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In the original Persona 3, Aigis is an anti-shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo Group. She was a party member in Persona 3 The Journey and the main character in Persona 3 The Answer. She comes equipped with a large variety of weapons and an enhanced battle mode, as well as her evolved Persona Pallas Athena.

P4U Aigis Portrait.png

Combo Rate
Movement Options
1 Double Jump/Airdash, Run-type Dash, Flight
Orgia Mode and Bullets
Orgia Meter on the left, bullet counter on the right
Orgia Mode
Transforms Aigis into a high mobility character with very potent rushdown potential. Once in Orgia mode, the Orgia gauge slowly decreases, and once empty, Orgia mode is temporarily disabled. Performing Orgia mode-specific attacks (such as air dashes, and Megido Fire EX) consumes a portion of the Orgia gauge.
Aigis starts each round with 120 bullets. Once depleted, Aigis loses access to certain attacks. These attacks cover a lot of space and can stop the opponent's advance.
Aigis players must find a balance between using Orgia mode to attack and using her limited bullets to allow the Orgia gauge to recharge.

File:P4Arena Aigis Icon.png Aigis playstle is heavily rushdown based. Using Orgia she can quickly close in on an opponent, apply very strong pressure, deal large amounts of damage, and apply a strong knockdown game. Learning to balance her Orgia gauge while still keeping momentum is key to playing Aigis.

  • Insane movement, pressure and damage while Orgia is active
  • Amazing air normals
  • High damage from almost any hit
  • Most combos lead to hard knockdown and okizeme
  • Forced to limit herself while Orgia is cooling/inactive
  • Slightly lower health than average
  • Limited Persona abilities

Move List

See also: Aigis Full Frame Data

Normal Attacks


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
5A 170 All CJSO 5 3 16 -6 Body - Click!
5AA (With Ammo) 100×10 All C(J)SO 10 In 2F Intervals 46 Total -7 Body, Projectile - Click!
5AA (Out of Ammo) 400×2 All C(J)SO 8 1, (4), 10 9 -9 Body - Click!
5AAA 800 All JSO 30 5 10 - Head - Click!

Quick fast jab, but has noticeable recovery on whiff. Can be jump cancelled on hit or block. Normally used for frame traps and jump pressure. Can be input as 4A to prevent Aigis from chaining into her 5AA accidentally. Can be low profiled by some characters.


Fires a stream of bullets to juggle the opponent in front of her. Consumes 10 bullets. Can be cancelled into other attacks to save bullets. Used in combos to make the opponent airborne.


Aigis jumps up and then does a drop kick which grounds the opponent. Can either follow up with standard S Action combo or jump cancel to continue the combo. Like all 5A mash chains, builds a large chunk of meter and an eighth of the burst gauge on hit.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
400 All C(J)SO 12 3 23 -9 Body, Projectile - Click!

Rocket punch. Projectile attribute. Used in pressure to cancel into sweep/boost and in combos. Can be low profiled by some characters.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
160 L CSO 7 4 9 0 Leg - Click!

Crouching jab that can be cancelled into three times even on whiff. One of Aigis' few low hitting moves. Usually gatlinged after 5A to create frame trap pressure or as a quick low. Has a very short recovery.


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
With Ammo 120×8 All C(J)SO 7 In 2F Intervals 58 Total -27 Body, Projectile - Click!
Out of Ammo 300 AUB CJSO ? ? ? ? Body ? Click!

Spread shot that shoots eight bullets in a wide spread. Consumes 8 bullets. Not air unblockable. This move is very good as it covers a large portion of the screen, but be wary that opponents can roll through the bullets and punish. Jump cancellable on hit and special cancellable on block or hit.

Out of Ammo Aigis swings her hand as if she were performing 2B, but without firing a projectile. Aigis’ only air unblockable move, and has head attribute invuln. Jump cancelable on hit and block. [Note: Out of Ammo Version was not in the mook so we are still waiting for it's accurate data.]


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
100, 50×2 H(1),All CJSO 6 2, 2, 2 14 - Head - Click!

Aigis spins her hand like a drill for three hits. First hit is an overhead. Can cancel into itself. Comes out quick and has a good active duration so it can used to catch airborne opponents or as an overhead. Very strong air-to-air move and is often used in combos.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
300 HA CJSO 9 8 10 - Head - Click!

Sharp drop kick that can cross up. Overhead. Mainly used as an overhead in pressure by boosting and hitting B quickly. Also used to control height in combos. It has a bit of hitbox behind Aigis.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
200×3 All CJO 9 In 2F Intervals, Grenade 17F, Explosion 2F. 27 Total - Projectile - Click!

Drops three grenades that scatter downwards. Good combo ender while not in Orgia. Can be used to set-up good oki with Athena counters, or just to control space at any time. Main combo tool in j.2B relaunch combos that can lead into mode change.

All Out Attack


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
All Out Attack 300 H O 28 5 37 -23 Body 14-28 Guard Click!
All Out Rush 180×N H O - - - - Body - Click!
All Out Finish (C) 1800 H O - - - - Body - Click!
All Out Finish (D) 1000 H O - - - - Body - Click!

Hits overhead and follows up into 2 options: C Launchers the opponent high into the air on hit, and D gives hard knockdown, or a wallbounce near the corner on Fatal Counter. Can be used in the middle of combos because of its "launching bounce" property, then followed up with a super. If OMC'd, it will leave Aigis airborne.



Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
700 L SO 13 5 15 -5 Leg - Click!

Aigis sweeps her leg low on the ground, knocking down the opponent. Goes surprisingly far. Great mix up tool with Orgia Mode. Can be comboed after in Orgia for great damage.

Guard Cancel Attack


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
0 All O ? ? ? ? ? ? Click!

Uses her 5B animation to blow the enemy away. Has full armor, but will be slowed down by the hitstop of any move that hits her. .
[Note: Guard Cancel Attack was not in the mook so we are still waiting for it's accurate data.]

Persona Attacks

5C Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
900 All C(J)SO 17 2 30 -19 Body - Click!

