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Naoto Shirogane is a 1st year from Persona 4, and is also known as the Detective Prince for solving many cases as a detective. After attempting to solve the Inaba serial murder case alone, Naoto joins the Investigation Team and they find the culprit together.
Naoto Shirogane

P4U Naoto Portrait.png

Combo Rate
Movement Options
1 Double Jump/Airdash, Run-type Dash.
Fate Gauge
P4Arena FateCounter.png
Underneath her opponent's health bar is the Fate Gauge. Starting at 13 at the beginning of each match, certain moves of Naoto's will reduce it by various amounts. If multiple Fate-effecting moves are used in a combo, only the first Fate-affecting move will take away from the counter unless a Fate-effecting SP Skill is used. Once it's at 0, the opponent can be instant-killed by landing 1 of 2 supers: Hamaon or Mudoon. If a round is ended without instant-killing the opponent, the opponent regains half of the Fate Gauge they lost the previous round (rounded up). If Naoto KOs the opponent with Hamaon or Mudoon but still needs more rounds to win the match, the opponent starts the next round with a full Fate Gauge.
Fate-Effecting Moves (*If combo'd into, will remove Fate even if a previous move in the combo removed Fate.)
  • 2C (2 Fate removed)
  • Throw~C (2)
  • Counter Shot (3)
  • Counter Shot EX (2)
  • Snipe, 5th shot (1)
  • Hair-Trigger Megido (3)
  • Anti-S SP Pistol Beta* (6)
  • Raid B shot* (1 per shot)

File:P4Arena Naoto Shirogane Icon.png Naoto Shirogane is a fast zoning character with poor health who specializes in keeping the opponent out by using her pistol, her traps, and her Persona. However, Naoto is also a decent rushdown character as well, as some players actually like to rush opponents down on close range by using her great damage potential with her close range attacks (auto attack and double fangs for instance), her Persona and her traps to combo into close range or even into a very damaging SMP Loop.

  • Strong zoning with use of pistol, traps, and Persona.
  • Has a decent pressure game when used in conjunction with traps and 5D~D.
  • Has the highest damage potential in the game with meter and/or One More Burst usage.
  • Fate Gauge mechanic gives Naoto situational combos that can deal instant death.
  • Deals relatively low damage without meter or a Burst.
  • Has a high execution barrier, especially for stronger midscreen combos that have long corner carry and give Okizeme.
  • Practically has terrible options under pressure without at least 25 SP.
  • Normals are subpar when compared to a some of the cast.
  • Also has the second lowest health in the game.

Move List

See also: Naoto Full Frame Data

Normals Attacks


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
5A 160 All CJSO 6 3 12 -2 Body - Click!
5AA 390 All CJSO 8 2 14 -1 Body - Click!
5AAA 1300 All SO 14 3 52 -34 Body - Click!

Typical A punch, more A presses lead into auto-combo. Also Naoto's fastest normal to mash out of pressure with and a decent starter when punishing things that require you to dash up or that recover too quick to be hit by stronger starters.

Since 5A is jump cancel-able on both block and hit, you can use this to activate counter style Furious Actions or slow DPs like Labrys and jump cancel into air block which will lead to a nice punish afterwards. Also very useful for tick throws and pressuring the opponent in general when mixed with 5AA and 2A staggers.


Follow up to 5A, and is jump cancel-able. This is usually what you’ll hit confirm 5A into or to vary your staggers between 5A and 2A. Since its -1 on block, it’s a good move to tick throw off of and frame trap people.


Follow up to 5AA, Naoto kicks the opponent and goes into shooting stance. Cancelable into supers, including Hamaon and Mudoon for easy IK set-ups. The main purpose of going into this move is to instantly build a decent amount of SP and 1/8th of your burst.

A nice thing about 5AAA is that if you wait after they bounce off the wall, you can perform a safe jump by simply buffering a dash and jumping in with any of Naoto’s air normals asides from j.D while hold back to block. If you accidently did this on block, you can OMC this and perform an air dash mixup as you are airborne during this move. If you have no meter and/or no burst, this is what you should generally be trying to combo into vs. a grounded opponent. You can follow up with another A or manually input 214B to special cancel out of this and try to create space between you and your opponent if you don’t have the meter to OMC or OMB out of this.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
400 All C(J)SO 9 4 16 -5 Body - Click!

Kick with long reach, jump cancel-able on hit only. A very nice normal for Naoto, has solid range, cannot be low profiled, and you have good options off this move on hit or block. This is what you’ll generally punish things with or use to out poke your opponent in neutral.

What is interesting about 5B is that you can delay things like 5C and Sweep on block to catch the opponent trying to mash. If you see the opponent respecting this on block, you can essentially restart your pressure with 5A/2A or be really ballsy and go for a tick throw if you have them scared.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
160 L CSO 7 3 11 -3 Leg - Click!

A fast, low normal for Naoto that hits low and can be mashed up to 3 times. It’s a fairly weak attack with a high P1 value so any combo started with this will not do much damage.

During this attack, Naoto’s hitbox shrinks very low to the ground, allowing her to low profile under various moves, most notably things like Mitsuru’s 5A and Narukami’s 5B and 2C, among many other moves in the game. Due to this move’s low blockstun, you can throw after this move very easily, which helps Naoto's grab - poke game when mixed in conjunction with 5A and 5AA staggers.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
400 AUB CJSO 11 3 21 -9 Body 9-11 Head Click!

Upward swing, anti-air, jump cancel-able.

Head attribute invul starting on frame 9.

Since the hitbox of 2B is quite low to the ground, isn't very large, and does not have much head invuln, it makes it quite difficult to use as a proper AA. It will lose against many jump attacks from the cast in general so don’t expect to stuff many air moves. You’ll mainly find yourself using this move to stop IAD approaches and people recklessly jumping around. Very hard to use, but its relatively short recovery compared to many 2Bs in this game, making it one of the harder to punish when whiffed.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
160 HA CJSO 6 4 12 - Head - Click!

