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A template that provides pre-made flexible boxes for the front pages of the wiki and games.



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New Characters

Goldlewis Dickinson makes his debut in the Guilty Gear franchise. He is the Secretary of Defense of the United States and an aide to the President. He fights using a coffin that houses a cryptid (according to him).
Jack-O' returns from the Xrd series. She is a Valentine-turned-human containing the dormant soul of Sol's lover, Aria. She fights using her familiar, Dopros, and by summoning servants to aid her in battle.
Happy Chaos makes his playable debut in the Guilty Gear franchise. Formerly known as The Original, he is the father of magic who absorbed I-No's other half and became warped in the process. He fights using the Celestial Gun, Moon Blade.
Baiken rejoins the cast. She is a one-armed, one-eyed samurai hellbent on taking revenge against That Man for the loss of her family during the Crusades. She fights using a katana and several concealed weapons hidden in her right sleeve.
Testament rejoins the cast. A Gear who was once responsible for reviving Justice, they later regained their sense of self and sought redemption by protecting a young Dizzy. They fight using a scythe and familiars.