Athena does a wide sweeping slash with her spear. Blows opponent back on hit. Mostly used for it’s high blockstun for safely activate/deactivating, but can also be used in some combo routes for optimal damage.

2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
1100 All C(J)SO 32 2 27 -10 Body - Click!

Athena lunges forwards and slices. Identical to 5C but with more range and a longer startup. Mostly useless.

5D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Guard - - - - 38-112 Receiving 33 Total - - - Click!
Attack 400 All - 41 - - - Body - Click!

Counter attack. Athena appears and if she gets hit, will rush across the screen with full invuln until recovery. If she gets hit again after the charge she will disappear and you'll lose a Persona stock. Good to prevent the opponent from mindlessly zoning. Has the second longest startup time of Athena’s shield counters.

2D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Guard - - - - 13-73 Receiving 36 Total - - - Click!
Attack 400, 200×3 HA - 36 - - - Body - Click!

Counter attack. Athena appears and if she gets hit, will go up and then dive down, hitting the opponent. If she gets hit again after the dive she'll disappear and you'll lose a Persona stock. Unlike 5D, Athena will always appear at your position even if already out. Counter frames start up the fastest of Athena’s counter moves. Can pick up a combo on hit.

j.C Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
400, 800 All CSO 8 4, (8), 6 10 - Head - Click!

Athena attacks with a spear. 2-hit move, first the shield then the spear. Can be canceled into specials or supers. This move is incredibly useful to Aigis, so you need to know it well. It comes out incredibly fast with a huge hitbox. Combine it with boost and you have an amazing spacing tool that can lead to big damage and oki. Also can used to create boost cross ups with air turn. On CH, causes a long untech time that can easily be followed up. While j.C is a fantastic normal, be careful, as it can be low profiled by quite a few characters, as the attack hitbox on both parts of the move cannot hit too low to the ground.

j.D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Guard - - - - 40-114 Receiving 24 Total - - - Click!
Attack 400 All - 41 - - - Body - Click!

Counter attack. Athena charges forward if counter activates, same as 5D.

j.2D Persona Required

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Guard - - - - 19-75 Receiving 24 Total - - - Click!
Attack 400, 200×3 HA - 36 - - - Body - Click!

Counter attack. Athena goes up a little and then dives down if counter activates, same as 2D.


Ground Throw


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
0, 0, 910 Throw O 5 3 25 - Throw - Click!

Aigis attaches an explosive to the enemy and then blows htem away. Fatals on Counterhit, and can be followed up in Orgia or by OMCing. Note that Aigis’ throw has a special property where it ignores the throw tech system in place for Persona 4 Arena, and can ONLY be teched after the ! appears over the opponents head, otherwise, they will be counterhit for grabbing too early. A glitch also exists where Aigis can cancel into Megido immediately after throw without expending Orgia Meter.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
0, 0, 1100 Throw O 4 3 19 - Throw - Click!

Aigis grabs the opponent, whacks them and then pulls an RPG from her back and blasts them away. Wall bounces. Can be followed up. Obeys the normal throw tech system, unlike Aigis’ normal grab.

Furious Action

Escape Change

B+D, air OK

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Ground 900 All U 10 4 64 -51 Body 1-13 All Click!
Air 900 All U 8 4 15 After Landing - Body 1-11 All Click!

Aigis blasts away the enemy then hovers backwards gaining some distance. Switches between Orgia and normal mode. Can be done even when overheated, but will not switch modes. Cancelable into supers on hit or block, and can be boost canceled on hit to chase the opponent. Easily baited/beaten since the hitbox is rather small and projectile type. If canceled early enough, Aigis will not switch in or out of Orgia Mode.

Skill Attacks

Mode Change


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
A Activate - - - - - 28 Total - - - Click!
B Activate - - - - - 21 Total - - - Click!
SB Activate - - - - - 15 Total - - - Click!
A Deactivate - - - - - 28 Total - - - Click!
B Deactivate - - - - - 23 Total - - - Click!
SB Deactivate - - - - - 23 Total - - - Click!

Aigis stalls for a second to enter/exit Orgia Mode. When going from normal to Orgia mode, B version activates slightly faster and puts you high in the air, allowing you to do falling normals/combo extensions. When in Orgia mode, both versions are identical, but B version will automatically overheat you at half gauge regardless of how much gauge you had at the time. A version will cancel Orgia mode normally. SB version is very fast, and when going into Orgia allows you to do a falling j.b for a nigh instant overhead.

7th Gen Gatling Blast


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
A 90×10 All UO 20 - 75 Total - Projectile - Click!
B 90×20 All UO 29 - 102 Total - Projectile - Click!
SB 90×20 All UO 16 - 73 Total - Projectile - Click!

Aigis draws a gatling gun and shoots forward. A version sprays a set amoun tof bullets, while the B and SB version can be held down as long as you have ammo. A Version consumes 10 bullets, while the B Version consumes 20 bullets, and SB Version consumes 20 bullets (it can be held until all bullets are consumed, though). There is a lot of start up and recovery on this move, so it’s best to only use this move when catching the opponent for their last bit of health, or as a full screen punish. SB version is safe on block.

7th Gen Radical Cannon


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
A Bomb 300, Explosion 900 All O 35 Till Explosion + 30 After Explosion 59 Total - Projectile - Click!
B Bomb 300, Explosion 900 All O 39 Till Explosion + 30 After Explosion 63 Total - Projectile - Click!
SB [Bomb 300, Explosion 650]x2 All O 31 Till Explosion + 30 After Explosion 55 Total - Projectile - Click!

A large cannon extends from Aigis' back and fires an anti-air bombardment. No bullets are consumed. Fatal Counters. Press the button corresponding to the version used to detonate the cannon prematurely. If the button is only tapped, then the attack will automatically go full range. Mostly used in combos, but can be used to leave a lasting projectile onscreen as well. Aigis is not considered crouching during this move.

7th Gen Vulcan Cannon


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
A 100×9 All UO 19 To Landing 11 After Landing - Projectile - Click!
B 100×14 All UO 25 To Landing 11 After Landing - Projectile - Click!
SB 170×14 All UO ? To Landing 11 After Landing - Projectile - Click!