A quick downward punch that hits high, and boasts the ability to special cancel on hit/block and chain into itself even on whiff, making it a very good j.A. Thanks to it's nice hitbox, it's good for both Air to Air and Air to Ground situations. Since it's chainable into itself, you can keep the opponent in blockstun until you hit the ground to safely continue your offense.

Little known fact about j.A is that it can be canceled into Naoto’s airthrow and will retain her momentum in the air. This is useful off airdashes as you can do an IAD j.A j.A into a whiffed air throw against a grounded opponent before immediately landing and throwing them. This opens up your opponent for a lot of mixup opportunity once they get antsy about teching the throw. This move is also a key component of Naoto’s fuzzy guard against a good portion of the cast.


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
290 HA CJSO 7 4 12 - Head - Click!

Horizontal kick that hits high, and special cancelable on hit or block. This is a very strong air to air normal that keeps rushdown characters honest about their air approaches, and on CH can lead to nice combos via delayed j.C into ground 5C into whatever.

This is also the normal you generally want to end any j.A air strings with before you land as it is a level 2 attack and inflicts more blockstun than j.A if you wish to continue your pressure. j.C is better than j.B to end airstrings with in that respect, but it's additional startup restricts when and what heights you can use it at, making j.B a more reliable option.

All Out Attack


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
All Out Attack 240 H O 24 1 38 -20 Body 16-24 Guard Click!
All Out Rush 180×N H O - - - - Body - Click!
All Out Finish (C) 1800 H O - - - - Body - Click!
All Out Finish (D) 1000 H O - - - - Body - Click!

An overhead kick with armor. Sends opponent spinning away but Naoto rush after them for more hits by rapidly pressing A/B. After that, pressing C will launch the enemy upwards while D will knock them towards the corner for a wallslam. Also good to note, this AoA is tied with Narukami's for being the third fastest AoA in the game, behind Chie and Akihiko's lv3 AoA.

Thanks to its speed, subtle animation and the fact it leaves Naoto standing afterwards, Naoto's AoA is a good mixup tool, leading to good damage with SMP and less opportunity for harsh punish combos in case the attack is blocked. While it does have 9 frames of armor towards the end of its startup animation (allowing it to armor through Furious Actions and other moves), this armor will still lose to supers and command grabs.

AoA > C launch and AoA > D Launch both count as 3 seperate instances of SMP for SMP loops.



Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
420 L SO 8 3 18 -6 Leg - Click!

Naoto sweeps the opponent with both of her legs. Hits low and knocks the opponent down. Possibly Naoto's best normal, as its extremely quick, low profiles similarly to her 2A, knocks the opponent down, has good range, and is special cancelable on both hit and block.

2A+B’s range makes it an invaluable tool for out poking out other characters. If spaced properly, it's safe on block, and it inflicts a decent amount of block stun. Great for ending simple ground combos into meaty okizeme pressure or to set up trap okizeme. If you have 75% meter and are at least a screen away from the corner, you can fish for a hit using this move and go into EX Double Fangs for an SMP Loop.

Guard Cancel Attack


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
0 All O ? ? ? ? ? ? Click!

Naoto knocks her opponent away using the same animation as her 5AA. Fully armored. [Note: Guard Cancel Attacks were not in the mook so we are still waiting for its accurate data.]

This is one of Naoto’s defensive tools to escape pressure and get some breathing room. Unfortunately, this move suffers from what all guard cancel attacks do in this game, which is being very slow to start up thanks to being affected by the hitstop of any move it armors. This means that your opponent can potentially react and jump cancel their moves during their pressure to punish Naoto’s 6A+B, or even DP her on reaction to the move. You’ll see top players commonly OMC or OMB to keep themselves from being punished and/or get a combo off of this move if it does hit. Take note however, any combo started off of a Guard Cancel cannot kill the opponent, even if their fate counters are at 0.

Persona Attacks

5C Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
640 All CJSO 13 7 23 -11 Body - Click!

Naoto's Persona performs a wide, sweeping slash. Has a long reach, high blockstun, and is jump cancel-able on hit and block.

This normal has a lot of range, longer than 5B, so it's a pretty useful poke, albeit a slower one, and is great on hit and block. On block, you can jump cancel into airdash mixups as well as special cancel into traps and such. Its large hitbox works great as a pre-emptive antiair if you know the opponent is going to try and fly at you, and it's great on block even if you don't get a confirm. This move is extremely useful in combos and is what you’ll be using to cancel into A and B Double Fangs quite often.

If you're lucky and get a Counter Hit 5C, you can opt to combo into a meterless SMP loop.

2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
400 All UO 14 8 23 -14 Body - Click!

Persona slashes in front of Naoto, taking 2 counters off of the Fate Gauge on hit. By itself, this move isn’t too great. It’s mainly used as combo fodder and as a method to send the opponent full screen while taking 2 counters from the opponent’s Fate Gauge. If Naoto tries to 5C after this move, Sukuna Hikona will perform 5C where he is standing, rather than reappearing at Naoto's side.

When you're in the corner or near the corner, you’ll want to chain into this move on hit and cancel into Mudoon to do extended, high damage combos. This move can be used effectively as a poke as it has a lot of range thanks to Naoto’s Persona lunging forward during the attack. The main issue with 2C is that it can only be canceled into supers or with OMC, as it does not chain into anything else.

As it is -14 on block, it is very punishable. If spaced well, the move will hit during it's later active frames, making it safer and allowing Naoto to block afterwards, although you’ll probably still lose a Persona card. At worst however, you CAN get hit and die from a big combo. As a result, avoid using this move in your blockstrings, as it’s best use is to punish things from afar, reestablishing your position fullscreen in the process.

