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This page is Kanji Tatsumi's Resources page. This page is to be used to indiscriminately store just about any pieces of gameplay information that anyone may have that exists about this character, to make for a catalog of preserved content that can (and probably should) be fully realized and transcribed onto main character pages after review.

For simplicity's sake; anything you would want pinned in your character channel or character Discord can go here, such as:

  • Character Discord pins
  • Links or transcriptions of external personal documents and / or Dustloop User Docs
  • Tech videos, especially from Twitter hashtags
  • One-off or niche combo routes
  • Set-ups (for pressure, mix-ups, okizeme, or setplay)
  • Video analyses of matches and sets
If more opinionated works are posted, such as match-up charts, it is highly recommended that you include accreditation to the creator and any other important specifics (such as ordering or et cetera), so that readers can evaluate the sourcing. To readers, also note that this means you should consume at your own discretion. Not all strategy or reasoning may be fully explained, tested, or viable, so either be sure to ask the creators any questions (if possible), or do your own research in training mode.
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Dio's 4 Essential Kanji Combos

MasterStud's 2b Fatal Route

Fc 2b>5c>5b>sweep>236b>2a>2b>hop>j.b>j.236a>2a>2b>236b>2a>2b>236b~214b>236a

Kanji Tatsumi Challenge Mode 25 2C Starter 10K Damage

CORNER fc 2c>5c>2b>[4]6c>omb>236d>2b>5c>5b>sweep>236b>2a>5b>2b>5c>236c>2a>2b>236b~214b>236236a>omc>214214c 10038dmg COST: OMB+150SP

2015 "P4U2 2.0 Kanji Combos

P4U2 Ver. 2.0 Shadow Kanji Combos

Plain Text

You can write your own content here, or post transcriptions of content from potentially impermanent sources here.

Ideal Punish for each DP on RPS

Narukami - 2C

Yosuke - hold 2C and wait for counter whiff or 2C on reaction to counter

Chie- 2B on RPS will catch the endlag of her parry

Kanji - 2C but any starter will be good enough

Minazuki/Sho - 2C

Marie - (AVOID INSTANT BLOCKING) 5C typically outspaces Shell of Denial and catches the last frame of DP recovery

Margaret - Jump or hop to bait it and punish with j.C, It's fatal recovery so big damage

Teddie - 2C, reaction time may call for 5C

Naoto - 2C on reaction

Yukiko - 2B, or 5C/2C on guard pointed meaty

Ken and Koro - hop j.C, 2C, or microdash 5B>5C disables Koromaru and recovers quick enough to catch a CH with 5C

Yukari - 2C, if baiting to force whiff, jump back > air turn > j.C

Labrys - 236A on normal block, instant block allows for 2B punish, roll on reaction also allows for 2b as well, roll on RPS allows for 2C punish

Mitsuru - 2C

Aigis - microdash 2C

Adachi - after blocking overhead hit, hop the low and punish with j.C, roll on RPS allows for 2C punish

Liz - j.C, sweep checks her on grab tech

Akihiko - 2B, can be called out with j.C

Shabrys - 2B, instant block and roll on RPS allow 5C

Junpei - 5C, instant block allows 2C

Rise - 2C, or jump over when you see counter and j.C (forces 2C punish if guard pointed)

Shadow Kanji Flaws by Cyberman

Worse auto combo - With the differences in auto combos from the normal and shadow versions of characters, Kanji doesn't benefit from shadow's auto. Since you don't move forward like how normal does during his 5AA, you lose RPS potiential due to being out of range. As that's one of Kanji's main gimmicks, this change compared to other shadows matter more for him in scenarios.

