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Sengoku Basara X CROSS (SBX) uses a notation known as Numpad Notation.

Think of your controller's analog stick or D-Pad as if it were the num pad on a computer keyboard. When none of the buttons are being pressed/the stick is not being tilted then the controller is in state 5. This simply means you aren't inputting a direction. The 4 cardinal buttons on a D-Pad are represented with the numbers 4-Left, 6-Right, 8-Up, 2-Down. The diagonals are represented with the numbers 7-Up-Left, 9-Up-Right, 1-Down-Left, 3-Down-Right.

Below is a table showing the layout visually.

7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3

Attack Buttons

Because SBX is only available in Japanese, and most tech is recorded in Japanese, it's important to establish parity between the English Community, Japanese Community, and In-Game Notation. Below is a table breaking down the correlation.

Notation English Japanese Command-List Icon
A Light Attack Short For "弱攻撃" A
B Medium Attack Short For "中攻撃" B
C Heavy Attack Short For "強攻撃" C
E Reinforcements 援軍Engun E

NOTE: While the names of attack directly correlate to using LMH for names to keep it inline with Japanese resources Dustloop will use ABC for move names


66 = Dash (or Step)

Dashes move the character forward at a greater speed than walking. Hold 6 after starting a dash to run.

44 = Backdash

Backdashes move the character a preset distance and have some amount of invincibility.

28 = Super Jump

After a Super Jump, you can not double jump, but you can air dash. Pressing 27 or 29 will have you super jump diagonally in the specified direction. You can use any downward direction for the 2 input - doing 38 will still give you a Super Jump.

(In Air) 66 or 44 = Air Dash

Dash in the specified direction in mid-air. Air dashes quickly cover a lot space, but you can not block during the first few frames of air dashing.

(In Air) 8 = Double Jump

Jump again while in the air. Alternatively you can press 7 or 9 to double jump in the specified direction.

956 or 754 = Instant Air Dash (IAD)

IAD is a way to perform an Air Dash as soon as possible after a jump.



Normals require nothing more than a single press of a button, and are your main means of attacking. There is a different variation for each when done standing, crouching, or jumping.
They can also cancel into one another, usually in ascending order of strength, i.e. L > M > H. This is known as a Gatling.

Light Attacks

Medium Attacks

Heavy Attacks


Command Normals

A command normal is performed by pressing a specific direction with a specific button.

Every character has a 6M attack which hits overhead, launches, and is special cancelable.

Blow Back Attack

Aerial Attack

Aerial Spike

Throw and Air Throw

Throws are a strong tool in Guilty Gear to knock the opponent down, giving you the chance to set up a mixup. To throw hold left or right while pressing H. Throws in Guilty Gear start up in 0 frames and in cases of a throw vs strike trade scenarios, the throw always wins!

Note that holding the diagonals will not work when attempting a throw, it MUST be straight left or right.



Hold back or down-back to block high or low. Hold any backward direction to block while in midair.

  • High block will not block lows
  • Low block will not block overheads
  • Air block will not block standing attacks

Perfect Guard

Hold any two attack buttons besides reinforcements

  • Perfect Guard quickly drains your Basara guage (notably more then other arc system works titles)
  • Perfect Guard pushes the opponent further away while blocking as well as negating chip damage
  • Air Perfect Guard allows you to block grounded attacks.
  • Basara guage spent increases based on how you block (standing < crouching < air)
  • IMPORTANT: you can use Perfect Guard and Instant Block together

Instant Block

Begin blocking just before an attack hits you to perform an Instant Block.

  • IBs reduce both blockstun and pushback, allowing you more opportunities to counter attack.
  • IB does not negate chip damage, nor does it allow you to block "incorrectly". You must still high block overheads, and low block low attacks.
  • IMPORTANT: you can use Perfect Guard and Instant Block together

Guard Cancel

Pressing 6MH in conjunction with blocking an opponents attack makes you perform a counter attack

  • Consumes half of your guard gauge and 1 Basara Gauge


Pressing a button in conjunction with a direction after being attacked and left in the air allows you to perform a tech to regain control

  • Teching gives a small bit of invincibility right as it is pressed.

Wakeup Timing

While knockdowned pressing 8 allows you to get up earlier then usual, while holding 2 allows you to get up faster then usual.


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