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AigisAt a Glance



General Neutral Theory

Out of Orgia: When out of Orgia Aigis's main stratagy should be to zone her enemies away from her to build up gauge, then find a way to safely change into Orgia mode.

In Orgia: While in Orgia Aigis's main goal is to get in on her opponent so she can begin pressure. To do this, utilize the powerful movment tools that Aigis gains while in Orgia.

Common Neutral Tools

Out of Orgia:
Bullets (2B, 236A/B, j.236AB)

All great for Zoneing, but area risky for being called out (by a roll, for example).
2B's is capable of stopping approaches from the air and will break most personas.
While 236A/B and j.236AB work as keepaway and movement fakeout tools. They see alot of use in preventing opponent from safely trying things fullscreen.
236A beats people trying to roll 2B, creating an rps Rock Paper ScissorsA situation wherein an attacker and a defender have options that only beat certain responses from their opponent. For example, on wakeup a defending opponent may use a reversal to stop an attacker from using an attack, but the attacker can also block to defeat the reversal. If the attacker blocks, the defender can use the opportunity to take the offensive. situation.


A great button for Aigis to get someone away from her, but beware, if your opponent rolls it they will be in position to punish you.

  • Consider using 5C > 2C as an option to move opponent's away
Getting into Orgia:

When mode changing in neutral you will want to use the 22A version to avoid penelty. A good way for Aigis to get safe in order to mode change is by using 2B.

Another way for Aigis to get into Orgia mode is to make her approch and do a mode change combo.

In Orgia:

An extremely important button. Can transition into most of Aigis’ powerful conversions. A good approach that is easy to confirm or air-to-air people with.


Good for covering Aigis's approach. It protects against projectials. Be carfull though, it can be broken afterwards, losing you persona cards.


A great starter, will let you begin pressure upon hit.


General Pressure Theory


Use 5A/2A staggers and j.2B to lock your opponent down as Orgia recharges.


Loop un-reactable high lows until Orgia runs out. If your opponent can fuzzy block the 50/50, introduce more layers.



Notice: Aigis has no dash cancels or backdash cancels.

Jump Cancelable Grounded Normals

5A is Aigis's only jump cancelable grounded normal.

Pressure resets

5A/2A staggers
5A > jc > rising j.2B > falling j.B
hop cancel j.C/j.2B

  • After j.2B you can do an empty 2A or a delayed overhead with airdash j.B.
Tick Throw Set-Ups
  • Aigis can get high meterless damage off throw in Orgia.



5A > jc > air turn > backdash > j.B

  • When your opponent is sufficiently conditioned to expect throws simply doing a jump over j.B > j.C beats a lot of DPs A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. and opens people up, and gives Aigis frame advantage.

Point blank reverse j.236A

  • A gimmick crossup/double crossup tool.

Jump over air turn backdash j.C

  • A double crossup tool, a better option for double crossups than j.236A.
Knowledge Checks (Midscreen)

5C > 222C

  • Aigis is around +1 frame advantage if the opponent rolls the move. Loses to jumps but beats buttons.

5C > 236A

  • Beats rolls at close range. Beats jumps and buttons at midscreen range. The further the opponent is the slower bullets hit.

5C > 5D

  • Can also be canceled into from 222C. Sets up displacement and blocks projectiles.
Jump Cancelables


  • Aigis can fuzzy taller characters with j.B > jc > j.B > dl j.C.
  • Usable after rising j.2B falling j.B.
Baiting Committal Reversals and Throw Techs

Jump backwards > falling j.C

  • This menuver beats rolls, throw techs, all DPs A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. and most reversal supers.
  • Due to normal mode Aigis’s stubby jump range sometimes she needs to air turn j.B to beat rolls instead.
Grounding Opppnents
  • In air strings Aigis can jail opponents to the ground by canceling j.A into j.B/jump repeatedly until the opponent is near enough to the ground to j.C, as the 2nd hit has massive blockstun and lets Aigis start grounded pressure while in frame advantage.
Fake Switch into Orgia

Sweep > 22B

  • If your opponent holds you can do j.C > 5B (which has a gap) or j.C > 66 > j.A (which is a gapless overhead)
  • However, beware your opponent can punish with a 2B or DP A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion..
One More! Cancle

Sweep > OMC > 2A

  • allows for quick double lows.