Less Damage - Since Kanji tends to revolve around RPS scenarios, you may have to add another 1/2 scrambles to your play in matches. Combine that and facing normal versions of characters with Awakening, it makes a difference. In ways, this lets opponents take more risks

Frenzy Combos - Shadow Kanji needs more meter than other characters to do solid damage. Unless you use starters like 5C, 2C and CH j.C. The scaling from Kanji's command grab makes the damage very low from Frenzy. Unless your opponent has low HP where Frenzy will kill. Some of Kanji's moveset has long animations and takes time to finish, where you may need to be more conservative with meter during matches to flesh out heavy damage

Defensive Burst - Since Kanji compared to most characters struggles to pressure at points, you may have to use your burst defensively. This leads you with a handicap Kanji in ways doing less damage.

Overall, the shadow mechanic doesn't benefit him as much as most other shadows. As always, this is all in theory and you can still rob/take games with Frenzy. But, normal Kanji has unburstable combos with OMB and deals more damage. Kanji also benefits more from Awakening as well. Being able to land Frenzy combos is fun at least. It is your decision if you wanna put time into him.

Shadow Kanji Neutral Frenzy Tip

Written by: OTDR (音鳥) || Edited by: quinnman89

Shadow Kanji has access to neutral frenzy mid combo with specific setups.

Frenzy during D or CD versions of Gotcha! (236D/CD) will result in a neutral frenzy. It is also possible to neutral Frenzy between lightning hits (5D).

This will refund you about 30% of your burst (with more burst being gained during the actual combo.)

Common setups for this tech are CH J.C / 2B and AOA - "D ender" in corner.

  • Combo for CH j.C: j.C[counter] > 236d > 2b > frenzy > 2b > [4]6c > 236c > 236ab(add) > DP > 236236A/B > OMC 2nd hit > 214214CD
    • The 2b > [4]6c > 236c must be started after a slight delay (the 2b hits right as the "screenshake stops.")
    • The "tackle to gotcha" part must be input VERY QUICKLY.
    • Burst will be recovered to about 50% by the end of the combo.
  • Setup for AOA-D(corner): AOA > 17th hit D > 236d(set)> 5aaa > 236d (hit) > frenzy

Kanji's Safejump

Kanji can get a safejump after a well spaced 236c. Instead of "OTG chair (236a)" after the 236c, perform an IAD j.b or j.a.

  • This works best mid-screen.
  • The safejump can beat all reversals if timed properly.
    • Including Yosuke and Chie counters
  • j.a can whiff and scare the opponent into not moving, allowing for a sneaky 214c grab on landing.
  • If at 50SP you can make sweep after j.b safe for a longer distance pressure setup.

Kanji's Corner Cross-up Reset

After 236236AB in the corner, Kanji can setup a D Tackle ([4]6D) as soon as actionable, then immediately roll (A+C) to steal the corner.

  • This will require the opponent to block the opposite way (holding away from the corner) to block.
  • Kanji is obscured as he visually goes behind take-mikazuchi and the opponent.
  • Players failing to block are met with Tackle hitting meaty and the failing chair not far behind.
  • combos are possible and scale nicely but the falling chair makes the timing very tricky.
    • That makes this tactic better for last touch scenarios
  • If the opposing player manages to block, the mix of Tackle and falling chair makes the following pressure gapless.
  • The cross-up works against wake-up roll, as they will roll INTO the corner.
  • Delay tech works against this tactic.

Oki Pros and Cons

Lightning Oki
+Better mix
-Requires proper spacing, missing could result in losing a persona card
-Opponent has more time to think
-Persona moves are locked out till 4th bolt/time expires

Cruel attack oki
+Additional confirmed damage
+Opponent has less time to think
-Mix is limited to rps

Counterhit 2b and 5c labbed by ZeBo 05/23/2022

CH 2b>236d, 2a, j.B, 5c>5b>2b>236c>236a 4060 dmg 31 sp
Corner CH 2b>236d, 2a, j.B, 5c>2b>[4]6c, 5aa>j.ABC, 2a>236c>236a 4902dmg 46 sp
Corner CH j.C, 236d, 2b, j.B, 5c>2b>[4]6c, 5aa>j.ABC, 2a>236c>236a 5549dmg 49 sp
CH j.C, 236d, (66) 2b, j.B, 5c>5b>2b>236c>236a 4707 dmg 35 sp ( microdash required depending on distance)

