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One of the most common types of reversals is a Shoryuken-esque move like Sol's Volcanic Viper

A Reversal refers to moves with invincibility from the very start of the move, and are often used as a way to counter the opponent's offense. These moves are often used immediately after getting knocked down to interrupt the opponent's okizeme or frame traps.

Common examples of this include Sol's Volcanic Viper and Ragna's Inferno Divider.

While these are the most famous type of reversal, most characters often have a reversal option such as an invincible super attack, or the game may have built in universal reversal options like backdashes with startup invincibility.

How To Reversal

Practice. There's not much else to it, though most modern games have input buffers for attacks that make reversal timing slightly easier for players. As well as HUD messages to show when an attack was performed with reversal timing.

For players having trouble doing reversals, go into training mode and:

  1. Record the computer doing a knockdown+a meaty (a slow moving or stationary projectile often works here)
  2. Replay the recording and practice performing your reversal
    1. If you successfully reversal, the meaty attack should not hit you (or hit later depending on the move used)
    2. In some games a 'Reversal' message will also appear onscreen
  3. Repeat until you can reversal consistently

Reversal Timing

Reversal can also refer to moves without invincibility done immediately after waking up or after exiting blockstun. Common examples of this include a reversal 5P/5A/5L, or a reversal throw in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R.