P4AU/Tohru Adachi/Strategy

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General Tactics

Adachi pastebin made by a high level netpl- pfff ok, I can't even finish that. http://pastebin.com/iL4VmdZN

Basic Overview

Adachi is an offensive type of character that wants to rush down most other characters until they either make a mistake or respect him long enough to get grabbed.

Despite this, his actual mixup game is rather weak, and sometimes it can be hard to open people up without the right read. Adachi's mixup is done extremely close to the opponent, putting yourself to DP range.

This is very important when dealing with characters such as Akihiko, who has no reason not to mash DP every time you get close to him while trying to throw, taking your momentum and putting you in a pretty bad spot.

However, His strings have pretty few gaps if he decides to stay safe, so he only needs to take the risk when he feels like it and will stay away from mashing range most of the time. Knowing when to give your opponent breathing room and when not to is very important, because, as said before, he doesn't have any way of dealing safely with DP's aside from callouts and some very specific strings.

His main strengths are his persona normals, mainly J.C, J2.D and 5C. All of them have good range, are relatively safe and just overwhelm the opponent in most matchups.

General Gameplan

Adachi's gameplan resolves mostly around his meter. There are mainly three ways to play around:

  • Save your meter to get the buffs and do big damage, as well as getting the defense boost.
  • Use your meter to keep your opponent blocking with SB Gunshot and try to open them up.
  • Stack up to 75 meter and dare the opponent to press any button.

While the last one might sound like a joke, it's anything but that. Characters such as Elizabeth have to play very respectfully when on the offense against an Adachi that can just SB Smasher out of everything, and hit for big damage. In Elizabeth's case, nearly half her health.

Because of this, in some scenarios trading your burst for 100 meter (by doing a Gold Burst) can nullify a lot of the opponent's options.

Awakening and the Rage Reset

Adachi's main goal in every match is to basically get into awakening and get the Magatsu Mandala buff as safely as possible.

As you already know, with this buff Adachi turns into a massive threat that can turn a match upside down at any moment by landing one hit and combo-ing into Heat Riser, which leads into unblockable resets.

Essentially, there are two types of "Rage Reset". The one that abuses spin state, and the one that doesn't. The goal in both is to have the opponent both Raged and Silenced, so he does not have a proper way out of the reset.

  • The Spin State reset requires 75 meter after getting Magatsu Mandala. It's completely unescapable (unless you mess up), but it does not lead to good damage without spending more meter or a burst outside of the corner.
It's very important to have the opponent Silenced for this type of reset. After a "Heat Riser", combo into 2C, then hop J.C, and then do the SB Tackle followup. After being put into Spin State, the opponent is limited to two options, Block or Burst. However, you got rid of both of these defensive options already.
When Adachi recovers, you want to do an immediate 5B (fast and with good range, so it's the perfect move for this) and continue your combo.
The perfect scenario for this is to have Adachi with his back against the corner after the sideswap, so you can do 236BB after it to toss them into the corner for a good combo. Otherwise, you'll have to either keep your combo short or spend more meter/your burst to continue it.
If you didn't like the explanation, perhaps a video-concept would help you out more. (*Pending)
  • The "Laser/5D/Ziodyne Reset" is the most standard one, as it can be done anywhere on the screen.

On The Defensive

Persona Broken

Having your persona broken as Adachi is VERY bad. First, any buffs received from Heat Riser and Magatsu Mandala are erased, and would have to be re-applied. Second, your stubby normals will leave you EXTREMELY vulnerable to characters with good normals and any zoning capacity.

While severely disadvantaged, all hope is not lost. How do you survive long enough to get Izanagi back and try to mount a comeback? Consider the following options:

RUN!!! Without Izanagi, Adachi is outmatched by many characters in reach. Avoid getting touched if possible! You will get touched so how can you minimize the damage potential of your opponent?

Adachi's only meterless reversal is his DP, which also converts 950 HP into blue health. Getting your DP baited can kill you. Be mindful of staggers with A normals, and be aware of your opponent's jump cancellable moves.

Tips and Tricks

Adachi's 5C is not limited to his position, but Magatsu Izanagi's. This means that if your opponent blocks your 2D you can inmediatly 5C and you'll stab them fullscreen.