Rock Paper Scissors Breakdown

Rock, Paper, Scissors (rps) is the most important part of Kanji's offense.
rps is set up anytime Kanji is plus and close
common rps set ups are:
any knockdown that leads into added cruel attack,5b,2c,any d normal, and grounded 236b
basic rps options are:
5a-beats jump, hop, mash
c grab-beats roll,block,mash
and block to beat reversals

Special/Throw Starters

236ab>5aa>5b>2b>236c>236a 3105dmg COST 25sp
236ab>5aa>5b>2b>236b~214b>236a 3100 SUPER/OMC/OMC EXTEND POSSIBLE, COST 25sp

fc 236ab>5aa>5b>2b>236b>2a>2b>236b~214b>236a 3992 dmg COST 25sp
fc 236ab>5aa>5b>2b>236b>2a>2b>236c>236a 3977 dmg COST 25sp
fc 236ab>2b>5c>236b>5aaa>214a>236a 4199dmg COST 25sp
fc 236ab>5b>2b>5c>236b>2a>sweep>236b>5aa>2b>236b~214b>236a 5044dmg COST 25SP

CORNER fc 236ab>2a>2b>236b>2a>sweep>236b>5aa>236c>5aaa>214a>236a 4557dmg COST 25sp
CORNER fc 236ab>2a>2b>5c>236b>2a>sweep>5a>236c>5aaa>214a>236a 4941 dmg COST 25sp

236d>2b>236b~214b>236a 2944dmg 19sp
236d> j.b> 5aa> 2b> 236b~214b> 236a ???dmg ??sp
236cd>2b>236b~214b>236a 2422dmg COST 25

CORNER 214c>2b>236c>236a 2857dmg 27sp
CORNER 214d>2b>236c>236a 3157 29sp

fc 214c>236b>5aaa 2955dmg 40sp
fc 214c>236b>5aa>236c>236a 3011dmg 32sp

214a>omc>5c>c tackle>236c>236a 3180dmg COST 50sp
214a>omb>6>5c>236cd>iad j.B>2b>236c>236a 3676dmg COST BURST+25sp
214a>omb>6>5c>236cd>iad j.B>2b>236b~214b>236a 3691dmg COST BURST+25sp

cd>omc>2c>2b>236c>236a 2812dmg
CORNER cd>sweep>236a 2024dmg 12sp
CORNER cd>sweep>omc>5c>2b>236c>5aa>236c>236a 3189dmg
CORNER cd>sweep>omc>5c>2b>236c>5aaaa 3177dmg

j.CD>omc>j.B>5aaaa 2368dmg
j.CD>omc>j.B>5aa>236c>236a 2518dmg

Meterless BNB's


5aaaa 1186dmg 21sp MORE SP
5aaa>214a>236a 1655dmg 18sp MORE DAMAGE
5aa>2a>5b>sweep>236a 1528dmg 15sp NOT OPTIMAL

cc 5aa>2a>5b>2b>236c>236a 2025dmg 17sp MORE DAMAGE
cc 5aa>2a>5b>2b>236b~214b>236a 2020dmg 19sp MORE SP GAIN

ch 5a>5c>5[b]>214c>236a 2335dmg 29sp

ch 5b>5c>2b>236c>236a 2636dmg 20sp
ch 5b>5c>2b>236b~214b>236a 2622dmg 23sp
ch 5b>214d>236a 2817dmg 25sp OPTIMAL DAMAGE+SP BUT REQUIRES A READ

ch 2a>5c>5[b]>214c>236a 2097dmg 29sp

ch 2b>delay 5c>236b>5aaa>214a>236a 3410dmg 29sp SUPER/OMC/OMB EXTEND POSSIBLE
ch 2b>delay 5c>236b>2a>5b>2b>236c>236a 3706dmg 29sp MORE DAMAGE
ch 2b>delay 5c>236b>2a>5b>2b>236b~214b>236a 3688dmg 31sp MORE SP, SUPER/OMC/OMB EXTEND POSSIBLE