Shoots diagonally down. A Version consumes 9 bullets, B Version consumes 14 bullets, SB Version consumes 14 bullets, spread out into two paths with 7 bullets each: one path with the half-screen angle of the A version and another path with the full-screen angle of the B version. B and SP versions go back further than A version, allowing for some crossup gimmicks. Again, there's a lot of recovery and start up so this move is only situationally useful.

Megido Fire Persona Required

236C/D in Orgia Mode

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
C 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All U*O 15 33 7 + 6 After Landing -4 To +1 Body - Click!
C (Air) 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All U*O 17 21 Up to 12 After Landing - Head - Click!
D 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All U*O 12 30 6 + 9 After Landing -1 To -3 Body - Click!
D (Air) 200×2, 100×3, 1600 All U*O 12 30 9 After Landing - Head - Click!
SB 200×2, 100×13, 1600 All U*O 13 30 5 + 4 After Landing +1 To +4 Body - Click!
SB (Air) 200×2, 100×13, 1600 All U*O 14 30 9 After Landing - Head - Click!

Aigis lights on fire and hurls herself forwards. No bullets are consumed. On hit, Athena will hit the opponent multiple times with a fire spiral then spike the opponent straight down. Gives a ton of frame advantage on hit (especially SB version), builds a good chunk of meter, and does lots of damage, making it a staple for high-damage combos. On the ground, the C version will make Aigis fly forward a short distance, while D and SB versions fly diagonally up and back down in an arch. In the air, the C version follows your current trajectory or makes Aigis float in the air if she happens to be floating. D and SB air versions move upwards diagonally before falling down. Has separate repeat proration for normal and SB versions.

Pandora Missile Launcher

214C/D in Orgia Mode

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
C 300×5 All O 31 - 71 Total - Projectile - Click!
C (Air) 300×5 All O 25 - 71 Total - Projectile - Click!
D 300×5 All O 31 - 71 Total - Projectile - Click!
D (Air) 300×5 All O 25 - 71 Total - Projectile - Click!
SB 150×15 All O 25 - 131 Total - Projectile - Click!
SB (Air) 150×15 All O 37 - 146 Total - Projectile - Click!

A Missile container extends from Aigis' back and fires missiles forwards. No bullets are consumed, though a large chunk of the Orgia meter is used. C Version sends them out directly ahead on the ground and D Version sends them upwards as a bit of an anti-air attack, or downwards as an anti-ground attack if used in the air. SB Version sends a much larger amount of missiles out much faster near the ground. Has a lot of start up, but can be used to keep the opponent out or lock them down full screen. Fatal Counters and can be followed up on hit.

Orgia Boost

[6] in Orgia Mode

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Forward - - - - - Possible Action from 8F - - - Click!
Backward - - - - - Possible Action from 12F - - 1-7 All Click!
Hover - - - - - Possible Action between 14-100F - - - Click!

Replaces ordinary movement, preventing Aigis from walking (Unless forward is tapped very lightly repeatedly) and changes her jump to be higher and floatier. All boost motions will consume a bit of Orgia gauge. Aigis can special cancel into Orgia movement at the cost of some extra gauge. Forward movement is always an airdash, allowing for fast high/low mixups while in Orgia Mode. This is what gives Aigis her insane speed, learning how to cancel into this and control it well is crucial to playing her. Additionally, the ability to hover is added, useful for setting up safejumps in situations where the opponent can delay tech.

SP Skill Attacks

Goddess Shield Persona Required

236236C/D air OK

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
C 2000 All O 1+12 ? 54 -31 Body 1-12 All, 13-33 Guard Click!
C (Air) 2000 All O 1+12 ? 14 After Landing - Body 1-12 All, 13-33 Guard Click!
D 2500 All O 1+20 ? 55 -32 Body 1-41 All Click!
D (Air) 2500 All O 1+20 ? 14 After Landing - Body 1-41 All Click!

Summons Athena to perform a great dash forward. A good combo ender. It can cancel into either Heavenly Spear C or D by buffering the 214214 input while she charges forward and pressing the C or D button right as it connects.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks

Heavenly Spear Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
C 2800 All R 1+3 - 49 Total +4 Projectile 1-6 All Click!
D 400, 200×9 All R 1+14 - 54 Total -7 Projectile 1-17 All Click!

Athena appears and throws her spear upwards. The C version is one of the fastest moves in the game with a 4 frame startup, and will launch the opponent high into air on hit, and the D version will perform multiple hits allowing for follow-up. The C version can also be connected from the D version for added damage, and the C version can also connect into itself for even more damage on Fatal Counter. Be careful, however, as there is a slight deadzone in front of Aigis where the move may whiff if the opponent is too close, and the opponent can also shove themselves towards Aigis to push away from the spear, making the deadzone bigger.

Instant Kill

Heritage Liberator Palladion Persona Required


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
K.O. All - 1 + 51 - 29 After Landing - Projectile 1-115 All Click!

Shoots Diagonally downward. Can be blocked. If it hits, Athena impales them and then Aigis blasts them with a giant laser cannon. If bullets are available it will consume 12 bullets, if not she won't shoot the 7th Gen Vulcan Cannon during the attack.


Orgia Movement

In Orgia, Aigis gains access to some new movement tools at the expense of Orgia gauge. She can now boost, hover, and Orgia backdash in addition to having her normal jumps enhanced. She loses the ability to perform backdashs, airdashs, run, and walk forward in exchange. While she loses a lot of options, the ability to move freely in the air with Orgia makes up for it nigh instantly. In the air, you get 1 boost, 1 backdash, and 1 hover in addition to her normal jumps. Not only that, but boosting temporarily in a direction gives you a lot of freefloating momentum, allowing you to almost freely create any sort of flight path you want. Learning to fluidly use these together is very important.


