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PROJECT SUBMUS ACCUDOTranslates to "Project Critical Strike" (often abbreviated as "PSAThis acronym sometimes leads the game to being colloquially referred to as "Project Sugma Ass"") is a class-based arena fighting game hosted on This wiki in particular is built for its most recent stable release, "PROJECT SUBMUS ACCUDO DEMO".

PROJECT SUBMUS ACCUDO was created by a former co-developer of the CRITICAL STRIKE games as a sort of spiritual successor to the classically fast-paced and highly-volatile gameplay found in the earlier games of the now-defunct series. As a result, it bases a lot of its game design off of the idea of fun factor being more important than game balance, making an attempt to prioritize low TTK and silly interactions. PSA often delivers on its gameplay promises in a large capacity this way, but at times also falls short to more invested players with the prevalence of degenerate classes & tactics being more favorable than crashing into your opponents on repeat. PROJECT SUBMUS ACCUDO is undoubtedly a game with many strengths and flaws, but it can be appreciated for its flaws, rather than only in spite of them.

Special Classes
  • To unlock Gladiator, touch the golden cloud in Sky Castle to receive a key, use the key to open a locked box containing a golden trident, and click on the trident.
  • To unlock Jester, select Trickster on Chaos Carnival, then use a trampoline 5 times.
  • To unlock Leviathan, select Priest on Aquatic Ruins, then use your CRT on the pillar of bubble vfx.
  • To unlock Miner, touch the crystals in Crystal Cave in the following order: Red, Red, Cyan, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Blue, Pink. Alternatively, purchase it in the in-game store for [Placeholder] points.
  • To unlock Rat, turn two valves on either side of Toxic Sewers to remove the toxic waste from one of the pits, then touch the cheese in the center of the pit.
  • To unlock Wind Dancer, stop the windmill in Wind Land by going onto the vents and clicking the buttons in the following order (all directions relative to the lobby): northeast, southwest, northwest, southeast.

Each of the classes above can also be purchased from the in-game store for [Placeholder] points.

The classes Bunny, Dummy, Pumpkin, Santa, Snowman, and Turkey were originally unlocked through seasonal events. They can now be purchased in the in-game store for [Placeholder] points.

Gamepass Classes
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Release Date
PC International.png: October 26th, 2019
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