lands on the ground. Huge damage (2378 on FC), enormous ground-splash hitbox, and great for punishing opponents at range after Magatsu Izanagi has been displaced; however, the move has significant start-up.

Additionally, there is a gap during which Magatsu Izanagi is vulnerable: when he first appears above the opponent, they can easily tag the persona with a fast jab to break a card and stop the attack. As mentioned, failing at doing so will remove 1/4 of their health.

Again, 2D's hitbox is not active when Magatsu Izanagi first appears, so beware card breaks.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Shock

j.C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
800 - 13 - - - -

Magatsu Izanagi slashes in front of him. Large hitbox and carries momentum. Key part in Adachi's hop-cancel juggles, which allow for combo extensions. Very good air normal, as it's relatively fast, controls huge amounts of space.

Groundslides on counter-hit into a full combo. Just like with 2D, there's a brief gap during which Magatsu Izanagi is vulnerable, as Magatsu Izanagi's hurtbox appears before the attack's hitbox.

However, this attack only has one cancel option (Excluding OMC). Adachi has to either cancel into J2.D (which is not a blockstring) or wait until he lands to continue pressure.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Poison.

j.2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
800, 0, 1042 - 16 - - - -

Same as 2C.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Silence

j.D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
104, 52×23 (1300) - 55 - - - -

Same as 5D.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Shock

j.2D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

Same as 2D. Perfect for interruptions and dealing with zoners. Can be used after displacing Magatsu Izanagi, but carries the same risks as 2D.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Shock

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
500 Throw 5 - - - Throw

Adachi grabs the opponent, trips them, and then laughs. Worse damage and combo starter than his command grab. We really struggled to say something good about this move. If you OMC the throw as early as possible into 5D, you can OTG with 2A and corner carry really well. Can only be followed up with use of a One More! Cancel or Burst. In NesicaXLive arcade version, this move also give Adachi exactly 17 SP.

For more reliable followups after a OMC, do 2A>5B>2C.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300, 1000 Throw - - - - Throw

Adachi tosses the opponent to the ground, crushes their back with his feet on landing, then hops back. Deceptive hitbox. Same rules as with his ground throw to get followups, although combos are more limited midscreen, as very few characters can get hit by 5B>2C. The 2A>5B>2C pickup does not work with his air throw.

Get Lost!


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700(1), 350(2) high->low 23(1), 56(2) - - -43(1), -22(2) -

Jumping gun slam, followed by a kick that knocks the opponent away. First hit is an overhead, the second hit is low. It has a hitbox behind Adachi on the second part. Takes 10% of Adachi's health as blue health, which means an additional 1K to any punish.

On hit, causes wallstick. Can be super-cancelled on hit and block. At 23 frames, it's one of the faster standing overheads, but as a reversal, it has significant start-up and can be option-selected easily, so be careful. Highly punishable on block and whiff.

Very good meterless damage on FC.

Guard Cancel Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

Same animation as 5AA. Fairly good hitbox. Often underused due to Adachi having one of the best reversal supers in the game, but it's still a reliable guard cancel.

Skill Attacks

Pain in the Ass!

236A/B followed by A/B

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 900 any 4 - - -10 -
SB 1000, 0, 0 any 4 - - -10 -

Note: The attack performed depends on what version of "Calm Down" is used. Pressing A/B will do the same thing. All versions can be super cancelled.
During the walking animation, Adachi's non-Persona moves are replaced with a tackle followup. He can still do AOA, Throw, DP, Specials (including hop cancel) and Persona normals, but he cannot jump, dash nor roll.
Side Note: On the very last frames, if the opponent has switched sides with Adachi, the followup will correct itself and tackle the opponent.

A: Ram attack which knocks the opponent away.

B: When the move hits, Adachi will grab them and throw them backwards spinning. Useful tool when you want to extend combos and get out of the corner.
At a certain part on the hitbox, around the top part, it will not auto-grab the opponent but instead cause the opponent to slide which can be followed up, doing an extra chunk of damage in many corner combos.
There are a few character that can't / are really hard to cause slide on. Said characters are Kanji (can be done but it's pretty hard) Yukiko, Sho and Minazuki.

