Safe Jump

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A Safe Jump is a meaty jump-in that is commonly used to beat reversal attacks like Sol's Volcanic Viper or Ragna's Inferno Divider. Safe Jumps take advantage of the fact that you can cancel the recovery of a jumping attack by landing and immediately blocking afterwards. This is how safe jumps get their name: these jump-ins are safe against reversals.


  1. Sol knocks down Ky
  2. Sol times a j.S to hit Ky immediately as he wakes up
    1. If Ky does a reversal Vapor Thrusts, Sol lands and blocks before Vapor Thrust becomes active
    2. If Ky blocks, Sol is free to continue offense

Safe Jumps are a very common form of Okizeme_(General_Strategy) that will naturally block reversals, thus allowing you to not worry about them.


Safe jumps are sensitive to timing; jump too early and your attack will miss the opponent completely, jump too late and the opponent can successfully hit you out of your attack. Naturally, that means faster reversals are harder to safe jump compared to slower ones. Certain safe jump setups won't work against faster reversals at all due to the safe jump not having enough time to land before the reversal becomes active.

Reversals that Beat Safe Jumps

Moves that are active on frame 1 or freeze you in place are also a way to defeat safe jumps since there's no time for you to land and block/evade. Examples of this include Blitz Shield in Guilty Gear XRD and Hakumen's Yukikaze in BlazBlue.