In Orgia, Aigis can not walk forward normally(Note: She can still walk backwards), nor can she run or airdash. Instead, she has boost. By holding forward on the joystick, Aigis will fly forward and consume some of the Orgia gauge. Here are some general rules about boosting:
  • When boosting from the ground you immediately become airborne.
  • A dash input on the ground or air will also initiate boost. You simply hold the second 6 input to keep boosting.
  • You only get 1 boost per jump. You must land again in order to get another boost. Blocking in the air restores your Orgia actions too.
  • If something is special cancellable, that means you can also cancel it into boost.
So, boosting is your main movement option in Orgia. By combining it with j.C and other buttons, you can control space and close the gap as you please. In pressure, it gives you very fast overhead options and jump pressure, and in oki it sets you up for very quick left/right mix ups. Be careful not to just boost directly towards opponents however, since you are airborne they can simply 2B you for free. A good way to use boost is to jump around and maintain a normal spacing game, then boost forward when there's an opening or something you can whiff punish. There's also a lot of momentum when you boost, so if you have a lot of height, you can let go of a boost early and let the momentum carry you the rest of the way. More uses of boost will be explained in the tri-jump section.


In Orgia, the traditional backdash is replaced by a new backdash. Aigis will fly backwards in the air and become airborne. This consumes some gauge, but has a lot of uses. There is backdash invulnerability on this, same as other backdashes. You can also immediately boost afterwards since it takes you airborne. This can be performed in the air or ground as well. Things that are normally special cancellable can also be cancelled into this. You only get 1 per jump though, the same as boost. Don't be afraid to use this to get out of pressure. Sometimes, you can even make a move whiff, then immediately boost back down and punish. This is a really great tool to escape offense and immediately set up pressure of your own.


By holding up on the joystick while airborne, Aigis will start to hover in place. This is mostly used for mix up and safe jump set ups, but can also be used to bide time. There will be more on this in the oki section, since it's uses outside of that are very limited.


A triangle jump (tri-jump) is a technique where you jump and very quickly boost forward to cross up the opponent. Aigis can mount a devastating offense by using this technique in both pressure and oki. In order to do it, all you have to do is jump, boost forward or downforward to fly behind the opponent, hit A+C to airturn just before you pass over them, then hit C to get j.C(1). Part of the strength of this technique is that you can space the jump/boost in a way that it becomes very hard to tell which side you will hit on. For oki and in general situations, you can just jump and boost, but sometimes you'll need to move more quickly. In order to get a faster boost into cross up, you can use an Instant AirDash motion (IAD) to do so. Hit 9, return to neutral (5), then hit 6 from the ground. Since you have no airdash and it's replaced by boost, boost will come out instead. By doing this boost IAD then air turning and hitting j.C you can create an extremely fast tri jump that's even harder to react to. Doing this in pressure by jump canceling from 5A can be a very strong option. Mess around with boosting and air turning to create all kinds of different situations.



When playing neutral outside of Orgia mode, there are a few ways you can go about things. A lot of the time, you'll be focusing on getting into Orgia and get your game started. You can do this by creating space and looking for a safe spot to change in, or you can attempt to go into a combo or pressure the opponent to safely get a mode change as well. A good player will be able to switch both styles on the fly as necessary. Here's some of her more prominent tools:
  • j.C: j.C comes out very fast and has nice, big hitbox out front, which will very quickly make it into your best friend. You can jump and throw this move out to control the space directly in front of you, and stop people trying to close in with just the first hit of the move very easily. With j.C(1) on hit, it is possible to convert and get into Orgia, but it's rather specific to how and when you hit. On counterhit, however, it is very easy to confirm into a combo to get into Orgia or to get a hard knockdown.On the offense, you can airdash in with this move to whiff punish somebody and get a very nice combo. If they block, you can still get in and pressure them with the first hits’ blockstun. Defensively, air backdash j.C(1) low to the ground can be used to control space, or you can just jump and hit j.C low enough to the ground so only the first hit comes out, as j.c has very low recovery. As great as j.C is however, properly spacing and throwing out this move is essential, as it can still be beaten very easily. If you go around airdashing like crazy, the opponent will inevitably call you out with an anti air 2B, leading to you losing a persona card and getting comboed, and j.c also has a fatal flaw where it cannot hit low profile moves whatsoever. Regardless, it cannot be emphasized enough how important this move is.
  • 2B: 2B is another tool that is essential to properly playing Aigis’ neutral game. It can control a lot of space on the screen at once, and can be special canceled on block, and jump/special canceled on hit. If you anti-air somebody with a counterhit, you can jump/superjump and confirm the combo with j.A and get a nice combo into Orgia or knockdown with very little risk. The move also comes out fairly fast so you can use it to get people off of you at a closer range. Be careful throwing this out randomly, however! Not only does 2B consume bullets every time it is used, but the bullets can be rolled through, and some characters even have moves that let them run through your bullets effortlessly! If you throw out 2B carelessly, you’ll eat a huge combo for your mistake.
  • 5D/2D/j.D/j.2D: The big shield counter. This move is pretty nice at controlling whatever part of the screen you put it on. You can throw it out to cover 2B or mode changes, to buy some time, or to prevent certain characters from being reckless with their projectiles. If the opponent triggers the counter, you have ample time to mode change and charge in after the persona, as long as they hit/block it.. If they get hit by 2D or j.2D, you can actually combo off of it by using 2a. Long story short, don't be afraid to toss this out! However, remember there is a noticeable start up to these, and if Aigis gets hit while it's out the persona will disappear and you will lose a card.
Aigis' ground game is rather lacking compared to most of the cast. Her normals are pretty short, and a lot of her bullet based specials are very slow and unsafe. 5C has a long range, but a lot of start up and recovery so it isn’t always ideal. Generally, your best bet is to use j.C to space yourself while looking for an opening, or to use 2B and 5D to control space and mode change safely. j.C’s huge hitbox allows you to contest a lot of the spacing game, so use that to your advantage. 2B also helps you control tons of space too, with the fatal flaw of leaving you wide open on roll. Aigis' zoning game is not very strong, but it can afford lots of time to get into Orgia or open up an opportunity for pressure. And while it isn’t necessarily strong, never forget that Aigis CAN play ground based footsies to an extent! If the opponent is exclusively looking for you to rely on j.C, shields, and 2b, sometimes the best thing you can do is rely on your ground game until they drop their guard!
Orgia Mode
In Orgia mode, Aigis has a lot more options at neutral that allow her to become very aggressive. j.C is, as always, very strong for this. Using boost and j.C(1) close to the ground you can cover a lot of space and create pressure from almost anywhere on screen. Don’t be reckless, however-Even with how quick boosting is, if you don’t play according to how your opponent is guarding, you will be knocked out of your offense. For example, boosting in and whiff punishing moves with j.c is a great way to use Aigis’ speed to your advantage. Outside of that however, make sure not to just beeline straight at the opponent! You become airborne with every boost, so you'll be very exposed to air unblockable moves. Getting a lot of height and using boost to create angles to dodge anti-airs is a common way to close the gap, but that tends to make your movement more reactable, and give the opponent more options to react. Using 2B in Orgia is also very useful, since on block or hit you can cancel into boost and gain ground while the opponent is stuck in blockstun. j.A and j.B are also very quick, so you can go in with both of these to quickly catch the opponent blocking before they can react. If you catch somebody in the air, you can use boost or your additional jumps to confirm and get a combo going. Since Orgia is limited, closing the gap and getting into Aigis' scary pressure game spending as little boost as possible is key, but don't be too impatient, as that can get you killed or lose even more meter during a combo.