2[C] Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
400, 150, 150 All O 29 4, 4, 4 20 +8 Body - Click!

A slower, version of 2C that hits three times. Can easily be escaped or mashed out of, but it's useful for setting up frame traps when the opponent is respecting Naoto's pressure.

This is Naoto's only normal that's plus on block without being canceled. This move is pretty strong during blockstrings as it will catch people who are sleeping during Naoto’s pressure and allow her to safely restart her pressure. However, once the opponent gets more familiar with Naoto, you’ll notice this move not being as useful as It is pretty easy to react to this move with rolls or mashing. In order to use [2]c effectively, you must learn to throw it in your pressure at really awkward points or after teaching your opponent to respect your pokes. This move is also quite useful for combos and certain punish situations.

5D Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
- - - - - 55 - - - Click!

Naoto sends out her Persona, which fades into invisibility, tracking the opponent as it moves across the screen. Can press D again to make the Persona reappear and attack three times. During the time that Sukona Hikona is invisible, you can’t use any of your C or D attacks, and Sukona Hikona will be invincible. It’s a powerful tool if your opponent gives you time to set this out during your neutral or if you get a knockdown.

5D~D Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
480, 240, 240 All - 17 2(9)6(11)3 - - Body - Click!

The follow up to 5D where Naoto's Persona appears and slashes 3 times. Comes out in 17 frames and is a great way to initiate pressure or keep a strong neutral game going.

What makes 5DD an extremely powerful tool is that the followup attack can be performed regardless of what Naoto is doing, allowing her to summon it while blocking or in the middle of another move. Do note that Naoto's Persona will pause in the air for a while after the third slash, leaving it open to being punished by the opponent. However, if you try to 5C quickly enough after 5DD is blocked, Naoto's Persona will perform 5C where it's floating instead of teleporting to Naoto like usual.

Also, depending on the opponent, if they block the third slash, they can simply jump back and hit it, and if 5D-D is whiffed, you can most likely count on it getting hit if they want your Persona to be broken so use some discretion when using 5D in general.

Naoto's 5DD can also be used for Oki, similar to Yu and Chie, but weaker and more riskier than theirs and Naoto's 5AAA safejump or knockdown, run up, trap Oki setups.

j.C Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
520 All CJSO 12 7 13 - Head - Click!

Persona downward slash, jump cancel-able. This is Naoto’s best Air to Ground normal, hands down. It has a great hit box that makes it difficult to reliably anti air without careful spacing and timing.

Inflicts a lot of blockstun, making it Naoto's best tool for continuing pressure from the air to the ground. j.C recovers really fast as well, making it pretty safe to jump around hitting this move to protecting the space in front and below you. This move is also very important for IAD/air combos. However, while it is difficult to anti air, don't be too predictable with it, or the opponent will be able to anti air you.

j.D Persona Required

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
660 All SO 15 12 14 - Head - Click!

Persona air-to-air slash where Naoto summons Sukona-Hikona to forward around a half or two thirds of the screen to headbutt the opponent before stopping in midair for a short while.

Sukona-Hikona remains stationary as it recovers, allowing you to perform any of Naoto's Persona attacks such as 5C, 2C, 2[C], etc. at that spot. It’s pretty good for when you are jumping/IADing back and want to keep your opponent from chasing after you, and is a common air combo ender to send the opponent across the screen.


Ground Throw


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Throw 0, 0, 700 Throw O 5 3 27 - Throw - Click!
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Throw > 5C
960 Throw UO 16 28 14 - Throw - Click!

Naoto chops her opponent in the back of the head, causing them to fall to the ground. Can be followed up with 5C to send the opponent full screen (assuming her Persona isn't broken). Since Naoto's mixup game comes in the form of staggers, it's important that you use her grab often to harass the opponent so know that they can't block mindlessly 24/7, especially in the corner as Naoto can combo off of it more easily into meterless oki setups.

As this is Naoto’s fastest grounded move, you’ll sometimes have to resort to this to get out of tight pressure situations, but it’s generally frowned upon as whiffing a throw can lead to an easy counter hit for the opponent. If your opponent was inflicted with fear, you can actually combo off this move by picking the opponent up with 2A after Naoto chops her opponent without spending meter.

Followup Attack

Deals an additional 960 damage and takes 2 counters from the Fate Gauge.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
1800 Throw O 4 3 19 - Throw - Click!

Naoto throws the opponent on the ground underneath her. Very strong tool for Naoto as it has a large hitbox, which is almost the same size as her body just extended in front, slightly above, and below her. It’s incredibly fast and recovers fairly quickly, helping her out with opponents that she can’t anti air with 2B reliably.

It can’t stressed enough how good Naoto’s air throw is as it leads to a pretty hefty combo when OMC’d or OMB’d. There are also quite a few setups where you can catch an opponent’s air tech and grab them after they recover with this, so experiment to find them! If you air throw the opponent low enough, you can OTG them with a falling j.A, but this can be height specific/Fatal/CH specific as well.

Furious Action

Shield of Justice Persona Required


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
- - - - 1-24 (shield) 62 (whole duration) - - - Click!

Naoto makes a barrier that protects her from the enemy's strikes and projectiles, though Naoto doesn't attack back unless a follow-up is performed (either any button or 6+Any Button).

The overall weakness of this counter lies in the fact that none of the follow ups cover the area behind her, and the ranged version her followup can be low profiled quite easily, making it an easy reversal to avoid.

Counter Shot Persona Required

A/B/C/D after B+D

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
600 All - 10 4 44 -33 Projectile 1-25 Click!

Only after a successful B+D catch

Naoto will perform a burst shot that covers the area in front of her. Knocks the opponent upward, usually used to punish close-range moves. It can work as an anti air to beat out things like Labrys flying at you with IAD j.B, for example. This takes 3 counters off the Fate Gauge and cannot be low profiled like her ranged followup.