SB: Same as B version, but the move leaves the opponent in a spinning state right next to you, allowing for microdash 5B to continue the combo or combo into Ghastly Wail as a finisher. It's also comboable into SB Megidola, although the timing can be strict, which is somewhat impractical. Can also cause slide but shouldn't be used for it as B does the same damage and proration but without the meter use.
It also has some invuln frames that is only weak against throws. Everything else will go right through. However, said invuln does not kick immediately nor does it last the whole duration. Adachi is only invuln the time he's flashing on blue.
This property is not carried to the tackle followup.



Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 300 low 12 - - -1 -
B 300 low 12 - - -1 -
SB 300 low 10 - - +13 -

Downward-aimed gun shot. Fast attack. Mostly used as a combo finisher to force tech or in the middle of a combo because it can be super canceled.

A: Adachi shoots in-front of himself. Can hit OTG, but will force tech if that's the case. It will always hit if done at point blank on the corner.

B: Adachi shoots around 1/3rd away from himself. Same effects as the A version, but it can whiff on close opponents. Will go off screen if your opponent is on the corner.

SB: Adachi shoots at a farther distance that can track and hit the opponent in the area of the bullet, which can go up to 2/3rds of the screen. Longer recovery for opponent so it's easy to follow up, ground bounces on air hit (opponent has to be very close to the ground for this to hit in the air). Often used after sweep for j.C hop combos and lots of corner carry, or during blockstrings as it is obscenely + on block.

Evil Smile Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 200* low - - - - -
D 200* low - - - - -
SB 200* low - - - - -

Magatsu Izanagi appears behind Adachi and summons a ghost to hit the opponent. If the ghost hits, the opponent is inflicted with Fear. Deals no damage, no meter gain. Whiffs on crouching opponents.

While being capable of doing fear at any time is very good, actual uses of Evil Smile are fairly limited due to the recovery on both Adachi and his Persona, as well as the set distance the ghost appears from.

Evil Smile is actually capable of hitting people out of weird moves, such as Narukami's 2B / Naoto's Double Fangs and do 220 damage, as well as hops. It's surprisingly a very good starter.

C: Ghost appears about halfscreen distance from Adachi, whiffs on close opponents, doesn't even appear when close against a cornered opponent.

D: Ghost appears about fullscreen distance from Adachi, doesn't even appear unless the opponent is at fullscreen distance or Adachi is backed in a corner.

SB: Ghost homes in on opponent's location regardless of distance. Does not home vertically so will whiff on opponents high enough in the air.

Megidola Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 0, 0, 1375 - 9 - - - -
D 0, 0, 1750 - 16 - - - -
SB 0, 0, 2250 - 9 - - - -

Command Grab that can be used to open up opponents. Adachi, after doing a pose, will grab the opponent. After a few seconds of talking, Magatsu spirals downward with a dark electric bolt. Can be super canceled into Heat Riser to start a combo or Magatsu Mandala for the buffs. On counter-hit launches the opponent higher. Fatal Counters.

On midscreen and FC, you can only do a 5C as followup for the C and D versions. The SB version floats higher, so you can get better combos. If you have meter, you can get a Heat Riser combo off any of the three versions.

All of them lead to big damage on the Corner if they're FC.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Shock

C: Less start-up. Less Damage. Small hitbox.

D: More start-up. More Damage. Also has throw invincibility, so it can counter throws if timed well enough. Hitbox is bigger than what it looks like.

SB: Has the least startup and recovery, also throw invincible, does the most damage. Has D's hitbox.

SP Skill Attacks

Heat Riser Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 1400 any 4+1 - - -11 -
B 1600 any 4+19 - - -20 -
SB 2000 any 4+1 - - +1 -

A fiery upwards slash that appears in Izanagi's location. Can be comboed into 2C. On hit, an icon of Adachi's head in red with a positive up arrow appears on top of his meter bar and he gains a 10% attack boost to all of his attacks as well as a 10% defense boost. (Example: Adachi's j.C deals 880 damage with the buff, as opposed to dealing 800.) All versions are fatal recovery

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Rage

A: Fast Start-up, opponent can tech sooner.