Non-Orgia Pressure

Outside of Orgia, Aigis has quite a bit of pressure options that can easily open the opponent up. Once Aigis has closed in, you have a couple of important tools to use to get things going. A lot of your pressure is going to revolve around using 5A and 2A to create stagger and jump pressure to open up the opponent. It'll usually look something like this:
  • 5A > 2A, then either dash OR 5A OR throw
    • This is typical frame trap pressure. You can stagger between 5A > 2A > 5A to counterhit the opponent if they decide to mash buttons, and use throws to open them up if they don’t.
  • 2A > 5A > 7 (jump cancel) > airturn, air backdash, j.B OR 2A
    • Since 5A is jump cancellable, you can use it to do mixups by canceling it. Since j.B has a hitbox behind Aigis and hits high, and Aigis’ airturn backdash makes you fall pretty quickly, you can make it difficult to tell if you will hit them high with j.b or hit them low with 2a instead. Additionally, you can also superjump to get a crossup instead.
  • 5A > 7 (jump cancel) > IAD > airturn > j.C(2)
    • A very quick cross up that allows you to chase a combo confirm and convert into Orgia.
  • All Out Attack: Aigis' AOA is one of the slowest universal overheads, and is pretty negative on block, so it doesn't see a lot of use. However, it does have a few properties that make it useful outside of raw speed. Thanks to both the armor and the airborne frames during the AOA, it can be used as both a throw and a mash bait. Additionally, if you One More Cancel it, it leaves you airborne so you can airdash and get a nasty double overhead mix up. It’s not advisable to use it too often, as many characters can react to Aigis’ AoA and beat it cleanly, but it exists.
You can also mode change mid blockstring either if your opponent is respecting your pressure, or if they have poor punish options.. By forcing your opponent to block a 5C, you can use the high blockstun and pushback to mode change safely. If you're in the middle of stagger/throw pressure, you can also 22B mode change after a 2A as a throw bait and look for a punish, or 22AB to do an instant overhead. If your opponent really respects you (or in matchups where people can't punish you) you can do something like 5AA > 5B > 22B/22AB on block and get things rolling by attacking as you fall. You can also mix in sweep and other things in to try and catch the opponent off guard as well, but be careful, as sweep is -5 and can be punished by a lot of the cast, even on cancel.

Orgia Mode Pressure

This is where Aigis’ pressure gets legitimately scary. Aigis has a lot of tight block strings that lead to high/low mix ups with massive damage potential on basic confirms. By mixing in high/lows with tri jumps for left/right mix ups, Aigis' pressure can be really dominant.
  • [6] > j.B
    • This is a basic boost overhead. The boost will make you airborne so j.B will come out and hit overhead. This is your main overhead tool in pressure and can easily be comboed after.
  • 2AB > [6] > j.B
    • Sweep is going to be your go to low for pressure, and can easily be confirmed after by boosting into j.B, plus has a massive damage potential on confirm. Be careful, however, as there is a DP-able gap between the sweep and j.B.
  • 2B > 2AB
    • This is a true blockstring into sweep that allows you keep pressure going that is very quick. Once people respect it you can start throwing in an overhead to keep them on the look out.
5B Blockstring
5B > [6] > j.B
5B > 2AB
This is the first Orgia blockstring you will probably learn. Between the 5B and the high/low follow up, there is no gap so your opponent has no choice but to attempt to block the mix up. This is very strong, but don't become too reliant on it. Due to the fact that j.B and 2AB won’t hit at the exact same timing, this setup can be OS blocked--by blocking low, then high at a specific timing, it’s possible to always block this mixup, unless you carefully stagger the boost/sweep accordingly. Also, if you’re too far away after the 5B, there will be a DP-able gap in the string from the extra time Aigis will need to boost. Regardless, this is a great tool to make your opponent respect your offense. You can expand on this block string a few different ways:
  • 5B > [6] > j.B > j.C > 5B (no gaps back into mix up)
  • 5B > [6] > [3] > 2A (fake an overhead, go for a low)
  • 5B > 2AB > [6] > j.B > j.A > 5A (There is a gap between the sweep and j.B, however if this hits it is a confirm into a combo. If they respect and block, you have a blockstring back into a mix up)
  • 5B > [6] > [9] > airturn > j.C (a quick boost over cross up)
  • 5B > [6] > airturn > j.C(1) whiff > Throw (fake blockstring into throw)
As you can see, the mixup potential of 5B is extremely high, so it can be an essential part of your mixup.
5A and Tri-Jumps
As previously mentioned, 5A is jump cancellable on both block and hit, which is very useful in pressure. If you do a blockstring into 5A, you can jump cancel and go for a very fast tri jump cross up. This can be DPed, but it is very fast and hard to react to. Mixing this in with your offense adds a lot to Aigis’ pressure game. You can even jump back and threaten with a cross up, and boost down and hit front to keep your opponent guessing! Going from a standing move into [6] then holding [9] to cross over them and go for a cross up is another good way to incorporate boost cross ups into pressure. Example:
  • 5B > [6] > j.B > j.C > 5A > 9(jump cancel) > 6(instant tri dash > airturn j.C(1)
Additionally, you don't need to cancel from 5A to do a tri-jump. Any time you can jump or jump cancel a move you can set up a tri jump, so experiment with this to find what works for you.