Counter Shot EX Persona Required

6+A/B/C/D after B+D

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
600 All - 11 - 49 (whole duration) -25 Projectile 1-25 Click!

Only after a successful B+D catch

Naoto will shoot a projectile that goes full screen and on hit will send the opponent to the other side of the screen, taking 2 counters from the Fate Gauge as well. If you are near the corner, the shot will cause a wall bounce, enabling you to combo off of it.

Skill Attacks

Double Fangs


Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
A 700, 350 All, H UO 10 2(12)2 Until landing -5 if Aim is canceled Head - Click!
B 500, 1000 All, H UO 17 3(17)2 Until landing -5 if Aim is canceled Head 1-19 feet Click!
SB 400, 1000 All, H UO 16 5(13)2 Until landing -3 if Aim is canceled Head 1-20 feet Click!

Naoto leaps at the opponent, kicking them twice before going into her Shooting Stance. A version has the quickest startup and leaps about match start distance. B version has the slowest start-up and leaps about half the screen distance, bouncing the opponent up and off of the floor. SB version is slightly faster than the B version while retaining the distance and bounce of the B version. The first hit of any variation of Double Fangs can be blocked in any way, but the second hit must be blocked high.

Regarding the A version: A good way to increase the effectiveness of Double Fangs A is to make the first hit whiff the opponent, making the second overhead hit harder to react to. In addition to making it harder to block, if your opponent blocks it and you spaced it properly, you should be safe if you stance cancel it immediately. A nice trick is to go for the B shots follow up as it's a true blockstring and hits low, catching people who are blocking high and will counter hit people trying to punish stance cancel.

Regarding the B version: Mainly used as combo fodder, as it is Naoto’s most broken combo tool, thanks to its use in SMP loops. It is a very strong move with a lot of hit stun behind it, amazing corner carry, and a lot of low invuln on use. On hit, you can follow this up with gunshots or attempt a tight 5C link after hitting an airborne opponent with this to get an IAD combo. In general, don’t use this move randomly in neutral or in block strings as you will be killed by good players for it. In addition, if you OMC this on block, you will retain your momentum so you can do some gimmicky air dash mixups. This move Fatal Counters the opponent on counter hit, so you can get some sweet combos off this meterless in the corner. Use this to punish DPs when possible (preferably with the right resources like OMB, 50% meter, etc.).

Regarding the SB version: Not really any different from B fangs except it starts up one frame faster, Naoto glows blue, and is -3 on block if you cancel out of Aim immediately, forcing the opponent to IB for a punish, and is unpunishable by Yukiko. This is used for combos and to get extra corner carry for Mudoon combos without using 236B for a potential SMP combo.



Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
A - - - - - 80 (whole duration) - - - Click!
B - - - - - 115 (whole duration) - - 6-15 throw Click!
SB - - - - - 106 (whole duration) - - 4-25 Click!

Naoto takes out her gun and adopts a shooting stance. B version has Naoto perform a sick backflip with low invuln while reloading her gun so you can continue harassing your opponent fullscreen. SB has her dash forward and through the opponent if they're close enough. 5 shots available per reload. Fifth bullet takes off 1 counter from the Fate Gauge. Since the fifth bullet is super cancelable, it's possible to combo her 236236A or 214214A/B from fullscreen.


During Shooting Stance- A/B/C/D

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Ax4 130×4 All O 4 - - - Projectile - Click!
5th A 1000 All UO 4 - - - Projectile - Click!
Bx4 110×4 -L/All O 4 - - - Projectile - Click!
5th B 700 L/All UO 4 - - - Projectile - Click!
Cx4 140×4 All O 4 - - - Projectile - Click!
5th C 1250 All UO 4 - - - Projectile - Click!
D - - - - - 13 (whole duration) - - - -
A Version

Bullet goes straight forward.

B Version

Bullet ricochets. Your opponent must block low if they're right in Naoto's face. Otherwise, the bullets can be blocked either standing, crouching or in the air elsewhere.

C Version

Bullet goes up.

D Version

Cancels Shooting Stance.

Cancel Aim

214A in Shooting Stance

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
- - - - - 13 (whole duration) - - - -

Cancels Shooting Stance.

Hair-Trigger Megido Persona Required

214C/D air OK

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
C 800 All - - - 27/30 airborne (whole duration) - Projectile - Click!
D 800 All - - - 27/30 airborne (whole duration) - Projectile - Click!
SB 800 All - - - 27/18 airborne (whole duration) - Projectile - -

Probably Naoto’s most important spacing tool and one of the main reasons she can be very annoying/difficult for characters to deal with. Knowing how to place these makes or breaks a Naoto player. Whenever you set a trap, it will be invisible until the opponent gets close to it. While it is invisible, it can’t be destroyed by any means unless Naoto herself gets hit (traps do not disappear even if Naoto is forced to block). Note, how you place your traps should change based on the matchup, but in general, it's better to have your traps be set up more horizontally than vertically, in order to make them more difficult to clear.

C Version

Naoto places a red trap in the air next to her. Can be done in air. Takes 3 counters from the Fate Gauge on hit. Has a faster blast start up compared to her D trap, but has a smaller blast radius when it activates. Placed wherever Naoto is, whether it is done in the air or on the ground. Certain matchups will call for more C trap usage, like against Kanji, Yosuke, Akihiko, and Narukami as they have moves that either blow past D traps or rely on air approaches over their ground options vs Naoto. On normal hit, the best combo Naoto can convert into is bullets since it can be difficult to catch the opponent before they tech in the air, however it is possible for Naoto to connect a 5C or a [2C] just before the opponent can tech, but this timing is somewhat strict. If the C trap scores a CH, then the opponent can't tech until they hit the ground so it's important to maximize Naoto's damage from this, such as her double IAD combo or an SMP loop if you have a burst/SP. Stops her momentum midair when setting the trap, allowing her to delay her descent to dodge anti airs/etc.

