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You and your opponent can inflict ailments (also known as status effects) on each other during the match. Most ailments last for approximately 4 in-game seconds, and can be removed if the character with a status effect hits the opponent with an attack.

You can be afflicted by up to 3 ailments at the same time so watch out! If a 4th ailment is added, then the oldest ailment disappears.


P4Arena poison.png

A poisoned character loses a set portion of his/her health over time.
Poison disappears after a set period of time or until the poisoned character hits the opponent.

Each time the heartbeat sound effect plays, you will lose a small amount of health (0.8% of your character's max health).
Poison ignores Awakening's defensive bonus, making it a great tool when the opponent is low on life because it effectively does "more" damage.

Examples: Yosuke's throws, Teddie's item Mystery Food X, Elizabeth's Shuffle Time and 2D


P4Arena confuse.png

Panic (commonly called confuse) reverses a character's inputs: left becomes right and right becomes left! This means that while in panic, the character will need to press down and towards the opponent to block low.
Panic disappears after a set period of time or until the panicked character hits the opponent.

Examples: Yosuke's Tentarafoo, Teddie's item Amagiya Buckets, Elizabeth's Shuffle Time


P4Arena fear.png

When afflicted with fear, the first hit of any combo automatically becomes a counter hit, causes fatal counter, and they will be unable to break throws.
Fear disappears after a set period of time or until the afflicted character hits the opponent.

Examples: Elizabeth's 5D/2C/j.D, Naoto's Anti-S SP Pistol β


P4Arena berserk.png

Rage (commonly called Berserk) disables blocking for the enraged character but increases his attack power by 20%.
Unlike most other status effects, Rage only disappears after a set period of time - it does not go away if you hit your opponent!

Examples: Teddie's Teddie Decoy and item Muscle Drink


P4Arena silence.png

Mute (commonly called Silence) disables persona related abilities for the afflicted character. This includes things like C and D attacks, Bursts, and some speicals and supers.
Mute disappears after a set period of time or until the muted character hits the opponent.

Examples: Naoto's Anti-S SP Pistol α


P4Arena paralysis.png

Shock (commonly called Paralysis) disables movement (walking, jumping, airdashing, etc) for the afflicted character. Note that Evasive Action, Hop, Air Turn, Ukemi, and attacks that automatically move the character (such as Chie's Dragon Kick and Mitsuru's 5B) are still usable while paralyzed.
Shock disappears after a set period of time or until the shocked character hits the opponent.

Examples: Kanji's 5D/2D/j.D, Teddie's item Ball Lightning, Akihiko's Maziodyne, Elizabeth's Maziodyne SB version.


P4Arena charm.png

A charmed character's SP is constantly drained in 4 SP increments and given to the opponent! Note that even if the charmed character's SP is reduced to zero, the opponent will still gain SP.
Charm disappears after a set period of time or until the charmed character hits the opponent.

Examples: Mitsuru's 2C, Elizabeth's Shuffle Time


P4Arena freeze.png
You can stop hitting 46 when you see this X.

Frozen characters are encased in ice where they can be comboed by the opponent. Once hit, they will automatically break free from the ice (unless they are hit by another attack that can freeze them!). Freeze lasts for 3 seconds, but can be shortened by rapidly pressing left and right, though there is a minimal amount of time you will be frozen which is specific to each attack.

The optimal number of left+right inputs to break out of the ice is 6 (meaning 3 left and 3 right). You will know that you have achieved this if you see white shatter lines in the shape of an X appear.

When a frozen character is able to hit the opponent (through delayed projectiles or attacks trade), then the frozen character is automatically freed from the ice.

Examples: Mitsuru's 5D/2D/j.D, Teddie's item Dry Ice, Elizabeth's Mabufudyne

Negative Penalty

P4Arena negativePenalty.png

Similar to Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, if a character runs away for too long, then the character enters Negative Penalty. Before going into Negative Penalty, an exclamation point will repeatedly flash above a character's head as a warning; the character will officially be in Negative Penalty State once the words "NEGATIVE" appear on the side of the screen and red "sad faces" will appear over the character's head.

While in Negative Penalty, the afflicted character takes 50% more damage, meaning a 1000 damage attack will now do 1500 damage to a character in negative penalty. Unlike most other status effects, Negative Penalty does not disappear after hitting the opponent; you must perform multiple offensive actions such as advancing forward, or attacking the opponent.


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