Okizeme and Safejumps

Aigis has a very strong okizeme game whether she is in or Orgia or not. A lot of her combos will leave the opponent in a hard knockdown state regardless of what mode she is in. Once the opponent is knocked down, Aigis has a plethora of safejump routes and devious Orgia mixups she can use to run a train on the opponent.
Non Orgia, j.2B Okizeme
Outside of Orgia, a lot of your combos will end with j.2B to get a hard knockdown. From here, you can simply run and do cross ups like j.B using your air turn and attempt to convert from there. j.B > j.C is also a great string to use since you can convert off of it and if they block it you can just continue into pressure. Using air backdash j.B and 2A is another option that you can use, as if you superjump and stay low to the ground doing this, you can create a really ambiguous cross up. Don't forget about 2D either, as if you land with enough advantage, you can throw out 2D to punish your opponent for throwing out any buttons or reversals.
Orgia Mode
In Orgia, a lot of your combos will end in Megido will cause a hard knockdown, giving you oki. From here, Aigis has a lot of options: You can go for a meaty sweep or boost j.B overhead for a quick high low without a tell like 5b/5a before it, and you can jump and attempt to confuse your opponent by using tri-jumps and boost cross ups. Jumping and delaying the boost a little bit can be a really ambiguous way to get a tri-jump cross up as well, or doing a high hitting j.B then boosting into another j.B for a quick double overhead can work too. This is a place where experimentation and conditioning/reading your opponent is very key. In addition, safe jumping and applying pressure is also an important option to use here, as safely pressuring the opponent can be more important than getting a wild mixup in that will just get DPed.
A safe jump is where you jump on an opponents wake up and do a meaty attack at a timing where where if they decide to block the attack will be blocked/hit, but if they decide to reversal you will land and have enough time to block the reversal regardless. After this, you can essentially establish pressure without having to worry about wake up reversals. Aigis has very strong pressure so she really benefits from taking advantage of these, even if she misses an initial mixup for doing it. Aigis has safejumps opportunities from a lot of her combo enders, so we will quickly go through those now. (Warning, these do not work on Teddie/Kanji and are very tight on Yosuke)
  • 236D Megido ender, jump right when they hit the ground and hit j.B as you fall
    • This is the typical safe jump while in Orgia after you finish a combo with a Megido. The j.B should hit the opponent very low to the ground and allow you to establish offense. The j.B is also jump cancellable, meaning you can safe jump, and still immediately go for a tri jump or other set up afterwards. This doesn’t work if the opponent delays their tech, but there is a trick you can do to keep the safe jump. When you jump, keep holding up and whiff an air grab. If you're opponent decides to not tech and you keep holding up, you'll hover over them at safejump height and can wait for them to tech. If they don't delay tech, just let go of up and hit j.B on your way down.
  • 236CD > 214A > 236C > 22A > same as other Megido jump.
    • Sometimes you won't have the Orgia gauge to stay in Orgia after a combo, so you can use this ender to get a safe jump the same as the other ender after mode changing into non-Orgia mode. You can even run up and do an air turn backdash safe jump by timing the jump a little earlier.
  • 2B > j.A > j.B > j.2B ender, jump when they hit the ground and j.B.
    • This is a non-Orgia ender into a safe jump, pretty straightforward. To cross up, you can run a little bit before they hit the ground then jump.


Under Pressure

Under pressure, Aigis doesn't have a lot of the options at her disposal. Her Furious Action is very fast and can get you out of a pinch. However, the big drawback to her FA is that its hitbox is directly in front of her and not above her at all. On top of that, it can easily be beaten or baited, and it has one of the worst recoveries in the game, so pick your moments to use this move wisely. She also has a quick 5A/2A that you can use to try and mash out of holes in pressure, but this can be very risky against frametraps. Your best option in a lot of cases is to just block and learn when you can go for an escape. Your guard cancel can also function quite well, so don't be afraid to spend the meter to get out. The biggest thing that WILL happen is sometimes you'll be in Orgia mode, running low on gauge and in pressure. Don't panic, your gauge won't fall too rapidly while blocking. Not only can you guard cancel in these situations, a lot of top Aigis players save their burst specifically to escape pressure so they can safely prevent overheating. And while it looks good on paper, be careful when using your FA in those situations since your opponent can guess when you will use it based on how low your gauge is.
She also has great supers at getting her out of trouble. 214214C is the fastest reversal super in the game, with lots of invulnerability on it to boot, and if it fatal counters you can fire off another one if you have the meter. It's also safe on block, although the opponent will roll it knowing that. If you have the meter, you can also use 236236C/D and OMC it, pressuring the opponent as soon as you OMC if the spacing is good.


In a situation where you are forced to overheat, you can fall back on using movement and non-Orgia neutral to try and bide your time to get the gauge filled back up. You can do longer, less effective combos purely to try and build back gauge if necessary. Don't be afraid to take advantage of an opportunity for pressure either. You can still be building gauge while applying good pressure and scoring damage, especially by comboing into your 5AAA.

Combo Theory

Basic Combo Routes

5AA > 22B > j.C(1)
This is how you're going to get from 5A outside of orgia, into orgia and oki. It's very important to have this down, because you will be doing it a lot. Best to use as few bullets as possible when using this.

j.A > j.B > j.2B 5AA > 22B > etc
j.2B is a very important tool to Aigis, since it allows her to turn an air combo outside of orgia, into a relaunch or even mode change. These are tricky to learn at first since they are spacing and height dependant, but another very important tool that let's her turn a random hit into a very scary situation for the opponent.