D Version

Naoto places a green trap on the ground next to her. Takes 3 counters from the Fate Gauge. Has a slower blast start up than setting up a C trap, but has a larger blast radius. It's also important to note that when the opponent is hit by it, they cannot tech until they hit the ground, making it both easy and important to convert off of this, most preferrably by converting into Naoto's meterless double IAD combo or into an SMP loop if you have a burst or 50 meter. Can also combo the opponent with bullets afterwards, but only if you don't think you can't convert off of it in any other way. Stops her momentum midair when setting the trap, allowing her to delay her descent to dodge anti airs/etc.

SB Version

Naoto places down both versions of her trap simultaneously. If done in the air, Naoto's movement is not stopped during the animation.

SP Skill Attacks

Anti-S SP Pistol a

236236A air OK

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
220×12 All O 14+2 - 114 (whole duration) - Projectile 1-6 Click!

Naoto uses a machine pistol to shoot her opponent from the air, silencing them on hit. This move is invulnerable for its first 6 frames, but not recommended as a wakeup option except vs characters with almost no punish options like Kanji. This move is really good to end combos with against characters like Yukiko, Shadow Labrys, Kanji, Naoto, Teddie, and Elizabeth as they are heavily reliant on their Personas. As a result, this will remove a lot of their special moves (And furious actions in the case of Yukiko, Kanji and Naoto) and will prevent them from bursting for the duration. This can really, really good! I only recommending spending the meter against characters like Narukami, Chie, Shadow Labrys, and Akihiko when they are in/about to get awakening, so you can deny them their awakening supers and potentially kill them with an unburstable combo before they can awaken.

Anti-S SP Pistol ß

236236B air OK

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
1200 All O 30+10 - 89 (whole duration) - Projectile 1-68 Click!

Naoto shoots her opponent from the air with a shotgun, taking away 6 counters from the Fate Gauge even if Fate Counters were already removed during the combo, and inflicts fear on the opponent. A really nice super for Naoto, though its not all too commonly seen used because of how amazing her Mudoon and Silencing supers are for her.

Since the opponent is in fear after getting hit by this supers, this means that any hit will become a Fatal Counter so Naoto can get some snazzy high damage combos easily from this. This move also has a nice use which involves plowing through bursts during SMP loops because of its 68 frames of invulnerability and its ease of buffering during the constant 236Bs. A really good super, but requires some thought and set ups to really show how scary it is.

Hamaon Persona Required


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
0×N/K.O. All O 5+22 75 38 (whole duration) +72 Projectile - Click!

Places a seal of light under opponent, dealing multiple hits, obscuring Naoto's mixups, and will instant-KO opponents with a Fate Gauge of 0. This super is probably the least used super out of all of Naoto’s supers, as it lacks the comboability that Mudoon gives and is difficult to make the opponent actually block as it is somewhat slow. It has no invulnerability, so don’t expect to use this as a reversal, eitehr. You’ll see this used to instant kill opponents with 0 Fate Counters off things like 5AAA, but outside of that, it becomes more of a gimmick super, as Mudoon is far more easy to combo into. It’s +72 on block, so if you make your opponent block this you can mix them up them up and hopefully get a kill from the mixup. Kinda works as a bad version of Agneyastra that does no damage and is not nearly as fast.

Mudoon Persona Required


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
0/K.O. All O 5+9 45 39 (whole duration) - Projectile - Click!

Sukona-Hikuna shoots a beam of darkness where it is (if the person is already out) or in front of Naoto (if not out). Instant-KOs opponents with a Fate Gauge of 0. It's also important to note that this is the main source of Naoto’s ridiculously high damage potential, as it is very easy to combo into and removes a lot of proration from the current combo, causing moves to deal more hitstun and damage. When using this super, be sure to be near the corner, as when it hits the opponent with their Fate Counter above zero, it will cause a wallstick that is entirely untechable until the opponent hits the ground. Amazing super, This is where you will spend a lot of your meter.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks



Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
Activation - - - - - 241 (whole duration) - - 1-36 Click!
A Shot 800 All O 1 - - - Projectile - Click!
B Shot 100 All O 1 - - - Projectile - 1-36 Click!

214214A/B puts you into a Walk state. Press A or B to fire bullets. The super activation itself is instant, and is invulnerable from frame 1 to 36. The bullets that she fires starts up in ONE frame, which is insanely fast and means you can punish almost anything even from full screen.

A Shot

Every A shot while Walking will increase in damage. Excellent for punishing zoners from across the screen.

B Shot

Every B shot while Walking takes 1 counter off of the Fate Gauge.

Critical Shot

C or D after 214214 A/B

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
3000 All O 9+3 2 60 -43 Body 4 Click!

Combo ender for Naoto's Raid super, has nine frames of startup before the superflash, and an additional 3 frames of startup after the flash. Naoto kicks her opponent, has some invulnerability on start-up, and ends super. Causes Fatal Counter and multiple wallbounces. Hit box extends to slightly behind Naoto. This move is invulnerable for 4 frames, so it’ll go through some things but will lose to anything that has more invul. Thanks to the massive damage and fatal counter property, Naoto gets massive damage off this on counterhit. However, smart players will bait this super and roll through it, leaving Naoto open to punish without the option to OMC. Good to know that it also hits from behind and above her too.

Instant Kill

Judge of Hell Persona Required


Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
K.O. UB - - - 533 (whole duration) - Projectile 1-460 Click!

Naoto sets up multiple crosshairs that are unblockable, and is invulnerable during most of the duration. If the opponent touches any of the crosshairs once they become active, they will be killed instantly. Holding 4 or 6 can cause different patterns to appear.


