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Eight Directions, Two Attacks, and Two Persona Attacks

Like most arcade fighting games this game uses an 8 way direction joystick (or pad), and buttons.
There are 4 attack buttons in total: A (weak), B (strong), C (Persona Attack), D (Persona Rush).


Players use Numpad Notation when discussing the game online in order to overcome the language barrier international players have when discussing things like special move inputs and strict, complex combos.

Basic Joystick Commands

Beyond your basic walk/jump/crouch commands, P4Arena has a variety of movement options:

run forward. Keep holding 6 to keep running forward
Backstep. Backsteps move a preset distance and have a bit of startup invincibility. It is primarily used to avoid incoming attacks or as a last-ditch defensive option.
High jump. After a high jump, you can not double jump, but you can air dash! Pressing 27 or 29 will have you high jump in the specified direction. You can use any downward direction for the 2 input - doing 38 will still give you a high jump.
J.gif66 and J.gif44
Air dash in the specified direction. Air dashes quickly cover a lot space, but you can not block while air dashing. This makes them high risk, high reward movement option.
Double jump. Pretty self explanatory. You can also use 7 or 9 to double jump in the specified direction.

Special Commands

Special commands in P4Arena are relegated to mostly 236 and 236236 type motions to accommodate new players to the fighting game genre by removing the more complex inputs found in most other fighting games.
If you find yourself having issues executing these motions, go to training mode and perform the motion slowly until you're comfortable, then gradually perform it faster until you are comfortable doing it in a match; these motions must become second nature to you. One piece of advice is to try and emphasize the 2 and 6 when inputting the motion to make sure you end where you are supposed to.

Universal Button Commands

P4Arena SystemMap.png
Press any button while on the ground to get back on your feet. You will be invincible while you ukemi. Occasionally players will delay their ukemi to throw off the opponent's timing should they try to go for a mixup or block string.
Air Ukemi
Hold any button while getting hit in the air and you will recovery with a bit of invincibility as soon as the blue bar empties. You can also hold 4 or 6 or 8 or 5 to choose which direction you will recover. Some players choose to delay their air ukemi to throw off the opponent's timing should they try to go for a reset or block string.


Persona 4: Arena
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