Confirming from j.C
J.C is your main spacing tool and you will be confirming off it a lot. You can always do j.C > into Megido, but that doesn't let you confirm. If you're high enough and can do j.C(2) to connect, that you can confrim into Megido and be good. If you're low to the ground, you'll need to use 5A or 5B to confirm into a combo depending on spacing/height, and then figure out your combo from there. On CH j.C(1), you'll usually have enough time to get another j.C into a combo, or use 2B > j.A > j.C if you're close and low enough. It's really important to know how to confirm properly with Aigis, she gets a lot of damage through random hits.

[o] 5AA > 5B > j.C
An easy way to launch the opponent off the ground in Orgia, integral to most of her combos. This is very simple to do. There shouldn't be any bullets between 5AA > 5B and then you simply jump into the air combo.

[o] 2AB > [6] > j.B
This is how you will convert off of Aigis' sweep in Orgia, which is a very important mix up tool. You simply hold forward after the sweep and hit B. This can be tricky to time at first, but you can hit the B rather early and it will still connect. Be careful not to roll the stick from 2 to 3 to 6 or you will get 236B instead of boost into j.B. This makes the opponent airborne and allows you to keep an air combo going into great damage.

[o] J.C > 236CD > 214A > j.B jc j.B > j.C(1) 236D
This is a double Megido combo path using SB Megido. It is Aigis' BnB combo path with meter in Orgia, and it allows her to get incredibly high damage combos back into a hard knockdown. Timing the 214A can be weird at first, but there is a pretty generous window to land it, then you jump up and finish the combo.

[o] 236CD > 214A > 236C > AOA > 236236D
The basic way to combo into super from a double megido combo. If in awakening, you can 214214C instead after the AOA.

[o] Throw > [6] > j.C(1) > 236D
In Orgia mode, Aigis can follow up a throw with a combo from anywhere on the screen by boosting after it.

Intermediate Combo Theory

  • For non-Orgia confirms, the j.A>j.B>j.2B route only works when Aigis is sufficiently close and isn't below the opponent by a huge margin of space
  • The j.2B > 5A relaunch only works if Aigis' height is at or slightly below opponent height.
  • CH AA 2B hits should be followed with j.A (superjump optional). From there, adjust your combo to get the j.2B>5A relaunch if possible
  • CH single-hit j.C is usually fairly easy to confirm into j.A>j.B>j>2B>5A relaunch. Again, adjust as needed. Depending on height, CH j.C(1) can be followed up w/2B
  • Double-hit j.C should be followed with sj.A>j.B>j.2B. This can be a very tricky confirm and may not always be converted into a relaunch. As such, just settling for j.2B knockdown is acceptable.
  • In the corner, you should be comboing into 5C if you can. Most optimal route is 5C>IAD j.C>air combo
  • Bullets have a fair bit of proration; when using 5AA or 2B for combos, try to hit with as few bullets as possible
  • Ways to adjust j.A>j.B>j.2B route
    • Delay attacks (delay = Aigis gets lower relative to opp)
    • Jump or superjump?
    • How many hits of j.A should be done? (less hits = Aigis gets more height relative to opp)
  • Random fact: Air turn j.2B knockdown in the corner allows for corner crossups. Try it! :D


  • Random CH j.C hits are easy to confirm. Best option is usually standard double megido route.
  • AA 2B can be confirmed into one of the following:
    • jump j.C into (EX) megido
    • D Megido
  • Bullets have a fair bit of proration; when using 5AA or 2B for combos, try to hit with as few bullets as possible
  • How to confirm regular Megido into j.2B knockdown: (Megido)>2B(one hit)>j.A>j.B,j.2B


[o] = Orgia Starter
Combo = Challenge Mode Combo
DM: = Damage
SP: = SP Gain

Beginner Combos

  • 5A*5 [DM:2246/SP:22%(-50%)]
  • 5A > 5B > 5C [DM:856/SP:7%]
  • j.B > 5AA > 2B [DM:964/SP:8%]
  • 5C > 236A [DM:1410/SP:8%]
  • 2B > 5B > 5C > 22A [DM:1170/SP:9%]
  • 2B > j.C(2) [DM:936/SP:7%] (Anti-Air)
  • 5B > 5C > 236236C > 214214C [DM:3314/SP:6%(-100%)] (Awakening)
  • j.A(3) > j.B > dj.B > j.C(1) > j.BD [DM:1186/SP:9%] (Anti-Air)
  • AoA~C > j.A(3) > j.B > j.C(2) [DM:2452/SP:25%]
  • 214A > 66 > 5B > j.C(2) > j.236236D [DM:3510/SP:12(-50%]