  • Naoto is the kind of character where she cannot commit to a single "style" that works like Yu or Chie where they can rushdown all day, because she has tools that make her proficient in both rushdown and zoning. You will find yourself switching between the two from one matchup to the next. For example, you may find yourself zoning heavily against Kanji since you don't want to have run into his mix up which can kill you in 2 or 3 correct guesses due to Naoto's low health, but when you're up against Yukiko, you'll be trying to rush her down since her zoning capabilities are better than your own.


  • In general, a good start for Naoto in a neutral situation is to be laying traps at different locations in order to limit her opponent's movement. Well aimed shots can do this as well. If they get caught in any of your traps, it's a free combo for you. However, don't just use the traps as tools for a free combo, if you catch your opponent trying to disarm them, punish them with a 2C during their move. If they block it, don't just call it a day, continue the pressure that the blocked trap started. Naoto's 5D~D is also good for starting pressure, if they block it, rush up and continue the pressure, if they don't, convert into a Fate Counter removing combo that you want. If the opponent sees the 5D~D coming and hits Sukona-Hikona while still invisible, don't let them get away with it for free, punish them with pokes or Naoto's Gunshots. If they jump, Aim (Anti-Air) should tag them, or if you want to risk it, Anti Air 2B or an airgrab should get them if they're not careful. The key to playing Naoto successfully is to always have an answer for what the opponent does to try to make the match a bit easier for Naoto at all times.


  • Just as Naoto's traps and gun can be used offensively, they also have defensive purposes as well. If the situation calls for it, you can form yourself a sort of wall or shield of traps which can alter or completely stop your opponent's advance. Aim can do this as well as opponents must stop advancing and block the bullets usually, assuming you have a good read on their movement. However, while Aim can be useful, her traps have the bonus of controlling the screen without forcing to stop blocking/moving as she pleases. If your opponent blocks or gets hit by a trap, the momentum shifts in your favor assuming you combo or pressure off of it.
  • When under pressure, you have several options available to you, including the universal Furious Action mechanic. Naoto's Furious Action is Shield of Justice, followed by Counter Shot or Counter Shot EX (which one you choose to follow up Shield of Justice with depends on the situation at hand), which can punish obvious gaps in an opponents' blockstring or wakeup pressure. When successfully used, the momentum is shifted into Naoto's favor, though please use it carefully as good opponents will try to bait and punish it. If baited, be prepared to eat a very damaging Counter Hit combo, which Naoto can't handle as much due to her low health.
  • Another defense mechanic universal to everybody is the Quick Escape roll, which can bring you behind the opponent if they're being careless and can bring you to safety, returning the match's momentum to neutral or reversing it completely, depending on what attack you roll through. Be careful with this mechanic though, as it is vulnerable to grabs.
  • Yet another universal defense mechanic is Naoto's Guard Cancel, which works just like everybody else's where you can cancel your block into an attack at cost of 50 SP.
  • With 25 SP, Naoto can also use SB Aim, which is like a faster Quick Escape with better invuln. If they weren't paying attention, the follow up bullets will catch them, potentially even cross up. However, good opponents will train themselves to block the opposite direction the moment they see the SB Aim, so if you want to risk it and you feel they're being respectful, you can start pressure from there or grab them. Beware that opponents may even try to predict when you'll use SB Aim and adjust their spacing so that you'll end up right in front of them should you use it.
  • When Naoto's Awakened and has at least 50 SP, Naoto can use Raid~Critical Shot as a reversal in a similar fashion to Hazama's Jayoku Houtenjin Distortion Drive from the BlazBlue series. If your back was against the corner and it successfully Fatal Counters the opponent, it can lead into extremely high damaging combos, so be sure you learn combos from Critical Shot as a Fatal Counter starter. Obviously, if it is blocked and you don't have an extra 50 SP to One More Cancel or a Burst to spare, be ready to eat a damaging combo yourself.


  • At or near the corner, Naoto can easily chain all of her normals (save 2C & 5D) into her R-action (projectile ver.) to punish ground bursts with a wallbounce (air based bursts can of course be countered but the projectile follow-up will whiff) instead of jump-cancelling her normals to bait and punish. Not only does the resulting punish combo do 7.4k with meter, but they lose 2 ticks off of their fate counter to boot. What makes this even better is that on block, Naoto cannot jump-cancel her 5B. However, throwing out 5B and letting it recover, can bait the opponent into counter-poking and then being blown up by the R-action if you have good reactions. This becomes very easy if you space yourself properly, as they would need to throw out a move with more range, which will generally be easier to react to. (Note: when directly in the corner, the projectile hit of the R-action will cause the opponent to fly over Naoto's head. You can quickly dash under however and still connect the 5B easily (or 2A/5A if you prefer). Don't wait too long to dash under or you will get a backdash instead of forward dash out of the corner).
  • Off of R-action: R-action (projectile follow up) > 5B > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C >[236B~D x9] > 236A~D.



  • Notations in parenthesis mean that they're optional and that skipping them will increase the chance of the combo not dropping due to reasons such as the space between Naoto and her opponent may be wide enough for the input inside the parenthesis to screw up the rest of the combo should she go through with it. For example, the 236B~Cx5 portion in Naoto's 5A(A) > 5C > 236B~Cx5 combo may whiff if there is a considerable amount of distance between Naoto and her opponent. The normals before the 236B may connect but the pushback that the normals create plus the initial distance between Naoto and her opponent may be enough for the 236B to whiff. Other reasons may include: The notation(s) in parenthesis make the combo more technical, but is more rewarding should the player actually execute it.
  • Combos that involve removing your opponent's Fate Counter(s) follow a specific rule, whereas the first move that removes counter(s) in a combo, normal or special, is the only move that removes counter(s). For example, if Naoto performs '214D detonates > 5B > 5C > 236B~Cx5' the combo will only remove 3 counters and not 4 as a layman might think. The reason being is because the 214D trap which was used as a starter already removed counters in the first place, any more Fate Counter removing normals and specials that can connect afterward in the combo will not remove anymore counter(s).
    • There is however, an exception to the aforementioned point. Supers that remove Fate Counters that are used in combos where counter(s) were taken away at any point in the same combo before the super was activated, will still take away counters. For example, Naoto's 'Grab~C > 236236B' combo will take away a total of 8 Fate Counters, 2 being from the C follow up from her ground grab, and an additional 6 from her 236236B.