5c (air hit, close)>236b>5aaa>214a>236a 3261dmg 27sp
5c (air hit, close)>236b>5aa>5b>2b>236c>236a 3508 dmg 24sp
5c (air hit, close)>236b>5aa>5b>2b> 3490 26sp
5c (air hit, far)>236cd>iad j.B>2b>236c>236a 3647dmg COST 25sp
5c (air hit, far)>236cd>iad j.B>2b>236b~214b>236a 3695dmg COST 25sp

ch 5c>2c>2b>236b~214b>236a 3676dmg 25sp MORE DAMAGE, SUPER/OMC/OMB EXTEND POSSIBLE
ch 5c>2c>2b>236c>236a 3567dmg 23sp
ch 5c>5[b]>214c>236a 3082 dmg 28 sp MORE SP

ch j.C>236d>2b>j.B>2b>236b~214b>236a 4179dmg 28sp MORE DAMAGE
ch j.C>236d>2b>j.B>2b>236c>236a 4131dmg 29sp MORE SP GAIN

FC 5c>2c>2b>236b>2a>sweep>236b>5aaa>214a>236a 5145dmg 45sp

FC 2c>DP>2a>5b>2b>236b>2a>sweep>236b>5aaa>214a>236a 5069dmg 44sp NOT OPTIMAL
FC 2c>2b>5c>236b>2a>sweep>236b>5aaa>214a>236a 5137dmg 47sp MORE SP
FC 2c>5c>2b>236b>2a>sweep>236b>5aa>2b>236b~214b>236a 5345dmg 45 sp MORE DAMAGE (BAITED DP PUNISH COMBO)

FC j.C>2c>5c>hop j.B>sweep>236b>2a>2b>236b>5aa>2b>236b~214b>236a 5721dmg 52sp (FATAL RECOVERY PUNISH COMBO)

CORNER ch j.C>5c>2b>236c>5aa>5b>2b>236c>236a 4429dmg 36sp NOT OPTIOMAL
CORNER ch j.C>5c>2b>236c>5aa>5b>2b>236b~214b>236a 4547dmg 37sp OPTIMAL DAMAGE+SP, SUPER/OMC/OMB EXTEND POSSIBLE


Players to Watch Footage Of

This section is not an endorsement of players as a people. This is a tool to help find videos to learn matchups, combos, and general play techniques. For guidelines and best practices, visit the Template Doc
Color Name Region Sample Footage Things to Watch For
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 7.png AKIRA
Japan Japan.png RT Link Longest known Kanji veteran from P4A with endless 2.0 Arcade footage.
Enters Aoi's (あおい) GP tournaments every week.
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 8.png Otodori
Japan Japan.png RT Link Otodori rocks a higher risk, but more knowledgeable playstyle
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 10.png Megaho
Japan Japan.png RT Link Solid Kanji that's given lots of tech in the PS4 remaster.
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 23.png Oboro
Japan Japan.png RT Link Active Japanese P4U2R Player.
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 5.png Gachapin
Japan Japan.png RT Link Gachapin sports a low risk, knowledgeable playstyle
Plenty of footage against countless matchups.
Known for going for optimal combos.
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 3.png Haitoku
Japan Japan.png RT Link Describes himself as having a low risk, read-based playstyle
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 17.png Grant USA USA.png RT Link
Sidex vs Grant Longset (2.5)
Frosty Faustings 9 TOP 8 (1.1)
Dave O vs Grant at Frosty Faustings (1.1)
Known for amazing write-ups for Kanji ideology during 1.1 patch.
Largely Inactive for the 2.5 patch version.
P4U2R Kanji Tatsumi color 12.png Wear-Tear-Rust USA USA.png RT Link
Wear-Tear-Rust Vs DEMONLORD Axis CEOtaku Top 8
Fantastic Kanji / Yu player

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