Normal Starter

  • j.C(2) > Land > j.A(3) > j.C(2) > OMB > Land > 2C > 236236C [DM:3015/SP:12%(-50%)]
  • 5AA(1) > 22B > j.C(1) > [6] > j.C(1) > j.236D > Land > 2AB > 236AB [DM:2365/SP:17%(-25%)]
  • [o] 5B > 2AB > [6] > j.B > j.C(2) > 5B > 236CD > 22A > 214A > j.B > j.2B [DM:3198/SP:10%(-25%)2%]
  • [o] j.B > j.C(1) > 5B > 2B > 236CD > j.214CD > [6] > j.B > 5A > 5B > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:4138/SP:7%(-25%)3%]
  • 5AA(1) > 22B > j.C > j.236D > Land > 5B > j.B > j.236C [DM:2226/SP:24%]
  • 2A > 5A > 5B > 5C > 236A [DM:1,011/SP:11%]
  • 5AA > 22B > j.C(1) > j.236D > 5B > j.B > j.2B [DM:2,034/SP:21%]
  • 2B > jc > j.A > jc > j.A > j.B > j.2B > 5AA > 22B > j.A > jc > j.C(1) > j.236D [DM:2,293/SP:23%]
  • 2D > 66 > 2A > 5AA > 22B > j.A > jc > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:2,925/SP:23%] (2D?)
  • 5AA > 22B > j.C(1) > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:3,439/SP:10%(-25%)]
  • IAD j.C(2) > sj.A > j.B > j.2B > 5AA > 22B > j.C > j.236D [DM:2,453/SP:23%]
  • IAD j.C(2) > sj.A > j.B > j.2B > 5A > 5B > j.B > j.2B [DM:1,894/SP:15%]
  • [o] j.B > 5A*3 > [3] > j.B > 5B > jC > j236D > 5BD [DM:?/SP:?%]
  • [o] j.B > 5A > 5B > 2AB > [6] > j.B > j.C(1) > 5B > 236C > 5AB > 5C/2C > 22A [DM:?/SP:?%]
  • [o] j.B > 5A > 5B > 2AB > [6] > j.B > j.C(1) > 5B > j.C(1) > j.236CD > 214A > 236D > 5BD [DM:3547/SP:16% (-25%)]
  • [o] 5B > 2AB > [6] > j.B > j.C(1) > 5B > j.C(1) > j.236CD > 214A > 236C > 5AB > [6~9] > j.BD [DM:4433/SP:13% (-25%)]
  • [o] 5B > 2AB > [6] > j.B > j.C(1) > 5B > j.C(?) > j.236CD > j.214CD > [3] > j.B > 5A > 5B > 236D > 5BD [DM:?/SP:?%]
  • [o] 2AB > [6] > j.A(1) > j.C(1) > 5B > j.C(?) > j.236CD > j.214CD > [3] > j.B > 5A > 5B > j.C > j.236D > 5BD [DM:?/SP:?%]
  • [o] j.B > j.C > 5B > j.C(1) > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:4017/SP:10%(-25%)]
  • [o] 2AB > [6] > j.B > j.C(1) > 5B > j.C(1) > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:4596/SP:13%(-25%)]
  • [o] 2B > 2AB > 66 > j.B > j.C > 5B > jc > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:2790/SP:25%]
  • [o] CH j.C(1) > Land > sj.C(2) > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D > 5BD [DM:4365/SP:11%(-25%)]
  • [o] j.A > 5A > jc > j.B > j.C(2) > Land > sj.C(2) > j.236D [DM:2181/SP:21%]
  • [o] j.B > 5AA > 5B > jc > j.C(1) > j.236CD > 214A > 236C > 5AB > 214214D > 214214C [DM:5218/SP:11%(-125%)] (check sp)
  • -

Skill Starter

  • [o] 214C > [6] > j.B > 5AA > 5B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:2668/SP:24%%]
  • 214A > 66 > 5AA > 22B > j.C(1) > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > jc > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:4,789/SP:14%(-25%)]
  • [o] 214C > [6] > j.B > 5AA > 5B > jc > j.C(2) > 236CD > 214A > j.C(1) > j.236D [DM:3902/SP:20%(-25%)] (check sp)
  • -

System Starter

  • [o] CD > [6] > j.B > 5B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:2132/SP:24%]
  • AoA~C FC > j.C(2) > j.B > dj.2B(3) > j.2B(3) > 214214C [DM:3854/SP:29%(-50%)]
  • CD > OMC > 22B > [6] > j.B > 5A > 5B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:2,085/SP:2%(-50%)]
  • CD > OMC > 22B > [6] > j.B > 5B > j.B > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:2,174/SP:2%(-50%)]
  • [o] CD > [6] > j.C(1) > j.236D [DM:1764/SP:20%]
  • -

SP Skill Starter

  • 214214D > 22B > j.A > j.236D > Land > 5B > j.B > j.C > j.214214C [DM:4982/SP:(-50%)1%(-50%)]
  • -


Normal Starter

  • 5C > j.B > j.A(3) > 5AA > 214AB > j.C(2) > j.236AB [DM:3379/SP:9%(-50%)]
  • 5A*3 > jc > j.B > 5B > 5C > IAD > j.B > j.2B [DM:1653/SP:28%]
  • 2A > 5B > 5C > IAD > j.C(2) > Land > sj.A > j.B > j.2B > 5A > 5B > jc > j.B > j.2B [DM:2030/SP:21%]
  • 5AA > 5B > j.A > dj.A > j.B > j.2B [DM:1227/SP:11%]
  • 5AA > 5B > j.A > dj.A > j.B > j.2B > 5A > 5B > j.B > j.2B [DM:1622/SP:18%]
  • 5A*3 > jc > j.B > 5B > 5C > IAD j.B > j.2B [DM:1635/SP:28%]
  • 5B > 5C > IAD > j.C(2) > sj.A > j.B > j.2B > 5A > 5B > j.B > j.2B [DM:2372/SP:20%]
  • CH j.B > 5B > 5C > IAD j.B > j.A > 5AA > 22B > j.C > j.236D [DM:2459/SP:22%]
  • [o] j.B > 5A > 5B > 5C > j.C(2) > j.236CD > Land > 214A > j.B > dj.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:4182/SP:16%(-25%)]
  • -

Skill Starter

  • 214B > 236A > 214214D > 22B > j.BD > j.236236C > OMB > Land > [6] > j.B > j.236CD > j.214D > j.236AB [DM:6559/SP:1%(-100%)1%(-50%)] (Challenge 30)
  • 214A > 66 ~ 5AA > 22B > j.C > j.236D [DM:2,898/SP:19%]
  • 214A > 66 ~ 5AA > 22B > j.C > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:4,872/SP:13%(-25%)]
  • -

System Starter

  • AoA~D FC > 5B > 5C > 22B > j.C > j.236D [DM:2888/SP:30%]
  • AoA~D FC > 5B > 5C > 22B > j.C > j.236CD > 214A > j.B > j.B > j.C(2) > j.236D [DM:4112/SP:25%(-25%)]
  • -

Triple Megido Combos

(vs Kanji you always do B cannon second)


~5A Route~

  • 5A(A)> 22B> jC> SB Megido> (falling jB~j2B)> Radical Cannon A> 5B> C Megido> Radical Cannon A> D Megido }} [DM:4k/SP:25%]

~jB Route~

  • [o] j.B> 5A(A)> 2B> j.C (*1)> SB megido> land Radical Cannon A> 5B> C Megido> land Radical Cannon A> C Megido

~Sweep Route~

  • [o] 2AB > dash j.B > land 2A, 2B j.C (*1)> SB megido> land Radical Cannon A>5B >C megido> A cannon> C megido [DM:5.1k with j.C(1), 5.3k with j.C(2)/SP:25%]


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