  • AA = Anti Air
  • CH = Counter Hit
  • FC = Fatal Counter
  • AoA = All out Attack
  • OMC = One More Cancel
  • OMB = One More Burst
  • 2[C] = Hold both down and the C button to perform a slower thrice hitting version of 2C.
  • [command(s)]xN = Repeat the command(s) listed inside the brackets N amount of times.


  • 5A x9 (-1 Fate Counter, 1458 damage)
  • 5A x10 (-1 Fate Counter, 50 meter, 2184 damage, inflicts Silence)
  • 5A(A) > 5C > 236B~Cx5 (-1 Fate Counter, 2091 damage)
  • 5A(A) > 5B > 5C > 2C (-2 Fate Counter, 1011 damage)
  • 5A(A) > 5B > 5C > 2A+B > 236A+B~Cx5 (-1 Fate Counter, 25 meter 2247 damage)
  • AA 2B > 5C > IAD > j.A/j.B > j.C > 66 > 5C > j.A/j.B > j.C > 66 > 5C > 236A~D
  • 5D > 214A/B~Ax5 > 5D > 214A/B~Cx5
  • 5A(A)/5B > 5C > 2A+B > 236A+B~Cx5
  • 5D~D > 214A/B~Cx5
  • 5D~D > (5C) > 2C
  • 214D trap detonates > 5B > 5C > 236B~Cx5 OR (5C > IAD > j.A/j.B > j.C > 665C 236B~D > 5C > IAD > j.A/j.B > j.C > 236A~D)
  • 5A(A)/5B > 5C > 236236B
  • Grab~C > 236236B

Fatal Counter Starters caused by Fear

  • Coming soon

Combos into Hamaon and Mudoon

  • 5AAA > 236236C
  • 5A(A) > 5C > 236B > 236236D
  • 5A(A) > 5C > 2C > 236236D
  • 5A(A) > 5C > 2A+B > 236A~Bx5 > 236236D
  • AA 2B > 5C > 236B > 236236D
  • 214D detonates > 5C > 2C/236B > 236236D


SMP Combos

Notations and Original combos by Mynus

How SMP works is that when ASW programmed combo proration they made only the first 10 different moves (not hits) in a combo count for same move proration. Essentially, the combo theory behind making a SMP loop is to have a combo use at least 10 different moves before using 236B~DxN so 236B's untechable time remains regardless of how many uses it gets. The use of One More! Bursting or Mudoon make it possible to get the 10 moves required in before using 236B. -ludwig van

Video displaying various SMP combos here, notations for all of them in the description.

Where it all began...




  • Some notes:
   *All combos that do not kill end with 236A~D to set up oki.
   *Screen Position is divided into 11 sections (-5 to 0 to 5). {-1 ~ -5} refers to the back half of the screen behind your character 
    facing right.
   *Special thanks to Ichipoo, OmniSScythe, Kyle and Biargh for much of the info for this section, and       
    SMP BASEDGOD Kamoihito for the info on these types of combos!
   *Air Throw counts as (1) individual hit towards SMP.
    Bullet stance and All (5) bullets counts (2) individual hits towards SMP.
    ground throw & C-follow counts (2) individual hits towards SMP.
    AoA~C counts (3) individual hits towards SMP.
    AoA~D counts (3) individual hits towards SMP. 

Near Corner:

  • 5A (x2) > 5B > 2C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > Sweep > 236A~D >[Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x11] > 236A~D.


  • 5A (x4) > C gunshots (x5) > Muudon > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x8] > 236A~D.


  • 2A > 5A (x2) > 5B > 2C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > Sweep > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x6] > 236A~D.


  • 5B > 5C > 2C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 2B >[236B~D x11] > 236A~D.


  • 5B > 5C > 2C > Mudoon > Megiddo C > 236A~D > [Megiddo hits] > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > [2C] > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > 5C > [236B~D x9] > 236A~B gunshots.


  • 5C > Sweep > 236A~B gunshots > Muudon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x6] > 236A~D.


  • 5C [CH] > iad j.C > j.D > 236A > OMB > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x9] > 236A~D.


  • 2C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 2A > 5B > 236A~D > [Megiddo hit] > 2[C] > 5A (x2) > 5C > [236B~D x12] > 236A~D.


  • 2[C] > 5B > 5C > 2C > Mudoon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D > [Megiddo C hits] > 236A~B gunshot (x1)~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x13] > 236A~D.


  • 5D [hits] > 5C > Mudoon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D > [Megiddo C hits] > 236A~B gunshot (x1)~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 5A (x2) > 5C > [236B~D x12].

-Death (+10.5k)

  • Sweep > 236A~B gunshot (x5) > Mudoon > Megiddo C > 236 A~D > [Megiddo C hits] > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > [2C] > 5B > 5C > [236B~D x5] > 236A~D.

-5.5k (Does not work on Kuma)

  • [Megiddo C hit] > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x14].

-Death (+10.5k)

  • [Megiddo D hit] > 2A > 5A (x4) > C gunshot (x5) > Muudon > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x10] > 236A~D.


