Rachel Alucard

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General Info

Rachel Alucard is one of the protagonists of BlazBlue. Her gameplan is a mix between strong ZoningThe act of denying the opponent the ability to approach, jump, or other movement options./screen control in neutral and strong mixup/setplay on offense. Her Drive, Silpheed, is a unique wind mechanic that can influence not only Rachel's movement and momentum, but her projectiles and even her opponent to a degree. She also has the infamous George XIII, a slowing moving frog that discharges powerful electricity.

In the story, Rachel is an immortal vampire who acts as an "Observer"; a powerful being who watches but never interferes. While she will rarely directly interfere with the events of the story, her primary goal is as an observer, and gently (or less so) nudges characters such as Ragna the Bloodedge to their proper places. She has several servants under her command; Nago, a cat familiar, and Gii, a bat familiar, which serve as her weapons, furniture, and anger relief. Valkenhayn R. Hellsing is also her loyal butler.


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