B: Slower than A version but more untech time, allowing for 5B or 2C juggle combos.

SB: The buff is applied even if Heat Riser whiffs or is blocked. Short recovery and a lot of untech time

Atom Smasher Persona Required

236236C/D (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 400, 200×9 any 3+10 - - -30 -
D 400, 200×9 any 3+30 - - +2 -
SB 400, 200×9 any 5+1 - - +2 -

A fullscreen multi-slash which is similar to Akihiko's Maziodyne. The move can be used as a combo-ender with the tons of damage involved, but leaves Adachi open if the opponent blocks. Fatal Recovery. If Adachi does any version of this super he's stuck on Fatal Counter recovery until he lands.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Poison

C: Fast but Adachi has a lot of recovery. Very punishable on block.

D: Slower start-up but Adachi's recovery is faster. +2 on block, making it the default reversal if he does not have 75 meter.

SB: Probably the best reversal super in the game. 5+1, meaning it can not be rolled on reaction. Huge damage on counterhit. +2 on block. If the opponent was pressing buttons, they got hit. However, it's possible to backdash it on reaction, allowing for a FC punish.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks

Magatsu Mandala Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 1000, 100×11 - 4+3 - - -19 -
B 1000, 100×14 - 4+13 - - -7 -
SB 1000, 100×14 - 4+2 - - -1 -

Magatsu Izanagi creates a red vortex. If the attack hits, the opponent will be sucked into the vortex and they will be thrown up to the air. When Adachi uses the attack, a purple icon of Magatsu Izanagi's head with a positive up arrow appears on top of his meter bar and his persona attacks now inflicts several status effects. The buff is applied even if Magatsu Mandala whiffs or is blocked, but NOT if you get hit on the first frames.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Panic

A: The super comes out at Magatsu Izanagi's current location, useful followup after 2C/j.2C.

B: The super comes out at Adachi's current location. Comboable in the corner with 2A/5A/5B. Has some invuln on the first frames but will not kick in immediately.

SB: The super comes out at Magatsu Izanagi's current location.

Ghastly Wail Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 1000, 180, 300, 300, 720 - 4+0 - - - -
D 1000, 180, 300, 300, 1200 - 4+8 - - - -
SB 1000, 180, 300, 300, 1200 - 4+0 - - - -

Downwards claw slash. Command grab. If the attack hits, the opponent gets inflicted with Fear. Similar to Elizabeth's Ghastly Wail, additional damage is done if the opponent is already afflicted by Fear. When Izanagi is on the screen (ie. after 2D or 2C), the throw is relative to his position, not Adachi's. If displaced with 2C or 2D, all versions of Ghastly Wail will autocorrect to face the opponent.

  • Magatsu Mandala Buff: Huge damage increase on opponents NOT afflicted by Fear. No change for opponents afflicted by fear.

C: Insanely fast, but deals the least damage. 0F after super flash.

D: Slower than the C version, but deals more damage.

SB: It has the same speed as the C version and the same damage as the D version

Version Hit State Max Damage
C Neutral 1000,180,300×2,720 (2500)
C Magatsu Mandala Buff 1000,180,300×4,1020 (3400)
C Fatal Counter (Fear) 1300,180,300×4,1020 (3700)
D/SB Neutral 1000,180,300×2,1200 (2980)
D/SB Magatsu Mandala Buff 1000,180,300×4,1600 (3980)
D/SB Fatal Counter (Fear) 1300,180,300×4,1600 (4280)

Instant Kill

Yomi Drop Persona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Death any - - - - -

Adachi summons Magatsu Izanagi as he clutches his head in pain, while Magatsu Izanagi attempts to grab the opponent from the ground. If the grab is successful, Adachi's IK illustration will appear as Magatsu Izanagi drags the opponent down to what appears to be Magatsu Inaba. Magatsu Izanagi strikes the opponent with a devastating blow from his sword and the attack will end. The screen will then cut back to Adachi as he and Magatsu Izanagi disappear in a blanket of red fog. While the start up is fast compared to the other Instant Kills, it can be easily avoided by either jumping or blocking.


To edit frame data, edit values in P4AU/Tohru Adachi/Data.