  • [Megiddo D hit] > 2A > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > 5C > 214A~C gunshot (x5) > Mudoon > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x13] > 236A~D.


  • [Megiddo D hit] > 2A > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo C > 236A~D > [Megiddo C hit] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x13] > 236A~D.

-Death (+10.5k)

  • [Megiddo D hit] > 2A > 2B > j.A > j.B > dj.C > OMB > 2[C] > 5B > 5C > [236B~D x12] > 236A~D.


  • Place Megiddo D > 2A > [Megiddo D hit] > 5B > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Muudon > 2[C] > 5A (x2) > 5C > [236B~D x9] > 236A~D.


  • Place Megiddo D > Air throw >[Megiddo D hits] > 5A (x2) > 236A~B gunshot (x5) > Mudoon > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x3] > 236A~D.


  • Megiddo D [CH] > 2A > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > 5C > 214A~C gunshot (x5) > Muudon > 2[C] > 5B > 5C > [236B~D x13] > 236A~D.


  • 236B [FC]~C gunshot (whiff first 2-3 hits) > Mudoon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D > [Megiddo C hit] > 2B > 5B > 5C > iad j.C, > j.D >[236A~D, (Megiddo D hit), Megiddo D x10].

-Death (+10.7k)

  • AoA - D follow up > 5B > Muudon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D >[Megiddo C hit], > iad j.C > j.D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > [236B x11] > 236A~D.


  • AoA - D follow up > 5B > 5C > j.D > EX Megiddo > Falling j.A >[Megiddo C hit] > 236 A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > Muudon > [236 B~D x10] > 236A~D.


  • AoA (air bounce hit) > 5C > iad j.B, > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x5] > 236A~D.


  • AoA (air bounce hit) > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D > [Megiddo C hit] > 236A~B gunshot (x1)~D >[Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 5C >[236B~D x7] > 236A~D.


  • Throw > Mudoon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D > [Megiddo C hits] > 236A~B gunshot (x1)~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x7] > 236A~D.

-5.7k (Does not work on Kuma)

  • Throw [FC/Fear Status] > Mudoon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D > [Megiddo C hits] > 236A~B gunshot (x1)~D >[Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x9] > 236A~D.


  • Throw > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x4] > 236A~D.


  • Throw > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 2A > 5B > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > Megiddo C > [214A~C gunshot x1~D] > [Megiddo C hits] > 5C > [236B~D x6] > 236A~D.


  • (Kuma Only) > Throw > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 2A > 5B > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > Megiddo C > [Megiddo C hits] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x6] > 236A~D.


  • R-action (projectile follow up) > 5B > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C >[236B~D x9] > 236A~D.


  • Mudoon > Megiddo D > 2A > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > 5C > 236A~D >[Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 5A (x2) > 5C > [236B~D x7] > 236A~D.


  • 5B > 5C > 2C > Mudoon > 214D > 236A ~ B [1] ~ D > [214D hit] > 2B > [236~B x12] > 236A~D.



  • 5A (x3) > EX gunstance~C gunshot (x5) > Muudon > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x8] > 236A~D.

-6.2k (Requires 75 meter)

  • 5B > 5C > Sweep > 236A+B > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 2B > [236B~D x14] > 236A~D.

-Death (+10.5k)(Requires 75 meter)

  • 2B (anti-air) > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 5C > [236B~D x12] > 236A~D.


  • Sweep > [or 5C > Sweep] > 236A+B > Mudoon > Megiddo C > 236A~D > [Megiddo C hits] > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > 5C > [236B~D x11] > 236A~D.

-9.8k (Requires 75 meter / Death with the 5C starter / Does not work on Kuma)

  • Air throw > OMC > falling j.C > dash 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x6] > 236A~D.

-6.6k (Requires 100 meter)

  • {-1 ~ -5 position} Critical shot [214214A~C] > 5C > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo C > Megiddo D > [Megiddo C hits] > 236A~B gunshot (x1)~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 2B > [236B~D x10].

-Death (+10.6k) (Requires 100 meter)

  • Critical Shot [214214A~C] > OMB > dash 2[C] > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > [236A~D, Megiddo D hits, Megiddo D x7] > 236A~D.

-8.9k (Requires 100 meter)

  • Critical Shot [214214A~C] > OMB > dash 2[C] > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > [236B~D x9].

-Death (+10.8k)(Requires 100 meter)


  • Critical Shot [214214A~C] > cross up 2B > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Megiddo hits] > 2[C] > 5B > [236B~D xN].

-Death (+10.5k)(Requires 100 meter)

  • SP Aim~A gunshot(x5)> Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A(x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo hit] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x9] > 236A~D.



Burst Punish:

  • 5C (air-hit) > iad j.B > j.C > Mudoon > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hit] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x14].

-Death (+10.5k)

  • (3/4 screen ~ -3 position) 5C (air-hit) > iad j.B > j.C > 66 5C > SP Double Fang > (delay) Mudoon > 66 Megiddo D > 236A~D > [Mudoon hits] > 2[C] > 66 5A (x2) > 5C > [236B~D x12] > 236A~D.

-10k (uses 75 meter) (This carries them rediculously far into the corner. Delay Mudoon until after they start rising from the SP Double Fang so they get maximum hang-time!!)

  • (Corner) 5C > iad j.B > j.C > OMB > Megiddo D > 5A (x2) > 236A~D > [Megiddo D hits] > 2[C] > 2B > 5C > [236B~D x11] > 236A~D.


  • (Midscreen) 5B > 5C > iad j.A > j.C > rejump j.B > OMB > 2[C] > 66 6A (x2) > 5C > SP Double Fang > [236B~D x10] > 236A~D.


R-Action Punish:

  • Use Fatal Counter 236B starter.

Combo Videos

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Naoto's alternate colors
Sukuna-Hikona's alternate colors


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