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As you may probably infer, this page consists of explanations and breakdowns of common strategies and solutions to situations that occur very often in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. This is intended to provide general insight on the metagame of Persona, to players at novice and intermediate levels.

Dealing with DP (Super Cancels, Baiting)

Denying Awakening


Punishing Persona Calls

How To Get Mix-Ups

General Meter Management (SP, Burst)

Combo Notes (Juggles, Proration, Common Damage, Meter Usage)

Proper Hit-Confirming

System Explanations

The Basics
Movement/CancelingOffenseDefenseAttack AttributesSP/Persona/Burst Gauge UsageStatus Ailments
Detailed & Advanced Information
Damage/Combo SystemFrame Data & System DataUniversal StrategyMisc
Archived Information
Patch NotesTier Lists

Mechanics Glossary