Notice: 5A, 2A, 5B and sweep are jump cancelable in Orgia and Orgia backdash and boost let Aigis cancel any normal. In Orgia, Aigis’s jump sends her much further, meaning 5A > jc > rising j.2B sends Aigis over opponents' heads meaning aerial pressure completely changes.

Special Techniques

There are a few techniques Aigis can utilize during Orgia mode.

Triangle Jump

A Triangle jump is a term that describes a character jumping then Air Dashing down-forward or down-back with a kick that comes down diagonally.
Aigis can perform a triangle jump using the input 5A/2A > 9.jc > boost > air turn j.C.
This is Aigis’s fastest crossup and if performed optimally it can auto safejump most DPs A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion..

  • Can be done off any jump cancelable normal, but 5A/2A are the most consistent.
j.AB - Orgia Air Dash (AKA OAD or Air Roll)

A quick crossup tool with invulnerability A state where a character cannot be hit. A common component of reversal moves.. Best used during double cross ups or as a hard read to mashing or reversals. Essentially just a faster roll, which loses to the same things that roll does, those being baits, air throws, and quick mash on reaction.

  • Aigis can follow up with j.C or j.A after a crossup.
Avoiding the cost of boost canceling a normal

Boost canceling a normal costs a massive amount of Orgia gauge (21% vs the normal 6% for a non canceled boost). There are techniques to avoid this extra cost however, such as empty boostsboosting without doing anything afterwards, Kara Cancels A type of cancel where the beginning of an action is quickly canceled into another before the first action completes its startup. and Koichi Boosts.

Koichi Boosts (KB)

An advanced technique. Jump cancel a move before boosting to avoid the extra boost cancel cost. If done optimally it adds only 1 frame to the startup of boost (so 17-18 frames) as you boost cancel the first frame of jump startup.
The input to perform a Koichi Boost is Sweep > 966j.B.
If done perfectly you can even safejump DPs while doing it, with a 9663j.B. Because the highest blockstun on jump cancelable normals is 14 there will always be at least a 2 frame gap before the j.B hits, meaning opponents can roll it if they predict the boost to be a KB.


Aigis can boost cancel any normal into j.B for an instant overhead.

  • Threaten with lows like 2A and sweep to stop fuzzies.
  • 5C/2C > boost j.B is gapless.
  • 2B > boost j.B can be gapless at specific ranges.

j.B can be canceled into j.A for an unexpected double overhead on block.
Aerials (ex.j.B) can be boost canceled on block for delayed double overheads

  • ex. 5B > 66j.B > 66j.B.

Land from an overhead and immediately boost again for a fast overhead that avoids the high Orgia gauge cost of cancling a normal.

  • ex. 66j.B > j.Cj.C > land > 66j.B

> 5B > boost j.B/sweep >

  • Aigis's main 50/50.
  • Can be fuzzy blocked and leaves a gap.
  • Boost j.B can block frame 10 and slower reversals if you steer down before j.Bing. This allows for midscreen safejumps A very well-timed jump attack on a character who is rising from a knockdown. Your goal is to attack extremely close to when you land so that, if the character performs an invincible reversal attack, you will land and be able to block. The opponent is then forced to block your jumping attack, since reversaling doesn't work, which will give you some nice pressure and hopefully an opening. off j.B after 5B & sweep
    • Beaten by faster reversals or instant blocking A special type of blocking done by inputting a block immediately before blocking an attack. Usually improves frame data against blocked moves or gives more meter than a normal block or both. into a 10 frame reversal.

A powerfull tool, leave you plus When you are able to freely act, but your opponent cannot (usually because they are still trapped in block stun from your attack). Being plus (or "positive") in a fighting game is quite strong; it means you always have a headstart on your next attack, even if it's only by a very slim margin. and forces your opponent to block.

  • When an opponent is persona broken you can usally use SB missiles to gain free entry.
Taking Advantage of Respect

Block Strings

Additional Techniqes

Round Start


General Okizeme Theory

Orgia movement allows Aigis to safejump off of almost any knockdown, forcing the opponent into 50/50s untill the Orgia gauge runs out.

Common Knockdowns, Meaties, and Mixups

Aigis has an huge number and variaty of mixups

Extreme Orgia Mode

EXO TheoryExtreme Orgia Mode activates when Aigis is out of bullets, overheated, and spends 150 SP to do so.


General Defense Theory


Abare means to attack during an opponents frame advantage with the intention of interrupting their pressure. Naturally, fast moves or invincible moves work best for this task.

Key Abare Moves


Key Anti-Airs