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Sengoku BASARA X戦国BASARA X (pronounced Cross) is a 2D spinoff Fighting developed by Arc System Works and released by Capcom featuring 10 playable characters. Much like the Striker System from The King of Fighters '99, '00 and '01, SBX's Engun system allows each character to call upon an assist to aid them on attack, defense, or during a special move. Different from the strikers from KoF, though, they can only be called when a dedicated bar is filled and when their level is high enough. The game is defined by this unique assist system, and by its hilarious combo structure.

This game is what many of the mainline FGC consider to be "kusoge From the Japanese "クソゲー", meaning "shitty game"Kusoge are games which are highly broken in the literal sense. Kusoge often function poorly, and lack polish, and usually have extreme mechanics/balance. Kusoge is both a term of endearment and an insult, depending on the context.". Most characters have infinites, some have multiple types of infinites, and others are ridiculously over-tuned. Sengoku Basara X is a game with many flaws, and it should be appreciated for its flaws, not in spite of them. Polished and inoffensive games exist, and this game is for when you want unabashed insanity.

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PS2 Exclusive Characters

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About Sengoku Basara X
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Release Dates
Arcade Japan.png: April 9th, 2008
PS2 Japan.png: June 26th, 2008


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PS2 Exclusive Characters
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